Emerson High School, Class of 1965

Gary, Indiana

Emerson Graduates by Year

(1931 through 1950)

Name Year Notations/Activities
Aline Adams 1931 Band Mgr., Track, Bsball, Bball, Track, Soccer, Swim.
Edna Inez Aers 1931 Baseball, GAA, Yelling Yodlers, Hockey
Edward H. Aley 1931 Varsity Basketball, Class football, track & basketball
Orville Anderson 1931 Football, Class Basketball
Virginia Anderson 1931 Orch, Band, Soccer, Swimming, GAA, Hockey, Track
Katherine Aydelotte 1931 Nat. Honor Soc., Win of State Bkkg Cont, Swim, Bsball
Margaret H. Baboo 1931 Opera, Lake Co Chorus, A Capella, GAA, Hockey, Jour C
Rosaline Bartnofsky 1931 Costume Committee for Soph. Play, Yelling Yodlers
Marvin Ray Basil 1931 S&V, Band,, Orchestra
Eugene Bendt 1931 "He is so quiet."-- Merry Wives of Windsor
Dorothy E. Beneke 1931 Spice & variety, Yelling Yodlers, ROTC Sponsor
Alta Benfield 1931 GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Yelling Yodlers, Captainball
Ruth Berkowitz 1931 GAA,Track, Music Mem, S&V, Opera, Soph play, Yodlers
Ivan Louis Bess 1931 Spice & Variety
Veronica E. Beyers 1931 Soccer, Hockey, GAA Yeling Yodlers
Richard Black 1931 V.P. Orchestra, Band, Tennis
Leo Boyle 1931 Eligibility Comm., Concert Band, Concert Orchestra
Margaret Ellen Brake 1931 Quincy H.S.,OWL Lit. Soc., Plays, Chorus and Glee Club,
Margery Elizabeth Brake 1931 Quincy H.S., May Fest; OWL Lit. Soc., Chor & Glee Club,
Eugenia Burns 1931 Spice & Variety, Captainball, Yelling Yodlers
Dorothy Burress 1931 Spice & Variety, Jr. Prom Committee
Harry Callaway 1931 Jr. Play, Class Basketball
Edith V. Carlson 1931 Hockey, Soccer, S&V, Yelling Yodlers, Track
Robert T. Casebeer 1931 ROTC, Officers' Club
Russell Casey 1931 "Il Trovatore," S&V, Lake Co. Chorus, Nat. H.S. Chorus
Joe Centanni 1931 Capt. 5th Corps Area Tm, Hearst Trophy Tm, Bd of Off.
Bertha Louise Chomo 1931 Opera, Junior Play, Ring Committee
Orville Clegg 1931 Cl Plays, Band Drum Maj, S&V, Opera, Scrapbk, ROTC
John V. Colovich 1931 Jun. Play, S&V, Goodman Play Contest, ROTC, Ath Fin.
Laurence Connell 1931 Tennis, Band, Orchestra
Janet Cook 1931 GAA, Opera, Hockey, Soccer, Track, Baseball, Captball
Gladys Cox 1931 S&V, Girls' Chorus, Band, Yodlers, Plays, Ring Comm.
Paul Cox 1931 Bball, Bsball, S&V, Orch, Opera, Mixed Chor, Boys' Bnd
Velma Crawford 1931 Class Prophecy Committee
Mahlon D. Cunningham 1931 ROTC
Anna Czuczko 1931 "Tis true, the lady is most gracious"--The Winter's Tale
George Dalby 1931 Track, Prom Committee, Spice & Variety
Stanley C. Danowski 1931 Bus Mgr. Scrapbook, cl Plays, S&V, Annual, Oratorical
Lois H. Daugerty 1931 S&V, Lake Co. Chorus, Comm. Chorus, J. Prom Comm
Margaret R. Devlin 1931 VP Soph. & Jun. Class, ROTC Spon, Pres. BOC, S&V
Charles Dobrowolsky 1931 ROTC, Orchestra
Robert Dondanville 1931 S&V, A Capella Choir, Pageant, Mixed Chorus
Catherine Dragovich 1931 Band, Captainball, Tennis, Yelling Yodlers
Audron Elkins 1931 Football, Class Football, Basketball & Baseball
Gwendolyn Endicott 1931 GAA, Yodlers, Swimming, Hockey, Soccer, Fresh Drama
Joe Engle 1931 Band, ROTC, Board of Officers
Lillian Fakeley 1931 Band, Yelling Yodlers
Bruce Falconer 1931 BOC, ROTC Off. Club, "Mikado," S&V, Cl Bball, Prom Com
John R. Fielding 1931 Boys' Band, Orch, Opera Orch, ROTC, S&V, Music Club
Guy Fisher 1931 Cross Country, Track, Band, Boys' Treas., BOC, S&V
Mary Grace Fleming 1931 Hockey, Captainball, Volleyball, GAA, Yelling Yodlers
Leong Fong 1931 Poetry Memory, Honor Society, Opera, Annual staff
Mary Louise Ford 1931 Shorthand Team, Prom Comm., Annual staff, Invit. Com
Rose Rae Fox 1931 Band, Orch, S&V, Soccer, GAA, Music Club, Reporter
Sylvia Gellman 1931 Declamatory, Volleyball, "II Trovatore," Election Comm.
Nellie C. Genduso 1931 Senior Soccfer Team
Gail G. Gibson 1931 Opera, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus
Margaret L. Gilchrist 1931 "Thy friendship makes us fresh."--King Henry VI
Grove Ginder 1931 Class Basketbgall, ROTC
Howard Goetz 1931 Goodman Theater Contest, S&V, Boys' & Lake Co. Chor
Reva E. Goldman 1931 Journalism Club, Student Reporter, Yelling Yodlers
Gilbert Gordon 1931 VP Band, ROTC, Bd. Of Officers, Band, Orchestra, S&V
Clarence Gustafson 1931 "His hair is of good color"--As You Like It
Winona Gustafson 1931 VP, "Mikado," Opera, Nat H.S. Chorus, Nat. Honor Soc.
Russel Hauger 1931 Band, Class Basketball
Vera G. Henrikson 1931 Yelling Yodlers; "Bless you, fair dame"--Macbeth
Laurel Hoblitzel 1931 GAA, Volleyball, Cptball, Soccer, Hockey, Band, Reportr
Edward A. Hopkins 1931 ROTC, Football '29, '30, Class Basketball
William Hunter 1931 Football '30, Swimming '31, Band, Blass Bball & Baseball
Helen Harriet Huston 1931 National Honor Society
Leona C. Jensen 1931 BOC, Chairman Social Comm., ROTC Sponsor, Yodlers
Elmer Johnston 1931 Class Bball, Jun. Play, Oratorical Cntst, S&V, Play Tour.
Alvin Kahan 1931 Ftball, Track, Booster Comm, S&V, "Il Trovatore," Band
Sylvia Kaplan 1931 S&V, Scoopscriber's Journalism Club, Staff rptr, Yodlers
Jeannette Karow 1931 Orchestra, Operetta, Baseball, Yodlers, Captainball
Edward Kaufmann 1931 ROTC, Board of Officers, Fifth Corps Area Rifle Team
Charles P. Kelly 1931 Class Basketball, Spice & Variety, Basketball Mgr.
William Kemp 1931 Basketball, Board of Contriol
Nicholas James Keserich 1931 Football, Class Basketball & Baseball,
Thelma E. Kewley 1931 GAA, Soph & Jun. Plays, Drama Clb, S&V, "Il Trovatore"
Helen Lucille Key 1931 Annual staff, Beg. Bookkeeping Team, Yelling Yodlers
Ruth Madeline Kiefer 1931 Eligibility Comm., Prom Committee, Invitation Comm.
Josephine Knight 1931 Dramatic Club
Ola R. Knight 1931 Orchestra '28, '29, ROTC
Stella Kolodziejski 1931 Ciommerce Major
Paul A. Kopploman 1931 Track '29, '30, Cross Country '30
Edna N. Krevitz 1931 Soph & Jun & Sen Plays, Play Tour, S&V, Declam, Adv
Jack Land 1931 Junior High Football, Track
George H. Larson 1931 Class Football and Basketball
Lawrence Lavery 1931 Junior Class Play, Spice & Variety
Annabelle Kathleen Lewis 1931 "You walk softly & look sweetly & say noth"-Winter's T.
Thomas Logan 1931 Boys' Treasurer, Pres. BOC, Scrapbook, S&V, Swimming
Pauline M. Lucas 1931 S&V, Opera, GAA, Captainball, Dodgeball, Pageant '30
Albert Lukach 1931 S&V, Opera, Orchestra, Cl Bball, Boys' & Mixed Chorus,
William Luscombe 1931 VP of Board of Control, Annual staff
Gertrude K Lusk 1931 Opera, S&V, Yelling Yodlers, Pageant, Girls' Band
Chester Lytle 1931 "You do amaze her"--Merry Wives of Windsor
George MacDonald 1931 ROTC, Officers' Club
Milton Manwiller 1931 Band, ROTC
Emiliea Marposon 1931 Girls' Band, GAA, Bball, Hckey, Soccer, Volleyball, Bsball
Henry E. Marsh 1931 "Mikado," Lake Co. Chor, Band, Orch, ROTC, "Il Trova"
Edward G. Matthews 1931 "Mikado," Class Bball, Boys' & Mixed Chorus, Cl Bsball
Verna Mayhew 1931 Band, S&V, Bball, GAA, Swimming, Track, Music Club
Ida McCree 1931 Track, Girls' Chorus, Spice & Variety, GAA, Pageant
Laura E. McGraw 1931 Track, Captainball
Ruth McNamar 1931 Jun. Play, S&V, Yodlers, Opera, Ftball Banquet Comm.
Ben F. Melzer 1931 Football, ROTC, Class Basketball & Baseball
Grace Miller 1931 Orchestra, S&V, Yodlers, GAA, Jun. Prom. Comm, Opera, Music Club
Robert Murphy 1931 "Here, sir, what is your pleasure"--Timon of Athens
Ruth Ocobock Murray 1931 Spice & Variety
Rose Musulin 1931 Orchestra, Sopomore Play Committee
Leo Myjak 1931 "For what his heart thinks, his tongue spks" Much Ado
Harry Nelson 1931 Football, Class Baseball & Basketball
Alice Mae Newell 1931 GAA, Bsball, Bball, Soccer, S&V, Hockey, Pageant, Yodl
Lewis Newman 1931 Sec., Band, S&V, Annual, Baseball, Cl bball, Prom Comm.
Kathryn Nichols 1931 "Gives light in darkness, comfort in despair"--K.Henry VI
Minnie Noble 1931 Girls' Treasurer, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey,
Mildred Nordahl 1931 Annual staff, Commerce Contstant
Mary Nute 1931 Swimming '29, Soccer '29
Leota Olson 1931 "Boh. Girl," "Il Trov," S&V, A Capella, Nat H.S.Chor, GAA
Dorothy Page 1931 Nat Honor Society, Prom. Comm, Last Will & Testament
Irene M. Parker 1931 Concert Band, Girls' Chorus
Peter Pleska 1931 Booster & Fin. Comm, Basketball, Jun. H. Ftball & Bball
John Poole 1931 Boys' Concert Band, Class Baseball & Basketball
Loretta Prohl 1931 Junior Play, May Festival, ROTC Sponsor, Opera
Sam Pullara 1931 Class Basketball and Baseball
Robert Pykossy 1931 Junior Play, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Gordon Quarles 1931 ROTC, Band
Laura E. Ralph 1931 Class Plays, Officer Girls' Concert Band, Play Contest
Florence E. Renn 1931 Jun. Play, Sec. BOC, Opera, S&V, Girls' Band, G. Chorus
Elizabeth Rider 1931 Opera, S&V, Mixed Chor, Girls' Glee Cl, A Capella.Tennis
Georginia Roehm 1931 Girls' Concert Band
Harry Rothman 1931 Band, Orch, ROTC, Hearst Trophy Team, ROTC, J. Play
Jimmy Rutan 1931 Band, Orchestra, ROTC, BOC, Hi-Y, Fresh. Play
Frank J. Sagud 1931 Opera. Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, S&V, Class Bball
Kenneth J.F. Sandbach 1931 ROTC, Track, Jun. High Football & Basketball
Elizabeth Scheddell 1931 Pres. Concert Orchestra & Girls' Band, Orchestra, Band
Rocky Schiralli 1931 Football, Swimming, BOC, Social Comm., Boys' Rep.
John Frederick Schuller 1931 S&V, BOC, Pres. Soph. Class
Mladen Sekulovich 1931 President, Bball, Opera, S&V, Orch, Annual, Plays, Chor
Katherine Sheridan 1931 Honor Soc, Band, Orch, Orator, Annual, Bsball, Hockey
Harry Shortess 1931 Band, ROTC
Barbara A. Skolan 1931 "How do you, pretty lady?--Hamlet
Waldemar Solf 1931 Ed. Scrapbook, BOC, S&V, ROTC, Honor Soc, Oratorator
Willis Swartzell 1931 Football, Track, Orchestra, Class Bball, Track & Ftball
Lester Swoverland 1931 Opera, S&V, Mixd Chor, Cl Plays, Orator, Swimming, Ten
Vivian W. Szymanski 1931 Opera '31, A Capella, Mixed Chorus, Pageant, S&V
Anne I. Tarullo 1931 GAA, Soccer, Hockey, Captainball
Richard L. Thompson 1931 Varsity Football, Track & Baseball, BOC, Class Sports
John E. Titak 1931 Concert Orchestra, Opera, S&V, Off Club, Class Bball
Helen L. Toma 1931 Opera, Chorus, GAA, Baseball
James N. Topolgus 1931 Orchestra, Basketball, Tennis, Class Sports, Ath Fin.
Bessie Treece 1931 Varsity Bball, Hockey & Soccer, Opera, S&V, GAA, Yodl
Mae E. Triplett 1931 Fresh Drama Club, Hockey, Soccer, GAA, S&V, Pageant
Clifford Underwood 1931 Jun. Cl Pres, Swimming, Track, X-Cntry, B&G, S&V, BOC
Dominic Valse 1931 Band, Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Dorothy M. Van 1931 Girls' Band, GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Music Club
Joseph Vargo 1931 Cross Country, S&V, Class Basketball, Jun. Prom Comm.
Anne Vician 1931 Captainball '31
Richard Villiaume 1931 Boys' Concert Band, Varsity Swimming, Class Basketball
Josephine Vincent 1931 S&V, Beg. Shorthand Team, Junior Prom Committee
Marion Volk 1931 GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Swim., Track, Tennis Dbls Champ
Max Wahlman 1931 Orchestra '29, '30, '31
Rosalind Warrum 1931 Girls' Band, GAA, Honor Soc, Orch, Ed. Newspaper, S&V
Sally C. Weeks 1931 Girls' Band, Swim, Hockey, Soccer, S&V, Opera, G. Chor
Florence Grace Welch 1931 Yodlers, GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Captainball
Agnes Wilson 1931 S&V, GAA, Captainball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey
Etta M. Wood 1931 Fr Play, Soccer, Track, Tennis, Bball, Hcky, Swim, GAA
Richard B. Wright 1931 ROTC, Social Committee, Officers' Club
Theophila Wroblewski 1931 Bookkeeping Team
Lee Wulfing 1931 Football, Track, Basketball
Ruth Wulfing 1931 "Alas, she has no speech"--Othello
Mary Yaselsky 1931 Hockey Team, Soccer, GAA
Theresa Zarkovich 1931 Hockey, Soccer, Captainball, GAA, Honor Society
Maurice Allison 1932 Tennis, Class Sports, S&V, A Cappella, Opera, Orator.
Helen Anderson 1932 Girls' Concert Band, S&V, A Cappella, Opera, Mixed Chor
Lois Anderson 1932 Yelling Yodlers, A Cappella, S&V, Jun. Rose Day Comm.
Mabel Anderson 1932 All-City Girls' Band, Hockey, Opera, Girls' Chorus & Band
George Arvidson 1932 ROTC, Officers' Club
Bessie Athens 1932 Honor Soc., S&V, Latin Contest, Drama Class, Girls' Ch
Charles Bailey 1932 Pres. Band, V.P. Orchestra, S&V, Class Bball & Bsball
Erlene Baker 1932 Annual, ROTC Sponsor, S&V, Girls' Band, GAA Jun. Prom
Brendon Barrett 1932 Not in annual, brother Betty Barrett Ripley ('37)
Julia Berger 1932 S&V, Girls' & All State Band, Orch, V.P. GAA, Letter Club
Seymour Berkowitz 1932 Band, Orchestra, S&V, ROTC, Commenc. Chorus, ROTC
Helen Bertha 1932 Soph. & Sen. Play, S&V, Prom Comm., Bball, Soccer, VB
Greta Beveridge 1932 Honor Soc., S&V, Scrapbook, Soph Play, Prom Comm.
Helen Bickley 1932 Band Mgr., Drum Major, Orch, S&V, All City G Band & Orch
Helen Billick 1932 Sophomore Play
Ruth Borns 1932 GAA, Hockey, Volleyball
Tom Brady 1932 Concert Band, Class Baseball & Basketball
Charles Brown 1932 Oratorical, Rifle Team, A Cappella, Cl Plays, Prom Comm.
Magdaline Brugos 1932 Orchestra, Opera, All City Orchestra, GAA,. Captainball
Kendall Bryant 1932 Concert Band, Orchestra, Opera, ROTC, Class Bball
Robert Burford 1932 Football, Track, Pres. Aviation Club
Marie Burns 1932 Annual, BOC, Booster Club, GAA, Social Comm., Soccer
Pauline Cambruzzi 1932 GAA, A Cappella, Hockey, Captainball, Bball, Volleyball
Theodore Cantwell 1932 "At some future date he will have a print shop of his own."
Ernest Carter 1932 Varsity Track, Cross Country, Band, Class Basketball
Kathleen Carter 1932 Commencement Chorus, Soph. Play
Lucille Charboneau 1932 S&V, Rose Day Comm, Sen. Christ. Dance, Dir Sen Play
Lail Clark 1932 Rose Day Com., Yodlers, S&V, Captainball, Sen. Party C
Maurice Clemens 1932 Yell Leader, Track, Bball, Plays, Band, BOC, Drama Club
David Colosimo 1932 Opera, Nat. H.S. Chorus, S&V, Solo Cont, Const. Orator.
Sadie Copley 1932 Scrapbook staff
Loma Covalt 1932 "Bulbul," BOC, Class V.P., Orch Mgr., Pres Band, GAA
Paul Cox 1932 Spice & Variety
James Craig 1932 VP Sen. Class, Honor Soc., Boys' Chorus, B&G, Opera
Frances Cramer 1932 Beginning Bokkeeping Team, Scrapbook staff
Adolph Croyle 1932 ROTC, Rifle Team
Faye Cuthbert 1932 Girls' Band, Orchestra, Yelling Yodlers
Ernestine Davis 1932 Freshman Play, Jun. Prom Comm., GAA, Soccer, S&V
Earl DeMoss 1932 Class Baseball
Margaret Dittrich 1932 Ed. Scrapbook, Honor Soc., S&V, Class Plays, GAA
Paul Donaldson 1932 Orchestra, Band, Opera, S&V, ROTC, Class Bball
Louis Drevenbak 1932 Capt. Swimming, BOC, S&V, Opera, Clas Plays, Booster
Gladys Dunsworth 1932 "fun to run the Aunt Nancy column in the Post Tribune."
Mary Dzuirdzy 1932 "She longs to skate a perfect figure eight."
Mark Eagle 1932 Band, Orchestra, ROTC, S&V, A Cappella, Opera, Play
Walter Eckersall 1932 Track, Class ftball, bball, & bsball, Cklass Sec. '30
Gerald Eikenbary 1932 Football, Track, Class Track, Baseball & Basketball,
Lillian Emershy 1932 Vgolleyball
Elizabeth Evans 1932 Girls' Treas., GAA Pres., Honor Soc., Annual, Cl Sports
Mary Grace Fife 1932 Girls' Handball Champ, Orch., Girls' & All City Band, GAA
Eleanor Fox 1932 "If only I can regain fortune I lost when banks closed."
Margaret Frank 1932 Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Captainball, Hockey, GAA
Dorothy Frazure 1932 Opera, S&V, A Cappella, Lake Co. Chorus, Yodlers,
Blanche Galloway 1932 Yeling Yodlers. Pageant, Senior Play
Marie Gardner 1932 Honor Soc., S&V, GAA, Hockey, Opera, ROTC Spon, BOC
Margaret Gerlach 1932 Opera, Bball Banquet Com, Lake Co. Mus Fest, Girls' Ch
Mary Gholson 1932 Bball, Girls' Chorus, Opera, Girls' Quartette, Jesters Club
Ruth Gillen 1932 "I'm going to keep books in a cafeteria."
Robert Gray 1932 Pres. Senior Class, Honor Soc., S&V, A Capella, Plays
Carolne Greenwald 1932 GAA, Swimming, Scrapbook staff, S&V
Anne Greve 1932 Declam, Poetry Memory, A Cappella, Orch, Band, S&V
William Guinee 1932 Class Basketball
Lottie Haj 1932 Advanced Shorthand Team
Blanche Hamilton 1932 GAA, Soccer, Girls' Chorus, Typing Team
Louise Hasch 1932 Girls' Concert Band, Music Club, S&V, Jun. Prom Comm.
Leona Haynes 1932 GAA, ROTC Spon, S&V, Girls' Band, Captball, Rose Day
Margaret Herrold 1932 Band, Spice & Variety
Violet Hokanson 1932 Spice & Variety
Darry Holt 1932 Opera, S&V, Choruses, Lake Co Oratorical, Class Plays
Tom Howell 1932 Basketball, Class Fooitball
Mary Huydich 1932 Girls' Chorus, Opera, Jun. Play Comm., Opera Comm.
Kenneth Jackson 1932 Opera, Spice & Variety, Track, X-Country, Class Bball
Dorothy Jankovich 1932 Sophomore Play, S&V, GAA, Class Sports
Gus Jarabek 1932 Orch, Opera, Prom & Booster Comm., ROTC, Soph Play
Roy Jenkins 1932 Spice & Variety, Soph. & Senior Plays
Dawn Jenner 1932 Opera, Scrapbook, Basketball, Class Sports
Emily Jensen 1932 GAA, Soccer, S&V, A Cappella, Hockey, Rose Day, Yodl
Ione Johnson 1932 "May she be stamped as one of world's fin philosophers."
Richard Johnson 1932 ROTC, Class Basketball
Joseph Joyce 1932 Varsity Basketball Mgr, BOC, Social Comm., Class Sports
Helen Kaminski 1932 Winning Bokkeeping Team, Eligibility Committee
Caroline Kelso 1932 Soccer, Hockey, Captball, Velleyball, Swimming, Track
Lloyd Kloeffler 1932 Varsity Track & X-Country, Class Track, Bball, Sen. Play
Theodore Kosiba 1932 ROTC, ROTC Officers' Club, Senior Play, Tennis
Fred Kosky 1932 ROTC
Anna Kotora 1932 Pres. Orch., Honor Soc, GAA, Ath ed Annual, Opera
Michael Kuzma 1932 Band, Orchestra, Varsity Track, S&V, Class Basketball
Ruth Lane 1932 All-State & Girls' Band, Asst. Drum Maj, Orch, Annl, S&V
Harry Lenhardt 1932 Band, Orchestra, All-State Band, Track, Class Sports
Robert V. Lewis 1932
Mary Frances Lininger 1932 GAA, S&V, Girls' Chorus, BOC, Hockey, Swim., Drama Cl
Donna Marovich 1932 Froebel GAA '30
Eileen McAllister 1932 Honor Soc, S&V, GAA, BOC, Class Plays, Pres Jr Class
James McLaughlin 1932 ROTC
Edward Michalski 1932 Concert Band & Orchestra, Sen. Bball Team, Tennis
Mary Milgi 1932 GAA, Volleyball
Walter Miscevich 1932 Football, Basketball, Swimming
Tony Mores 1932 Football, Track, Band, Class Basketball & Baseball
Fred Morton 1932 ROTC
Ada Ruth Moyer 1932 GAA, Fresh, Soph & Junior Volleyball Teams
Edith Mozingo 1932 GAA, Girls' Concert Band, Letter Club, S&V, Sports
Mary Mulroe 1932 Soccer, Bball, Swim, Volleyball, Track, Hockey, Typing
Agnes Nallinger 1932 Band, Orchestra, A Cappella, S&V, Opera
Kathryne Naspinski 1932 S&V, Rose Day & Prom Comm, GAA, Soccer, Sen. Play
Lawson Neely 1932 Mgr. Swim Team, S&V, Boys' Band, Orch, All State Band
Ruth Nelson 1932 Honor Soc, Annual, A Cappella, Opera, Declam, S. Play
Vossel Nepsa 1932 Baseball & Basketball Central High School
Robert Nickolich 1932 Winner School Tennis Tour, Annual, Class Bball, Eligibil
Harold Oberding 1932 Honor Society, Track, X-Cntry, ROTC, Mech Draw Cont
Catherine Ordinsky 1932 A Capella, GAA
Clifford Plummer 1932 ROTC
Walter Ponsler 1932 S&V, Opera, Class Plays, Chorus, Tennis Team
Ardella Reeder 1932 Yelling Yodlers
Frank Richeson 1932 ROTC, Boys' Band, Regimental Band, Orch, Rifle Team
Fred Rudy 1932 Track, Classs Basketball
Pauline Russell 1932 Girls' Band, Opera, Class Plays, S&V, Scrapbook, Hocky
Lois Ryan 1932 Sec. Sen Class, S&V, BOC, GAA, Social Comm, Rose Day
Francis Rzepka 1932 Football, Class Basketball
Betty Sabo 1932 Basketball, Captball, Track, Bsball, Band, GAA, Letter Cl
Harold Salzman 1932 Roosevelt H.S. ROTC, Plays, S&V, Opera, Military Balls
Donald Sheehy 1932 Track, Class Basketball and Baseball
Dorothy Shipman 1932 GA, Letter Clb, S&V, Bball, Hockey, Soccer, Bsball, Play
Maynard Sibert 1932 "A life guard has a pretty good job."
Alice Sink 1932 Typing Team, Yelling Yodlers
Ethel Slade 1932 Class Plays, Poetry Memory, Scrapbook, Declam, Yodler
Harry Smith 1932 Band, S&V, ROTC
Agnes Sopcak 1932 Commencement Chorus, Spice & Variety, Opera
Viola Steele 1932 Treasurer, Class Basketball, Class Football
Burdette Stillson 1932 "To Switzerlnd I shall go, to teach the Swiss how to ski"
Della Mae Stonehill 1932 S&V, GAA, Girls' Concert Band, Swim Team, Bball, Hcky
Earl Strain 1932 He will design bldgs for the 1st World's Fair after 1933."
Rose Svetanoff 1932 "She thinks she'll work in her father's candy store"
Viola Swanson 1932 Hockey, GAA, Band, S&V, Junior Play, Opera
Virginia Swayne 1932 Honor Soc, S&V, BOC, Pres GAA, Opera, Poetry Mem.
Elizabeth Szabo 1932 Commencement Chorus, Spice & Variety
Joseph Toma 1932 Varsity Basketball & Tennis, Aviation Club, Sen. Play
Lucy Towner 1932 Class Plays, Commence Chorus, Opera, S&V, GAA
Jeanette Tuberman 1932 Volleyball, Soccer
Roy Twombly 1932 Band, Orch, Bus Mgr Annual, ROTC Rifle Tm, Opera, S&V
Steve Varso 1932 Opera, Finance Committee, Booster Comm, Swimming
Catherine Vaughn 1932 Jr. Volleyball, Commenc Chorus, Sen. Bball, GAA, Yodler
Margaret Veresh 1932 Sen. Play, May Festival, Tennis Finals, Basketball Banq
Catherine Walker 1932 Spice & variety, Volleyball
Madeline Warner 1932 Yelling Yodlers, Eligibility Committee
Julia Wasy 1932 Opera, S&V, Dramatic Club, ROTC Sponsor
Sylvia Weber 1932 Opera, GAA Hiking Mgr., S&V, Girls' Concert Band, Plays
Ruth Welch 1932 "Oh where can I find a robot to take inventory for me."
Ralph White 1932 Boys' Band, Opera, S&V, Mgr. Swim, Track, X-Country
Bernice Williams 1932 Spice & Variety, GAA, Captanball
Elmer Williamson 1932 Class Football, Class Baseball, Senior Play
Sophia Wroblewski 1932 Each morn she will givg setting-up exerc for kping slim."
