Emerson High School, Class of 1965

Gary, Indiana

Emerson Graduates by Year

(1909 through 1930)

Name Year Notations/Activities
C. A. Hyman 1909 First Gary High School graduating class
Earl Kohler 1909 First Gary High School graduating class
Katherine Patton 1909 First Gary High School graduating class
Florence Bothwell 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Claude H. Bowlby 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Page Glenn 1910 First Emerson graduating class
William Hotchkiss 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Frank Kettles 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Marion Maxon 1910 First Emerson graduating class
E. H. Paine 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Helen Stratton 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Lucy Watts 1910 First Emerson graduating class
Jesse Wilbur Blake 1911 Waterloo, IN, 1891; football star, German
Harold Granville Crose 1911 Chalmers, IN, 1893; society man, Beau Brummel
Catherine Elvira Davies 1911 Chicago, 1893; Latin stud., seriousness & ambition
Z. Grace Fisher 1911 Lowell, IN, 1893; story teller and poet
Anna Ashton Gibson 1911 East Tolleston, 1893; printing of annual
Bertha M. Holmes 1911 Crown Point, 1895; Lowell; baby of class
Blanche Jillson 1911 Newbury, NY, 1892; Gary, 1907; capt. Bball team
Harry Leo Kahn 1911 Indianapolis, 1895; Boyvile, three-year man
Thomas Bircharde Kenvin 1911 McAdoo, PA, 1894; bball star, biograph. ed of ann
Frank Adlai Knotts 1911 Hammond, 1892, Gary 06, son of myr, ftbl, track
Colin S. MacKenzie 1911 Heaton, Newcasatle-on-Tyne, 1892; bball, illustrat
John Conrad Pastre 1911 Philadelphia, 1893; Bessemer, AL; 3-yr. man
Bertha Pickering 1911 Ohio, 1889; joined class in Feb., 1911
Eunice Rhodes 1911 Hobart, IN, 1894; class biographer, printing class
Ona Shover 1911 Indianapolis, 1892; belle of Tolleston, commercial
Ralph Payne Smith 1911 Townsville, NC, born 1893; poet, Class President, track
Harold Fitch Stratton 1911 Wichita, KS, 1889; basketball, mng ed. Annual
Dena Szold 1911 Peoria, IL, 1893; drama, prophetess
Aidah Taylor 1911 Pittsburgh, 1892; French, shining star of class
Inez Townsley 1911 March 15, 1892; physics,
Forbes "Kicker" Bailey 1912 New Philadelphia, OH, 1/24/93; ed. Boyville News
Alonzo "Pie" Bennett 1912 New Buffalo, MI, 2/12/93; track,chemistry,cartoons
Minnie "Ginger Top" Carlson 1912 "Millers, 3/19/03; German student of Miss Childs
Ione "Tot" Carpenter 1912 Montpelier, 5/27/93; Gary 1909; music
Lilly W. "Henpeck" Gallagher 1912 Chicago, 1/6/94; "cette petite fille", most subjects
Dorothy "Firebrand Dot" Harris 1912 Webster, SD, 8/22/94; Gary 1909; basketball
Mary K. "Pete" Holderman 1912 Urbana, IN, 11/11/93;Gary, 1910;shark for credits
Anna B. Hotchkiss 1912 Homestead, PA; 8/7/95; class prophetess; 1910
Grace "Pug" Hotchkiss 1912 Hoimestead, PA, 8/31/93; 1910; shorthand
Eugene "Mr. Taft #2" Knotts 1912 Hammond, IN, 7/9/94; president, basketball
Esther O. "Slivers" Lamb 1912 Harvey, IL, 4/5/92; Gary 1910 by Poppa's buggy
Siegle H. "Angel Face" Lee 1912 Shelby, IN, 7/2/94; Gary, Sept. 1909;Frch, physics
Arthur F. "Pat" McCormick 1912 Toluca, IL, 11/13/94; Gary 1907; orator,
Norma "Molly Cottontop" McGrath 1912 Hammond, 4/10/94; Gary 1909; Sec. Senior class
Miriam "Grandma" Pisor 1912 Youngstown, OH, 11/19/91; 1911; sweet girl grad.
Florence Katurah Schafer 1912 Millersburg, OH, 2/26/93; Gary 1908; basketball
Mary Sleezer 1912 Evart, MI, 9/25/93; Gary 1908;oratory, mental tel.
Carl Bonehead Deac Smith 1912 Creedmore, NC, Jan. /94; Gary 1909;gives forfeits
Eleanor "Spaghetti" Stephenson 1912 1/25/92 New Castle-on-Tyne; basketball, giggling
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stephenson 1912 2/12/93 New Castle-on-Tyne; bskbl; annual
Ray E. "Only Doc" Symes 1912 Marinette, WI, 8/13/93; Gary 1910; love letters
John G. "Muskegon Percy" Wicks 1912 Moline, IL, 2/10/94; pole vaulting; aeroplanes
Sylan "Porky" Forrest Bowers 1913 ex-Mayor of Boyville
Fred Burton 1913 Science Club, football
Ralph Gay Clarke 1913 Star Junction, PA; Science Club
Alex Davidson 1913 Football, track, senior play
