Emerson High School, Class of 1965

Gary, Indiana

Lower Grades

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Mrs. McHale's 1st Grade
Emerson first grade field trip, June, 1954.
Front row: Dan Djukic, Don Billick, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mickey Tesanovich, Jimmy Nelson, John Yuraitis, unknown, Randy Stefan.
Second row: unknown, Donald Summers, unknown, Tom Springmann, unknown, unknown, Tom Reibly, Judson Parker, George Stupar, Kenny Svengalis.
Third row (standing): unknown, unknown, unknown, Diane Momcilovich, Penny Marshall, unknown, Mary Varvarigos, Marlene Zurn, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Barbara Haroldson, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Back row: first grade teacher Mrs. Ethel McHale (third from left).

1st Grade
Emerson 1st grade 1954
1st row: unknown, Elva Hudgins, Bernadette Perry, Tony Vela, Irene Koulianos, Otis Redman, Carl Ortiz(?), Beth Stouble(?), Larry Carr.
2nd row: Gail ______, Emily Docks, Ronnie Docks, Gary Karlsrud, Dennis Demitrakis, Dianne Panozzo, Jeffrey Holtzman, unknown, Jerry Yaw.
3rd row: Miss Louise Elisha, Lee Beeks, unknown, Annette Thomas, Rodman Ramage, unknown, Tony Muffoletto, Jim Jasperson. Jack Petty.

Miss Elisha's 2nd Grade
Miss Louise Elisha’s second grade class, Emerson Little Building, 7th and Rhode Island, May 1955.
Front row: Ann Gleason, Judson Parker, Herbert Kiemer, Mickey Tesanovich, Barbara Lutz, Linda Rzepczynski, Tom Reibly, Joe Rogers, unknown.
Second row: Jack Price, Pam Kruchowsky, Norma McMillan, Barbara Haroldson, Diane Roy, unknown, Gloria Capata, Mary Varvarigos, Don Billick, Jimmy Nelson.
Third row: Gail Spearman, John Van Liew, unknown, Jane O’Brien, Lewis Miazga, Randy Stefan, Joe Kozar, Diane Momcilovich, Thelma Kalavros.
Back row: Kendall Svengalis, Tim Kraft, Neil Byrum, George Stupar, Andy Millick, unknown, unknown, Tom Springmann, Miss Louise Elisha.

Mrs. Quinn's 2nd Grade
Mrs. Quinn's second grade class, Emerson Little Building
1st row: Richard Utroske, unknown, unknown, Mary Gress, Cheryl McNelly, Sandy Reubens, Peggy Saliaris, Juliana Blankenship, unknown, unknown.
2nd row: unknown, Linda Atsas, Diane Panozzo, unknown, Ronald Bartley, unknown, unknown, Byron Ayers, Roger Phillips.
3nd row: Alan Pinkstaff, unknown, unknown, Patty Christo, unknown, Gary Michael Karlsrud, Susan Warne, Susan Irish, unknown, Tony Medina.
4th row: Unknown, Calvin Williams, unknown, John Dancieu, Donna Engleman, Linda Berry, unknown. Larry Klim, Randy Stefan, Gary Knox.

Mary Fisher's 3rd Grade
Mary Fisher’s third grade class, Emerson School, May 2, 1956.
Front row: John Yuraitis, Harold Goodwin, unknown, Roger Siler, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jim Carter.
Second row: unknown, unknown, Joyce Miller, Mary Niswander, Diane Thompson, Lynn Archer, unknown, Peggy Salerno, unknown.
Third row: unknown, Tamara Maleniak, Zorine Radovich, Tom Springmann, Piane Panozzo, Gail Montgomery, Timmi McCarthy, unknown unknown.
Back row: Gorge Rodriquez, Jim Jasperson, Jerry Kent, Terry Baranos, Mary Fisher, Kendall Svengalis, unknown, Larry Brown, Douglas Johns.

Mrs. Slocumb's 3rd Grade
Mrs. Slocumb's third grade class, Emerson Little Building, 1956.
Front row: Marlene Zurn, unknown, Kenny Zurn, Paul Boyette, unknown, Connie Zink, unknown, Marlin Mosher.
Second row: Jerry Wellman, Ronnie Docks, Lynn Archer?, Sharon Kummerer, Angie Milisavljevic, unknown, Gail Renee Thomas, unknown, Dale Marsden.
Third row: Gloria Nixon, unknown, Yolanda Hollingsworth, Susan Irish, unknown, unknown, Becky Chionos, Nick Kazonis.
Back row: Tony Medina, Tom Reynolds, unknown, unknown, unknown. Larry Parker, Peter Poznic, David Taylor, Helen Berry, Dave Majors.

Mr. Risley's 6th Grade
Aetna Elementary School, 1958-1959. Daniel Risley’s sixth grade class.
Front row: Roger Wadsworth, Ron Irwin, unknown, Karen Conquest, Ronald Parish, Wendell Cook.
Second row: Charyl McNelly, Diane Panozzo, Barbara Gilbert, Joyce Miller, Peggy Arnett/Salerno, Marlene Zurn, Timmi McCarthy, unknown;
Third row: John Dancieu, Kendall Svengalis, Richard Utroske, Judson Parker, John VanLiew, Jim Jasperson, James Adkins, unkown.
Fourth row: Byron Ayres, Roger Siler, Mike Jensen, Lynn Ward, Constance Zink, Ronald Shuey, Mr. Daniel Risley.

Aetna 6th Grade graduation
Aetna 6th Grade graduation Left to right: Ken Svengalis, Gary "Mike" Karlsrud, Barbara Gilbert, Joyce Miller

Halloween costumes
Circa 1960

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