Mary Zakutansky 1932 Typing Team
Walter Allman 1933
Morris Alterwitz 1933
Ada Amos 1933
Charles Anderson 1933
Willard Anderson 1933
Helen Aydelotte 1933
Joseph Barcenas 1933
Jayne Barker 1933
Pauline Barnes 1933
Anne Basich 1933
Edwin Beers 1933
Glennabelle Benedict 1933
Lester Berg 1933
Irene Berger 1933
Victor Blagetz 1933
Ewell Bloomingdale 1933
Adeline Bohla 1933
Mary Brown 1933
Shirley Bryan 1933 from Post Tribune article--no annual
William Burt 1933
Alice Busse 1933
George Caldwell 1933
Kenneth Callaway 1933
Ruth Campbell 1933
William Carr 1933
John Carroll 1933
Thomas Carroll 1933
Edward Carson 1933
Louis Castellani 1933
Joseph Chambers 1933
Paul Cherry 1933
Ludwig Chlominski 1933
Virgil Cobb 1933
Ray Coffman 1933
Mike Colovich 1933
Mariam Conry 1933
Arola Cook 1933
Jack Cook 1933
Warren Croll 1933
Steven Daday 1933
John Daly 1933
John Dancy 1933
Edna Darding 1933
James Davey 1933
Elbert Diamond 1933
Louis Dolnics 1933
Ray Dombrowski 1933
Esther Donahy 1933
Gladys Dunsworth 1933
Stanley Duszynski 1933
Frank Editz 1933
Lydia Ehrenberg 1933
Clark Fear 1933
Mary Grace Fife 1933
John Figura 1933
Robert Flickinger 1933
Mary Frankovich 1933
Thomas Gallagher 1933
Emil Galle 1933
Thomas Gardner 1933
Mary Genduso 1933
William Gillick 1933
Eshai Gilyana 1933
Caroline Ginder 1933
Rita Glennon 1933
Ted Glowiszyn 1933
Ella Graw 1933
Harold Gray 1933
Gene Gross 1933
Ruth Gross 1933
Cornelius Grove 1933
Olaf Hallman 1933
June Hammons 1933
Genevieve Harbit 1933
Lloyd Hardt 1933
Ruth Holbrook 1933
Renie Holden 1933
Lillian Hollander 1933
Linnea Hollander 1933
Victor Hosking 1933
Isabel Hunter 1933
Kenneth Jackson 1933
Margaret Jacob 1933
Violet Jankovich 1933
Helen Jarabek 1933
John Karaffa 1933
William Kennedy 1933
Martha Keserich 1933
Emery Key 1933
Nancy Knox 1933
Agnes Kometz 1933
Wanda Kotscheck 1933
John Kowall 1933
John Kowall 1933
John Koxtan 1933
Genevieve Kruzic 1933
John Kupres 1933
Sylvia Lakin 1933
Pauline Lamitz 1933
May Laurie 1933
Adrian Lessard 1933
Helen Lewis 1933
Georgia Lincoln 1933
Gertrude Lindstrom 1933
Norman Lindstrom 1933
Beverly Lundy 1933
Robert Mack 1933
Helen Majcher 1933
Armand Marcotte 1933
Eleanor Mark 1933
Lillian Mark 1933
Rose Marovich 1933
Corabelle Matthews 1933
Paul Mayer 1933
Lucille McAllister 1933
Kenneth McLean 1933
Elizabeth McMahon 1933
Doris Mefford 1933
Leo Melzer 1933
Russell Miller 1933
Joe Mistrovich 1933
James Monfort 1933
Fred Morton 1933
Helen Mulloy 1933
Rose Nabhan 1933
Goldee Nagy 1933
Sylvia Nastoff 1933
Paul Nave 1933
Thomas Newton 1933
Donald Nix 1933
Kathryn Oberding 1933
Jack O'Brien 1933
Loren O'Brien 1933
Raymond O'Connor 1933
Walter Oleska 1933
Albert Pagin 1933
Kiki Pappas 1933
Mary Patrick 1933
Benjamin Pelka 1933
Edwin Pesdan 1933
Thomas Phee 1933
Martha Pilipovich 1933
Rosemary Plummer 1933
Galen Porter 1933
Martha Powell 1933
Theodore Primich 1933
Nina Puchowski 1933
Aline Raley 1933
William Ralph 1933
Margaret Rankin 1933
Helen Reid 1933
James Ricard 1933
Georgia Lee Roberts 1933
George Roe 1933
Jake Rubin 1933
Charles Ruckman 1933
Shelby Ryan 1933
John Sagud 1933
Andrew Salamon 1933
Elizabeth Salmi 1933
Sue Santelik 1933
Floyd Saxton 1933
George Schaffer 1933
Kurt Scheub 1933
Agnes Schmidt 1933
Dorothy Schorr 1933
Garnet Schroeder 1933
William Sellhorn 1933
Frank Selvaggi 1933
Helen Semon 1933
Jacob Senitza 1933
Lillian Sepiol 1933
Martha Shaar 1933
William Shephard 1933
Phyllis Sherping 1933
Earl E. Siar 1933
Evelyn Sibert 1933
Paul Simon 1933
Lloyd Sines 1933
Beverly Smith 1933
Earl Smith 1933
Emily Smith 1933
Ruby Smith 1933
Virginia Smith 1933
William Smith 1933
Youshia Solomon 1933
Marguerite Sotock 1933
Robert Squires 1933
Margaret Stapleton 1933
Rosemarie Stine 1933
Doris Stockman 1933
Dorothy Swayne 1933
Oscar Teveson 1933
Harley Todd 1933
Daniel Toma 1933
William Towner 1933
Raymond Underwood 1933
Catherine Vasiljevich 1933
Nello Venturella 1933
Edward Volk 1933
Lilly Warda 1933
Evelyn Warner 1933
Nathan Weinhouse 1933
Margaret Weiss 1933
Isadore Weissbuch 1933
Lillian Westfall 1933
Arthur White 1933
Dorothy Wigg 1933
Elaine Wiles 1933
Gerald Williams 1933
Donald Winston 1933
Kathryn Witham 1933
Warren Wold 1933
Bernice Woolridge 1933
Joseph Woolridge 1933
Joseph Worrium 1933
William Yarvis 1933
Irvin Zavada 1933
Emil Znavor 1933
Emil Zula 1933
Ray Adams 1934
Richard Adams 1934
Warren Ahlgren 1934
Homer Alexander 1934
Bernard Anderson 1934
Joseph Bajgrowicz 1934
Anne Balogh 1934
Genevieve Bartczak 1934
Helen Baxter 1934
Edith Bendt 1934
Irene Benko 1934
Josephine Bennett 1934
Robert Bickerton 1934
Charles Biggs 1934
Margaret Biggs 1934
Joseph Blasczak 1934
Freda Borden 1934
Donna Boyd 1934
William Brandt 1934
Bruce Briney 1934
Robert Brown 1934
Ross Brown 1934
Nick Budgin 1934
Herman Buehrle 1934
Mike R. Bumbera 1934
Mary Agnes Campbell 1934 Salutatorian
Mae Carlson 1934
George Carnahan 1934
John Carr 1934
Irene Carter 1934
Betty Cole 1934
Eli Colosimo 1934
Sue Condo 1934
Charles Cox 1934
Helene Craig 1934 5th in class
Ila Crisman 1934
Ruth Danielson 1934 8th in class
Robert Danskin 1934
Marguerite Draves 1934
William Dunn 1934
Virgil Edman 1934
James Fahey 1934
Marion Fahey 1934
Emma Ferhat 1934
Mary Feryo 1934
Gertrud Fife 1934 Valedictorian
Ethel Finston 1934
Charles Foreman 1934
Elmer Forney 1934
Jean Frazure 1934
Harold Friel 1934
Katherine Galloway 1934
Walter Garrett 1934
Robert Gavin 1934
Lovy Gill 1934
Fred Giroux 1934
Hugh Goetz 1934
Hazel Gray 1934
Charles Gregory 1934
Fenton Gurband 1934
Bolis Guzik 1934
Bernard Haas 1934
Walter Hallman 1934
LaVon Harbit 1934
Grace Hendrickson 1934
Robert Hinsberger 1934
Elouise Hite 1934
Betty Hixon 1934
Verra Hokanson 1934
Ambrose Holford 1934 10th in class
Harry Houser 1934
Stewart Houser 1934
Virginia Hulting 1934
Dorothy Jaffe 1934
Emery Johnson 1934
Clayton Jones 1934
Lucille Jungheim 1934
Edwin Kaminski 1934
Joseph C. Kane 1934
Walter Karver 1934
Edward Keeley 1934
Katherine Keserich 1934
Andrew Keyak 1934
Florence Kieft 1934
Ernest Kish 1934
William Kish 1934
Mary Kolodsiejski 1934 7th in class
Antoinette Kolodziej 1934
Jerome Korn 1934 9th in class
Leonard Krevitz 1934
Paul Krueger 1934
Norma Largura 1934
Arthur Larson 1934
Angeline Lasko 1934
Irene Lasko 1934
Helen Lavedas 1934
Benny Lazzaro 1934
Pauline Lesenyie 1934
Nick Lovich 1934
William Lukach 1934
Marie Lundquist 1934
Robert Lusk 1934
Nora Mackin 1934
Peter Mandich 1934
Alex Mann 1934
Bessye Mann 1934
Majorie Mann 1934
John Martin 1934
Madalyn Martin 1934
Richard Martin 1934
Robert Mattingly 1934
William Maurer 1934
Lewis Mayhak 1934
Elmo McDonald 1934
Esther McDonald 1934
Mary Medved 1934
Charles Messina 1934
Virginia Meyer 1934
Clifford Miller 1934
Richard Miller 1934
William Mills 1934
Peter Molchan 1934
Catherine Moss 1934
Laverne Murray 1934
Elizabeth Nagy 1934
Edmund Naspinski 1934
Blanche Novak 1934
Ralph Oberding 1934
James O'Connor 1934
Charles O'Hara 1934
Bruno Pall 1934
Steve Pappas 1934
Sherman Pemberton 1934
Janis Pepple 1934
John Petri 1934
Lucille Philpot 1934
Joseph Pikula 1934
George Pillar 1934
Jack Plotkin 1934
Violet Plummer 1934
Chester Pogo 1934
Alice Powell 1934 4th in class
Robert Powell 1934
Esther Rand 1934
Alice Reading 1934
Irene Reading 1934
Dorothy Richardson 1934
Harold Rietesel 1934
Lillian Rutan 1934
Robert Salvaggi 1934
Fred Sargis 1934
Marlit Schorr 1934
John Sharko 1934
Edward Shea 1934
Ted Shedlak 1934
Roberta Shepard 1934
Jane Simmons 1934
William Sitko 1934
Rose Smalley 1934
Charlotte Smith 1934
Edward Smith 1934
Genevieve Smith 1934 3rd in class
Hazel Smith 1934
Robert Smith 1934
Joseph Sotak 1934
Cullen Spurlock 1934
Anna June Stewart 1934
Harry Stolberg 1934
Nick Suban 1934
Helen Subartowicz 1934
Maxine Thomas 1934
Clifford Thompson 1934
Mary Tula 1934
Leo Turner 1934
Ervin Underwood 1934
Helene Underwood 1934
Violette Vinovich 1934
Ruth Wahlman 1934
George Waitt 1934
Charles Warda 1934
Russell Warne 1934
Elinor Warren 1934 6th in class
Bernice Williams 1934
Evelyn Williams 1934
Pauline Wilson 1934
Myrtle Wolfangle 1934
Mary Yatsko 1934
Vance Zacker 1934
Edward Zimmer 1934
Frank Zukowski 1934
Lillian Helene Abraham 1935 Spice & Variety, A Cappella
Nancy Jane Alexander 1935 GAA, Jun. Prom Com, Sen. Farewell & Sen Homecoming
Patricia Jane Alexander 1935 Jun. Prom Comm, GAA, Senior Play, Sen. Farewell
Helen Louise Ament 1935 Class Plays, GAA, FAB, Sec. Sen. Class, Sen. Book Com
James Amos 1935 A Cappella, Swimming Team, Band
Jane Anyz 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Margaret E. Ball 1935 Girls' Glee Club
Artha Barry 1935 Tri Sigma, GAA, S&V, Jun. Rose Day Comm.
Helen LaVerne Bauldridge 1935 Spice & variety, Band, Band Entertainment Comm.
Maxwell Bayles 1935 Oratory Contest, Senior Play
Harland Beach 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Edward Beisler 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Walter Belevich 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
David Joseph Benjamin 1935 City Orator. Champ, Plays, S&V, Ftball, Opera, Boys' GC
Berthel Bennett 1935 Spice & Variety, Band
Walter N. Berger 1935 A Cappella, Yell Leader
Willis Bickerton 1935 All City Band, Off Orch, Off. Band, ROTC, S&V, Cl Sports
Nellie C. Bogdan 1935 Tri Sigma, FAB, Honor Society, GAA, Jun. Cl Treasurer
Marjorie Borns 1935 Tri Sigma, GAA, Honor Society, Girls' Glee Club
Willie Boswell 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Lilian Bothwell 1935 Sophomore Student Council, French Club
Noreen E. Boughner 1935 Freshman Frolic, S&V, BOC, GAA, Opera, Class Plays
Harry Bowman 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
D. Fern Bowron 1935 GAA, Glee Club, Jr. Prom Comm., Sen. Play, Announ Com
Dorothy Louise Brady 1935 GAA
Herbert Brown 1935 Yell Leader, Senior Farewell Committee
James E. Brown 1935 President Board of Control, Football
Rita M. Brown 1935 GAA, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Boys' Band Sponsor
John Brugos 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Violett Dorothy Brunswick 1935 Band, GAA, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Jack Burns 1935 A Cappella Choir
Theodore Burns 1935 Swimming Team '34, '35, Senior Play
Vivian Burns 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Catherine Campbell 1935 FAB
Eugene Cantwell 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Loretta M. Carlson 1935 Top 10% of Class, GAA, Tri Sigma, FAB, Pres of Orch.
Gilbert Carr 1935
Mary Elizabeth Carr 1935
Louise Carter 1935
Margaret Lee Chester 1935 GAA, Dramatic Club, Swimming Team, Soph. Play, Prom
James F. Clary 1935 A Cappella Choir, Opera, S&V, Top 10% of Class
Nellie Cogden 1935 Top 10% of Class
Denzil Edgar Cole 1935 Concert Band, Drum Major, Track, Tennis Team
Stanley Cooney 1935 Senior Play
Bonnie Catherine Corbett 1935 GAA
Alexander F. Craig 1935 Soph & Sen. Class Pres., Honor Soc, Swim., S&V, Band
Josephine Crawford 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Stanley Czolgos 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Leonard Harold Daley 1935 Track, Ftball, Bball, Fresh. Pres, Sen. Memorial Comm
Marie Daniel 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Louise Darling 1935 Spice & Variety
Edward David 1935 Opera
Allan Glenn Day 1935 Band Committee, Ticket Committee
Lucille Day Dean 1935 Tri Sigma, FAB, Spice & Variety
Eileen DeVolle 1935 Top 10% of Class
Charles F. Dewey 1935 Football, Basketball, Track, Class Plays, Jun.Prom Comm
Chester Dombrowski 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Harriet Draves 1935 Girls' Concert Band, GAA, Girls' Glee Club
Alyce Duke 1935 GAA, Opera, FAB, French Club, Sen. Farewell Comm.
Florence Evelyn Dunnam 1935 GAA, Senior Honor Society, Top 10% of Class
Mary Dziuba 1935 Track Team, GAA
Pearl Eng 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Richard Emmanuel Ennis 1935 Class Basketball, Class Football
Virginia J. Faber 1935 Top 10% of Cl, GAA, Band, Orch, Solo Cont, Jour. Cont
George J. Fabianski 1935 Concert Band
Agnes E. Fadell 1935 Sophomore Play, Junior Play, Glee Club
Marion E. Fahey 1935 Soph & Jun. Play Comm., GAA, FAB, Spice & Variety,
Sara Fear 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
G. Ellsworth Fischer 1935 Spice & Variety, Track
Mary Alice Fitzpatrick 1935 Tri Sigma, GAA, Debating Club, S&V, Homecoming Com
Robert I. Fleming 1935 Opera, Track, Tennis, Soph & Jun. Plays
Dominic Fogo 1935 Bball, Ftball, S&V, Band, Jun. Prom Comm, Class Plays
Peter Forenski 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Sophia Fudaley 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Mildred Marie Fuhlberg 1935 Honor Society, BOC, Pres. FAB, GAA, Tri Sigma, Play
Sara A. Gavin 1935 GAA, Bid & Program Committee
Eddie Gawlik 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Billy Giroux 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
William Hale Green 1935 Varsity Track, Varsity Basketball
Mary Veronica Gregor 1935 Honor Society, Spice & Variety, Band, Basketball
Willomine P. Gross 1935 GAA, Tri Sigma, Rose Day, Prom, Farewell & Ring Comm.
Ralph Gulledge 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Genevieve Grace Gusc 1935 GAA, A Cappella, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Track, Bball
Barbara A. Hamilton 1935 Soph. & junior Class Plays, GAA, Junior Prom Committee
William H. Hampton 1935 Opera, Band, Sen. Play, Eligibility & Scholarship Comm.
Leonard A. Hamrlik 1935 Track Team, Class Basketball, Concert Band Officer
Lucille Virginia Harding 1935 Girls; Concert Band, Spice & Variety, A Cappella Choir
Lolita Mae Hasch 1935 GAA, FAB, Tri Sigma, S&V, Girls' Glee Club, Jun. Prom C
Marjorie Jean Hite 1935 Girls' Glee Club
Alice A. Holden 1935 GAA, Tri Sigma, Spice & Variety
Edna Mathilda Horvath 1935 GAA, Hockey, Captainball, Orchestra, Band, Glee Club
Woodford Howe 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Anna Huydich 1935 Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir
Mike Iatarola 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Lonnie Jackson 1935 Football, Basketball, Bsball, Social Comm., BOC, Jr. Play
Mary Margaret Jackson 1935 Tri Sigma, FAB, Sen. Farewell & Jun. Prom Comm.
Maurine A. Jackson 1935 FAB, GAA, Tri Sigma, S&V, Jr. Class Sec., Rose Day Cm.
Lauren Johnston 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Sara Louise Joyce 1935 GAA, Freshman Soccer Team, Senior Farewell Comm.
Loretta M. Jungheim 1935 Pres. GAA, Girls' Band, Boys' Band Spon., Girls' Glee Clb
Ella Mary Kaiser 1935 GAA, Latin Club
Frank Kane 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Edward L. Kaniok 1935 Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Band, Bball Trainer
Norman M. Kaplan 1935 Salutatorian, Pres. Honor Soc, News Ed, Orch, Scrapbk
Seymour Kaplan 1935 Emerson Radio Club
Harold F. Karandjeff 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Joe Keller 1935 Basketball, Ftball, Chair. B&G, Skull & Bones, Homecmg
Gertrude Kieft 1935 Honor Soc., A Cappella, Glee Club, FAB, S&V, Band
Leroy Kietzman 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Anna Knezevich 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Joseph Koen 1935 Class Basketball
Lawrence Komisarek 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Harry Kornafel 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Nick Korzow 1935 Track, S&V, Hi-Y, A Cappella, Class Plays, Dramatics
Michael A. Kotora 1935 Football, Jun. Play, Skull & Bones, Memorial Comm.
Marie Evelyn Kriewitz 1935 Opera, S&V, FAB, Tri Sigma, Roe Day Comm., BOC Sec.
June M. Kurtz 1935 S&V, GAA, Rose Day Comm., Junior Play, Sen. Farewell
George P. Kusner 1935 Track, Ftball, S&V, Opera, S&V, Debating Club, Rose D.
Michael Kwilasz 1935 Track, Cross Country
Alice Charlotte Lakin 1935 GAA Off., Oratorical Contest, Swimming, Bsball, Tennis
Norman Stewart Lakin 1935 Hi-Y, ROTC, Scrapbook, Band, Cross Country, Solo Cont
Gene L. Landes 1935 S&V, Tri Sigma, FAB, Chair Mem. Comm. & Rose Day Ad
Ruth Elizabeth Leady 1935 Glee Club, Girls' Concert Band, GAA, Band, Commncmt C
Rose Lesenyie 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Alvin S. Levenberg 1935 Pres. French Cl, Tennis, Swimming, Oratory, S&V, Plays
Henry Likavec 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Harold Lindstrom 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Dorothy London 1935 Valedictorian, Honor Society, Glee Club, Jr Play, Rportr
Walter J. Majcher 1935 Cross Country, Track
Rolland Marcotte 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Harold A. Martin 1935 Basketball
William Paul McDermottt 1935 VP Skull & Bones, Ring, Invitation & Courtesy Comm.
John McMahon 1935 Tennis Team, Spice & Variety, Band, Orchestra
Regis McMahon 1935 Spice & variety, Class Basketball
John L. Melvin 1935 Basketball, Class Ftball & Bball, Entertainment Comm.
Edith L. Miess 1935 Top 10% of Class, Girls' Band Manager, Memorial Comm.
Joseph Mihal 1935 Football, Basketball, Track
Gerald Arthur Miller 1935 Ftball, ROTC, Track, Opera, Cl Plays, Glee Cl, Drama Cl
George Milosevich 1935 Football
Elmer Milteer 1935 Football Mgr.
Cecelia V. Monroe 1935 GAA, Soccer, S&V, Girls' Band, Soph. Play, Sen Farewell
Ruth A. Montoney 1935 Hockey, Captainball, Basketball
Peter Morganelli 1935 Class Basketball, Football, & Track
Edward J. Mulhern 1935 ROTC, Announcement Committee
Philip D. Mulroe 1935 Football, Class Basketball and Track
James C. Murfey 1935 Opera, Jr. Play Comm., Oratory
Walter C. Nabhan 1935 Football, Skull and Bones, Favor Committee, Jr. Play
Irene Grace Nagy 1935 VP GAA, Opera, S&V, VP Soph Cl, Cl Plays, Social Comm
Glenn Nallinger 1935 Band, Orch, ROTC, Cl Plays, Drama Cl, Oratory, Hi-Y
Gwendolyn Fern Neely 1935 Bball, GAA, Letter Club, Hockey, Soccer, Track, Hdball
Charles Mathew Newton 1935 Basketball Mgr., Football Mgr., ROTC
Ned Noe 1935 Opera, Tennis, Orch Librarian, Oratory, Vocal Solo Cont.
Dan Nolan 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Clarence Osberg 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Ivonne Osborn 1935 FAB, Honor Society, Sen Farewell & Hmcming Comm.
Wilbur Palmateer 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Sam S. Panepinto 1935 Football, Basketball, Track, Sophomore Play
Nicholas Pangere 1935 Track, Basketball, Cross Country
Catherine A. Pannitas 1935 Honor Society, GAA, Soph. Class Pres., Soph. Social Ch
Benjamin Pass 1935 Class Track, Solo Contest, Oratory, Scholarship Comm.
Charles N. Pavlick 1935 Varsity Football, Track, Class Basketball
Wanda Pazxonka 1935 Top ranking graduate (top 10%)
Herbert A. Pesdan 1935 Class Basketball, Varsity Track & Cross Country
Irving H. Pitchford 1935 Res. Basketball, Spice & Variety, Jr. High Bball & Ftball
Martha Plummer 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Margaret Pollak 1935 Solo Poetry Reader, GAA, Tennis, S&V, City Play Cont.
Marcella Lucille Poplonski 1935 Soph. Play, Declamatory Contests, Poetry Mem, Opera
Maxine Prosser 1935 S&V, VP Honor Soc, FAB, Tri Sigma, Cl Plays, Glee Club
Helen Quail 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Eugene Quillin 1935 Reserve Basketball
Bert Rice 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
William P. Rimer 1935 Class Football '34
Carl Roehm 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
James Russell 1935 Track, Cross Country, Class Plays
LaVerne Ryan 1935 Girls' Glee Club, GAA
Paul Scheub 1935 Opera, Concert Orchestra, Junior Play
Hilda Ann Schieb 1935 S&V, FAB, Jr. Prom Comm., GAA, Tri Sigma, Sr. Farewell
Richard Schroeder 1935 BOC, Sec Skull & Bones, A Cappella, S&V, Opera, Track
William Schweiger 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
George Sellhorn 1935 Varsity Basketball, Track, S&V, Band, Prom Comm.
Marguerite Shelton 1935 Top 10% of Class, Band, Girls' Glee Club, GAA
Betty Shipley 1935 FAB, GAA, Spice & Variety, Soph. Play
Howard Skinner 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Eleanor Skogseth 1935 FAB, Tri Sigma, Jr. Prom Decoration Comm., S&V
John Slobodnik 1935 No activities listed in yearbook (from P-T)
Frank J. Smith 1935 Football, B&G, VP BOC, Skull and Bones Club
Theodore Stawicki 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Steen 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Nelda Struble 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Matthew Strzalkowski 1935 Top 10% of Class
Peter Sulich 1935 Track, Cross Country
Evelyn Swanson 1935 Pres. Girls' Band, Drum Major, Asst. Librar. Orch, GAA
Irene Tarnowski 1935 GAA< Track Team, Basketball Team, Volleyball
Mildred Teveson 1935 Soph. Play, S&V, GAA, Glee Club, Cpourtesy Comm.
Julius Thompson 1935 Football, BOC
Emil Titak 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Rebecca Todd 1935 Honor Society, Top 10% of Class
Albert Toth 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Olga Trbovich 1935 Spice & Variety, GAA, Soph. Play
Helen Trembones 1935 Orchestra, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Donald Turak 1935 Band Committee
Rose Turbow 1935 GAA, Spice & Variety, Orchestra
Joe Valentine 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Laura Valentine 1935 GAA, Senior Farewell Comm., Homecoming Comm.
George J. Visnovsky 1935 Top 10%, VP Sen. Cl, Hon. Society, News Staff, Rprter
John Vlad 1935 Band, Orchestra
Mary Vygrala 1935 Band, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Gertrude Janus Weeks 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorne Weiner 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Morris Weinhouse 1935 ROTC
Alfred Richard? White 1935 Rifle Team, Opera, A Cappella, Senior Play
Raymond Wickberg 1935 Spice & variety, ROTC Officer
Thomas Willie 1935 S&V, Opera, Rose Day Adv. Comm, Ch Sr. Farewell Dec.
George Wilson 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
John Wilson 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Elvin Wineinger 1935 No activities listed in yearbook
Ernest Witham 1935 Varsity Track, Cross Country, Athletic Finance Comm.
Lucille Woloszynek 1935 Honor Society, Cl Plays, Declam Contests, Poetry Mem.
Richard Young 1935 Track, Cross Country
Sydney Young 1935 Swimming Team, Class Basketball
Robert Lee Adams 1936
Alice Alexander 1936 graduated 12th in class
Frances Allcorn 1936 graduated 21st in class
Catherine Amos 1936
Anna Apathy 1936
Beatrice Appelbaum 1936 graduated 10th in class
Frances Augustyn 1936
Edythe Bailey 1936
Kenneth Bailey 1936
Marie Baldauf 1936
Clara Bamberg 1936
Charles Baran, Jr. 1936 graduated 7th in class
Emerson Barido 1936
Francis Barido 1936
Jack Barker 1936
George Bartosh 1936
Steve Basich 1936
Margaret Baxter 1936
Helen Beleslin 1936
Theodore Benkee 1936
Jack Bennett 1936
Catherine Billick 1936
Peter Bisbis 1936
Donald Bokich 1936
Peter Boland 1936
Charles Boswell 1936
Theda Boswell 1936
Miriam Brady 1936 graduated 15th in class
Geraldine Bryden 1936
Elsie Burkhardt 1936
Paul Callaway 1936
Edward Campbell 1936
John Carlberg 1936 graduated 18th in class
Ralph Casbon 1936
Ethel Chomo 1936
Gloriann Chora 1936 graduated 9th in class
Dollie Chukinac 1936
Margaret Collie 1936
Imogene Condo 1936
Ruby Conway 1936
Emily Cook 1936
Robert Cook 1936
Pearl Copley 1936
William Cox 1936
Mabel Curtis 1936
Dale Dalton 1936
Josephine Darding 1936
Russell Day 1936
Richard Dinkleman 1936
Eileen Donohue 1936
Barbara Donovan 1936 graduated 3rd in class
Robert Dunn 1936
Wayne Eaton 1936
Irene Edelton 1936
Gilbert Ennesman 1936
Virginia Eshelman 1936 Valedictorian
James Farley 1936
Elizabeth Feits 1936
Ethelynd Finan 1936
Clara Flanders 1936
Charles Fuller 1936
Wilbur Fuller 1936
Dorothy Fuss 1936
Betsy Gemberling 1936
Leroy Gensburg 1936
Catherine Gibbons 1936
Billy Gleichman 1936
Harriet Goodwin 1936
Annie Mae Grant 1936
Angeline Gregor 1936
Richard Guth 1936 graduated 16th in class
Nettie Hafter 1936 Salutatorian
Jeanette Hamilton 1936
John Hammako 1936
Mary Hardesty 1936
Charles Hawrys 1936
Arthur Haywood 1936
Marie Heater 1936
George Heller 1936
Marion Hendrickson 1936
Mike Hichinec 1936
Willard Hollingsworth 1936
Timothy Hopkins 1936
Pauline Huettner 1936
Helen Huydich 1936
Elizabeth Isaac 1936
Stella Jelesky 1936
Philip Jensen 1936
Thomas Jewett 1936
Albert Johnson 1936
Paul Johnson 1936
Lucy Jones 1936
Mary Kane 1936
Jerome Kaplan 1936
Naomi Kietzman 1936
Frank Kleminski 1936
Edward Kostel 1936
Helen Kuzma 1936
Russell Larson 1936
Edna Lavedas 1936
George Lavedas 1936
Teddy Lazar 1936
William Lazar 1936
Anna Lebo 1936
Carlton Lee 1936
Frank Lewandowski 1936
Charles Lubedzinski 1936
Wanda Luckey 1936
Steward MacArthur 1936
Bernard MacDonald 1936
Edmund Maciejewski 1936
Margaret Mack 1936
Robert Mahoney 1936
Paul Maisel 1936
Wilbur Marcotte 1936
Blanche Matthews 1936
Lewis Maybaum 1936
Pegy McDermott 1936
James McGregor 1936
Jane McLaughlin 1936
Kenneth McLennan 1936
Robert McNiece 1936 graduated 17th in class
Jean Meese 1936 graduated 19th in class
Lola Merrell 1936
Eloise Milgrim 1936
Betty Miller 1936
James Miller 1936
Marcella Miller 1936 graduated 11th in class
Lawrence Milzarek 1936
Mary Mistrovich 1936
William Moran 1936
Frank Morgan 1936
Evelyn Morrison 1936
John Mowbray 1936
Nellie Nabhan 1936
Jack Nix 1936
Mary Noble 1936
Rose Noe 1936
Mary Nolan 1936
William O'Connor 1936
James Pappas 1936
Irma Parnisari 1936 graduated 4th in class
Jeanette Parrish 1936
Eloise Pemberton 1936
William Pendleton 1936
Frank Peterson 1936
Raymond Phillips 1936
Helen Pillar 1936
Frank Plesko 1936
Adolphe Poldrugac 1936
John Poloson 1936
Charles Powell 1936
Frances Ragan 1936
Logan Ranney 1936
Jack Reich 1936
Agnes Reid 1936
Angeline Roknich 1936 graduated 13th in class
Eugene Rolewicz 1936
Evelyn Rosen 1936
David Rubin 1936
Paul Rutherford 1936
George Santelik 1936
Catherine Sargis 1936
Marjorie Sarudy 1936
Helen Schieb 1936
Gladys Schwatrz 1936 graduated 5th in class
Joseph Sgambelluri 1936
Wilson Shabaz 1936
William Sharko 1936
Albert Sheppard 1936
Leonard Sieckman 1936
David Simmons 1936
Maxine Smith 1936
Murray Smith 1936
Robert Smith 1936
Rose Somers 1936
Charles Sopcak 1936
Psyche Spiropoulos 1936
Zora Stamper 1936
Elliott Stevens 1936
Roger Stillson 1936 graduated 8th in class
William Stimson 1936
Helen Stockbridge 1936 graduated 14th in class
Esther Strom 1936
Mary Sylvester 1936
Rita Sylvester 1936
Arthur Teosi 1936
George Thatcher 1936
Sarabelle Thompson 1936
John Toma 1936
Rose Toma 1936
Mike Trbovich 1936
Mildred Twombly 1936
James Valentine 1936
Richard Vensel 1936
Robert Vincent 1936
Priscilla Waitt 1936
Priscilla Wales 1936
William Warda 1936
Tressa Weinberger 1936 graduated 6th in class
Leah Weiner 1936
Margaret Weissner 1936
Hazel White 1936
Frank Wickberg 1936
Harry Wickberg 1936
Frances Wood 1936
Naomi Woolridge 1936
Estelle Wroblewski 1936
Bennie Zukowski 1936 graduated 20th in class
Josephine Abeldus 1937
Jack Adams 1937
Marjorie Ahlgrin 1937
John Alexander 1937
Doris Allen 1937
Roselynne Alley 1937
Catherine Anastopoulas 1937
Forrest Anderson 1937
June Anderson 1937
Myrtle Armour 1937
Dorothy Baker 1937
Kathryn Baldauf 1937
Martin Balogh 1937
Betty Barrett 1937
Mary Barrett 1937
Tony Bartolemeo 1937
Betty Beatty 1937
Marjorie Bell 1937
Marguerite Bendt 1937
Edith Berg 1937
Beatrice Berkowitz 1937
Katherine Blagetz 1937
Olin Blickderfer 1937
Olympu Bogden 1937
Bertha Boltich 1937
Sarah Boltich 1937
Dealy Bowron 1937
John Bross 1937
Lois Brown 1937
George Brugos 1937
Robert Cantwell 1937
Robert Carr 1937
Jack Cazadd 1937
Jean Chester 1937
Robert Christy 1937
Arthur Cifarelli 1937
Lyntine Coker 1937
Harley Collins 1937
Joe Collins 1937
Dixie Lee Combs 1937
Edward Cook 1937
Howard Corwin 1937
Myrtle Crisman 1937
Wilma Crocker 1937
Betty Cunningham 1937
William Daniel 1937
Richard Davies 1937
Marguerite Dewey 1937
Florence Drake 1937
Mary Dusek 1937
Ella Eckstrom 1937
Wade Edgington 1937
Leo Emerson 1937
Kenneth Enslen 1937
Marion Falconer 1937
Jerome Farabaugh 1937
Joseph Feryo 1937
Roy L. Fickes 1937
Ellen Fitzpatrick 1937
Bernard Fletcher 1937
Ladell Forney 1937
Arthur Friedman 1937
Edwin Fuss 1937
Virginia Gavin 1937
Anita Gerometta 1937
Agnes Gilbert 1937
George Gilliana 1937
Shirley Goldstein 1937
Ruth Gregor 1937
Frances Gulledge 1937
Donald Gustafson 1937
Edna Mae Haas 1937
Helen Haaz 1937
Nellie Hammako 1937
Donald Hanmer 1937
Helen Hard 1937
Helen Hart 1937
John Hart 1937
Florence Hirsh 1937
Herbert Holford 1937
June Holt 1937
Richard Howe 1937
Luba Hrischuk 1937
Marshall Isaac 1937
Edith Jackson 1937
David Jaffe 1937
Margaret James 1937
Marion Jarabek 1937
Marie Jensen 1937
Dick ? Joder 1937
Harry Johnson 1937
Eva Johnston 1937
Dorothy Jolitz 1937
Sam Joseph 1937
Esther Klein 1937
Robert Klein 1937
Lottie Knezevich 1937
Leo Kosky 1937
William Kovach 1937
Anne Kozak 1937
Martin Krevitz 1937
Jane Lafferty 1937
Harriette Lane 1937
Leonard Leach 1937
Charles Leady 1937
Mary Letherman 1937
Viola Lindstrom 1937
Alice Logan 1937
Mike Lovich 1937
Rodney Lundy 1937
David Lynch 1937
Grace MacRae 1937
Fred Mako 1937
Harold Marshall 1937
Mildred Martin 1937
Lorraine Mason 1937
Mario Mazzo 1937
Robert McDonald 1937
Jean McMahon 1937
James McNiece 1937
Jean Moffatt 1937
Grace Monfort 1937
James Monroe 1937
Edward Moore 1937
Marvin Morlan 1937
Maurice Mosler 1937
Edward Moss 1937
Robert Mowbray 1937
Joan Murray 1937
John Nealson 1937
William Neil 1937
Adrienne Newmann 1937
Martin Noe 1937
Elsie Nosko 1937
Mack Nowak 1937
Esther O'Conner 1937
Geraldine O'Conner 1937
Mary O'Donnell 1937
Mary O'Meara 1937
Joseph Panepinto 1937
Bessie Pannitas 1937
Georgeanna Pattison 1937
John Pauer 1937
Donald Perkins 1937
Marcella Pierce 1937
Mary E. Pittman 1937
Catherine Plummer 1937
Lillian Poplonski 1937
Gertrude Potee 1937
Jack Preuss 1937
Lorraine Quigley 1937
Norman Rabinovitz 1937
Marion Raker 1937
John Razumich 1937
John Reberg 1937
Don Reid 1937
Alphadene Rhoades 1937
Betty Ritenour 1937
Regina Rolewitz 1937
Janet Rutan 1937
Martin Sabo 1937
Fanny Sargis 1937
William Savich 1937
Chester Schallon 1937
Marguerite Scheerer 1937
Dorothy Schimmel 1937
Peter Schiralli 1937
Muriel Schorr 1937
Milo Sekulovich 1937
Rudolph Senitza 1937
Alfred Shartzer 1937
William Sheppard 1937
Susie Sivak 1937
Andrew Skinta 1937
Charles Skolan 1937
Charles Smith 1937
Eugene Snodgrass 1937
Frank Stanko 1937
Archie Steele 1937
Max Steen 1937
Harold Stephens 1937
Sophie Strzalkowski 1937
Catherine Sulich 1937
Anna Mary Szabo 1937
Bertus Thomae 1937
Mildred Thomae 1937
Robert Thompson 1937
Joseph Tombers 1937
Mildred Totten 1937
Howard Trimble 1937
Henry Tropp 1937
Nettie Jean Tullis 1937
Raymond Vasil 1937
Joe Vitucci 1937
Louise Wahlman 1937
Margaret Walker 1937
Paul Warner 1937
Robert Weeks 1937
Don Wells 1937
Irving Wexler 1937
Paul Wiles 1937
Dorothy Hazel Williams 1937 Tennis: Indiana State Champion 1937
Marguerite Wilson 1937
Walter Wojcik 1937
John Wojtan 1937
Irene Wood 1937
Casimer Wroblewski 1937
Peter Zakutansky 1937
Violet Znavor 1937
France Alexander 1938 Swimming Team, Rose Day Committee, Junior Prom
Clarice Anderson 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
John Charles Anderson 1938 Tennis Team
Flornez L. Anthony 1938 GAA
Virginia Ayers 1938 Senior Honor Society
Virginia Bailey 1938 Freshman Girls' Treasurer
Chester Bajgrowicz 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Eliane Barringer 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Norman Bendt 1938 ROTC Sergeant, Band Secretary
George Clayton Bewick 1938 Baseball, School Programs
Wilma Bewick 1938 Cheer Leader, Social Committee, Tri Sigma Social Chairman
Owen Arthur Biller 1938 Hi-Y, Junior Play, ROTC
Stephen Billick 1938 Basketball, Baseball
Millard W. Black 1938 Band President, Captain Tennis Team
Marie Blankenship 1938 Tri Sigma
Betty Jane Blaul 1938 Annual Staff, Tri Sigma, Swimming Team
William Bobrick 1938 Orchestra & Band President, Solo Contest Winner
James E. Bonick 1938 Basketball Manager
Joseph D. Boswell 1938 Football Manager, Junior Play, Opera
John Botsko 1938 Basketball
Eugene Charles Briney 1938 Football, Basketball, Social Committee
Laura Lee Brown 1938 Annual Staff, Tri Sigma, Junior Play
Frances Bubman 1938 Senior Honor Society, Annual Staff, French Club
Robert William Bulmer 1938 Band Officer, Orchestra Officer, Basketball
Eileen C. Cain 1938 Tri Sigma
Helen Campbell 1938 FAB, A Cappella
Elbert Carnahan 1938 Football, Rose Day Comm., Soph. Hop Comm.
Eugene Earl Carnahan 1938 Pres. Board of Control, Football, Soph. Class Pres.
Benora Carter 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Howard L. Casebeer 1938 Swimming, V.P. Hi-Y
Chester Francis Chieply 1938 Senior Honor Society, Spanish Club
Anne R. Ciarfaglia 1938 GAA, Annual Staff, Spanish Club
Jean E. Cobler 1938 Spice & Variety, Opera, Glee Club
Evelyn Coons 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Cooper 1938 Class V.P., Senior Play, FAB, Opera
Eric Cramer 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen E. Crowell 1938 Solo Contest, Opera, A Cappella
Stephan John Cwiklinski 1938 Basketball, Football, Track
Joel David Daniels 1938 Band, Hi-Y, A Capella
Guy DeStefano 1938 Football, Track, Basketball
Carmen M. DeVolle 1938 Senior Honor Society, GAA Sec., Annual Staff
Loretta Diness 1938 News Staff, Girls' Band, GAA
Anabelle Donohue 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Sophomore Play
Marjorie Violet Drake 1938 Tri Sigma, Asst. Band Mgr., GAA
Deloma Dunn 1938 GAA, Junior PLay
Dorothy Dunn 1938 FAB, Orchestra, GAA Social Chairman
Willie Mae Dunnam 1938 GAA, Tri Sigma, Band Officer
Irene M. Durfos 1938 GAA
Stanley Samuel Dziurdzy 1938 Swimming Team
Mary Elizabeth Eaton 1938 GAA, Band Officer, Orchestra Officer
Naomi Lillian Elliot 1938 Solo Contest, Opera
Harold Emerson 1938 Basketball, Sophomore Play
Thomas Edwin Engle 1938 Band Officer, ROTC Captain, A Cappella
Rita Marie Ennis 1938 GAA, Swimming Team, Sophomore Play
Dorothy Jeanne Entrekin 1938 Latin Club, Glee Club, Basketball
Doris Mildred Estes 1938 FAB, Orchestra, Band
Helen M. Fadiga 1938 Senior Honor Society, "Blast" Staff, Glee Club
Patricia M. Fitzpatrick 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Booster Committee
Helen Flaharty 1938 GAA, Life Saving
Virginia Elaine Flanders 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Freshman Play
Marguerite Fletcher 1938 GAA
Wilma A. Franson 1938 Solo Contest, Opera, A Cappella
Cecilia M. Fronczek 1938 Board of Control, Pres. French Club, FAB
W. Wilson Gainer 1938 Football, Basketball
Barney Gajewski 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Louise Garcia 1938 Senior Honor Society, Pres. Spanish Club, Swimming Team
Margaret T. Gasper 1938 Rose Day Comm., FAB, Junior Prom Comm.
Mary Maxine Gavin 1938 GAA, FAB, Band
Violet Catherine Gerhardt 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Barbara Gleichmann 1938 Orchestra,, Tri Sigma, A Cappella
Stanford Leon Goldberg 1938 Oratory Contest, Track, Basketball
John Grabos 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Mildred Guntrum 1938 Glee Club, GAA, Sophomore Play
James Warren Guth 1938 Basketball Mgr., Junior Play, Spice & Variety
Lorraine E. Haack 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Dean A. Haerens 1938 Annual Staff Co-Editor, Oratory Rep., "Everyman"
Charles Hammersmith 1938 Band, Rose Day Committee
Clifford W. Hansen 1938 Football Co-Captain, Track, Board of Control
Margaret Hart 1938 Tri Sigma
Lorretta Marie Hasch 1938 Sophomore Play Committee
Imogene E. Haughee 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Lloyd L. Heaton 1938 Basketball, Hi-Y
Lottie Herrold 1938 V.P. Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, GAA
Laurel R. Hodgkinson 1938 Sec. Senior Honor Society, V.P. Tri Sigma, GAA
Irving B. Hoffenberg 1938 Debate Club
Betty Hoffman 1938 Sophomore Play Committee
Herbert L. Hogdahl 1938 Junior Play, Basketball, Opera
Dorothy Holler 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Winfred Hollingsworth 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Charles Holmes 1938 Band, Rose Day Committee, Hi-Y
John Irak 1938 Football, Basketball, Track
Elizabeth Ann Jackson 1938 GAA, FAB, Rose Day Committee
Eugene Jacobs 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Jascoviak 1938 Sen. Honor Society, Tri Sigma, Annual Staff Co-Ed
Walter Jatkowski 1938 Play Festival
Douglas Jenkins 1938 Football, Swimming Team, Booster Committee
Edward T. Jocus 1938 Football, Basketball
Nelson Johnson 1938 Class Secretary, Rifle Team, Pres. of Hi-Y, Junior Play
Raymond Johnson 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Evelyn S. Joseph 1938 Band Officer, Orchestra Officer, GAA
Steve Jurchenko 1938 Senior Honor Society, Board of Control, Basketball
Betty Mae Kaiser 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Band
Genevieve Kaminski 1938 Tri Sigma, Scholarship Committee
Thomas J. Kane 1938 Football, Junior Class Sec., Band
Theodore Kaplan 1938 Concert Band, Spanish Club
Lorraine Karver 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA
Lorretta Karver 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA
Ted Kasperek 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Sueann Keiser 1938 Senior Honor Society, Booster Comm., Tri Sigma
Rosemary Kent 1938 Senior Honor Society, Sec. Tri Sigma, Annual Staff
Dorothy Marion Kerlin 1938 FAB, Junior Prom Comm., Rose Day Comm.
Stanley M. Kesel 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Margaret F. Kieft 1938 Senior Honor Society, Pres. FAB, GAA
Judson C. Kierstead 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Joseph John Klamo 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Marion Madelynne Kometz 1938 FAB Sec., Rose Day Comm., Junior Prom Comm.
Paul L.G. Komisarcik 1938 Football, Basketball, Hi-Y
John Jacob Korasek 1938 Opera, "Everyman," Christmas Pageant
Frank Kotora 1938 Basketball, Board of Control, Sen. Boys' Rep.
Doris Marion Lakin 1938 GAA, News Staff, French Club
James Lambert 1938 Hi-Y, Football, Track
William Lawrance 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Henry S. Lebioda 1938 Tennis Team, Sophomore Officer
Arthur Milton Lebo 1938 Pres. Sen. Honor Society, Jun. Prom & Rose Day Comm.,
Eldon Leech 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Conrad Stanley Lesh 1938 News Staff
Robert Dale Lester 1938 "Everyman," Annual Staff, Basketball
Jessie B. Levack 1938 Girls' Band Manager, Orchestra, GAA
Aaron LeVee 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Tony Joe Lewandowski 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Elizabeth A. Lilly 1938 Pres. Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Opera
James J. Lincoln 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Joseph Lucich 1938 Football
Eugene Lysiak 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy G. Majewski 1938 GAA, FAB
James Malloy 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Marcella Rose Matthews 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Rose Day Committee
George Washington McCain 1938 Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Sophomore Play
Marion McCalla 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Harriett Jane McCorkle 1938 Orchestra, Band
Wallace McCormack 1938 Class President, Honor Society, Hi-Y
Mildred Elsie McCormick 1938 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Annual Staff
James McFarlane 1938 Annual Staff, Opera, Christmas Pageant
Marguerite R. McMahon 1938 GAA, Glee Club
Hazel Meads 1938 Annual Staff
Fred Arthur Meese 1938 Sen. Honor Society, V.P. Junior Class, Varsity Tennis
Nick Meneakis 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Melvin Justin Michael 1938 Football, Rose Day Comm., Jun. Prom Comm.
Adam Miller 1938 Band
Richard N. Mitchell 1938 Track Team, Hi-Y, Athletic Finnace Comm.
Edward Moore 1938 ROTC, Band, Instrumental Solo Contest
Pauline Moses 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Eugene Mulhern 1938 Annual Staff, Rose Day Committee
Ona Fay Myers 1938 Dramatic Contests, GAA, Board of Control
Kenneth Nash 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Anna Mae Nealon 1938 Treasurer FAB, Chair. Boster Comm., Jun. Prom Comm.
Robert Nelson 1938 Scholarship Committee, Rose Day Committee
Iris Newton 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Edward Niemiec 1938 Boys' Treasurer. Football Team, Track Team, Hi-Y
John Nolan 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Louis Victor Nosko 1938 ROTC Officer, Annual Staff, Booster Committee
Fred Novick 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Evelyn Norma Nystrom 1938 Band
Frances O'Connor 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Agnes O'Connor 1938 Band Officer, Tri Sigma, Glee Club
Helen Adeline Palasz 1938 Senior Honor Society, "Blast" Staff, Scholarship Comm.
Nick Pannitos 1938 Football, Basketball, Asst. Track Mgr.
Bessie Pappas 1938 Orchestra
Albert Parsley 1938 ROTC
Joanne L. Parsons 1938 Opera
Edward Pawinski 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
S. Herbert Pehr 1938 Sen. Honor Society, V.P. Orchestra, Basketball
Martin Pelka 1938 Football, Basketball, Track
Mary Ann Pepple 1938 Tri Sigma, Scholarship Committee
Ann Piller 1938 GAA, Spanish Club
Paul L. Pleska 1938 Drafting
Mary Polomchak 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Spice & Variety
George Rand 1938 Senior Honor Society
Katherine Raysses 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Margaret Rehtorik 1938 GAA
George Lee Rice 1938 Annual Staff, Opera, A Cappella
Doris Richardson 1938 Girls; Treasurer, Tri Sigma, Pres. Girls' Band, Treasurer GAA
Pearl Rissman 1938 GAA, Spanish Club, Sophomore Play
Dese J. Roknich 1938 FAB, Opera, Rose Day Committee
Gertrude Anne Rolewicz 1938 Pres. GAA, Board of Control, Jun. Girls' Treasurer
Abraham Roth 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
John Saganovich 1938 Football, Basketball
Genevieve Saklazynski 1938 GAA, Ping Pong
Ruth Mirium Samsel 1938 A Cappella, Glee Club
Katherine Sappan 1938 Spanish Club, GAA
Martha Helen Sargis 1938 GAA, Junior Play, Glee Club
Martha E. Schweiger 1938 Treas. Sen. Honor Society, Pres. Tri Sigma, Annual Staff,
Elizabeth Sharko 1938 GAA, FAB, A Cappella
Vernon Shore 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Arthur Simon 1938 Orchestra
Rose Simonoff 1938 1937 Jun. Athletic Plaque, Treas. Tri Sigma, GAA
Erlene Sledd 1938 Glee Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant
Estelle Smith 1938 Chair. Social Comm., V.P. GAA, V.P. Soph. Class
Forest John, Jr. Smith 1938 A Capella, Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant
Helen Jean Smith 1938 GAA
Norma Smith 1938 GAA, Sophomore Play, Jun. Ring Comm.
Robert D. Smith 1938 Treasurer Hi-Y, Basketball
James Snodgrass 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert G. Soder 1938 Baskertball, Sophomore Play, Jun. Ring Comm.
Edward J. Sopcak 1938 Basketball, Annual Staff, Rose Day Comm.
Gizella Sotak 1938 Girls' Band Officer, GAA, Tri SIgma
Mary M. Spitler 1938 Tri Sigma, Concert Band Officer
Joseph James Spurr 1938 Band
John Edward Stark 1938 Poster Contest
George Edwin Starkey 1938 Basketball, Football, Social Committee
Roselia Anne Stolarz 1938 GAA
Ted Strzalkowski 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Jeanette Studer 1938 Band
Alice Sandra Thanos 1938 Sen. Honor Society, GAA, French Club
Charles William Thomas 1938 Rifle Team Captain, Football, Hi-Y
Mary Louise Thome 1938 V.P. Band, Tri Sigma, Rose Day Comm.
Julius A. Titak 1938 Sec. Senior Class
Steven Toma 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Henry Tropp 1938 Band
Fred Tucker 1938 No activities listed in yearbook
Donald James, Jr. Umpleby 1938 Band Prop. Mgr., A Cappella, Spice & variety
Rosemary Underwood 1938 GAA, Spice & Variety, A Cappella
Robert Matthew Usher 1938 Band
Constantine Vokorokos 1938 Senior Honor Society, Orchestra Officer
Robert Earl Volk 1938 Jun. Class Play, Basketball
Myrtle Mae Warnke 1938 Sen. Honor Society, Tri Sigma, "Blast" Staff
Chester Wasy 1938 Building & Grounds Comm., Rose Day Comm.
Nancy Lou Waterworth 1938 Tri Sigma, GAA, Rose Day Committee
Evelyn Weiner 1938 Band, GAA
Norine Mae Westcott 1938 Junior Class Pres., Annual Staff, FAB
William Wexler 1938 Football, Freshman Frolic Comm., Jun. Play
Barbara Lee White 1938 V.P. BOC, FAB, GAA
Pauline Wineinger 1938 Sen. Honor Society, FAB, Chair. Scholarship Comm.
Robert Dean Wold 1938 V.P. Band, Asst. Mgr. Orchestra, Spice & variety
Lois Donnabelle Wright 1938 FAB
Martha A. Youwer 1938 Sec. Soph. Class, GAA, Sophomore Play
John J. Ziemba 1938 Band, Band Solo Contest
Maurice Allcorn 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
George Anastopoulos 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Arlene Anderson 1939 Pres. Sen Honor Society & Junior Class, FAB, Annual, "Everyman"
Doris Anderson 1939 Orchestra, A Cappella, S&V, GAA, Glee Club
Tiny Andrews 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Ugo Angotti 1939 Football, Opera, Gavel Club, "Everyman," Christmas Pageant
Marian Babiarcyk 1939 GAA, Soph. Class Play Comm., Christmas Pageant
Guinavere Baltich 1939 Tri Sigma, A Cappella, Spice & Variety, Christmas Pageant
Fred Berezin 1939 Master of loquaciousness in history, Chef de Cuisine in coking class
Elma Blachly 1939 GAA, Council, Glee Club, Prom Comm., S&V
Mildred Blachly 1939 Sec. Tri Sigma, Rose Day, Spice & Variety, Glee Club, GAA
June Blickensderfer 1939 Pres. Girls' Band, Drum Major, Orchestra
Rosalie Bokich 1939 Glee Club, FAB, S&V, Christmas Pageant, Rose Day
John Bosak 1939 Booster Committee, Rose Day
Gloria Bowman 1939 Tri Sigma, Annual, A Cappella, S&V, Jun. Play Committee
Vera Bowron 1939 GAA, Soph Play Comm., Rose Day Comm., Fresh. Dramatics Class
Bob Briggs 1939 Basketball, BOC, Hi-Y, Band, Yell Leader
Helen Brown 1939 S&V, Yell Leader, Tri Sigma, Booster Committee
Patricia Brown 1939 GAA Council, Treasurer Tri Sigma, Girls' Band
Wade Brown 1939 ROTC, Band, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant
Ted Brugos 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Balbina Buczek 1939 Rose Day, speed demon in typing and shorthand
Robert Burgess 1939 Band, Spice & Variety, interested in radio and electricity
Jeanette Cantwell 1939 GAA, loves "Stardust" and Kaye Kyser
Ralph Clarke 1939 "Still waters run deep"
Orvilla Claude 1939 Christmas Pageant, Spice & Variety, Glee Club
Alex Collie 1939 Football, Track, Spice & Variety, "mighty handy with his dukes"
Milford Conquest 1939 Football, Bball, S&V, "tops as end on the varsity football squad"
Kenneth Cope 1939 Varsity Football, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Angeline Coveris 1939 Spanish Club, GAA, A Cappella, Rose Day, Spice & Variety
Mary Craig 1939 Pres. FAB, V.P. of Orchestra & Soph. Class, Spice & Variety
Joe Crayton 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Denny Crocker 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Donald Croll 1939 Secretary of Senior Class
James Culveyhouse 1939 Class Basketball, Spice & Variety, Rose Day, Band Officer
Rosina Cunningham 1939 Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Rose Day, "wee bit of a Scotch lass"
Herbert Curtis 1939 Opera, A Cappella, Gavel Club, Freshman Play
Robert Davidson 1939 Band, Orchestra, Swimming Team
Jane Demmond 1939 "Stately, capable, the ideal type for a grand nurse"
Winifred Draves 1939 FAB, Soph. Play, A Cappella, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Elsie Jane Dunn 1939 Sen. Honor Society, GAA Council, Tri Sigma, Co-Ed. Annual, Social C
Julia Dwnakowski 1939 GAA, Band, "to follow a heart's desire, she'll be a secretary"
Patricia Dwyer 1939 GAA, Spice & Variety, Rose Day, Girls' Band
Joan Englert 1939 Junior Play Comm., "That nice, calm and collected girl"
Vera Evert 1939 "a neat little bundle of competence, part. in commercial courses"
Vera Ferhat 1939 A Cappella, S&V, Opera, "Glam in that mysterious Oriental manner"
James Finan 1939 B&G, Scholarship Comm, "Scotty's glib but he accomplishes much"
Mildred Fisher 1939 Tri Sigma, Roise Day, "Agile and graceful exponent of the dance"
James Fitzpatrick 1939 Freshman Play, "Desirous of becoming mgr of a bus enterprise"
Peter Fogo 1939 Varsity Basketball, Spice & Variety, BOC, Pres. Soph. Class
Pauline Gasper 1939 GAA Council, FAB, Social Committee
Robert Gerometta 1939 Swimming Team, Booster Comm., Hi-Y, Yell Leader
Elaine Geyer 1939 Sen. Honor Society, Christmas Pageant, 'Everyman," FAB
Geraldine Gibbons 1939 "Petite, unassuming, fond of booklore"
Dean Glancy 1939 Gavel Club, Boys' Band
Robert Greenberg 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Charles Gust 1939 Junior, "typical of the earnest and level-headed"
Dorothy Helwig 1939 Rose Day, Soph. & Jun. Play, "Emerson's feminine Walter Winchell"
Wassil Herback 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Nell Jane Higginbotham 1939 Gavel Club, FAB, Sen. Play, "Everyman," A Cappella
Bonnie Hixon 1939 BOC, FAB, Spice & Variety, "Everyman," A Cappella
Kenneth Hoeg 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Fred Holford 1939 Band Secretary, Annual Staff
James Holman 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Letha Holt 1939 V.P. Tri Sigma, Rose Day, distinguished by her poise and serenity"
William Holzman 1939 Class Basketball, Track, Reserve Football, Rose Day
Elizabeth Iatarola 1939 Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Girls' Band, Rose Day
Mary Iatarola 1939 Girls' Band, Sophomre Play Comm.
Harry Iddings 1939 Sen. Honor Society, ROTC, Boys' Rifle Team
Dorothy Irvine 1939 GAA
Barbara Jackson 1939 Junior Class Officer, BOC, Glee Club, S&V
James Jacobs 1939 Hi-Y
Sophie Jatkowski 1939 "Impressed by Emerson, fond of dancing"
Jane Jensen 1939 Girls' Treasurer of Senior Class
Lois Johnson 1939 GAA, Sophomore Play Committee
Justine Johnston 1939 Sen. Honor Society, S&V, "Everyman," Tri Sigma, Res. French Club
Evelyn Jucewicz 1939 GAA, Girls' Band, Orchestra, Rose Day
Lorraine Jungheim 1939 Girls' Band, GAA, Soph. & Junior Play Comm.
Gus Karas 1939 Basketball, Spice & Variety, Prom Comm., Spanish Club
Mary Ann Kasper 1939 Girls' Band, Rose Day, Ring Committee
Robert Keiser 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Jack Kerlin 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Kay Kolls 1939 Sen. Honor Society, Glee Club, A Cappella, Tri Sigma
Hedwig Komorowski 1939 Girls' Band
Helen Kordys 1939 "In need of a good stenographer? Helen's the girl."
Agnes Kozak 1939 Senior Honor Society, "disciple of John Gregg"
Warren Kraft 1939 "Dee-eep River," his theme song, he's fish fascinated"
Dorothy Krajac 1939 Girls' Band, Latin Club, "a sunshine spreader"
Loretta Kralis 1939 Girls' Band Officer
Angeline Kroll 1939 Girls' Band, Rose Day
Edward Kuester 1939 Spice & Variety, Tennis, Table Tennis
Jack Landes 1939 Class Basketball, Baseball, & Football
Wilma Landis 1939 Sec. FAB, Soph. & Jun. Plays, S&V, Dramatic Club
Dennis Lawrence 1939 Co-Capt. Football Team, Track, BOC, Rose Day
Grace Leady 1939 Band, Orchestra
Walter Leech 1939 Boys' Band, ROTC, Spice & Variety
Betty Leland 1939 Sen. Honor Society, FAB, GAA, Jun. Play, Annual
George Lesenyie 1939 Football, Track, Cross Country, Ath. Finance Comm.
William Lesenyie 1939 Basketball Mgr., Boys' Band, Spice & Variety
John Levack 1939 Boys' Band, Hi-Y, Rose Day
Walter Lewandowski 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Lewis 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Howard Lind 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Eleanor Locke 1939 "California Here I Come" her graduation present
James Logan 1939 French Club, Board of Control, Prom Comm.
Nicholas Logan 1939 V.P. Fresh. & Jun. Class, Basketball, Span. Club, Rose Day
George Machacek 1939 ROTC, Band, Annual, Booster Comm., Rose Day
Elizabeth MacKenzie 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Marilynn Maisel 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Martin 1939 Boys' Treasurer of Senior Class
Bette Matthews 1939 Orchestra, Tri Sigma, Soph. Play Comm.
John McCarthy 1939 Senior Honor Society, Annual, BOC, Rose Day, Hi-Y
Winfield McCathren 1939 "McCathren & Preuss, sort of McCarthy-Bergen duo"
William McConnell 1939 Boys' Band, Hi-Y, Rose Day
Everett McCormick 1939 Scholarship Committee
Ruth McCree 1939 S&V, Rose Day, "Miller's gift to Emerson"
Jack McKinney 1939 ROTC, Hi-Y
Stuart McLean 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Marjorie McNiece 1939 Spice & Variety, Glee Club, Jun. Play Comm, "Everyman"
Elaine Medved 1939 Spice & Variety, Glee Club, Prom Committee
Claude Mefford 1939 Class Basketball, "Suave, with that dark Latin charm"
Nick Menakis 1939 Band, ROTC
Mike Mistrovich 1939 Football and Basketball, Track, BOC, Prom Comm.
Lillian Moore 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Trice Morrill 1939 Casanova of the art class, Horace Mann, future mem. of WPA
Christine Morrison 1939 "wants to be head cook in a restaurant"
Margaret Moss 1939 Senior Class Vice President
Jane Mountain 1939 Orchestra officer, French Club, GAA, Spice & Variety, read hair
Concettina Muffoletto 1939 A Cappella, Spice & Variety, Prom Comm., Jun. Play Comm.
Joseph Muffoletto 1939 Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Spice & Variety
Anna Mae Mulloy 1939 Treasurer GAA, Band
James Mulloy 1939 Annual, Scholarship Comm., Jun. Play, Rose Day
Robert Mulroe 1939 Football, Basketball, Track, S&V, Soph. Play Comm.
Margaret Ellen Murray 1939 Opera, Soph. & Jun. Plays, S&V, Gavel Club
Mike Murray 1939 He answers to" "Flaming Youth," Tomato Head," and "Flash"
Nick Musulin 1939 Tennis, "future big business man"
Walter Nawrocki 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Nolan 1939 Track, Cross Country
Chester Nowak 1939 Varsity Football, Rose Day, Junior Play
Rosalia Nowicki 1939 GAA, Band
Bill Nute 1939 Football, Track, Social Committee
Dorothy O'Bradovic 1939 GAA, "her wit is exceeded only by her giggles"
Marian O'Donnell 1939 GAA Council, Rose Day, Prom Committee
David O'Hara 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
James Orr 1939 Band, Rose Day
Robert Parker 1939 Orchestra
Charlotte Parrish 1939 GAA, Sophomore Play
Violet Pazo 1939 "Big brown eyes, beguiling smile Vee's a determined girl."
Marjorie Pendleton 1939 "Sewing, bicycling"
Melvin Peterson 1939 Operetta, Declamatory Contest, Preps' Baseball
George Petrain 1939 Booster Committee, Yell Leader
Ted Polewski 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Powers 1939 FAB, Girls' Rifle Team
Howard Preuss 1939 Spice & Variety, Volleyball
Patricia Price 1939 Sen. Hon Society, Pres. GAA, FAB, Annual, BOC, majors in Kenneth
Addie Quick 1939 Hobby: collecting postcards; biggest thriill: collecting diploma
Eugene Rachon 1939 Class Basketball, plans to attend Notre Dame
Mary Raysses 1939 Chair S&V, "Everyman," Dramatic Club, Gavel Club, Contest Play
Bob Reid 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Christina Reid 1939 hobby: swimming, her ambition: to get a job
Mildred Repya 1939 GAA Council, S&V, A Cappella
Genevieve Riley 1939 Chair Social Comm., FAB, GAA Council, Pres. Tarpon Club
Dan Roman 1939 Opera, A Cappella, "Everyman," Contest Play
Rose Ruschak 1939 assists English teacheres; "her ambition is to be a nurse"
Marion Ruzity 1939 Gavel Club, "a contralto well known to music lovers"
Doris Sandbach 1939 Sec. Senior Honor Society, GAA Council, Tri Sigma, Annual
Henry Sawa 1939 "boy with a love of great outdoors, wants to be a forest ranger"
Dorothy Scheerer 1939 FAB, Gavel Club, City Solo Contests
Carl Schoonover 1939 ROTC, Band
Lois Schwandt 1939 Sen. Honor Society, FAB, GAA, Annual, here comes Purdue
Thelma Scopel 1939 S&V, "Pinafore," A Cappella, Glee Club
Evelyn Scott 1939 GAA Council, Band, "Red"
Richard Seitzinger 1939 Football, Soph. & Junior Plays
Susie Shabaz 1939 "Everyman," S&V, "ambition to become a court reporter"
Dayton Shafer 1939 ROTC, Orchestra
Thelma Sheppard 1939 GAA, Band, Scholarship Committee
Lenore Shuster 1939 "wishes to become the foremost designer of the world."
Robert Sickles 1939 Band, ROTC, Annual
Manuel Sierra 1939 Junior Play, Rose Day, Soph. Hop Committee
Ann Sipora 1939 Ambition: to become a cook. "On commercial or matrimonial basis?"
Donabelle Smith 1939 Soph. Class Officer, Rose Day, Band Officer, Prom Comm.
Joan Smith 1939 Junior Class Officer, FAB, A Cappella, GAA
Margaret Smith 1939 GAA Council, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
George Stanko 1939 Pres. Orchestra, Spice & Variety, No. 1 racketeer in tennis"
Mitchell Stawicki 1939 President Senior Class
Ruth Stolberg 1939 GAA, Opera, S&V, Orchestra, FAB,
Virginia Stovall 1939 Favorite subject is history, her idea of misery is economics
Lillian Strom 1939 Opera, Glee Club, GAA
John Sullivan 1939 Class Basketball, Rose Day
Jay Swan 1939 Basketball, Track, Pres. BOC
Richard Symes 1939 ROTC, Rifle Team
Lillian Szostek 1939 Rose Day
Robert Taylor 1939 Band, Annual, Freshman Treasurer
Clara Thomas 1939 Girls' Band, GAA Council, Tri Sigma
Emmitt Thomas 1939 Football Mgr, Swimming Team, Spice & Variety, joining Navy
Jack Thompson 1939 Class Basketball, Ping Pong Team
Dorothy Thrasher 1939 GAA, Glee Club
Robert Vittoz 1939 Annual, Baseball
Jack Wahlman 1939 Football Manager
Bettie Wales 1939 Spice & Variety, Rose Day, Junior Play Committee
Kathryn Wallace 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
William Walton 1939 ROTC, Rose Day
Harry Warnke 1939 ROTC, A Cappella
Martha Wildes 1939 Girls' Rifle Team, Sophomore Play
Dorothy Williams 1939 Pres. Tri Sigma, GAA
George Wilson 1939 Hi-Y, Cl Bball, "An almost extinct creature--a boy who likes English"
Lillian Wojtan 1939 Senior Honor Society, "Deep in a Dream" is her favorite song
Norman Wolf 1939 ROTC, wants to be an architect
Polly Anne Wolfe 1939 Sen. Honor Society, Soph & Jr. Plays, BOC, Annual
Chester Wrobel 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Yaselsky 1939 Wants to be hostess of a summer resort
Athena Zegolis 1939 GAA, Rose Day
Joe Zelibor 1939 ROTC, Sec. BOC, Class Basketball, wants to be Admiral of the Navy
Walter Zlamal 1939 No activities listed in yearbook
Sophie Zukowski 1939 Glee Club, Christmas Pageant
Anna Abraham 1940 GAA, favorite past-time is ewing
William Abraham 1940 Class Basketball, Baseball; also likes boxing & wrestling
Georgiann Adams 1940 Junior Rose Day Comm., likes dancing, particularly to "My Reverie"
Robert Adams 1940 Band, Drum Major, "Everyman"
Norma Lee Allen 1940 GAA, likes sewing
Leonard Alterwicz 1940 School Dramatics likes Bette Davis and Ravel's "Bolero"
Ellouise Andrews 1940 FAB, GAA, Chair. Social Comm., Sec. Girls' Band, "Best girl dancer"
Stella Andrews 1940 Came from Froebel her junior year, likes dancing,
Laura Baldauf 1940 GAA, Baseball, GAA Council, Booster Committee
Louise Ballinger 1940 Sen. Honor Society, Tri Sigma, going to Indiana University
Katherine Banker 1940 Sen. Honor Society, orchestra (cello)
Frieda Batalis 1940 Girls' Glee Clb, Latin Club, GAA, likes "Star Dust" and tennis
Norma Beck 1940 GAA, A Cappella, Freshman Play
June Beisler 1940 V.P. Tri Sigma, "can never forget Mr. Carlberg's tests"
William Jr. Bennett 1940 Asst. Mgr. Boys' Band, ROTC
Irma Berg 1940 FAB, GAA, her favorite recreation is swimming
Ann Bianchi 1940 Geese and Ganders, "artistically inclined, both vocally and in drawin'"
Lillian Bianchi 1940 English Club, she, to, sings well and has artistic ability
Evelyn Blair 1940 Treasurer of GAA and FAB, Co-Ed Annual
Ruth Ann Blankenship 1940 Cheerleader, Tri Sigma, GAA
Robert Bokich 1940 President Hi-Y
Edward Boland 1940 ROTC Officer
Richard Bolinger 1940 Football, Basketball, Track, V.P. BOC, Sec. Spanish Club
Sam Boswell 1940 Varsity Football (quarterback), likes swing music
Loretta Brisar 1940 Pres. Tri Sigma, Annual
Helen Budaszewski 1940 French Club, likes sewing and dancing
Nick Bunda 1940 "Everyman," Soph. & Jr. Plays, ;ikes dancing and dramatics
Marcella Cantonwine 1940 French Club, Tri Sigma, likes a "rip-roaring good time"
Doris Mae Carlson 1940 Spice & Variety, Rose Day, Tri Sigma, GAA
Ray Carnahan 1940 Honor Society, Capt. ROTC, Invitation Comm., Spanish Club
Denna Charges 1940 Band Officer, GAA, Glee Club, Orchestra
Harry Cialkowski 1940 Likes adventures of "Superman," & "Drums Along the Mohawk"
Hilda Clarke 1940 Orchestra, GAA, Latin Club,
Orvilla Claude 1940 Likes reading, sewing and Junior Prom
Ann Louise Copeland 1940 Wants to be social worker, fav. Song: "My Little Gypsy Sweetheart"
Robert Crawford 1940 Basketball, "woman hater"
Janice Cunningham 1940 GAA, Tri Sigma, Military Ball
Wayne Day 1940 Soph. Play, Basketball, Hi-Y,
Jane Ellen Doig 1940 A Cappella,
Lillian Dominick 1940 GAA, Junior Prom, jitterbug
Jack Drake 1940 Football, Basketball Reserves, Track, Band,
Lillian Draves 1940 Tri Sigma, GAA, Geese and Ganders Club, Spice & Variety
Ruth Duranleau 1940 Petite French girl; "left us in February for the cosmopolitan world."
Rita Egan 1940 Tri Sigma, GAA, "dreads Mr. Carlberg's tests"
Thomas Egan 1940 Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Annual,
George Eliopolus 1940 ROTC, Boys' band, likes electric trains
Louis Eliopolus 1940 Boys' Band, Annual, Boys' Band, talented artist
Teo Esposito 1940 1939 Rose Day Committee
Jon Evans 1940 ROTC, left Emerson for Horace Mann, from Norseman to Horseman
Jean Ewing 1940 Spanish Club, likes dancing and rollerskating
Loretta Faherty 1940 GAA, Girls' Band, tennis lover
Sara Fairley 1940 Tri Sigma, enjoys dancing and walking, and Oh, Johnny, Oh"
Vera Fancher 1940 Glee Club, A Cappella
Albert Fedorchak 1940 Mgr. Track Team
Helen Felts 1940 Orchestra, enjoys basball, but "Mr. Carlberg's tests are death."
Margaret Ferguson 1940 Orchestra, GAA, BOC, Glee Club, won two piano solo contests
Hippolito Fernandez 1940 Varsity Basketball, Hi-Y, thinks "Emerson girls are the nicest ever."
Robert Fife 1940 Sen. Honor Society, Boys' Band, French Club, went on band trio
Irene Fles 1940 GAA, Latin Club, likes Robert Taylor and Judy Garland
Lucille Fletcher 1940 Glee Cl, Treasurer Span Cl, Concert Band, likes aviation & swimming
Ruth Fogle 1940 FAB, B&G, Booster Cl, likes "Stardust" & Drums Along the Mohawk"
Winifred Fogler 1940 Sen. Honor Society, A Cappella, Orchestra, French & Latin Clubs
Martha Forenski 1940 Likes dancing and rollerskating; her bosom pal is Bette Wilson
George Fossey 1940 Boys' Band, ROTC, A Cappella
Betty Francis 1940 Tri Sigma, A Cappella, Jr. Prom Comm., Soph. Play Comm.
William Franzen 1940 Football, "one of those handsome Norse gods"
John Freidlein 1940 ROTC, wants to learn more about engineering, likes "Margie"
Rosemary Friedhof 1940 Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, wants to be a dentist's assistant
John Gajda 1940 Basketball, Track, Orator, John likes music
Sophie Galka 1940 Wants to be a prof dressmaker, likes Fred MacMurray & Bette Davis
Dorothy Gant 1940 Sen. Honor Soc, Girls' Glee Club, Geese & Ganders Club, "Blast"
Maximena Garcia 1940 Senior Honor Society, Scholarship Comm., Blast, Spanish Club
Martha Gardner 1940 Pres. Girls' Band, A Cappella, FAB
Arthur Gawlik 1940 Likes basketball, baseball, swimming, drawing, rollerskating
Paul Kenneth Geisert 1940 Football, Basketball, Track, and Ping Pong Teams
Camille Genduso 1940 Basketball, swimming, likes movies: Tyrone Power, Loretta Young
Aurel George 1940 Leaves Emerson on a search for work
Mary Georgieff 1940 Likes classical music and books
William Gilbert 1940 Spice & Variety, A Cappella, "Everyman," Soph. & Jr. Plays
Shirley Goldberg 1940 Geese and Gander Club, Senior Play, "dead ringer for Baby Snooks"
Sylvia Green 1940 Typing champion
Collette Grembowicz 1940 Enjoys sewing and reading
Bill Gulas 1940 Football, "Galloping Gulas," present ambition to pass Geometry 10A
David Gustafson 1940 First Chair clarinet in Band, "Everyman," Christ. Pageant, Boys' Band
Mary Jane Guth 1940 Enjoys sewing and dancing
Louise Hall 1940 Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella, Franch Club, Opera
Irene Hansen 1940 GAA, Spanish Club, Junior Rose Day Comm., known as "Swede"
Betty Harbaugh 1940 GAA, Junior Rose Day Comm., likes ice skating and music
Mary Jacquelyn Hawrys 1940 GAA Council, Social Comm., Annual, Jr. Prom Comm.
Mary Hinsberger 1940 GAA, Head of Swimming Team, Tarpon Club, enjoys swimming
Lois Householder 1940 Glee Club, GAA, "pirates of Penzance," favorite: "Careless"
Eleanor Hulting 1940 Came from Miller School
Betty June Jackson 1940 Tri Sigma, A Cappella, Soph. Decorating & Prom Favor Comm.
Thad Jacobs 1940 ROTC Officer, Stage Crew
Robert Johnson 1940 Capt. Football Team, All State and All Conf. Teams, "Bugle Nose"
Lorraine Jungheim 1940 Girls' Band, GAA,, Fresh. & Soph. Play Comm.
Pauline Kakuris 1940 Girls' Glee Club, "Iolanthe," GAA
Henry Kapica 1940 Wants to become an aviator
Ernest Kaplar 1940 Co-Ed. Annual, Sen. Class President, excellent pianist
Helen Karaffa 1940 Tri Sigma, Spice & Variety, Soph. & Jr. Play Comm.
Ann Kent 1940 Treasurer Tri Sigma, Goose & Gander Club, GAA
Albert Kish 1940 Sen. Honor Society, Sec. Scholarship Comm., boys' rep.
Irene Kish 1940 Nat. Honor Society, GAA, FAB, Goose & Ganders Club,
Wassil Kissel 1940 Has passion for basketball, likes "Sugar Blues"
Gertrude Knelleken 1940 V.P. GAA, Tarpon Club, Tri Sigma, A Cappella
Florence Kostoff 1940 Aspires to be a professional singer, has dramatic ability
Edward Kowalczk 1940 "Oh, Johnny" is his favorite song
Frank Arthur Kralis 1940 National Honor Society, enjoys hunting, fishing & hiking
June Rose Krause 1940 National Honor Society, Drama, Jr. and Senior Plays
Estill L. Krohn 1940 1st Lieut. ROTC, inclination toward stage craft
Clementine Kuchar 1940 GAA, enjoys reading and dancing
Karl Kumlander 1940 National Honor Society, Band, taken part in various sports
Tom Kuzma 1940 All State Football Team, Basketball and Track Teams, "King Kuzma"
Bernard Kwiatkowski 1940 State crew
Stanley Kwilasz 1940 Track, Cross Country, ,Class Basketball, likes Madeline Carroll
Lurene Kyle 1940 Girls' Gllee Club, Geese and Ganders Club
Gloria Larson 1940 GAA, Spice & Variety
Jeannette Lautenback 1940 Christmas pageant, FAB
Gust Lavikus 1940 likes Gary Cooper and Amelia Earhart
Margaret Lee 1940 Girls' Band, A Capella, GAA, Glee Club
Sylvia Lello 1940 National Honor Society, has ambition to be a jitterbug
John Lemene 1940 Likes "In the mood" and jitterbugging
Ann Letherman 1940 Mgr. Girls' Band, enjoys swimming and reading
Jeannette Lewandowski 1940 Tri Sigma, Girls' Band, "yearns to be a kindergarten teacher"
Robert Lewis 1940 Col. Gary ROTC, Rifle Team, Boys' Band and Quartette, A Cappella
Irma Lodney 1940 Wants to be a teacher, favorite song is "Dark Eyes"
Harold Lubeznick 1940 Graduated in February and plans to join the Navy
Sally Lyman 1940 GAA, French Club, Soph. and Jr. Plays
John Lyons 1940 "thinks passing Mr. Carlberg's civics is an honor."
Rosemary Mackin 1940 redhead with an even temper, likes Clark Gable
Viola May Madden 1940 came from Lew Wallace this year, her ambition is to be a CPA
Leo Robert Maisel 1940 Hi-Y, Basketball
Armand Marasco 1940 Track, Cross Country, Social Comm., likes Ravel's"Bolero"
Lydia Marasco 1940 Sec. FAB, Girls' Glee Club, Opera, Junior Rose Day
Melvin Marcus 1940 likes mechanical drawing
Everett Martin 1940 radio enthusiast, makes his own receiver sets
James Mason 1940 Cross Country, Track, Hi-Y, twirls baton
Ivaloo McCall 1940 "Ivy" wants to own race horses some day
Phyllis Jean McGuire 1940 Tri Sigma, V.P. French Club, her hero is Mickey Rooney
Vernon McLean 1940 admirer of Dorothy Lamour, "his only ambition is to be successful"
Bill McNiece 1940 BOC, Rose Day Comm, allergic to all women except Lana Turner"
James McTigue 1940 "A number one, ice cream dipper at Spratt's"
Virginia Melton 1940 Concert Orchestra, likes to dance to "My Prayer"
Harry Melvin 1940 Concert Band, band medals, reads Zane Grey books
Robert Mercer 1940 ROTC, dancing is his favorite recreation
James Middleton 1940 Annual, Hi-Y, A Cappella, Track
Manuel Millan 1940 Drummer in Boys' Band and insdependent orchestras, ROTC Sgt.
Junior Miller 1940 handball, bicycling
John Minich 1940 Orchestra, remembers trip to Lafayette
Al Mirolajczyk 1940 Cross Country, would like to meet Ann Sheridan personally
William Misch 1940 Senior Honor Society, band, trip to NYC
Julia Mischanko 1940 Senior Honor Society, "Blast," in demand as sec. for faculty
Muriel Moldenhauer 1940 Senior Honor Society,
Helen Monfort 1940 GAA, enjoys ice skaing, ambition top be a econd Sonja Henie
Helen Moos 1940 Enjoys movies and rollerskating, Gone with the Wind
Walter Moos 1940 Enjoys handball
William Moriarity 1940 Hi-Y, ROTC, enjoys reading mystery stories
Winston Morrison 1940 Enjoys Basketball, has ambition to be a chemical engineer
William Jackson Mozingo 1940 Football, Pres. Jr. Class, V.P. Soph. Class, Ch. Rose Day Comm.
Betty June Murray 1940 Opera, Solo Contests, enjoys dancing
Clementine Murray 1940 Girls' Glee Club, Junior Rose Day, Opera, Prom Committee
Marie Namys 1940 Will make a capable stenographer, likes dancing
Victor Naspinski 1940 Orchestra Officer, Spice & Variety, BOC, Dance Comittees
Leroy Neil 1940 Football, Class Basketball and Track, graduated in February
John Nosko 1940 Art Ed. Of the "Blast," ROTC Cadet Major
Roberta Oberding 1940 Senior Honor Society, 1st chair cornetist in Girls' Band
Herbert O'Brien 1940 A Cappella, Orchestra, first place in Solo Contest on violin
Jeanne O'Brien 1940 GAA, Jr. Rose Day Comm., capable artist
Jack O'Donnell 1940 Basketball, Hi-Y
Bonnie O'Leary 1940 Senior English and Latin Clubs, Prom Committee, "Irish lass"
Charles O'Neill 1940 Freshman honors in swimming,, listens to radio, "Oh, Johnny, Oh"
Norene Owen 1940 Tri Sigma, Glee Club, A Cappella, Operas, wants to teach at Emer.
Josephine Panek 1940 GAA, "the Panic of '40"
Romy Pantea 1940 Concert Orchestra (violin), Track, Pole Vaulter
James Pantell 1940 Senior Honor Society, Football
Katherine Pappas 1940 "sophisticated appearance," best book read: Unchartered Ways"
Marie Pappas 1940 "Quiet, serene, demure"
Roger Paul 1940 "head usher at State theater when not attending school & dances"
Peggy Jeanne Pearse 1940 FAB, Annual, Opera, Spice & Variety
Elaine Pesdan 1940 Wants to be a music teacher
Rosina Piscione 1940 Likes Clark Gable, greatest desire is to travel
Ann Plummer 1940 FAB, "Irish colleen wit a sharp sense of humor"
Steve Polomchak 1940 Football, 2d Team All Conference, Pres. Hi-Y, "all girls are bad luck"
Phyllis Price 1940 GAA, Booster Committee, Gorls' Concert Band, Tri Sigma
Lorraine Quail 1940 "inclination towards private secretarial work"
Robert Quinn 1940 Hi-Y, Span Club, Jun Rose Day Com, "Scatterbrain" his theme song
Jeannette Rademaker 1940 "with conservative tastes...a valuable student in all her classes"
Agnes Rae 1940 FAB, Booster Comm., Soph. & Junior Plays
Lucille Ragan 1940 Music Association, A Cappella, Little Symphony, Concert Orchestra
Marilyn Renn 1940 Tri Sigma, French Club, Opera, Spice & Variety
Mary Riddell 1940 aspires to the profession of nursing
Russell Robbins 1940 Opera, Spice & Variety, Rose Day Comm, Christmas Pageant, Band
Leonard Romans 1940 Football (2d Team Conference), Track, Basketball, Sen. Class V.P.,
Yolanda Roperti 1940 Prefers "My Prayer" and dislikes fresh boys
Burton Rosen 1940 Concertmaster & Pres. of Orchestra,
Esther Roth 1940 "is one of those "still waters run deep" people"
Helen Russell 1940 Opera, Spice & Variety, FAB, Rose Day Committee
Frank Saetes 1940 Enjoys all sports, particularly baseball
Pearl Schultz 1940 Pres. Of GAA & Latin Club, FAB, "Dutch" wants to be a gym teacher
Kenneth Schwartz 1940 Treasurer Sen. Honor Society, Pres. English Club, Band (trumpet)
Monroe Schwimmer 1940 ROTC, Football
Kathleen Settle 1940 Senior English Club, Geese and Ganders Club
Al Shipley 1940 Football Mgr., Sec. Soph. Class, Prom and Rose Day Committees
Betty Shore 1940 Excels in drawing, typing and reading, ice skating, "Blue Danube"
Raymond Shotts 1940 ROTC, A Cappella, "says women are his pet peeve"
Carl Shoub 1940 A second "Mr. Deeds" plays tuba in Band, enjoys fishing and hunting
Harvey Sides 1940 Sen. Honor Society, likes books and classical music, baseball
George Jr. Slick 1940 Soph. & Sen. Class Plays, Patrol Capt., admires Mickey Rooney
Stanley Smalley 1940 Emerson's Ole King Cole in Christmas Parade, Spanish Club
Elinor Smallwood 1940 Social Comm., Spice & Variety, wants to dance in the Ballet Russe
Camelia Smith 1940 Pres. Sen. Honor Society, Annual Bus. Mgr., Sec. GAA, sports
Norbert Smith 1940 Track, Cross Country, Junior Rose Day
Rosalie Smith 1940 "Lee has tastes of an intellectual, likes Tchaikovsky and Napoleon
Andrew Smolen 1940 "Smokey" is a "hard, fast baseball fan"
Joseph Smolkovich 1940 Came from Lew Wallace his junior year
Antoinette Sol 1940 "desire to be efficient in stenography," likes Errol Flynn
Emma Spurr 1940 Orchestra, Spanish ClubGeese and Ganders Club, lives in Brunswick
Clara Ellen Stage 1940 FAB leader
Anna Marie Stark 1940 winner of two Gregg Shorthand Certificates, enjoys dancing
Steve Stefan 1940 Track, his faithful stead is his trusty bicycle"
Donald Struble 1940 enjoys basketball, wants to play college basketball, then coach
Elizabeth Stryczek 1940 Cooking and home economics, with an eye towards homemaking
Robert Stump 1940 Lieut. ROTC, has extensive vocabulary, rare wit and humor
John Sullivan 1940 Varsity Bassketball '38-'40
Josephine Sullivan 1940 "Dolly"is a member of the GAA
Alice Swann 1940 Enjoys all music, particularly the classical pieces of the old masters
Mary Symes 1940 Sen. Honor Society, Soph. Girls' Treas., Jr. Yr. In Rio de Janeiro
Matthew Szafranski 1940 a very versitile person
Joan Talbert 1940 FAB, wishes to be a singer and dancer
Paul Thanos 1940 Sen. Honor Society, Geese and Gander, 1st Lieut. ROTC
Catherine Theoharis 1940 Hopes to be an aviatrix, Tri Sigma, GAA, likes Superman & Olive Oyl
Angeline Topsis 1940 Orchestra (violin), likes "The Man That Comes Around"
Chris Trakas 1940 Football, called the Galloping Greek"
Elayne Umpleby 1940 Tri Sigma, GAA
Glen Vantrease 1940 ROTC Capt., Sec. of Sen. Class
Henry Weissbuch 1940 Honor roll throughout his high achool years
Ralph Wells 1940 Fond of hunting and fishing. Boats and Donald Duck are his favorites.
Betty Willie 1940 "Little Willie" is Pres. Of FAB
June Wills 1940 GAA, FAB, A Cappella, Goose & Ganders, plays piano
Bette Wilson 1940 Gets exercise by rollerskating, enjoys reading "Wuthering Heights"
Lillian Wilson 1940 Girls' Band, "lively and chatty," enjoys popular music
Dale Wineinger 1940 Dramatics class, Legion oration, Sophomore Play
Isabelle Wojcik 1940 Enjoys mysteries, such as the Scarab Murder Case"
Hazel Wolfington 1940 English Club, Geese and Ganders
Lois Wood 1940 A Cappella, GAA, Annual, Jun Class Play Comm, shorthand certif.
Jeanne Woodruff 1940 Spice & Variety, FAB, GAA, jitterbugging
John Woolridge 1940 Oratorical, Class Plays, Band Officer, A Cappella, Class Basketball
Beatrice Abraham 1941 GAA, Glee Club, Christms Pageant, "Iolanthe"
Rose Adair 1941 FAB, "Pug with baby blue eyes and dimples"
Shirley Alger 1941 GAA, Orchestra, Chair. Social Comm., FAB, Annual, a ki enthusiast
Aladean Allison 1941 Soph. & Junior Plays, Senior Farewell
Evelyn Anderson 1941 Rose Day Comm., FAB, Jr. & Sen. Girls' Treasurer
Blanche Aton 1941 GAA, Latin Club,
Elaine Austin 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Doris Bailey 1941 FAB, "Everyman," Pres. French Club, Junior Play
Henry Bando 1941 "Allergic to economics," "greatest achievement...is to graduate."
Alex Bartosh 1941 "The Rembrandt of Emer," "Everyman," A Cappella, Art Ed Annual,
Donald Beck 1941 Tennis Team, Table Tennis Team, "a tennis wizard"
Helene Belevich 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Margaret Benjamin 1941 Latin Club, GAA, Junior Play Committee
Irene Berg 1941 "Quiet and calm, never affected by the troubles of the world."
Virginia Berg 1941 Roselette Club, GAA, Junior Play Committee
Paul Berkau 1941 A Cappella, Boys' Band, Spice & Variety, ROTC
Wendell Biggs 1941 Orchestra, Band, ROTC, "a future member of Jurgens' orchestra"
Don Bittner 1941 Football, Class Basketball, Senior Play
Matthew Bleicher 1941 Senior Honor Society, Chair. Booster Comm., Football, S&V
Robert Bolinger 1941 Spanish Club, Booster Comm, "believes girls are the root of all evil"
Donald Bond 1941 ROTC, Tennis Team, Junior Play, Spice & Variety
James Bond 1941 Tennis, Pres. Spanish Club, Spice & variety, Junior PLay
Mike Botsko 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Anna Mae Boyer 1941 V.P. Spanish Club, Soph. Play
Francis Boyer 1941 Hi-Y, ROTC, Football, Track
Leora Bradley 1941 GAA, Orch., A Cappella, Sen. Play, "Emerson's oomph girl"
Florence Brady 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
George Brancic 1941 Orchestra, S&V, A Cappella, Senior Play
Joseph Brauneis 1941 Orchestra
Shirley Brickley 1941 Annual, Tri Sigma, Soph. Play, YCHE, "A Gregg and Royal wizard"
Patricia Ann Brink 1941 FAB
Freda Brown 1941 Debating, Dramatic Club
Helen Brugos 1941 GAA, Glee Club
Mary Bucko 1941 Senior Honor Society, Annual, A Cappella, Glee Club
Emily Burke 1941 GAA, Rose Day, Senior Fall Party
Tom Cameron 1941 Senior Honor Society, Annual Co-Ed, S & V, Booster Comm.
Robert Carlson 1941 Hi-Y, Class Basketball, "Pirates of Pezance"
Ray Carnahan 1941 Senior Honor Society, ROTC, Spanish Club, Invitation Comm.
Betty Carr 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Cash 1941 Football, Hi-Y, Rose Day, Track
Patrick Cassidy 1941 Football, Hi-Y, Rose Day
Juanita Chaney 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Gordon Churchia 1941 Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Rose Day Comm.
James Coveris 1941 Track, Class Basketball, Cross Country
Carl Cowen 1941 Senior Honor Society, Boys' Band
Alex Crossman 1941 Boys' Quartette, "Everyman," Senior Play
Leona Dembroski 1941 "Waiting for a handsome hero to come, preferably Superman"
Mary Demetrakis 1941 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Latin Club,
Marie Depperman 1941 Senior Play, Play Meet
Dolores Dolato 1941 Latin Club, GAA
Helen Dominick 1941 GAA Board, "will never forget "Gone with the Wind"
Robert Dwyer 1941 Booster Committee, Cross Country, Sophomore Play
Grace Eckstrom 1941 Tri Sigma, Annual, GAA Treasurer
Stella Eliopulus 1941 GAA, Junior Prom, Girls' Band
Sam Evanoff 1941 A Cappella, Art Club, S & V, Annual, desires to be 2d Joe DiMaggio"
Robert Farabaugh 1941 Art Club, Tennis Team
Helen Fenton 1941 Art Club, GAA
James Finn 1941 Sec. Senior Honor Society, Gavel Club, Hi-Y, S&V, "Everyman"
Eunice Flaherty 1941 GAA, "Just for Tolelston she left us"
Mildred Fleming 1941 Senior Play
Rosalie Frankovich 1941 Annual, GAA, FAB, Rose Day, Booster Committee
Vivian Funcannon 1941 GAA, Junior Prom, FAB
Emery Galassini 1941 Rose Day Comm., Track, Cross Country
Donald Gant 1941 A Cappella, Latin Club, Baccalaureate Committee
John Gasper 1941 Class Basketball
William Georges 1941 Football, Basketball, Pres. Jr. Class & Hi-Y
Dorothy Gilbertson 1941 Art Club
Louise Gilbertson 1941 "Insulted in chemistry when told she only worth 98 cents"
Jerome Goldman 1941 Debating Team, "Everyman," Rotary Contest
Stella Grabos 1941 proficient dancer
William Graham 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Phil Green 1941 Junior Play
Adele Greenberg 1941 GAA, Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Orchestra
Dorothy Griffith 1941 GAA, Rose Day, Senior Fall Party
Eileen Grogan 1941 GAA, Junior Prom
Steve Guest 1941 Spice & Variety, Football, Class Basketball
John Gutowski 1941 Capt. ROTC
Charles Hahn 1941 Class Basketball
Ruby Lee Hall 1941 Booster Comm., A Cappella, GAA, Spice & Variety, Walgreen's
Walter Hamilton 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Pauline Hammako 1941 Pres. GAA, Tri Sigma
Katee Vee Harber 1941 Pres. FAB, GAA, "Everyman," A Cappella
Maxine Havilland 1941 Girls' Band, Orchestra
Louis Heller 1941 Boys' Band, wants to be brass player in Army Band
Jane Hise 1941 FAB, "believes in the superiority of Emersonians"
Charles Hodges 1941 Football, Class Basketball, Hi-Y, Rose Day
Sophie Hodorek 1941 "Likes a bicycle built for two"
Irma Holland 1941 likes the music of Noble's orchestra
Virgil Holmes 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Hovanec 1941 GAA
Nilah Gene Hudson 1941 S. Honor Soc, Rose Day, Bus. Mgr. Annual, Christ. Pageant, Gavel
Violet Ilinkovich 1941 Cheerleader, Rose Day, "Everyman," Board of Control
Beth Irwin 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Lois Irwin 1941 FAB, A Cappella, Roselette Club, GAA
William Irwin 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Lincoln Isaac 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Lloyd Johnson 1941 Junior Play, Boys' Band, Class Basketball
Lorraine Johnson 1941 Glee Club, Gavel Club, "Iolanthe," Junuior Play
Irene Jurchenko 1941 Girls' Band, GAA, Scholarship Committee
Shirley Kaplan 1941 GAA, Publicity Comm. For Soph. Play
Gerald Kaufman 1941 ROTC, Rifle Team, Annual
R. S. Kelly 1941 ROTC, Handball, Soph.Play
Gloria Kemp 1941 Tri Sigma, GAA, Rose Day, Soph. Hop Committee
Evelyn Kieft 1941 Senior Honor Society, Co-Ed Annual, FAB, Senior Play, Booster C.
Catherine Klimes 1941 A Capella, Glee Club, Art Club, Junior Play Com, adores Nelson Eddy
John Klimis 1941 Pres.Orchestra, Boys' Quartette, A Cappella, Handball Team
John Kokos 1941 Sen. Honor Society, Football, Class Basketball, Fall Party Comm.
Matthew Kozar 1941 Sen. Class Pres., Football, Track, Jr. Class Officer, Hi-Y
Harold Krohn 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Bruna Kroll 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Don Krouse 1941 Basketball, Band, Orchestra, Track
Michael Kruse 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Kupchik 1941 Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, Annual, Latin Club
Julia Lazar 1941 GAA Council, Mgr. Girls' Band
Mary Lazar 1941 GAA
Helen Leeper 1941 GAA, Sophomore Play, Band, Senior Fall Party Committee
Viola Lehocky 1941 Spice & variety, Tri Sigma, Junior & Senior Class Plays, Rose Day
Charles Lemick 1941 ROTC, Handball Team
Barbara Leonard 1941 Glee Club, Opera, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant
Henry Letherman 1941 Class Bball, Sen. Homecoming Com, 4 years' perfect attendance
Richard Lewke 1941 Opera, Spice & Variety, BOC, Boys' Quartette, Rose Day, A Cappella
Keith Locke 1941 Class Basketball, Rose Day, ROTC, Commencement Comm.
Betty Lyon 1941 GAA, Sec.-Treas. Roselette Club
Demitria Magrames 1941 Orchestra, Latin Club
Henry Malec 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Mitchell Malecki 1941 His hero is Al Price
Frank Mark 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Allen McCathren 1941 Hi-Y
Dorothy McCormick 1941 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Fall Party Committee
George McLennan 1941 Football Co-Capt., Basketball, Jr. Prom Comm., Track
Irene McLennan 1941 Rose Day, GAA, Glee Club, Jr Prom Comm.,
Fern Miller 1941 S. Play, Sec. Tri Sigma, Debate Tm, Reading Meet, S&V, DAR Award
Malcolm Miller 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Wanda Misevich 1941 GAA, Sophomore Play Wardrobe Committee
Dan Mistrovich 1941 Basketball, Hi-Y, Boys' Concert Band, Rose Day, Jr. Prom Comm.
Harold Morris 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Doris Moses 1941 FAB, Booster Comm., GAA, Roselette Club, Swimming Team
Margaret Mountain 1941 V.P. A Cappella, Annual, Orchestra Librarian, Spice & variety
Mildred Mulhern 1941 GAA, Tri Sigma, Prom Committee, Ring Committee
Ann Mulroe 1941 FAB, Sec, Booster Comm., Annual, GAA Council, Swimming Team
William Murray 1941 Rose Day, prom Comm., Sophomore Play, Cheerleader
Ruth Novick 1941 GAA, Spanish Club, Officer Girls' Band, Glee Club
Robert Nystrom 1941 Concert Band, Class Basketball
Jeanette Olafson 1941 GAA
Florence Owen 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Raymond Palasz 1941 Boys' State
Teddy Pankiewicz 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Marion Patterson 1941 A Cappella, Orchestra
Teresa Pavese 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Rose Pessolano 1941 Spice & Variety, GAA, Tri Sigma
Jennie Pilla 1941 GAA, Officer Girls' Band
Sam Pillar 1941 A Cappella, Opera, "Pirates of Penzance"
Yolanda Piscione 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
William Pitchford 1941 Mgr. Football, Class Basketball, Social & Booster Committees
Robert Plunkett 1941 Treas. Sen. Class, Booster Comm., Class Bball, Opera, Sen. Play
Jean Pogo 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Polomchak 1941 BOC, Scholarship Committee, V.P. GAA, Tri Sigma
Edward Poplonski 1941 Cross Country, Christmas Pageant
Rose Poso 1941 Certificate in shorthand
Leonard Predaina 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Ruth Priddy 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Rae 1941 A Cappella, 1st Pres. Roselette Club, FAB, Jr. Prom Committee
June Ralph 1941 Pres. Tri Sigma
Robert Randall 1941 Pres. Sen. Honor Society, Football, Class Basketball, Track
Calliope Raysses 1941 A Cappella, Glee Club, Soph. Play, Art Club, "an artist at art"
William Reberg 1941 Pres. Boys' Band
LaVerne Reeves 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Howard Reily 1941 ROTC, Boy's Concert Band
Sophie Rocoff 1941 GAA Board
Marie Rolowitz 1941 Tri Sigma, Booster Committee, GAA Council, Sen. Farewell Comm.
Bette Roman 1941 Spice & Variety, Tri Sigma, GAA, Spanish Club
Tyron Rosco 1941 Basketball, Rose Day, Sec. BOC, Prom Comm.
Jerry Rotenberg 1941 Drum Major, cornet player, Band, Orchestra, Jr. & Soph. Plays
Jerome Rottenberg 1941 ROTC, Orchestra, Band, Latin Club, A Cappella
Laura Russell 1941 FAB, Soph. Play, Senior Gift Committee
Genevieve Rutkiewicz 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Lillian Sacketos 1941 Sec. Senior Honor Society, GAA, Roselette Club, S&V, Glee Club
Franc Sauline 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Joseph Scheck 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Raymond Schmidt 1941 "finds girls his pet peeve"
Albert Sgambelluri 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Joan Shepard 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Betty Shinners 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
John Shultz 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Norbert Siemiaszko 1941 Boys' Band, "Siemy's" heroes are the Batman and Jenny Dare
Thomas Smatana 1941 Hobbies include photography
Harry Sowards 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Pauline Spitler 1941 Tri Sigma, Art Club, Prom Committee, Spice & Variety, Opera
Cecilia Stachura 1941 GAA Board
Helen Stark 1941 GAA
Charles Stephenson 1941 ROTC Officer, came from Lew Wallace
Louise Strain 1941 Geese and Ganders Club
Mary Strong 1941 GAA, Jr. Prom and Rose Day Committees
Irene Stropke 1941 S&V, Pres. Glee Club, A Cappella, Sen. Reading Meet, Jr. & S. Plays
Phil Swan 1941 Cornet player
Mary Theoharis 1941 Tri Sigma, GAA, V.P. Band, Swimming Team, Prom Committee
Margaret Titak 1941 Asst. Mgr. Band, Sec. Orchestra, Sec. Freshman Class
George Trbovich 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Jane Trimble 1941 Annual, Tri Sigma, GAA, Swimming Team, Spice & Variety, Glee Club
Dolores Umrath 1941 Girls' Band
Evelyn Van Atta 1941 Spice & Variety, Soph. Play, Christmas Pageant Comm.
Marie Vokorokos 1941 Art Club Secretary, likes James Stewart
Elsie Wallace 1941 V.P. Senior Class and FAB, Sec. BOC, GAA, Spice & variety
Robert Walton 1941 Football, Class Basketball, Sec. Jr. Class, Junior Play
Edward Wegrzyn 1941 Basketball, Track
Alan Weinberger 1941 Senior Honor Society, Class Bssketball, Hi-Y, Board of Control
Alfreda Werbachoski 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Westegard 1941 Class Basketball
Martha Wheat 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Harold Wiatrolik 1941 Cross Country, Scholarship Committee
Edmund Zajack 1941 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Zelenak 1941 GAA, Roselette Club
Rex Zinn 1941 Tennis Team, Soph. & Jr. Plays, Spice & Variety
Tony Abeldua 1942 Football, Basketball, Track
Elizabeth Adams 1942 Senior Honor Society, Spanish Club, Sophomore Hop Committee
Lorraine Alamsha 1942 Yearbook, A Cappella, Senior Play Publicity
Allen Alfrey 1942 ROTC, Yearbook, Hobby: Dancing
Gloria Angotti 1942 Sec. Glee Club, A Cappella, "Iolanthe"
Dorothy Antczak 1942 Glee Club, French Club
John Apathy 1942 Spanish Club, "mighty with a basketball"
Leah Aton 1942 Glee Club, Latin Club, Yearbook
Bob Ballinger 1942 "ROTC and Rose Margaret make up Bob's reason for living"
Warren Banker 1942 ROTC, Orchestra, Latin Club
Betty Barthel 1942 Glee Club, Spanish, GAA
Dorothy Batalis 1942 Senior Honor Society, Pres. GAA, BOC
Phyllis Bates 1942 GAA, Senior Varsity Basketball, Ambition: Army Nurse
Lucille Beddingfield 1942 "Lucy not only gained an education, but she got herself a man."
Jerome Bilski 1942 Spice & Variety, Track Mgr., Booster Committee
Kenneth Bitler 1942 "Bit's favorite song is Only Foreverand his ambition is pro baseball"
Benny Bizek 1942 Class Basketball, Track, Prom Committee
Robert Bolinger 1942 Class Basketball,
Robert Bowser 1942 "A serious young man with something always on his mind."
Russell Buehrle 1942 Football, Hi-Y, Class Basketball
Donald Burgess 1942 Basketball Team Manager
Edward Burns 1942 Pres. Board of Control, Track, Cross Country
Carl Buse 1942 "His red hair and pleasing personality gained him many friends."
Frank Byers 1942 Football (halfback), Basketball
Spiro Cappony 1942 V.P. Senior Class, Track, Cross Country
Barbara Carlberg 1942 A Cappella, Glee Club, Senior Play
Edward Carnahan 1942 Football
Eleanor Casbon 1942 Senior Honor Society, GAA Board, Rose Day Committee
Geneva Caulk 1942 "Chuckie's favorite book is "Gone with the Wind""
Loretta Ciesielski 1942 Glee Club, Roselette Club, Spice & Variety
Kathryn Colleran 1942 Senior Play, Tri Sigma, Board of Control
Glenn Collum 1942 Band, Girls!!
Frank Conroy 1942 Class Basketball, Hi-Y, Hobby: Girls
John Conroy 1942 Hi-Y, Scholarship Committee, Ambition: to be independent
Marie Costello 1942 Glee Club, FAB, GAA
Tom Croll 1942 Treasurer Senior Class, Cheerleader, Cross Country
DeVon Cunningham 1942 Band, Orchestra, Little Symphony
George David 1942 Band, Orchestra, Ambition: Inventor
Eileen Davidson 1942 Tri Sigma, Toppers, Nickname: "Red"
Helen Day 1942 FAB Treasurer, GAA, Booster Committee
Stella Dembowski 1942 GAA, Class Basketball, Favorite Orchestra: Kay Kyser
Herman Dinkin 1942 Rotary Contest, Senior Play Meet, Senior Play
Marie Dubowski 1942 "Speed demon at typing and mimeographing"
James Dumigan 1942 Track, Cheerleader, Favorite Pssdtime: Research in Romance
Catherine Ellman 1942 "Ellman is a good sport and is loved by all who know her"
Robert Emerson 1942 ROTC, "Bob speaks laconically, but , boy, he says plenty!!"
Joseph Falkovich 1942 ROTC, "Rose Day stands out as one of his big days."
Esther Ferguson 1942 "A quiet girl who goes along the road of life winning friends."
Victor Ferklic 1942 ROTC, Military Ball
Gloria Flowers 1942 GAA Board, French Club, Prom Committee
Betty Lou Fogler 1942 Glee Club, A Cappella, Girls' Concert Band
Arnold Foley 1942 Football, Track, Class Basketball
John Frame 1942 "John believes that silence is golden."
Stanley Frankowski 1942 Basketball, Track, Board of Control
Antoinette Gagliardi 1942 Junior Play Committee, Poetry Festival, Latin Club
Troyan Gal 1942 Band, Rose Day Committee, Ambition: To get married
Angeline Galanis 1942 GAA Board, Tri Sigma, Latin Club
Audrey Gardner 1942 Concert Orchestra, Girls' Band
Josephine Genduso 1942 Head of GAA Basketball, Band, Senior Basketball,
Theodora George 1942 With a winning smile and personality, Dora has gained many friends.
Bill Georgieff 1942 Bill claims his two favorite books are Civics and Economics
Margaret Greever 1942 GAA Board, Tri Sigma, Spice & Variety
Helen Gregor 1942 Tri Sigma, GAA Board, Post Holiday Committee
Mary Gregor 1942 Treasurer of Tri Sigma, GAA Board, Yearbook
William Gresh 1942 Ambition: to be a super mechanic
Edward Guntrum 1942 Track
Harry Gurband 1942 Football (tackle)
John Gutowski 1942 Sophomore Play, Foremost ambition: to graduate
Lloyd Hamang 1942 Orchestra, Sophomore Play, Hobby: Loafing
Carlyle Hamilton 1942 Basketball
Frances Hayes 1942 Favorite song: "Deep in the heart of Texas"
Ruth Heasley 1942 Senior Play, Glee Club, A Cappella
Matilda Helwig 1942 Cheerleader, A Cappella, Tri Sigma
Bill Huettner 1942 Favorite song: "Someone is rocking my dreamboat"
Chauncey Hunker 1942 "Chauncey's favorite could be "These Loves of Mine.""
Cecilia Irzyk 1942 A Cappella, Glee Club, Senior Play Publicity
Ann Jennings 1942 Ann's ambition is to "just get married."
Bill Jennings 1942 "Will Mrs. Daly ever forget one of her best assistants."
Edward Kallock 1942 Band, Orchestra, Favorite gal: Evey
Michael Kane 1942 Basketball Mgr., Softball Tournament, Favorite food: Chicken
John Karagas 1942 "Courageous loves to listen to good music."
Ben Keilman 1942 "Ben thinks that Shakespears is tops. And so is Jeanne Anderson"
Naomi Kelly 1942 Tri Sigma, Junior Rose Day, Senior Play Publicity
Dorothy Kienzle 1942 "Will long remember Civics and Economics, and Mr. Carlberg"
John King 1942 Hi-Y, Spanish Club,
Thomas King 1942 Class Basketball, Stage crew, Favorite Sport: Basketball
Margaret Kish 1942 "a sweet little seamstress. Her ambition is to be a dress designer"
George Klimis 1942 Orchestra, A Cappella, Senior Play Publicity
Dorothy Komorowski 1942 Sec. GAA, Girls' Band, Post Holiday Committee
Delores Koss 1942 GAA, Spanish Club
Charles Kostel 1942 Football, Basketball
Frances Kuchar 1942 GAA, Concert Band, Favorite Orchestra: Glenn MIller
Helen Kuchta 1942 Head of GAA Hocky, Girls' Band Officer, Spice & Variety
Irene Kuchta 1942 Senior Play, Christmas Pageant, Girls' Band Manager
Stephany Kughar 1942 GAA Board, Glee Club, "Iolanthe"
Edward Kuzma 1942 Football, "Kuzma loves the women"
Joann Landes 1942 Tri Sigma, GAA, Post Holiday Committee
Evelyn Lane 1942 FAB, Band, Orchestra
Catherine Lee 1942 GAA, Senior Play, Benefit Show
Richard Lee 1942 Football, Basketball, A Cappella
Loma Dell Leech 1942 FAB, Glee Club, A Cappella
Edward Lehocky 1942 Senior Class President, Jr. Boys' Treasurer, Jr. & Sen. Plays
George Lengyel 1942 Class Basketball, Rose Day Committee
Kenneth Lockwood 1942 Sophomore Play, Nickname: "Tubby"
Arleigh Long 1942 Maj. In ROTC, Capt. Rifle Team, Orchestra
Bonnie Louks 1942 Invitation Comm., Commencement Comm., Ambition: Pharmacist
Leonard Lowe 1942 ROTC
Sarita Lubeznick 1942 Spanish Club, GAA, Freshman Play
Alexander Lucich 1942 ROTC, "very handsome with a fine personality"
Frank Lucich 1942 "Frank left Jean and us to join the U.S. Marines"
Jennie Mack 1942 FAB, GAA, Junior Rose Day
Garrett Major 1942 Pres. Senior Honor Society, Invitation Comm., Rose Day Comm.
Bill Mathe 1942 Boys' Treasurer, Junior Play, Booster Comm.
Jack Maurer 1942 ROTC, "remembers the many drills in Company B"
Emmett Maxwell 1942 Football, Basketball, Nickname: "E"
James "Jack" McConnell 1942 Basketball, Class Basketball,
Isabelle McGregor 1942 Girls' Band, GAA, Sophomore Play
Margaret McKenzie 1942 A Cappella Librarian, Tri Sigma, Jr. Prom Committee
Norene Melvin 1942 "She thinks the football heroes are swell"
Marian Menzie 1942 Senior Play, A Cappella, Orchestra
Dan Mercer 1942 Orchestra, Dannie and the redheads
Dorothy Messina 1942 Sec. Tri Sigma, Jr. & Sen. Plays
Dorothy Metaxas 1942 A Cappella, Glee Club, GAA
Chester Mihalek 1942 "His dark hair and eyes have attracted many girls"
Dorothy Milanovich 1942 GAA, Roselette Club, Ambition: Nurse
Marian Miller 1942 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, Tri Sigma
Myrtle Mohart 1942 Jr. & Sen. Plays, Prom Committee
Robert Monfort 1942 Class Basketball, Softball Tournament, Nickname: "Lefty"
Tiffany Moss 1942 FAB, GAA, Senior Play
Walter Mulloy 1942 "He's just a wee bit Irish, and he loves "Sweet Molly Malone"
Peggy Nealon 1942 Tri Sigma, Junior Play, Spice & Variety
Bill Nelson 1942 Bills's favorite book is "Billy the Kid"
Helen Nowak 1942 GAA Board, Sec. Booster Comm., Tri Sigma
Ted Nowakowski 1942 Band, Class Basketball, Favorite Sport: Basketball
Duane Olafson 1942 "Quiet, reserved, Duane left us early"
Diane Orlich 1942 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, Tri Sigma
Elizabeth Orosz 1942 Favorite quotation: "To err is human, to forgive is divine"
Louis Orosz 1942 "He's tall, good looking and Oh, so masterful!"
Betty Lou Page 1942 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Commencement Committee
Dorothy Palasz 1942 Invitation Comm., Class Basketball, Ambition: Stenographer
John Paligraph 1942 Football, Basketball, Track
Sam Panagiotos 1942 Football, ""Greek" is a real football hero"
Wanda Pasiut 1942 "great day was when she passed her 120 word shorthand test."
Irene Paskewicz 1942 A Cappella, Glee Club, Senior Play Publicity
Vera Pekovich 1942 Have you ever heard "Irish" sing "Blues in the Night"?
Georgia Pendleton 1942 "Sweet, demure, and inseparable from Lizzie."
Violet Petrovich 1942 Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, Annual
Florence Piscione 1942 Girls' Band, Nickname: "Flo", Hero: Clark Gable
Marian Plummer 1942 FAB, Rose Day Comm., Junior Play
Gloria Powlen 1942 FAB, Senior Play, Rose Day Comm.
James Price 1942 "Jim's ambition is to get ahead in the world."
Ann Rademaker 1942 "The Military Ball will hold sweet memories for Ann."
Charlene Randolph 1942 Dramatic Class, Sophomore Play, French Club
Louise Rhodes 1942 Girls' Band, "Louise hopes for a bright musical career"
Mary Robinson 1942 GAA, FAB, Nickname: "Robie":
Theodore Rocoff 1942 Class Basketball, Nickname: "rocks"; Ambition: Air Corps
June Romans 1942 Orchestra, Tri Sigma, Girls' Band
John Romischer 1942 Cross Country, Track, Hero: Coach Connelly
Vincent Rork 1942 ROTC, "Vincent asks: "Ain't love grand?"
Norma Rosen 1942 Glee Club, GAA, Favorite Sport: Swimming
George Rubis 1942 Joined the Marines
Kay Ruschak 1942 Ambition: Dress Designer, Hobby: Dancing
Joe Sanok 1942 Jr. & Sen. Plays, Class Ring Committee
Walter Schafer 1942 ROTC, Favorite book: ROTC Manual
Henry Schendera 1942 "Hank's main interests in Emerson are C.J. Wise and Lucille"
Lucile Schwandt 1942 GAA Council, Social Committee, Soph. Girls' Treasurer
Adeline Sepiol 1942 Senior Honor Society, Sophomore Play, Favorite Sport: Tennis
Daisy Shabaz 1942 Girls' Band, Orchestra, , Scholarship Committee
John Shabowski 1942 " A boy who minds his own business,--Something rare in boys."
Mary Sharp 1942 Pres. Of Girls' Band, Treasurer of Jr. Class, FAB
Tom Sheehy 1942 "Tom's three ambitions: lose weight, gain height, and to join Navy"
John Sheperd 1942 Senior Honor Society, Basketball high point man, Nickname: "Shep"
Dorothy Sherman 1942 GAA, Tri Sigma, Favorite food: French fries
Babette Shuster 1942 GAA, Annual, Hero: "Boots" MIhal
Janis Shuster 1942 GAA Council, Rose Day Committee
Dan Simion 1942 Band, Lieut. ROTC
Lewis Simmons 1942 Senior Honor Society, Band, Capt. ROTC,
Marilee Sindlinger 1942 Senior Basketball, "has stolen the heart of many Emersonians"
Mary Sivak 1942 Dramatic Class, French Club, Soph. Play
Delphine Smith 1942 Co-Ed Annual, Pres. FAB, Sec. Senior Class
Jerry Snow 1942 "Jerry left us and ent to Michigan"
Leonard Stefaneli 1942 " A gentleman in every sense of the word."
Ethel Strain 1942 GAA, "Just let me type. That's all I ask."
Carmela Stramaglia 1942 V.P. GAA, Cheerleader, Tri Sigma
Helene Strauss 1942 Sen. Play Property Mgr., GAA, Hobby: Making up time."
Julian Stryczek 1942 "Books! Wherefore art thou, books!"
Lucille Swanson 1942 Girls' Band, GAA, Favorite song: "I Love Life"
Alex Taylor 1942 "The Navy got a valuable man after Pearl Harbor"
Joe Tenta 1942 Honor Society, Co-Ed Annual, Indiana University Scholarship
Sara Ann Tiller 1942 French Club, Ambition: Secretary; Hero: Romeo
Charles Tormohlen 1942 "The world is made pleasant by people like him"
Vera Trafny 1942 "Her freidship chain has many links"
Betty Turak 1942 V.P. Tri Sigma, Junuior and Senior Plays
Stanley Vlarich 1942 ROTC, Band, Nickname: "Stosh"
Bob Walker 1942 Favorite Food: Hamburgers; Favorite book: Boys' Life
Grace Ward 1942 "Grace left East Gary so she could come to Emerson"
Nell Warda 1942 Pres. Orchestra, Pres. A Cappella, Pres. Glee Club
Margaret Wellman 1942 Ambition: Typist; Nickname: "Peg"; Hero: Ray Milland
Ruth Wellman 1942 Tri Sigma, Favorite Sport: Dancing
Homer Wells 1942 "We really have a Rembrandt in our midst"
Eugene Wise 1942 "His hero is his uncle, and his ambition is to be like him."
Betty Woodward 1942 Soph. Class Secretary, Board of Control, GAA Board
John Wotherspoon 1942 Band, Orchestra, A Cappella
Pete Yaselsky 1942 Hobby: Modeling Airplanes, Ambition: White ciollar job, "Slim"
Katherine Zinanni 1942 Hero: Superman; Heroine: Blondie
Zivko Zivonovich 1942 B&G Comm., ROTC, A Cappella
John Abraham 1943 Cross Country, Track, Baseball, Class Basketball
Louis Anastopoulos 1943 Left us quietly
Jeanne Anderson 1943 Annual, FAB, Band Mgr., Ring Committee
Dorothy Apathy 1943 Roselette, GAA, Glee Club, A Cappella
Betty Ashby 1943 "Wants to be a good nurse"
David Babagan 1943 ROTC, Mgr. Rifle Team, Flag Detail
Dorothy Baess 1943 Tri Sigma, Spanish Club, French Club, GAA
Phyllis Banker 1943 Head Cheerleader, Chair. Booster Comm., Pres. Orchestra
Bettie Beddingfield 1943 Gavel Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Play
Joseph Bielak 1943 Handball and track occupied his time
Nina Bobrick 1943 Concert Orchestra, Tri Sigma, Junior Rose Day Committee
Geraldine Boswell 1943 Sen. Girls'Treasurer, V.P. Tri Sigma, Gavel Club
Milan Brancic 1943 New to Emerson, made many friends before joining the Navy
Gladys Braun 1943 "Plans to live alone and like it."
Geraldine Brudnachowski 1943 Girls' Band, Glee Club
Jack Bryan 1943 Dramatic Class, Tennis Team, Class Plays, Cheerleader
Joan Cage 1943 Annual, FAB, Class Plays, GAA
Christina Cappony 1943 GAA Board, Latin Club
Tony Cefali 1943 Track, Cross Country, Mgr. Basketball Team
Antonia Chiarmonte 1943 Junior Play, Junior Prom Committee
Dolores Ciehowlaz 1943 Junior Prom Committee
Louis Cina 1943 Art Editor of Annual, Junior Prom Comm., Senior Play
Betty Coleman 1943 "Wants to be a Navy nurse."
Arnold Cook 1943 ROTC, Boys' Band
James Coros 1943 Football, "one of our Emerson football heroes, now in the Army."
Carmen Cruz 1943 GAA Board before leaving in February
Alexander Danskin 1943 Football, now in service
Wilma Lee Danskin 1943 Pres. FAB, Annual, Senior Play
Charlotte Darding 1943 Senior Honor Society, Pres Jr. Honor Society
John Davies 1943 ROTC, Flag Detail, Uncle Sam called him
George Davis 1943 Lieut. ROTC, now in the real U.S. Army
Mike Drlich 1943 Lieut. ROTC, another V male
Helen Dziurdzy 1943 Pres. GAA, Social Committee, BOC, Cheerleader
Elmer Eckstrom 1943 Sec. Senior Class before leaving for service, Hi-Y
Madonna Edwards 1943 Glee Club, Junior & Senior Plays
John Eloff 1943 ROTC Commissioned Officer, Flag Detail
John Faherty 1943 Football, Band, Class Bssketball
Georgia Faye 1943 Tri Sigma, GAA, Junior Play
Kathryn Felts 1943 1st Chair violin Concert Orchestra,
Isabelle Ferderer 1943 Left last winter, altar-bound
James Ferguson 1943 Lieut. ROTC,
Mary Finan 1943 FAB, Rose Day Committee, Junior Play
Elmerta Fletcher 1943 Girls' Concert Band
Marion Foley 1943 Junior Honor Society
Steve Gajewski 1943 Wants to be a pilot in the A.A.F.
Thadaeus Galka 1943 District distribution manager at the Post Tribune
Candida Garcia 1943 V.P. Senior Honor Society, Dramatic Class, Glee Club
Rena Gayer 1943 Glee Club
Zoe George 1943 Annual, Class Plays, Tri Sigma
Gordon Gerbick 1943 Class Basketball, Track, Jnior Class Secretary
Arthur Gerometta 1943 Football, Chairman of B&G Comm., Senior Basketball Mgr.
Mary Gibbons 1943 Head of GAA Speedball, Tri Sigma
Ronald Good 1943 Hi-Y, Track
Henry Gordon 1943 Treas. Sen. Honor Soc., Pres. & Drum Major of Concert Band
Florence Gram 1943 Senior Honor Society, Junior Rose Day Committee
Sheldon Green 1943 Football, Band, Pep Band
Robert Gregor 1943 Class Basketball, Handball ace
Iola Grinstead 1943 Our cute candy seller
Charles Guemple 1943 ROTC, Junior Play, Six-Man Football
Dorothy Hamilton 1943 Tri Sigma, Roselette, GAA
Frank Hammersmith 1943 "He seems to fancy redheads"
Martha Hannan 1943 FAB, Band, Orchestra, Junior Class President
Frederick Haslett 1943 Band, ROTC, "He's not behind the plow."
Thomas Haslett 1943 Band, Orchestra, Pep Band
Nell Hayes 1943 "Quietly left us in February"
Ruth Heath 1943 Senior Honor Society, Tri Sigma, Commencement Committee
Chester Henson 1943 Capt. Tennis Team, V.P. A Cappella, Gavel Club
Gerald Hines 1943 Cross Country, Track, Junior Prom Committee
Sue Holman 1943 V.P. FAB, Glee Club, Junior Play
John Hovanec 1943 Football, Basketball, Track, Spice & Variety
Mitzi Hunker 1943 Freshman Class Treasurer, FAB, Jr. Rose Day Comm.
Doris Icenogle 1943 Sec. Tri Sigma, GAA, Scholarship Committee
Frank Irvine 1943 Baseball, Basketball, Football Mgr., Sen. Boys' Treasurer
Robert Joseph 1943 Football
Loretta Kane 1943 Tri Sigma
Kenneth Keever 1943 ROTC, Soph. & Jr. Plays, Dramatic Class
Ellen Jean Keirn 1943 Annual, Social Chairman of GAA, Co-Chair Tri Sigma Stamp Drive
Virginia Kelley 1943 GAA, Tri Sigma Defense Stamp Sale
Joan Kerlin 1943 Junior Prom Comm., FAB, Cheerleader, V.P. Girls' Band
Eloise Kirk 1943 "A Sweet-tempered secretary enters the business world"
Nicholas Klimis 1943 Football and handball enthusiast who answered the call
Joseph Kordys 1943 "Wants to be a success in life"
Judith Koss 1943 GAA, Spanish Club
Margaret Kozak 1943 Concert Orchestra, Glee Club
Marilyn Laird 1943 Co-Chair Jr. Rose Day Comm., Tri Sigma, Co-Chair Stamp Drive
Robert Laurie 1943 "Our tailor" from Goldblatt's
Doris Lawrence 1943 Proud of her Red Cross certificate for nursing
Mary Katherine Lieber 1943 Sec. Senior Honor Society, Annual, Tri Sigma
Joann Little 1943 Treasurer Junior Class, GAA Board, Treasurer of FAB
Bertha Lodney 1943 Annual, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Farewell Comm.
Violet Lolich 1943 "A true Emersonian for the last two years."
Franklin Lynn 1943 Football, new to us from Marion, Kentucky
Nan Mack 1943 Sec. FAB, Fresh. Class Treasurer, Pres. A Cappella
Edward Madden 1943 Boys' State, Oratorical Contest, Co-Editor Annual
Helen Magrames 1943 GAA Board, Band, Orchestra
Edward Malec 1943 Another Emersonian employed by Uncle Sam
Manuel Manos 1943 Football, Class Basketball, Hi-Y
Virginia Mason 1943 Left early for parts unknown
James Maxwell 1943 Football, Baseball, Track, Class Basketball
Betty McCubbin 1943 Tri Sigma, 310's service roster
Mary McGuire 1943 GAA, Roselette Club, Glee Club, Jr. Rose Day Comm.
Jack McLaughlin 1943 Sociual Committee, B&G Comm., Chair Prom Comm.
Mary McNeely 1943 FAB, Girls' Band, Jr. Prom Comm., GAA
George Mihal 1943 Football Co-Capt., Baseball, Track, V.P. Board of Control
Francis Monroe 1943 "The world receives another good nurse"
Dorothy Moore 1943 "A good stenographer in the making."
Paul Muffoletto 1943 "Served Emerson, now serves Uncle Sam."
George Nabhan 1943 Football, Senior Class President, Track
Doris Nikchevich 1943 V.P. Junior Class, GAA, Tri Sigma, Spanish Club
Leo Noe 1943 Dramatic Class, Class Plays, Cheerleader
Dorothy Oeth 1943 Pres. Girls' Band, Glee Club, FAB, GAA
Shirley Oleska 1943 FAB, Glee Club, GAA, Junior Prom Committee
Cecil Oliver 1943 ROTC, American Legion Oratorical Contest, Soph & Jr. Plays
James Orr 1943 Football, Spice & Variety, Hi-Y, Band
Vlademar Palikucha 1943 Scholastic Committee, Class Basketball, Track, Class Day Comm.
Ann Panepinto 1943 "Ann prefers single blessedness."
Helen Patselis 1943 The orchestra was her chief interest
Patricia Pavese 1943 Junior Play, a member of Mrs. Greenwald's perfect register
Joseph Peckukevich 1943 "Puts his ROTC training to use in the Air Corps"
Beverly Pehr 1943 Jr. & Sen. Plays, GAA, Spanish Club
James Pesdan 1943 Cross Country, Class Basketball, Dramatic Class, A Cappella
Bernice Pesko 1943 GAA Board, left us in February
Walter Petrovich 1943 Annual, Class Basketball, made "A" on Civics final
Marcellina Pfeil 1943 FAB, GAA, Glee Club
Ida Pfile 1943 "Betty wants to be a stenographer."
Helen Pikula 1943 "Miss Rowe turns out another expert.:"
Mary Pitchford 1943 Pres. Tri Sigma, Sec. GAA, Sec. Board of Control
Bill Plunkett 1943 Football, Track, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Blanche Predaina 1943 GAA Treasurer, Booster Club, Tri Sigma, Jr. Rose Day Comm.
Marilyn Quinn 1943 FAB, GAA, an able candy seller
Violet Radvell 1943 "New here, but thinks it's perfect."
Rodman Ramage 1943 "He wants to be a good soldier or sailor."
George Razumich 1943 "The merry twinkle in his eye, his reserve does belie."
Aaron Reames 1943 Annual, Soph. Play, ROTC
Mary Relic 1943 Proud of her OGA Club membership
James Renn 1943 Band, ROTC,
Eugene Roades 1943 Football, he's in the Army now."
Mildred Roades 1943 Treasurer Tri Sigma, GAA Commencement Committee
Lorraine Robbins 1943 Sophomore Play, Junior Rose Day Committee
Dorothy Rockhill 1943 V.P. Senior Class, FAB, GAA, Glee Club
Frank Roman 1943 Football, Honorary Captain of Basketball, Pres. BOC
Blanche Sacketos 1943 GAA Board, V.P. Juniuor Honor Society, Glee Club
Fred Schieb 1943 Football, Basketball, Track, Boys' Junior Class Treasurer
George Settle 1943 Football, Class Basketball, "he's a sailor now
Stanley Sharpe 1943 "Couldn't stay long, Navy took him."
Louis Shively 1943 "Slept a semester in economics."
Glenn Shultz 1943 Boys' Band
Sadie Sides 1943 FAB, Junior Rose Day Committee
Dorothy Simpson 1943 Tri Sigma, GAA, Opera, Glee Club
Darrell Smeltzer 1943 A Cappella, Track, Hi-Y
Marcia Smolensky 1943 Jr. & Sen. Plays, GAA, Spanish Club
Henry Sobal 1943 Football, Track, Basketball, Junior Prom Comm., Fresh. Cl Comm.
Dessie Spiros 1943 Dramatics, Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Christmas Pageant
Kenneth Spurr 1943 Sergeant in ROTC
Betty Steffus 1943 Tri Sigma, helped make 310 a perfect register
Merle Strasburg 1943 Band, Capt. ROTC, Rifle Team
Mary Sullivan 1943 GAA, Tri Sigma
Timothy Sullivan 1943 Football, Track, Class Basketball, Junior Prom Committee
Gladys Surowiec 1943 Another register 310 enthusiast
Jim Swan 1943 Football, Basketball, V.P. Junior Class
Carolyn Talbert 1943 Senior Honor Society, Junior Play, Junior Pro Committee
Agnes Taylor 1943 Tri Sigma, GAA, Spice & Variety
Doris Thompson 1943 A new member of the busy register 310
Edward Thompson 1943 Dramatic Class, A Cappella, Christmas Pageant
Robert Thompson 1943 "Emerson's loss is the Army's gain."
Marguerite Toigo 1943 GAA, Discussion Club
Milard Trivanovich 1943 Football, Class Basketball, Hi-Y
Rose Trivanovich 1943 Sec. Senior Class, Tri Sigma
Phyllis Underwood 1943 Masque & Gavel, Annual, Class Plays
Elenore Urban 1943 Junior Honor Society, GAA
Prudence Valenti 1943 "A peppy newcomer from Lew Wallace."
Irene Vargo 1943 Glee Club, Spice & Variety, A Cappella
Toula Viekos 1943 Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, GAA
Charles Wardrip 1943 Commission in ROTC, Boys' Band, Stage Hand
Morva Wellman 1943 "Arrived here senior year and likes it."
Pauline Wiedeman 1943 GAA, Glee Club
Tillie Witos 1943 Spanish Club
William Wolf 1943 ROTC
William Wolfington 1943 ROTC
Eleanor Yankovich 1943 GAA, Freshman Frolic Committee, Latin Club
Irene Yankovich 1943 GAA, Freshman Frolic Committee, Latin Club
Elsie Zemel 1943 Another proud member of Register 310
Mildred Zivonovich 1943 Senior Honor Society, Co-Ed. Annual, V.P. GAA
Sophie Zyha 1943 GAA Board, Junior Prom Committee
Albert Abraham 1944 Basketball, Football, Baseball, Favorite song: "My Silent Mood"
Robert Abraham 1944 Baseball, Basketball, Football, "Take It Easy"
Shirley Alterwitz 1944 Dramatic Cl, Cl Plays, Girls' Glee Club, "That Soldier Boy of Mine"
Dolores Anderson 1944 GAA, FAB, Co-Ch of Bacc. Comm., "You're a Sweet Little Someone"
Norman Andrews 1944 "This is the Life"
Norma Aronson 1944 "Whispering"
Marian Babilla 1944 Orchestra, Girls; Band, GAA, "Dark Eyes"
Roy Bailey 1944 Cross Country, Track, Class Basketball, "In My Merry Oldsmobile"
Milton Barker 1944 Football, Basketball Mgr., Sec. Jr. Class, "Me and My Shadow"
Fay Behr 1944 Senior Play, "My Little Cousin"
Lillian Behr 1944 GAA, Senior Play, "The Sunshine of Your Smile"
Emily Bizek 1944 GAA Board, Sen. Ben. Dance C., "Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue"
Margaret Bodnar 1944 "Footloose and Fancy Free"
Ray Bowron 1944 "Easy Street"
Alexander Bozich 1944 "Where Do We Go From Here"
Helen Brickley 1944 Glee Club, A Cappella, Booster Comm., "Third Finger, Left Hand"
Louis Bruce 1944 "Oh, How I Hate To Get Up in the Morning"
Anna Mae Bucko 1944 "My Alice Blue Gown"
Tom Burns 1944 "On the Loose"
Mary Calhoun 1944 GAA, " Happy Go Lucky"
Dominic Candiano 1944 "The Music Goes Round and Round"
Robert Cannon 1944 "I Thnk When I Read"
John Carija 1944 Football, Track, ROTC, "You'd Be Surprised"
Joyce Christensen 1944 "Stay As Sweet As You Are."
Dan Ciarfaglia 1944 "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."
Joseph Cieply 1944 "What Do You Know, Joe?"
Mary Lou Cluster 1944 GAA, Spice & Variety, Dramatic Class, "Mary Lou"
Patricia Coleman 1944 Sen. Honor Society, V.P. A Cappella, GAA, "Thanks for the Memory"
Katherine Coveris 1944 "K-K-K-Katy"
Hall Jr. Cutler 1944 "I Don't Care"
Don Dammarell 1944 "Small Fry"
Irene Davis 1944 Concert Orchestra, "Irene"
Delight De Vine 1944 Tri Sigma, Jr. Play, GAA, "Delightful, Delovely"
Gloria Dolato 1944 "There's Something About Soldier"
Regina Dombrowski 1944 "When You're Smiling"
Josephine Dominick 1944 "Just a Kid Named Joe"
Joe Donahue 1944 No activities listed in yearbook
Joan Dowling 1944 "Friendship"
Jack Dunn 1944 Track, Cross Country, Class Bball, "I Haven't a Care in the World"
Lois Dunsworth 1944 "Smiles"
Virginia Dwyer 1944 Art Ed. Annual, BOC, Co-Chair Bond Sales, "Artist's Life"
Patricia Egan 1944 Jr. & Sen. Prom Comm., FAB. GAA, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"
William Elwood 1944 ROTC, "A Man and His Dreams"
Dolores Emershy 1944 "PaperDolly"
Angela Escudero 1944 Cheerleader, Pr. Girls' Band, Booster, "A Little Girl Is Good for You"
Donald Felts 1944 Boys' Band, A Cappella, "The Little Man Who Wasn't There"
Robert Ferguson 1944 ROTC, "No Love, No Nothin'"
Marian Fickes 1944 GAA Treasurer, BOC, Girls' Conference, "The Girl He Left Behind"
Harriet Frankowski 1944 GAA, "Little Girl"
Beryl Fuller 1944 GAA, Girls' Band, "Easy Come, Easy Go"
Sara Garner 1944 Pres. Orch, Annual, Bond Sales, "She's Just a Sailor's Sweetheart"
Albina Gayer 1944 "Till We Meet Again"
Betty Gaynor 1944 Sec. Orch., GAA Board, Sec. Girls' Conf., "Green Eyes"
Louis Genduso 1944 "You're in the Army Now"
Zoe George 1944 "I Threw a Kiss to the Ocean"
Dorothy Gibbons 1944 V.P. GAA, Girls' Treas. S. Class., Ch. Social Comm., "Little Miss Irish"
Elaine Glenn 1944 Bsnd, A Cappella, GAA, "Star Eyes"
Rose Goldman 1944 Bus. Mgr. Annual, "Everyman," Christmas Pageant, "Now I Know"
Mary Ann Gordon 1944 Orchestra, Band, Scholarship Comm., "You Think of Everything"
James Gram 1944 Triac Cross Country, Class Basketball, "Dance with Dolly"
Kathleen Gram 1944 "Did Your Mother Come from Ireland"
John Gurnewicz 1944 Annual, Art Club, Class Memorial Comm., "Oh, Johnny!"
Ollie Habhab 1944 "Is I Gotta Go To School, Ma?"
Donald Hamang 1944 "I Don't Get It"
Donald Hamilton 1944 Class Basketball, Track Manager, "Taking a Chance on Love"
Thomas Hampton 1944 Cheerleader, Boys' Band, Booster C., "Taking a Chance on Love"
Gloria Hansen 1944 Senior Honor Society, GAA, A Cappella, "Because It's Love"
Patricia Hansen 1944 Concert Orchestra, GAA, Roselette, "Keep on Smiling"
Richard Hile 1944 "If You Please"
Robert Hodges 1944 ROTC, "Me, Myself and I"
Glenn Holmes 1944 "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
Gordon Janney 1944 "Happy Mood"
Robert Johnson 1944 Pres. Boys' Bnd, Co-Ed. Annual, Tennis Tm,"Music, Maestro, Please"
Agnes Karaffa 1944 FAB, Roselette, GAA, "Sweet and Simple"
Robert Karver 1944 Senior Play, Class Basketball, Hi-Y, "This Love of Mine"
Anna Kaslik 1944 "I've Got Love"
Hedy Kazmirski 1944 "So Help Me"
Rose Margaret Keilman 1944 He's My Guy"
Margaret Keirn 1944 Band, Booster Comm., Tri Sigma, "I've Got a Secret Weapon"
Lillian Klazura 1944 A cappella, Girls' Glee Club, Senior Play, "Jim"
Ray Knezevich 1944 "Sunny Boy"
Bessie Kolettis 1944 GAA, A Cappella, Girls' Glee Club, "Every Dreamer Has His Day"
George Kolettis 1944 Sen. Honor Society, Orchestra, A Cappella, "My Sister and I'
John Kordys 1944 "He's My Uncle"
John Krajack 1944 "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
Conrad Kuzma 1944 "Sometimes"
Marcella Lavikus 1944 "On the Sentimental Side"
Marilyn Lee 1944 "In the Mood"
Winifred Lee 1944 GAA, Soph. Play Committee, "As Time Goes By"
Jane Ann Legg 1944 A Cappella, FAB, Hd Majorette Concert Band, "Honest to Goodness"
Angeline Lewandowski 1944 "Angeline"
Bill Lierman 1944 "I Gotta See a Girl About Love"
Carolyn Locke 1944 GAA, Girls' Band, "I'm Saving Myself for Bill"
Geraldine Lutkus 1944 "Our School Days Are Passed"
Wllliam MacLeod 1944 "Little Willie"
Hedy Manista 1944 "Dolores"
Clara Maragos 1944 "Happy"
Harold Maxwell 1944 Senior Class Officer, Football, "Here Comes the Navy"
Doris McDaniel 1944 GAA, Prom Committee, Soph. Play, "Girl of My Dreams"
Clara Meneakis 1944 Sen. Honor Soc, GAA, Play, "Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl"
Harriette Mericle 1944 "As I Strum on My Big Bass Viol"
Jerry Mersenski 1944 ROTC, Social Comm., "The Little Colonel"
Larry Miller 1944 ROTC, Annual, Dramatics, "Can't Make Up My Mind"
Phyllis Miller 1944 Pres. Sen. Honor Society, GAA Board, BOC, "School Days"
Anna Momcilovich 1944 "The Dreamer"
Earle Moore 1944 Senior Play, "For Me and My Gal"
Gilbert Mueller 1944 ROTC, "I Love Life"
Concentina Muffoletto 1944 GAA, Soph. Play, "This is a Wonderful World"
Jane Namys 1944 "Curly Top"
Betty Nelson 1944 Tri Sigma, GAA Board, Soph. Play, "My Dream"
Phyllis Neubaum 1944 "Angels of Mercy"
Jeanette Novick 1944 "I'll Be Around"
Joseph Nowicki 1944 "Graduation Song"
Virginia Nuthall 1944 Home, Sweet Home"
Wanda Ohmann 1944 "Welcome Wanda"
Thomas O'Melia 1944 "Now or Never"
Catherine Orgon 1944 Pres. GAA, Pres. Girls' Conf., Senior Play, "You Can Depend on Me"
Jack Owen 1944 "This is the Army"
Shirley Owen 1944 A Cappella, Boys' Band, GAA, "I Don't Want to Walk Without You"
Bernard Padgett 1944 Panel Discussion Chairman, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Irene Palasz 1944 Jr. & Sen. Honor Society, Annual, "Constantly"
Martin Paligraph 1944 "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day"
Jack Parry 1944 "Laugh Provoker"
Ann Parthun 1944 Tri Sigma, Girls' Band, GAA, "I Wonder When My Baby's Com Home"
Marion Person 1944 Junior & Senior Plays, GAA, "Memories"
Dorothy Pfile 1944 "Time On My Hands"
Dolores Piasecki 1944 "Speak Low"
Mary Pierce 1944 V.P. Orchestra, A Cappella, "So-Long, Mary"
Dorothy Puinti 1944 Co-Ed Annual, Hd Cheerlder, GAA, "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings"
Martin Rabinowitz 1944 Football, Debating, Cl Bball, "Why Don't You Fall in Love With Me?"
Doris Reaves 1944 "Here Goes"
Helen Reynolds 1944 Senior Play, "There's Only One Man in the World for Me"
Barbara Rondinelli 1944 GAA, Soph. Play, "Brown Eyes"
George Rothman 1944 "Whistle While You Work"
Eleanor Rysz 1944 Bond and Sales Sales, "Any Bonds Today?"
Phyllis Saffron 1944 A Cappella, Glee Cl, S. Hon Soc, "I've Got a Pocket Full Full of Drms"
Mary Sargis 1944 "Mary"
Catherine Sefton 1944 Sec. BOC, Sec. GAA, Ch. Booster Comm., "Slender, Tender & Tall"
Augusta Settle 1944 GAA Board, FAB, "White Gardenias"
Lucy Shabaz 1944 "Smilin' Through"
Loretta Shaw 1944 "What Is There To Say?"
Joseph Sikora 1944 "G.I. Jive"
Joe Skorich 1944 "A Merry Life"
Harry Smith 1944 "Little Mischief Maker"
Frances Smothers 1944 GAA, A Cappella, "I Don't Have Time To Be Lonesome"
Paul Stanko 1944 "After the Ball Is Over"
Honora Sullivan 1944 "Chew, Chew Your Bubble Gum"
Margie Surowiec 1944 "Ten Little Soldiers"
Adele Szelagowski 1944 "Margie"
Ted Szostek 1944 "Ain't Mis-behavin"
Audrey Tallyn 1944 "She Don't Wanna"
Violet Tarailo 1944 "Time Alone Will Tell"
Edward Thompson 1944 "Anchors Aweigh"
Thomas Thompson 1944 "I've Got My Idea of a Wonderful Time"
Donna Thrasher 1944 "Pretty As a Picture"
Melvin Tippy 1944 "Ah, Tis a Dream"
Pauline Titak 1944 "Moonlight Moon"
John Toth 1944 "Where Do You Work, John?"
June Townsley 1944 V.P. Sen. Honor Society, GAA, A Cappella, "Cupid's After Me"
Beatrice Trimble 1944 "Oh, You Beautiful Doll"
Joseph Urban 1944 "It's Eight O'Clock"
Donald Vincent 1944 Calling Romance"
Olympia Vlad 1944 "Always Last"
Lois Wardrip 1944 "Back Home Again in Indiana"
Jane Way 1944 "My Hero"
Stanley Wellence 1944 Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair"
Don Wisely 1944 "Where, Oh, Where?"
Mary Wolfington 1944 "A Girl To Be Proud Of"
Jo Ann Woodward 1944 "So Far, So Good"
Genevieve Zajac 1944 "Sweet Genevieve"
Mike Zakutansky 1944 Pres. Senior Class, Basketball Mgr., Annual, "You're a Lucky Guy"
Elsie Zinanni 1944 "Waiting to Grow"
Edward Zychnowicz 1944 "So Long"
Lillian Abraham 1945 GAA, GAA Board, "Abe"
George Alexander 1945 Pres. Senior Class, V.P. Boys' Band, & Orchestra, Yearbook, "Axle"
Leda Andasen 1945 GAA, Spanish Club, "Lee"
Jeanne Anderson 1945 Pres. Glee Club, V.P. A Cappella, GAA Board, "Andy"
Mary Angotti 1945 Soph. Play Comm., GAA, Yearbook, "Shorty"
Henry Antczak 1945 Football, Spice & Variety, "Mix"
Robert Apathy 1945 Football, Annual Sales Staff, Spice & Variety, "App"
Betty Aton 1945 GAA Board, "Tag"
Constance Augustine 1945 Basketball, "Connie"
Samuel Auld 1945 Spanish Club, "Sam"
Betty Jean Babilla 1945 Pres. Glee Club, Girls' Band Officer, A Cappella, "Jelly Bean"
Frieda Bando 1945 Senior Honor Society
Arthur Banjamin 1945 Mgr. Of Concert Band and Orch, S&V, Co-Ch of J. & S. Prom, "Artie"
Daniel Barrick 1945 Football, Chairman B&G,Junior Play, "Serb"
Theresa Bartezak 1945 Spice & Variety, "Terry"
William Batalis 1945 Senior Honor Society, Class Basketball, "Bill"
Charles Bewick 1945 Football, Class Basketball, ROTC Officer, "Chuck"
Evelyn Biernat 1945 GAA, Booster Committee, "Evie"
John Bizanes 1945 Football, Basketball, Baseball, "Golden Greek"
June Blakerzyk 1945 Dramatic Club, Constitution Committee
Joan Blumenstein 1945 "Jo"
Adriann Bocskay 1945 BOC, Sec. Concert Orchestra, Scholarship Comm., "Bosco"
Chester Bokich 1945 Pres. Junior Class, Football, Pres. BOC,
Emmett Bosak 1945 Football, Track, Class Basketball, "Punky"
Janice Brink 1945 FAB, GAA, Junior Play, "Jan"
Esqueline Burton 1945 Asst. Mgr. Girls' Band, Sec. Glee Club, B&G Comm., "Dolly"
Angeline Cappony 1945 V.P. Soph. Class, V.P. Girls' Band, GAA Basketball Head, "Capone"
Edward Carija 1945 Track, Class Basketball, "Shanks"
Robert Carver 1945 ROTC Officer, "Bob"
Florence Caulk 1945 Editor "Emer-Sun News," GAA, Office Clerk, ""Flo Flo"
Wanda Chaja 1945 GAA, Spice & Variety, Glee Club, "Buttone"
John Charlebois 1945 Treas. Jr. Class, Sen. Rep. BOC, Booster Comm., "Jack"
John Chontos 1945 Football, Softball, Class Basketball
Mary Churchia 1945 Junior Honor Society, GAA, Spanish Club, "Mar"
Gene Coffman 1945 Prom Committee, ROTC
Alfred Cohen 1945 ROTC, Yearbook, "Percy"
Allen Combs 1945 Junior Honor Society, Band, ROTC, "Al"
Alice Condo 1945 Chair. Social Comm., V.P. GAA, BOC, "Jamie"
Edward Cooper 1945 ROTC
Mavis Copley 1945 Roselette Club, GAA, Glee Club, "Mave"
Catina Coutouzis 1945 GAA Board, Glee Club, Junior Honor Society, "Kiki"
Bob Crane 1945 Pres. Senior Honor Society, Basketball, Baseball, "Birdie"
Rosemary Cummer 1945 Yearbook, A Cappella, "Rosie"
Dorothy Davis 1945 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, "Glee Club
James Dimitroff 1945 Football, Spanish Club, Class Basketball, "Jimmy"
Mary Dotlich 1945 GAA, Spanish Club, Sen. Class Day Comm., "Squeezy"
Robert Elliott 1945 Sen. Class Treasurer, Football, Basketball, "Bob"
Robert Elwood 1945 "Bob"
Roma Evans 1945 Chair GAA, Chair Social Comm., Pres. B&G Comm., "Ronnie"
Beverly Fenton 1945 Junior Honor Society, GAA, Spanish Club, "Bev"
Betty Ferguson 1945 Roselette Club, Yearbook, Latin Club, "Ferg"
Keith Fink 1945 Senior Honor Society, Bugler, Band Officer, "Ivan"
Patricia Fisch 1945 Senior Dramatic Class, Concert Band Officer, Prom Committee
Alice Fisher 1945 Orchestra, Spanish Club
Dorothy Flanders 1945 Publicity Mgr. Girls' Band, "Dot"
Jacqueline Flemming 1945 "Jackie"
Patricia Freant 1945 "Pat"
Rae Friedman 1945 No activities listed in yearbook
Phyllis Fuhrman 1945 GAA, Swimming Awards, "Ferdi"
Ralph Gagliardi 1945 ROTC, Commencement Committee, Basketball, "Gags"
Leon Galka 1945 Class Basketball, "Clown"
Robert Gallagher 1945 A Cappella, Latin Club, ROTC, "Bob
Consuelo Garcia 1945 Girls' Ed. Yearbook, Treas. Sen. Honor Society, Cl Plays, "Connie"
Dolores Gile 1945 GAA Board, Head of Swimming, "Dede"
Eugene Griffith 1945 Melody Makers, Boys' Band Officer, Spanish Club, "Griff"
Regina Haj 1945 Virgie"
Richard Hall 1945 Pres. A Cappella, Art Ed. Of "Emer-Sun News," "Dick"
Evelyn Halvatgis 1945 GAA, Girls'' Band, Majorette, "Evie"
Mary Lou Heller 1945 Christms Pageant, "Putch"
Dolores Hile 1945 GAA Board, Head of Speedball, Soph. & Jr. Plays, "Do-Do"
Dorothy Hinchey 1945 Spanish Club, "Dot"
Audrey Hines 1945 GAA, "Aud"
Georgia Hummer 1945 Spanish Club
Dolores Irzyk 1945 Spice & Variety, Glee Club, A Cappella, "Dee"
Lois Jannasch 1945 Roselette Club, Spice & Variety, GAA, "Jay"
Don Janney 1945 Senior Honor Society, Soph. Play, ROTC, "Jon"
Arthur Jascovich 1945 Class Day Comm., Latin Club, Capt. ROTC, "Art"
Warren Johnson 1945 Yearbook, A Cappella, Boys' Band, "Johnnie"
Betty Lee Jones 1945 Class Plays, Glee Club, GAA, "Bett"
Frances Juarez 1945 GAA, Orchestra, Glee Club, "Fran"
Julian Kaplan 1945 Class Basketball, ROTC, Spanish Club, "Jolting Julie"
Robert Kaplar 1945 Pres. Orchestra, Spice & Variety, B&G Comm., "Bugs"
Marilyn Kellstrom 1945 A Cappella, Jr. & Sen. Plays, B&G Comm., "Mernie"
Dorothy Kepshire 1945 Senior Class Treasurer, Majorette, "Kep"
Ernest Koenig 1945 Spanish Club, ROTC, Sophomore Play, "Ernie"
Frank Kokos 1945 Football, ROTC
Frances Kolakowski 1945 A Cappella, "Fran"
Rosemary Komlenich 1945 Ed. "Emer-Sun News," Jr. Honor Soc, Fresh. Rep to BOC, "Rosie"
Adeline Kuchta 1945 Pres. GAA, Head of Booster Comm., Head Cheerleader, "Adj"
Ellen Jean Kuck 1945 Prom Committee, Spice & Variety, A cappella, "Jeannie"
Patricia Kuzma 1945 Orchestra, Glee Club, Melody Makers, "Pat"
Martin Landis 1945 Band, Scholarship Committee, "Marty"
Roma Leady 1945 "Shorty"
Merrit Lesch 1945 Football, Basketball, Soph. Class Treasurer, "Slug"
Dorothy Lewandowski 1945 Glee Club, Orchestra, A Cappella, "Dorth"
Donna Little 1945 V.P. Senior Class, Annual, GAA Board, "Donnie"
Kathleen McGuire 1945 GAA Board, Glee Club, A Cappella, "Mug"
George McKinney 1945 Football, V.P. Freshman Class, "Mac"
Mary Dawn McLeod 1945 GAA, "Myrt"
Bernice Micikowski 1945 Band, "Babs"
Mike Mihal 1945 ROTC, "Mickey"
Gene Miller 1945 Football, V.P. BOC, Capt. 1944 Track Team, "Diz"
Judith Miller 1945 Yearbook, "Judy"
Ned Miller 1945 Senior Class Secretary, Band, Rifle Team, "Mil"
Nick Miller 1945 Football, Track, Basketball, "Fox"
Alfred Mohr 1945 Prop. Mgr. Orchestra, Little Symphony, ROTC, "Ted"
Enid Moise 1945 Senior Honor Society, Class Plays, Orchestra Officer, "Inky"
Theresa Motto 1945 Treasurer GAA, Spice & Variety, Girls' Conf. Chairman, "Terry"
Jim Mulzon 1945 Track Team, "Cooker"
Richard Oljace 1945 Asst. Mgr. Orchestra, ROTC, Little Symphony, "Spider"
Benjamin O'Melia 1945 Band, Orchestra, ROTC, "Ben"
Jack Palmer 1945 Football, Track
Bessie Pantinas 1945 Senior Honor Society, Yearbook, A Cappella, "Bess"
Helen Pany 1945 GAA, Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club
Irene Pawlowski 1945 Senior Honor Society, GAA,
Leland Penrod 1945 Senior Honor Society, Pres. Boys' Band, ROTC Rifle Team, "Penny"
Marianne Petrakos 1945 Senior Honor Society, Spanish Club, GAA, "Becky"
Alice Pinkowski 1945 A Cappella, Chair. Stamp & Bond Sales, Sen Dramatic Club, "Pinkey"
Gloria Raboin 1945 GAA
Betty Jane Randle 1945 GAA, Glee Club
Anna Belle Reily 1945 Sen. Honor Society, Bus. Mgr. Yearbook, Jr. Class Sec., Cl Plays
Harold Rickard 1945 ROTC Rifle Team, "Bob"
Norman Robinson 1945 Cross Country, Track,, Sophomore Play, "Robin"
Norma Rodgerson 1945 Prom Committee, Band Officer
Rudy Romischer 1945 Boys' Ed. Yearbook, Band Officer, ROTC Officer, "Red"
James Ronchi 1945 Band, Christmas Pageant, Spice & Variety
Robert Rottenberg 1945 Yearbook staff, Spice & Variety, Class Basketball, "Bob"
Elaine Rubis 1945 GAA Board, Prom Comm., Junior Play, "Russian"
Bronco Samarzia 1945 Class Basketball, "Bronc"
Sam Sargis 1945 Annual staff, Spanish Club, Class Basketball, "Persian"
Dorothy Shinners 1945 FAB, Roselette Club, GAA, "Dorse"
Audrey Sides 1945 FAB, Roselette Club, Senior Play & Hmcoming Dance Comm., "Aud"
Ruth Simmons 1945 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Skorich 1945 Girls' Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Scholarship Committee
Daniel Smatana 1945 "Smuts"
Duane Smeltzer 1945 Boys' Band, Senior Dramatic Club, A Cappella
Norma Jean Smith 1945 FAB, Roselette Club, GAA, "Smitty"
Peter Sopko 1945 "Pete"
Lois Svendsen 1945 Spice & Variety, Majorette, Christmas Pageant, "Red"
Robert Swanson 1945 Jr. Honor Society, Band, Picture Projector Operator, "Scotty"
Alice Syler 1945 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Spanish Club, "Silo"
Guendolyn Timmerman 1945 Spanish Club, "Gwen"
Milan Uzelac 1945 ROTC, Rifle Team, Spanish Club, "Goucho"
Louis Vidal 1945 Football, Band, Class Basketball, "Little Lowie"
Delores Villanueva 1945 No activities listed in yearbook
Richard Vrtikapa 1945 Class Basketball, Spanish Club, "Mucho"
George Wahlsmith 1945 Band, ROTC Officer, "Bud"
Ruth Ann Waitt 1945 Senior Honor Society, Concert Orchestra, A Cappella, "Rudy"
Kenneth Wallace 1945 Sophomore Play, Booster & Scholarship Committees, "Kenny"
Lester Weiss 1945 Basketball, Track Mgr., Basketball Mgr. "Zits"
Robert Wellman 1945 "Bob"
John Welsh 1945 ROTC, "J. R."
Jack Wilczynski 1945 Band Officer, Track, Spanish Club, "Pinky"
Edith Wotherspoon 1945 A Cappella, Girls'Glee Club
Theodore Young 1945 ROTC
George Zayats 1945 Varsity Basketball, Track, Baseball
Christine Angelos 1946 GAA, Band, Orchestra, A Cappella
Joyce Banker 1946 Dramatics, GAA, A Cappella, Glee Club, Band, Soph. Play, "Blondie"
Delores Barrick 1946 Sec. BOC, Jr. Play, Booster and Sen. Play Comm., S&V, "Queenie"
Blanche Bartley 1946 GAA, Girls' Band, Orchestra Librarian, "Bart"
Elaine Berezin 1946 Spanish Club, Senior Play, "Bear"
Florentine Bittner 1946 Sophomore Play, "Tony"
Patricia Bowser 1946 Bedside Student, "Pat"
Lorraine Brauner 1946 G AA, Glee Club, "Blue Eyes"
Frank Brudnachowski 1946 Dramatics, S. Play, V.P. Orchestra, Track, A Cappella, ROTC, "Brud"
Bernice Brummer 1946 GAA Treasurer, Scholarship Committee, "Bernie"
Nell Burns 1946 Soph., Jr., & Sen. Plays, GAA, "Nellie"
Willard Burtner 1946 Band, Orchestra
Bernice Bushwty 1946 Junior Honor Society, Senior Prom Committee, GAA Board, "Bush"
Edward Carija 1946 Track, Class Basketball
Carl Carnahan 1946 Football, BOC, B&G Committee, "Rabbit"
Domonic Cefali 1946 Football, Baseball, ROTC, Senior Play, Spanish Club, "Dom"
Helen Checkon 1946 Jr. & Senior Honor Society, Sand & Steel, "E" Magazine, "Chick"
Mildred Christ 1946 Band, GAA, Spanish Club. "Millie"
Henry Cieslak 1946 Baseball, Class Basketball, "Hank"
George Colley 1946 Football, Bball, Bsball, Track,Sen. Honor Soc., Latin Cl Pres, "E' Mag
Robert Cooper 1946 Senior Honor Society, "E" Magazine, Cross Country, Track, S&S
Georgia Ann Corliss 1946 Band, Orchestra Librarian, GAA, Glee Club, "Ann"
Calleroy Coutouzis 1946 Jr. Honor Society, Sec. GAA, Pres. Girls' Band, BOC, Cheerleader
Bruce Cowen 1946 Band, ROTC
Phyllis Cramer 1946 Dramatics, GAA, A Cappella, "Fil"
Helen Cunningham 1946 GAA, Majorette, "Pug"
Lorraine Danford 1946 A Cappella, GAA, Glee Club, "Lorrie"
John Depanion 1946 Basketball Cross Country, ROTC, Class Day Committee, "Jack"
Doris Dobbick 1946 GAA, Dramatics, "Do Do"
John Dolatowski 1946 Band, Track, Class Basketball, "Dol"
Helen Donahoe 1946 GAA Board, BOC, Cheerleader, Ftball Queen, Jr. Cl Off. "Deda Mae"
Marin Doneff 1946 Football, Class Basketball
John Donley 1946 Track, Cross Country, Football, Class Basketball, Senior Play, "Jack"
Delores Elia 1946 Dramatics, GAA, "De De"
Betty Fedorchak 1946 GAA Social Chairman, Scholarship Committee, "Betts"
Rosemary Felts 1946 Pres. Senior Honor Society, Ed. S&S and "E", A Cappella, "Rosie"
Josephine Fernandez 1946 Annual, BOC, GAA, Scholar. Comm, Jr. Play, Sen. Cl Treas, "Joe"
Mona Finton 1946 Band, Orchestra, GAA, A Cappella, "Slim"
Clarence Fisher 1946 Class Basketball, ROTC, "Clank"
John Frame 1946 Baseball, ROTC, Prom Comm., Cross Coiuntry, Class Bball, B&G
Henry Frankowski 1946 Baseball, Track, Cross Country, Class Basketball, "Franko"
Albert Gasper 1946 Basketball, Class Off, Prom Comm, Cross Country, ROTC, "Hoagie"
Viola Geanchos 1946 GAA, Spanish and French Clubs, Senior Play, "Balola"
Kathryn George 1946 GAA, A Cappella, Junuior Play, Spice & Variety, "Katy"
Jean Gerometta 1946 Jr. & Senior Honor Soc, BOC, "E" Magazine, Sand & Steel, "Gerry"
Gerry Goldman 1946 Junior Honor Society, V.P. Band, Track, Senior Play, Tennis, "Ger"
Bernice Grakey 1946 Soph. Class Secretary, Soph. Play, "Bern"
Shirley Groves 1946 Senior Honor Society, Annual, B&G, GAA, Cl Day Comm, "Deda Ann"
Frank Guemple 1946 A Cappella, Dramatics, Cl Plays, ROTC, Debate Meet, S&V, Latin Clb
Velimir Gurgevich 1946 Pres. Senior Class, BOC, Class Bball, Senior Play, Jr. Prom, "Serb"
Dorothy Guthrie 1946 Glee Club, "Dot"
Marcell Haviland 1946 Sec. Concert Orchestra, Glee Club, GAA, "Marcie"
Helen Hodges 1946 GAA, Head of Speedball, "Hodge"
Mary Holmes 1946 Glee Club, Sophomore Play, "Gene"
Jim Icenogle 1946 Senior Honor Society, Dramatic Class, "E" Magazone, Sand & Steel
Ann Jaksa 1946 GAA, "Annie"
Elaine Jenkins 1946 Band, Dramatics, "Laine"
Maudie Johnson 1946 V.P. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, GAA, "Maudie Lou Lou"
Helene Karras 1946 A Cappella, Junior & Senior Plays, Latin Club, "Nan"
Louis Karras 1946 Football Co-Capt., Class Basketball, "Big Louie"
Louise Kelly 1946 Junior Play, "Lou"
Christine Kish 1946 GAA, "Moe"
Robert Kutch 1946 Cross Country, "Bob"
Mildred Kuzma 1946 GAA, Glee Club, "Millie"
Martha Leach 1946 "Pud"
John Lewandowski 1946 Track, Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, ROTC, "Lever"
Mary Lewandowski 1946 Sophomore Play, "Lever"
Margaret Lowe 1946 GAA, Band, Senior Play, Ring Comm., Sen. Prom Comm., "Rusty"
Louis Magrames 1946 Band, Orchestra, Track, Res Football, 1st Col. ROTC, Sen. Pl, "Louie"
Robert Mann 1946 Senior Play, Span. Club, Fresh. Class & Commence. Comm., "Bob"
Michael Maragos 1946 Track Star, ROTC, "Golden Greek"
Ernest Matheus 1946 Attended Horace Mann, enlisted in Navy, graduated EHS after war
Lester Mayes 1946 Basketball, Football, Track, "Lee"
Agnes McConnell 1946 Fresh. Girls' Treas., BOC, Booster C, Majorette, Class Plays, "Aggie"
Marion McCosh 1946 Cross Country, Baseball, ROTC, French Club, Scholarship C, "Mar"
Donald McLaren 1946 Soph. Play "Trial By Jury," Senior Play, ROTC, "Don"
Irene Metaxas 1946 Pres.Orchestra, Little Symphony, A Cappella, Glee Club, GAA, "I"
Carol Miller 1946 Sen. Honor Society, GAA Board, A Cappella, S&V, S&S, "E", J Play
George Monfort 1946 Football, Class Basketball, Latin Club, ROTC, Baseball, "Monny"
Julia Motta 1946 Pres. GAA, Soph., Jr. & Senior Plays, BOC, Ring Comm., "Julie"
Gerald Mulloy 1946 Booster & Scholarship Comm., Sand & Steel, Class Day, "Ordy"
Marjy Mulloy 1946 GAA Board, Latin Club, Senior Classs Day Committee, "Irish"
David Necco 1946 Cross Country, ROTC, Band, "Neck"
Chester Niepokoj 1946 Cross Country, ROTC, Football, "Nipoki"
Wanda Nowicki 1946 V.P. GAA, Jun Prom Comm., Sen Play, Homecmg Dance, "Wandie"
Edward Oljace 1946 Sen. Honor Society, Debating Team, A Cappella, ROTC, Sen. Cl Day
Anthony Paskewicz 1946 ROTC, "Tony"
Eugene Pawlak 1946 ROTC, Baseball, "Gene"
Robert Petrovich 1946 V.P. Sen. Class, BOC, Class Basketball, Boys' Treasurer, "Beba"
John Plunkett 1946 Football, Baseball, Track, A Cappella, ROTC, Newspaper, "Plunk"
Roberta Polen 1946 Senior Play and Homecoming Dance, GAA, Latin Club, "Bertie"
Betty Poulos 1946 A Cappella, Glee Club, GAA, Dramatics, "Pool"
Robert Razumich 1946 Major ROTC, "Bob"
Josephine Rondinelli 1946 Jr. & Sen. Honor Society, GAA Board, "E" Magazine, Sen. Play
Hubert Rosenstock 1946 ROTC, Head Hall Guard, "Allan"
Mary Sancho 1946 GAA, Senior Prom Comm., BOC, Fresh. & Soph. Comm., "Sanch"
Mina Sarrato 1946 GAA, Glee Club, Spanish Club, "Min"
Marjorie Sayre 1946 Sophomore & Junior Plays, "Marjie"
Leo Settle 1946 Track, Cross Cntry, Newspaper, ROTC, Jr. & Sen Prom C, "Sets"
Esther Shabaz 1946 Jr. & Sen. Honor Society, Annual, Newspaper, Magazine, Glee Club
Rosemary Sigler 1946 Spanish Club, GAA, "Toni"
Alfred Smith 1946 Scholarship Committee, ROTC, Latin Club, "Smitty"
Barbara Smith 1946 Cheerleader, BOC, GAA Board, Booster Coimmittee, "Smitty"
May Sperl 1946 Sen. Honor Society, French & Latin Clubs, Debate Tm, Sand & Steel
Lillian Stachura 1946 "Strut"
Jack Stanton 1946 Dramatics, ROTC, "Jack"
Theresa Stawicki 1946 GAA, Girls' Concewrt Band, "Terry"
Nell Stevers 1946 GAA, Commencement Com., Senior Play Comm., "Gene"
Paul Stopke 1946 Orchestra Officer, ROTC, Latin Club, "Strop"
Chester Surowiec 1946 "Chet"
Martha Svantner 1946 GAA Board, "Mart"
Francis Tenta 1946 A Cappella, Orchestra, ROTC, Spanish Club, "Frank"
Rose Toth 1946 Valedictorian, Sec. Senior Honor Society, Newspaper, Magazine
Charles Vargo 1946 Band Officer, Orchestra Oficer, ROTC, Pep Band, Dum Major
Charles Vas 1946 Football, ROTC, Senior Play
Dorothy Vasko 1946 GAA, "Dot"
Thomas Wilson 1946 Basketball, "Icehouse"
Mary Wisely 1946 Senior Honor Society, Senior Magazine, Newspaper Staff, "Honey"
Ruth Wolf 1946 GAA, "Fox"
Ann Yaselsky 1946 GAA, Glee Club, Orchestra, Soph. Play, "Annie"
Robert Yesh 1946 Football, Class Basketball, "Bob"
Helen Yuro 1946 A Cappella, Glee Cl, Dramatics, GAA, Baccalaureate Comm., "Navie"
John Alley 1947 Cross Country, ROTC, Freshman Football
Oscar Alterwitz 1947 V.P. Hi-Y Club, Concert Orchestra, A Cappella
Nora Amabile 1947 GAA Board, Prom Committee, Scholarship Committee
Mary Angelos 1947 GAA, Band Publicity Mgr., A Cappella
Joseph Aydelotte 1947 Football, Basketball, Track
Jean Beauchamp 1947 Sec. Senior Honor Society, "Sand & Steel," Scholarship Committee
Dolores Bentley 1947 A Cappella, Sales Staff
Lucille Bewick 1947 Freshman Frolic Committee
Robert Boone 1947 Football, Band, Class Basketball
Robert Burger 1947 Boys' Band Mgr., Orchestra, Language Clubs
Eulalia Burns 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Bettie Carew 1947 GAA, Booster Committee, Sales Staff
Richard Carlberg 1947 Orchestra, ROTC
Shirley Cartner 1947 Senior Honor Society
Virginia Cibau 1947 Glee Club
Joseph Ciesielski 1947 ROTC
Janet Coros 1947 GAA, Glee Club, A Cappella
William Costley 1947 Football, Class Basketball, V.P. Junior Class
Milan Dakich 1947 Spice & Variety, Cross Country, Football
Robert Dawson 1947 Senior Honor Society, Pres. Boys' Band, Latin Club
Anita Di Re 1947 Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Louisa Di Re 1947 A Cappella, Pres. Concert Orchestra, Board of Control
Robert Doyle 1947 Baseball, Track, Football and Basketball Mgr.
Jack Egan 1947 Football, Basketball, Spice & Variety
Sadie Fairley 1947 Senior Clas Treasurer, Annual, Booster Committee
Olga Fekete 1947 Style Show
Tom Fernandez 1947 Class Basketball, Dramatics, Hi-Y Pres.
Helen Fidler 1947 Pres. Girls' Band, Orchestra, A Cappella
James Finnerty 1947 Football, Booster Committee, Cheerleader
Charles Fletcher 1947 Dramatic Class, Senior Play, Spice & Variety
James Fox 1947 A Cappella, Dramatics, Debate
Russell Frame 1947 Spice & Variety, Band, Soph. Play
Renee Friedman 1947 Pres. Senior Honor Society, GAA Board, Dramatics
Jane Gajewski 1947 A Cappella
Elaine Gately 1947 Senior Honor Society, "Sand & Steel," Latin Club
Jeanette Genduso 1947 GAA Board, Latin Club, Band
John George 1947 Football, Track, ROTC
Kathryn Gibson 1947 Concert Orchestra, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Edythe Goldman 1947 GAA Board, Senior Honor Society, Dramatics
Janette Goranovich 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Richard Green 1947 Newspaper Staff, Dramatics, Spanish Club
Elvira Gutierrez 1947 Spanish Club, Style Show, Spice & Variety
Sophie Hachlica 1947 Spanish Club, Glee Club
Rose Halascak 1947 Valedictorian, Senior Honor Society, Spanish Club
Betty Hamilton 1947 V.P. Girls' Band, V.P. GAA, Constitution Ciommittee
George Hansen 1947 Football, Basketball, Board of Control
Mary Ann Hansen 1947 GAA
Marilyn Hejnowski 1947 Annual, Board of Control, Spanish Club
Adeleine Hensley 1947 GAA
Madeleine Hensley 1947 GAA, Majorette
Sheila Hilton 1947 Glee Club, Concert Orchestra, Majorette
James Icenogle 1947 Senior Honor Society, Dramatic Class, "Everyman"
Jane Jagiela 1947 Glee Club, Spanish Club
Florence Jancoric 1947 GAA Board, Annual, Prom Committee
Esther Johnson 1947 GAA, Dramatics, Sales Staff
Shirley Jones 1947 Cheerleader, Booster Coimmittee, Sales Staff
William Kane 1947 Pres. Board of Control, Football, Basketball
Mary Kapnas 1947 Spanish Club, Sophomore Play
Betty Keever 1947 Sec. Girls' Band, Booster Committee, Sales Staff
Mary Kehayia 1947 GAA, Glee Club, Sales Staff
Kenneth Kessler 1947 ROTC
James King 1947 Football, Basketball, Jr. Class Treasurer
John King 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
John Klamo 1947 ROTC
Irene Klimis 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Kolettis 1947 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Editor "Sand & Steel,"
Joan Kolodinski 1947 Senior Play, Candy Sales, Sales Staff
Ray Komlenich 1947 Basketball, Annual, Booster Committee
Mary Kopcik 1947 GAA
Leonard Kordys 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Jean Koss 1947 Orchestra, Glee Club
Elizabeth Kozak 1947 Concert Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Paul Kutch 1947 Football, Annual, Spice & Variety
Niki Kypreos 1947 GAA, A Cappella, Latin Club
Beverly Lane 1947 GAA Board, Dramatics, A Cappella
Gerry Levenberg 1947 Junior Honor Society, Spice & Variety, Booster Committee
Michael Lewandowski 1947 Latin Club
Helen Lieber 1947 A Cappella, GAA, Sales Staff
Melvin Lierman 1947 Class Basketball, Band, Track
Cushman Lineback 1947 Senior Play, ROTC, Track
Rita Lynn 1947 GAA, Style Show
Alex Marco 1947 Dramatics Class, Cross Country, "Everyman"
Elizabeth Martin 1947 A Cappella, Annual, "Pinafore"
Nancy Mason 1947 Senior Class Secretary
Vernice Mayes 1947 Pres. GAA, Annual Building & Grounds
Maxine McCall 1947 GAA, Junior Play, Latin Club
John McLeod 1947 Football, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Alice Meneakis 1947 Junior Honor Society, GAA
Helen Mesic 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Elaine Metaxas 1947 A Cappella, GAA, "Pinafore"
Dorothy Metz 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Rudolph Mohr 1947 V.P. Boys' Band, Annual, Scholarship Committee
Angeline Muniz 1947 Senior Honor Society, GAA Board, Masque & Gavel
Mitchell Munyas 1947 Dramatics, Spice & Variety, Track
Jerome Muras 1947 Football, Class Basketball, Sales Staff
George Neagu 1947 Debate, Sophomore Play
Lois Nelson 1947 Glee Club, A Cappella, Sales Staff
Jeanette Niepokoj 1947 GAA Treasurer, Scholarship Committee, Soph. Play
Donald Nikchevich 1947 Basketball, V.P. Junior Class, Board of Control
Alma Ohmann 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
William Oliver 1947 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Edward Orgon 1947 Senior Class President, Track, Annual
Paul Ortosky 1947 Football, Dramatics Class, A Cappella
Madeline Parthun 1947 Senior Honor Society, GAA Board, Head Cheerleader
Chester Pasiut 1947 Football, Baseball, Class Basketball
Shirley Piver 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
William Platis 1947 Senior Play, Boys' Band, Prom Committee
Robert Preuss 1947 Social Committee, Senior Play, Prom Committee
Irene Pudlo 1947 Senior Play
Sam Ranzino 1947 Football, Tarck, Basketball
Stephanie Rashevich 1947 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, Dramatics
Dolores Reber 1947 Salutatorian, Senior Honor Society, Dramatics
Dolores Reece 1947 GAA, Sales Staff
Donna Jean Reece 1947 Social Committee, GAA, Board of Control
Betty Rehtorik 1947 GAA Board, Prom Committee, Spanish Club
Jere Richards 1947 GAA Board, Annual, Dramatics
Charles Robinson 1947 Football, ROTC
Patricia Rupert 1947 Glee Club, Debate
Delores Ryan 1947 Newspaper Staff, GAA, Sophomore Play
Alice Rysz 1947 Glee Club, Newspaper Staff, Scholarship Committee
Jack Schaff 1947 Football, Basketball, Senior Class Treasurer
Robert Scheerer 1947 Class Basketball, Baseball, Track
Carleen Scheidegger 1947 Senior Play
Rose Sedita 1947 Concert Orchestra, Glee Club, Sophomore Play
Helen Seibal 1947 Annual Staff
Ralph Settle 1947 Football, Track, Spanish Club
Robert Shesler 1947 ROTC, A Cappella, "Pinafore"
Sally Short 1947 Senior Honor Society, V.P. Senior Class, Sec. GAA
Irene Shotts 1947 GAA, Pres. Soph. Class, Sales Staff
Mary Helen Stanko 1947 Senior Honor Society, Sec. GAA, V.P. Senior Class
Edward Steen 1947 Band, Orchestra, Cheerleader
Karral Stevens 1947 Band, Orchestra, ROTC
Margaret Sullivan 1947 GAA Board
Mary Thanos 1947 GAA, A Cappella, Annual Staff
Robert Urban 1947 Football Mgr., Basketball, V.P. Sophomore Class
Rosemary Valant 1947 Latin Club, GAA
Sylvia Vlad 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Sevasmia Vlisides 1947 GAA, Spanish Club, Sales Staff
Willadean Volk 1947 GAA
Henry Wegrzyn 1947 Prom Committee, Class Basketball, Soph. Treasurer
Jack Weissbuch 1947 Spice & Variety, Spanish Club, ROTC
Helen Wellman 1947 Pres. Junior Class. Annual Staff, Board of Control
Zita Wojehoski 1947 Glee Club, Newspaper Staff
Beverly Workley 1947 Senior Play
Edward Wroblewski 1947 Dramatics, "Everyman", Masque & Gavel
Eugene Wydrzycki 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Lillian Yonan 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Josephine Zelenak 1947 No activities listed in yearbook
Mildred Zigich 1947 Annual Staff, Spanish Club, Dramatics
Leah Allison 1948 Latin Club, plans to attend an Art Scholarship Committee School
Charles Anderson 1948 Scholarship Committee, Latin Club, ROTC
Margaret Apathy 1948 GAA Board, Social Committee, Board of Control
Boris Apostoloff 1948 Senior Dramatics, Class Play and Opera, Band, Orchestra
Carl Apostoloff 1948 Baseball, Class Basketball, ROTC
Charles Aton 1948 Pres. Latin Club, Football, Hi-Y
William Aton 1948 Orchestra, ROTC
Jane Auld 1948 A Cappella, Orchestra, Glee Club
Arthur Babagan 1948 State Manager, Annual
John Bachich 1948 Football, Basketball, ROTC
Sherry Beauchamp 1948 Pres. Commercial Club, GAA, Jr. & Sen. Prom Committee
Estelle Bizanes 1948 Glee Club, GAA, Commercial Club
John Blasczak 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Lawrence Bleicher 1948 Debate, Senior Dramatics, ROTC
Charles Bocca 1948 Football, Track, Basketball
Tony Bokich 1948 Junior & Senior Plays, A Cappella
Doris Boswell 1948 Latin Club, Candy Sales
Nancy Brady 1948 GAA, Spanish Club
Gene Brajner 1948 ROTC
Gordon Bryan 1948 Dramatics, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Edwin Butkiewicz 1948 Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Track
Alice Butts 1948 Board of Control, Class Memorial and Class Plays Committees
Barbara Cato 1948 Annual, GAA, Class Day Committee
Jeanne Charlebois 1948 Glee Club, GAA, Spanish Club
Peggy Charnetsky 1948 GAA, Latin Club, Candy Sales
Elizabeth Ciarfaglia 1948 GAA Board, Girls' Band Pres., Commercial Club
Thomas Clark 1948 A Capella, "Pinafore," "Mikado"
Leslie Claussen 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Dalton Clements 1948 Latin Club, Spanish Club, ROTC
Bob Combs 1948 "Pinafore," ROTC, A Cappella
John Connor 1948 A Cappella, Dramatics, ROTC
Anna Coros 1948 Spanish Club, Band, Spice & Variety
Lorraine Courage 1948 V.P. GAA, Social Committee, Commencement Committee
Bob Cross 1948 Baseball, Class Basketball, ROTC
Marjorie Crowe 1948 Treasurer Junior Class, B&G Comm., GAA
Robert Cutler 1948 Football, ROTC
Milan Dakich 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
James Damaskos 1948 Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country
Jack Davis 1948 Basketball, Baseball, Track
Margaret Dean 1948 Junior Play, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Don Demonja 1948 Football, ROTC, Rifle Team
Mary Devaney 1948 GAA, Sophomore Play, Junior Prom Committee
Dolores Di Penna 1948 GAA, Commercial Club, Spice & Variety
Janine Dickson 1948 Annual, Scholarship Committee, Latin Club
Florence Dobrolecki 1948 Senior Play 1947
Lillian Dolatowski 1948 GAA, Commercial Club, French Club
Olga Dotlich 1948 GAA Board, Soph. Girls' Treasurer, Sales Staff
Dolores Dunajski 1948 Style Show, Junior Play Committee
Mildred Elencik 1948 Sec. Commercial Club, GAA, Play Committees
Bill Elich 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Theodore Erler 1948 ROTC, Rifle Team, Spanish Club
Ysabel Espinoza 1948 Spice & Variety, Glee Club, A Cappella
Violet Evanovich 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Evan Evans 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Leonard Everett 1948 Band, Orchestra, Basketball
Barbara Falkovic 1948 GAA, Spice & Variety, Commercial Club
Jeanne Fisher 1948 Spice & Variety, GAA, Spanish Club
Bob Freedman 1948 Senior Honor Society, Operas, Hi-Y
Charleen Fuhrman 1948 Board of Control, Head Cheerleader, GAA Board
George Gales 1948 Football--Lew Wallace
Cecilia Galka 1948 Spice & Variety, A Cappella, Glee Club
Jo Anne Gately 1948 Annual, Glee Club, Commercial Club
Jerry Gerasimo 1948 Pres. Senior Honor Society, Annual, Sec. Board of Control
Leslie Glenn 1948 Band, A Cappella, Prom Committee
Pat Gordon 1948 Senior Honor Society, Latin Club
Norman Green 1948 Commercial Club, Spice & Variety, Dramatics
Robert Green 1948 Senior Honor Society, Track, Cross Country
Bill Guelinas 1948 Track, Cross Country, Baseball
Bill Hall 1948 Annual, Hi-Y
Shirley Hamer 1948 Spice & Variety, GAA, Social Committee
Jean Hampton 1948 GAA Board, Spice & Variety
Virginia Hampton 1948 Glee Club, Spice & Variety, Junior Play Committee
Louise Hardy 1948 Sophomore Play, GAA
Patricia Henderson 1948 Plans to be a nurse after graduation
William Hurdlow 1948 Salutatorian, Senior Honor Society, Junior Play, Annual,
Roy Hyndman 1948 ROTC, Spanish Club
Greta Isenberg 1948 GAA Treasurer, Annual, Girls' Band
Dave Jennings 1948 Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club, Latin Club
Al Johnson 1948 Basketball, Track, Spanish Club Officer
Norman Johnson 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Kampouris 1948 Valedictorian, Senior Honor Society, Operas, A Cappella
Rita Kane 1948 Spice & Variety
Eugene Kaplan 1948 Sec. Orchestra, Latin Club, Commercial Club
Joan Kaplan 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Norman Kaplan 1948 Cross Country, Track, Junior Play
Nick Karris 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Sylverter Kasprzak 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Patricia Kenealy 1948 GAA. Junior Play, Candy Sales
Donald Kepshire 1948 ROTC, Football, Class Basketball
Genevieve Kikalos 1948 Commercial Club, Class Plays, GAA
Katherine Kikalos 1948 Junior Play Committee, GAA, Latin Club
Donald Kirksey 1948 Football, Class Basketball, ROTC
Delores Klimaszewski 1948 Cheerleader, Booster Committee, Latin Club
Ray Komlenich 1948 Basketball, Booster Committee, Sales Staff
Richard Kotfer 1948 Latin Club, Coimmercial Club, ROTC
Bill Kuck 1948 Football, Basketball, Board of Control
Imogene La Coss 1948 GAA Board, Glee Club, Newspaper Staff
Josephine La Russa 1948 Spanish Club, Glee Club
Don Larson 1948 Football, Freshman Treasurer, Soph. Boys' Rep.
Don Leimbacher 1948 ROTC, Hi-Y
Don Levy 1948 Annual, Senior Play, Track
Joan Lincoln 1948 Senior Honor Society, Orchestra, GAA Board
Raymond Lis 1948 Cross Country, Class Basketball, ROTC
Patsy Little 1948 GAA, Board of Control
Alice Logan 1948 GAA, Newspaper Staff, Freshman Frolic Committee
Irene Lorandos 1948 Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Inamae Louks 1948 GAA, Commercial Club, Latin Club
Helen Makris 1948 GAA, Commercial Club, Latin Club
Ann Malham 1948 Ed. "Norse Wind," Commercial Club, Junior Play
Irene Manos 1948 GAA, Band, Orchestra
Charles Marmolejo 1948 ROTC, Latin Club
Emma Marmolejo 1948 "Norse Wind" Reporter
Loretta Martinez 1948 Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Band
Raymond Matthies 1948 Band, ROTC, "Mikado"
Tom McGuire 1948 Track, A Cappella, "Mikado"
Jack McHenry 1948 A Cappella, German Club
Beatrice McLeod 1948 GAA, Spice & Variety, Freshman Frolic Committee
Frank Mihal 1948 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Joe Minniti 1948 Football, Track, Class Basketball
Delores Molnar 1948 Freshman Class Officer, GAA, A Cappella
Tony Muffoletto 1948 ROTC, Flag Detail, Class Basketball
Patricia Murawski 1948 Debate Team, Junior Play, GAA
Joseph Mustafa 1948 Senior Honor Society, Football, Junior Play
Angeline Nobile 1948 A Cappella, Glee Club, Junior Play
Donald Oljace 1948 Senior Honor Society, Basketball, Junior Play
Margaret Orr 1948 GAA, Annual, Glee Club
James Pappas 1948 Orchestra, ROTC
Joe Pavicic 1948 Basketball, Baseball, ROTC
George Peters 1948 ROTC, Spanish Club
Stanley Piegat 1948 ROTC, Basketball Mgr., Baseball
Lorraine Pinkowski 1948 Dramatics, GAA Board, Masque & Gavel
Joe Plemich 1948 ROTC, Spanish Club
Joan Poso 1948 Scholarship Committee
Delores Previs 1948 GAA, Girls' Band
Rodmilla Pujo 1948 Band, Baton Twirler, GAA
Dorothy Ratkay 1948 Candy Sales, plans to be a photographer tinter
Maryanne Reid 1948 GAA President, Annual, Band
Patricia Rhoades 1948 GAA, Commercial Club
Barbara Rhynearson 1948 GAA, Annual, Band
Donna Richards 1948 Band, Majorette, GAA
James Roberts 1948 Hi-Y, Latin Club, ROTC
Irene Rogozinski 1948 A Cappella, GAA, Commercial Club
Arthur Roy 1948 Class Basketball, ROTC
Nick Roytan 1948 ROTC, Class Basketball, Newspaper Staff
Ray Selby 1948 Baseball, Class Basketball, ROTC
Mary Sheehy 1948 Senior Honor Society, Annual, Board of Control
Edward Shinners 1948 Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Track
James Sisamis 1948 Senior Dramatics, Senior Play, Annual
Brenton Sovich 1948 ROTC, Basketball
Adam Sposato 1948 Track, Football, Basketball
James Stanton 1948 Latin Club, Oratory
Joanne Stanton 1948 Plans to go to college
Richard Sunderland 1948 Football, Band, A Cappella
Ray Surowiec 1948 Band, ROTC
Richard Swan 1948 Basketball, Football, Baseball
Glenn Tarvin 1948 A Cappella, Swimming Team
Constantine Theoharis 1948 Senior Class President, BOC, Football
Judith Tyuty 1948 Glee Club, Spice & Variety, GAA
John Valenti 1948 Football, Class Basketball, Spanish Club
Aristy Vardas 1948 Senior Honor Society, Latin Club, Commercial Club
Eleno Villanueva 1948 Cross Country, Track, Orchestra
Ann Vrtikapa 1948 GAA Board, Sales Staff, Booster Committee
Eugene Wagner 1948 ROTC
Don Wallace 1948 No activities listed in yearbook
Lily Wampler 1948 Band, Spanish Club, Freshman Frolic Committee
Patrica Ward 1948 Senior Dramatics, Senior Girls' Treasurer, GAA
Sara Wickham 1948 Plans to be a stenographer after graduation
Ben Wolff 1948 Baseball, Track, Operas
John Wood 1948 Senior Honor Society, V.P. Senior Class, Annual
William Wood 1948 Junior Honor Society, Baseball, Band, Orchestra
Norman Yarvice 1948 Football, Class Basketball, Sec. Sophomore Class
Pat Young 1948 Glee Club, GAA, Ring Committee
Jeanette Zale 1948 Sec. Senior Class, Orchestra, Majorette
Marian Zigich 1948 GAA Board, A Cappella, Debate Team
Mary Ann Zubel 1948 GAA, Spice & Variety, Junior Play Committee
Cally Alevrofas 1949 Senior Honor Society, Annual, A Cappella
Betty Anderson 1949 Glee Club, Commencement Committee
Clara Atlas 1949 Junior & Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, Junior Play
Marty Aznar 1949 Football, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Bud Bailey 1949 Track, Class Basketball, Covocation Committee
Gilbert Barnes 1949 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, Latin Club
George Batalis 1949 Baseball, Spanish Club, Annouincements and Invitations Committee
Beverly Benson 1949 Spanish Club, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Margaret Berta 1949 Senior Dramatics, GAA, A Cappella
John Bodner 1949 Band, Orchestra
Leonard Borter 1949 Annual, Newspaper Staff, Football
Joan Brown 1949 GAA Board, Commercial Club, Spice & Variety
Richard Brown 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Daniel Camplese 1949 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Richard Carrabine 1949 Pres. Senior Class, Senior Dramatics, Annual
Robert Charlebois 1949 Sales Staff, Senior Dramatics, Soph. & Jr. Plays
Gladys Chorak 1949 Cheerleader, Booster Committee, GAA Board
Despina Christakis 1949 Masque & Gavel, Soph. & Jr. Plays, Senior Dramatics
Elmer Clark 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Marie Clark 1949 Concert Orchestra, Senior Dramatics, A Cappella
Diane Cole 1949 GAA Board, A Cappella, Spanish Club
James Colleran 1949 Spice & Variety, Latin Club, Sophomore Play
Frankie Connors 1949 Sophomore Play, Sales Staff, GAA Teasurer
Merilou Coulehan 1949 Society Ed. "Golden Gazette," Junior Play, Spice & Variety
Doris Davis 1949 Booster Committee, Soph. & Junior Plays, GAA
Betty Dawson 1949 GAA Board, Board of Control, A Cappella
Delores Demonia 1949 Junior Play Committee
Ray Dorulla 1949 Football
Henry Dzienslaw 1949 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Molly Dziewicki 1949 Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club, Commencement Committee
Eunice Eddy 1949 Sales Staff, A Cappella, Junior Play Committee
Kathleen Egan 1949 Pres. GAA, BOC, Class Pictures Committee
Eleanor Ellefson 1949 Senior Honor Society, Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff
Jackie Evans 1949 Senior Honor Society, V.P. GAA, Newspaper Staff
Norman Flanegan 1949 Football, A Cappella, Class Basketball
Dora Mae Fox 1949 GAA, Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club
Beatrice Gaffin 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
George Galanos 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Gus Galanos 1949 Football, Spice & Variety, Christmas Pageant
Thelma Galanos 1949 Class Picture Committee
Evelyn Galka 1949 GAA Board, Prom Committee, Spice & Variety
Dennis Gately 1949 Baseball, Track, Sophomore Play
Elise Gauthier 1949 Spice & Variety, A Cappella, Orchestra
Roger Gill 1949 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Dolores Golubick 1949 Junior Honor Society, Spice & Variety, GAA
David Grand 1949 Track, Cross Country, Spanish Club
Dolores Gursky 1949 Band, GAA, Latin Club
Pat Hall 1949 Newspaper Staff, Board of Control, Social Committee Chairman
Barbara Hayden 1949 Spanish Club, A Cappella, Glee Club
Charlotte Heistand 1949 GAA, Commercial Club, Senior Play, Homecoming Committee
Jack Henderson 1949 Track, Cross Country, Gift Committee
Sheila Henderson 1949 Commercial Club
Leroy Hurdlow 1949 Jr. & Sen. Honor Society, Pres. Soph. Class, Board of Control
Mike Irzyk 1949 Cross Country, Football, Auto Shop
Elmer Jackson 1949 Football, Sales Staff
Dorothy Jagiela 1949 A Cappella, Sophomore & Junior PLays
John Jatczak 1949 Football, Gift Committee
Tom Josivoff 1949 Junior & Senior Honor Society, Football, Basketball
Louis Kampouris 1949 Concert Orchestra, Junior & Sen. Honor Society, Debate Team
Elaine Kaplan 1949 V.P. Commercial Club, GAA Board, Newspaper Staff
William Kelly 1949 Band, Orchestra
John Kish 1949 Annual, Cheerleader, Track
Edmund Klazura 1949 Gift Committee
Joyce Klein 1949 GAA Board, Newspaper Staff, Cheerleader
Deno Kottaridis 1949 Football, Baseball, Basketball
Ruby Kottaridis 1949 Head Cheerleader, GAA Sec., Chair. Booster Committee
James Krupa 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Kuzma 1949 Football, Gift Committee
Sam La Russa 1949 Convocation Committee
Walter Landis 1949 Business Mgr., Golden Gazette, BOC, Junior Play
Spiro Lemakis 1949 Spice & Variety, Football, A Cappella
Patricia Lucas 1949 GAA Sports Co-Coor, Asst. Ed. Annual, Senior Play, Homecoming C.
Theresa Manista 1949 A Cappella, GAA, Commercial Club
Fay Manos 1949 Spice & Variety, Glee Club, Commercial Club
James Mason 1949 Spanish Club
Robert Mayhew 1949 Orchestra, String Ensemble, A Cappella
Marilyn McCosh 1949 Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff, Project Committee
Velma Melton 1949 Head Majorette, Boys' Band Officer, Spice & Variety
Josephine Micciche 1949 Treasurer Senior Class, A Cappella, French Club
Steve Millick 1949 Football, Track, Cross Country
Bill Mitchell 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Thomas Morley 1949 Senior Dramatics, Orchestra, Cross Country
Eugene Muraida 1949 Football, Track, Cross Country
George Muras 1949 Rifle Team, Stage Hand, Band
Charles Murphy 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Irene Nepsha 1949 Spanish Club, GAA, Project Committee
Helen Nickovich 1949 Pres. Glee Club, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Leonard Niepokoj 1949 Track, Cross Country, Class Basketball
Mary Nobile 1949 A Cappella, Spice & Variety, Commercial Club
Kathleen Oates 1949 Spanish Club, Gift Committee
Michael Olejnik 1949 Basketball, Latin Club, V.P. Jr.ior Class
Joan O'Neill 1949 GAA, Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff
Tony Ottomanelli 1949 Spice & Variety, Christmas Pageant, Class Basketball
Gwenneth Palmer 1949 A Cappella, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Fifi Petrakos 1949 Pageant, Class Basketball, Booster Comm., GAA, Reserve Cheerl.
Edward Peverelle 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorris Pichitino 1949 Pres. A Cappella, GAA, Commercial Club
Mary Anne Plunkett 1949 Salutatorian, Annual, GAA
Patricia Potts 1949 Band, Sec. Latin Club, A Cappella
Mary Ranzino 1949 GAA Board, A Cappella, Sophomore PLay
Joan Rendz 1949 Senior Honor Society, A Cappella, GAA
Velia Rodriguez 1949 Jr. & Sen. Honor Society, Senior Dramatics, GAA
Joe Rogers 1949 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Sue Ross 1949 Pres. Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff, Senior Dramatics
Danny Rotenberg 1949 Valedictorian, Ed. Golden Gazette, Prs. Jun & Sen. Honor Society
Myron Rupp 1949 A Cappella, Rifle Team, Band
Joan Sacketos 1949 Senior Honor Society, GAA Board, Bus. Mgr. Annual Staff
John Sargis 1949 Board of Control, Booster Comm., Class Day Committee
Victor Sartoris 1949 Class Basketball
Judy Schroeder 1949 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Senior Dramatics
George Sheffer 1949 Cross Country, Class Basketball, Baccalaureate Committee
Shirley Short 1949 Senior Honor Society, GAA, Newspaper Staff
Doyle Shoup 1949 Track, Cross Country, Spanish Club
Don Smith 1949 Track, Cross Country, Booster Committee
Patricia Smith 1949 Senior Dramatics, Sophomore Play, GAA
Richard Smith 1949 Band, Pep Band
Delores Spann 1949 Junior Honor Society, Treasurer Freshman Class, Annual Staff
Joy Stafford 1949 Pres. Girls' Band, Spice & Variety, Junior Play Committee
Charles Stockstill 1949 Spice & Variety, A Cappella, "Mikado"
Dorothy Sullivan 1949 GAA, Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff
Donna Tarailo 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Bill Theodoris 1949 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Juanita Thomas 1949 Spanish Club, Newspaper Staff, GAA
Richard Tidwell 1949 Annual, Spice & Variety, Junior Honor Society
Bob Tompkins 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
June Totten 1949 Spanish Club, Project Committee
Kathryn Trakas 1949 GAA, Glee Club, Convocation Committee
Manoly Traycoff 1949 Football, Track, A Cappella
Beverly Unroe 1949 Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Jeanne Vance 1949 Spice & Variety, GAA, A Cappella
John Vas 1949 No activities listed in yearbook
Donald Vaughn 1949 Band Officer, Orchestra, Officer, "Mikado"
Gerald Verdeyen 1949 Track, Class Basketball, Latin Club
Frances Villanueva 1949 GAA, Girls' Band, Concert Band
Marcellino Villanueva 1949 Cross Country, Track, Stage Hand
Patricia Wainman 1949 A Cappella, Glee Club, Double Trio
Dorothy Warshal 1949 A Cappella, Glee Club, Spice & Variety
Mary Wellman 1949 Prs. Junior Class, Annual, GAA Board
Virginia Wolff 1949 V.P. Senior Class, Annual Staff Editor, Senior Dramatics
Alice Zavislak 1949 Soph. & Jr. Plays, Newspaper Staff, Spice & Variety
Vance Angelos 1950 Junior Class Treasurer, Baseball, Class Basketball
Eleanor Babagan 1950 GAA, Spanish Club, Commercial Club
Shirley Babilla 1950 V.P. Commercial Club, A Cappella, Soph. & Junior Class Plays
Edward Bajgrowicz 1950 Baseball, Class Basketball, Spanish Club
Nick Beleff 1950 Football, Track, Class Basketball
Huston Binkley 1950 Latin Club, Rifle aaaaaTeam, D.M.S.T.
Barbara Bock 1950 GAA, Commercial Club, Class Day Committee
James Bodnar 1950 Football, Class Basketball, Track
David Brugos 1950 Senior Honor Society, Latin Club
Donald Cartner 1950 Basketball, Rifle Team, Spanish Club
Tom Combs 1950 Football, Class Basketball, Freshman Class President
Joe Cook 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Jo Ann Cox 1950 Editor, Golden Gazette, Chairman Booster Com., Sec. GAA
Paulino Coy 1950 Cross Country, Spanish Club
Charles De Foor 1950 Football, Class Basketball, Track
John Demetrakis 1950 Football, Senior Dramatics, Senior Play
George Derner 1950 Spanish Club, Class Basketball
James Devany 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Doumis 1950 Christmas Pageant, Head Majorette, A Cappella
Bill Drysdale 1950 Track, Cross Country
Bill Dunnovsky 1950 Football, Track, Basketball
Dolores Dunsworth 1950 Covocation Committee, GAA, Prom Committee
Melvin Edwards 1950 Senior Class President, Basketball, Track
Richard Elwood 1950 Senior Honor Society, Football, Class Basketball
George Evdokiou 1950 Track, Football, Senior Class Treasurer
Allen Fink 1950 Senior Honor Society
John Finn 1950 Junior & Senior Class Plays
James Flynn 1950 Track, Cross Country, Prom Committee Chairman
Isabelle Frame 1950 Cheerleader, V.P. GAA, Girls' Band
David Frank 1950 Football, Track
Nick Franke 1950 Pres. Senior Dramatics, Annual, Board of Control
George Galoozis 1950 Junior Class Secretary, Class Basketball, Cross Country
Ronald Gausvik 1950 Latin Club, Class Play Committee
Alvin Goldstein 1950 V.P. Orchestra, Mgr. Band, Spanish Club
Catherine Green 1950 GAA Board, Board of Control, Head Cheerleader
Peter Halkias 1950 Latin Club, Cross Country, Senior Play Committee
Ted Hansen 1950 Freshman Boys' Treasurer, Football, Baseball
Herschel Harbison 1950 Track, Basketball, Spice & Variety
Dorothy Hardy 1950 Senior Honor Society, Chairman of Committees, Annual, Latin Club
Joyce Holmes 1950 Sophomore Play, Commercial Club, Projection Club
Beverly Hostetter 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Huber 1950 Honorary Colonel, D.M.S./T., FAA, Football Queen
Richard Jackson 1950 Junior Honor Society, Class Basketball, Freshman Football
Guy Janssen 1950 Annual Staff, Basketball, Baseball
Ermyl Johnson 1950 Pres. Concert Orchestra, A Cappella, Newspaper Staff
Sally Jones 1950 GAA, Spice & Variety, Benefit Revue
Mary Kachis 1950 GAA Board, Annual Sales Staff, Newspaper Staff Officer
Julie Kane 1950 Commercial Club, GA, Sophomore Play Committee
Lillian Kaplar 1950 Pres. GAA, Board of Control, Pres. Commercial Club
Anna Kehayia 1950 Booster Committee, Lain Club, Reserve Cheerleader
John Kersteff 1950 Football, Class Basketball, Band
James Kirksey 1950 Football Co-Capt., Class Basketball, Track
Carole Konz 1950 Senior Honor Society, Sec. Senior Class, Copy Editor Emersonian
Florence Kotfer 1950 Commercial Club, Glee Club, A Cappella
Mary Kottaridis 1950 Pres. Sophomore Class, GAA Board, Annual Sales Staff
Martha Kraft 1950 GAA Board, Spanish Club, Newspaper Staff
Maynard Krueger 1950 Senior Play Committee, Spice & Variety, Camera Crew
Joe Kuzma 1950 Football, Class Basketball, Mgr. Football
James Kypreos 1950 Pres. Spanish Club, Cross Country, Baccalaureate Committee
Sherrie Lau 1950 Commercial Club, Juniior Class Play, Spice & Variety
William Lautenbach 1950 Chairman, B&G, Comm, V.P. Sen Dramatics, Asst. Ed. Emersonian
Theresa Lelak 1950 V.P. Senior Class, Sports Coor. GAA, Asst. Ed. Golden Gazette
Betty Lieber 1950 Senior Honor Society, Bus. Mgr. Emersonian, GAA Board
James Lierman 1950 Football, Track, Class Basketball
Suzanne Lowe 1950 Valedictorian, Ed. Emersonian, Chair. Social Comm., V.P. GAA
Vera Lucas 1950 GAA, Spanish Club, Commercial Club
Victoria Malamatos 1950 Glee Club, Orchestra, Commercial Club
Helen Malham 1950 Glee Club, Baccalaureate Committee, Spice & Variety
Martin McGuire 1950 Latin Club, Junior Class Play, Class Basketball
Richard McGuire 1950 D.M.S.T., Track, Band Officer
William McPherson 1950 Football, Track, Ciommencement Committee
Thomas Mercer 1950 Football, A Cappella, D.M.S.T.
Mary Miccichi 1950 Spice & Variety, GAA, Commercial Club
Mary Ann Morley 1950 Senior Honor Societty, Annual Staff, GAA
Kenneth Mosier 1950 Pres. Orchestra, Cross Country, "Mikado"
Vincent Mrzlak 1950 Football, Chairman Gift Committee
Malvina Murawski 1950 Annual Sales Staff, GAA, Band, Newspaper Staff
Steve Nasiatka 1950 Baseball, Class Basketball
Don Nemtuda 1950 Football, Track
Mary Nepsha 1950 GAA, Commercial Club, Senior Class Day Committee
Adeline Nowak 1950 Commercial Club, Senior Play Committee, Junior Play
Michaeline Ogiego 1950 Sec. Commercial Club, GAA Board, Prom Committee
Emma Orgon 1950 GAA Treasurer, Annual Staff, Commercial Club
John Palmeri 1950 Latin Club, Commencement Committee
Tom Petrakos 1950 Junior Honor Society, Baccalaureate Committee, Spanish Club
Ted Piatek 1950 Class Basketball
Theresa Polak 1950 GAA Staff, Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club
Victor Prasco 1950 Spanish Club, Sophomore Play
Mike Prokop 1950 Football, Baseball, Track
Angeline Pujo 1950 GAA Board, Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club
Margaret Ratkay 1950 A Cappella, Commercial Club, Class Day Committee
Leonard Rendz 1950 A Cappella, Spanish Club, Class Basketball
Joyce Reo 1950 GAA, Newspaper Staff, Commercial Club
Morris Robinson 1950 Baseball, Senior Dramatics, Chairman Senior Play Committee
Gloria Rogers 1950 Latin Club, GAA, Senior Class Day Committee
Eleanore Rospierski 1950 GAA, Glee Club, Spanish Club
Dolores Rudine 1950 French Club, Spanish Club
James Rupp 1950 "H.M.S. Pinafore," Booster Committee, Senior Prom Committee
John Santelik 1950 Junior Honor Society, Latin Club, Sophomore Hop Committee
David Sartoris 1950 Pres. BOC, V.P. Junior Class, Class Basketball
Marilyn Sayles 1950 GAA Board, Latin Club, BOC
John Scheerer 1950 Junior Class President, Baseball, Basketball
Margaret Sheehy 1950 GAA Board, Chair. Class Picture Committee, Commercial Comm.
Albert Shipley 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Lorraine Short 1950 Salutatorian, Senior Honor Society, Treasurer Senior Dramatics
Juanita Shotts 1950 GAA, Commercial Club, Commencement Committee
Nan Shultz 1950 A Cappella, Junior Class Play
Barbara Siebenhaar 1950 Pres. Girls' Band, GAA
Robert Skinner 1950 Basketball, Football, D.M.S.T.
Donald Smith 1950 Baseball, A Cappella, Spice & Variety
Melvin Solon 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Delores Stefanelli 1950 GAA, Commercial Club, Newspaper Staff
Clarence Steinke 1950 D.M.S.T.
Richard Steinke 1950 Pres. Concert Band, Mgr. Orchestra, D.M.S.T.
Joan Strasburg 1950 Commercial Club, Spice & Variety, Soph. Play
Larry Thrasher 1950 Spanish Club, Latin Club, D.M.S.T.
Shirley Timmerman 1950 Junior Honor Society, GAA, Sophomore Lay,
Rae Tockstein 1950 Newspaper Staff, Latin Club, Junior Play Committee
Pete Tsikouris 1950 No activities listed in yearbook
Geraldine Valenti 1950 Commercial Club, Building & Grounds Comm., Newspaper Staff
Steve Vician 1950 Cross Country, D.M.S.T., Class Basketball
Manuel Vidal 1950 Football Co-Capt., Track, Basketball
Guy Vitucci 1950 V.P. Freshman Class, Football, Junior Play Committee
Norma Vlamos 1950 Junior & Senior Honor Society, French Club, Invitation Committee
Joan Vokurka 1950 Latin Club, Spanish Club
Ronald Ward 1950 Cross Country, Track, Band
Margaret Warren 1950 GAA, Senior Picture Committee, Spice & Variety
Joan Wellman 1950 Booster Committee, Board of Control, Soph. & Jr. Class Treasurer
Shirley Wheeler 1950 Sophomore & Junior Plays
Patricia White 1950 GAA, Senior Class Committee
DeWayne Woodring 1950 Masque & Gavel, Senior Play, Operetta
Norma Woods 1950 Senior Honor Society
Anthony Yugo 1950 Track, Football, Class Basketball
Helen Zweig 1950 Glee Club, Commercial Club

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