James R. Davidson 1913 Editor-in-Chief of Cosmos
Alexander Alfred Feder 1913 Budapest, Austria-Hungary; lit ed.
Paul Hunter Hake 1913 Class President
Margaret Kathryn Hanlan 1913 Londonderry, Nova Scotia
George A. Holmes 1913 Science Club, Vocational Club, football
Virginia "Ginger" Jones 1913 "pepperiest little rebel"
Bert Ralph Kuss 1913 Hammond, Pres. Sci Club, football
Carrie Lemley 1913 French Club
Harry Barney Levey 1913 Class poet, violinist
Ernest Lundeen 1913 Carnegie Tech
James W. Mack 1913 from Odessa, Russia
May Janet MacNeill 1913 Basketball captain
Rose A. Matthew 1913 Monterey, IN; Asst. Ed. Emersonian
Mildred Anne McCormick 1913 Class Secretary
Minnie Milteer 1913 Whaleyville, VA, French Club
Richard H. Much 1913 Ex-track captain
Flora Ruman 1913 President, Literary Society
Madge Lucille Smith 1913 Basketball, wonderful eyes
Marguerite Stratton 1913 Wichita, KS; Art Editor, Science Club
Lyle Townsley 1913 Trackman, basketball, orchestra
Mary Ward 1913 Tolleston, IN; Vocational Club
Leora Holton Welk 1913 President, French Club
Russell C. Wilson 1913 former Ed-in-Chief., Emersonian
Jessie Woodbridge 1913 Ross, IN; Senior Play
Frances Batt 1914 Laurel, IN; class play
Leonard Carl Benson 1914 Chicago; Class President
Ella Cloe Bothwell 1914 Crown Point, IN; officer in "Eats Room"
Harold Walton Burns 1914 London, Ontario, Canada, annual bd.
Hower Lloyd Cowan 1914 Walkerton, IN; Football, Annual board
Hazel Davies 1914 Chicago; asst. cooking instructor
Alison Margaret Forbes 1914 Point Edward, Canada; born 1895
May Etta Goodrich 1914 Merrillville, IN; class play
Helena "Puggy" Harkness 1914 Sault St. Marie, Canada
Hooper Harold Haskell 1914 Milwaukee, WI; Editor-in-Chief
Evelyn Mildred Heckenlively 1914 Angola, IN; Joke Editor
Harold Hilton 1914 Pennville, IN; Class Secretary, Track
Corson Miller Marjorie Hutton 1914 Chicago; basketball, debating club
Donald Katherine Hutton 1914 Chicago; class play, debating
Enid Katherine Keener 1914 Johnstown, PA; Class play
Ruth Bertha Kline 1914 South Bend, IN; Born in 1894
Frederick Carl Krausse 1914 Dyer, IN; pres., annual board
Adaline Pearl Kyle 1914 Tyner, IN; basketball, debating club
Beatrice Levey 1914 St. Louis; Debating & chemistry clubs
Alexander John Maclennan 1914 Battle Creek, MI; basketball
Dwight Norman Mayne 1914 Lincoln, NE; basketball, annual board
Florence Nelson 1914 Miller, IN
George John Oleska 1914 Bradford, PA; baseball, student council
Geraldine Ignota Phillips 1914 Warsaw, IN; basketball captain
M. Vida Pierce 1914 Merrillville, IN; Chemistry Club
Warren George Rigg 1914 Debating Club, Chemistry Club
Rose Aaronson 1915 Athletic Association
Weyman Alger 1915 Football
Margaret J. Allen 1915 Class basketball
Erlan Andren 1915 Annual Board
Inez Andren 1915 Class basketball
Edith Bennett 1915 Classical Club, Athletic Assoc.
Lillian Bernstein 1915 German Club
Salvator "Sal" Bovino 1915 No activities listed in yearbook
Malcolm Burton 1915 Football, track, German Club
Martha Carey 1915 Chemistry Club
Decarsey Crandall 1915 Football, track, Athletic Assoc.
Margaret Cutler 1915 Classical Club, Annual Board
Bessie Goldberg 1915 German Club, class basketball
Howard H. Harlan 1915 Chemistry Club
Lester Holderman 1915 Football, track
Raymond Howell 1915 football
Ruth "Jakie" Jacquese 1915 Fashion ringer
Ben E. Johnston 1915 Chemistry Club, Classical Club
Katie G. Kahn 1915 German Club pres.., class play
Flossie Kilbourne 1915 Ross, IN; "Cotton Top"
Irene Hazel Kline 1915 Student council, annual board
Samuel "Thammy" Kreinman 1915 Student Council, Salutatory
Charlotte "Krug" Kruger 1915 No activities listed in yearbook
Ruth Mackay 1915 Annual Board
William J. Maloney 1915 Pres., Chemistry Club, Yell Leader
George M. McRoberts 1915 Classical Club, tennis, class football
Lail Newkirk 1915 Librarian, Print Shop
Hazel O'Neil 1915 Valedictorian, Classical Club
Gerald D. Phillips 1915 Football capt., basketball, track
Leo "Shrimp" Quinlan 1915 Basketball, tennis
Fred "Fritz" Ramenstein 1915 No activities listed in yearbook
George "Rummy" E. Ruman 1915 basketball, Classical Club, Senior Play
James E. Ruman 1915 Basketball, Class Play
Peter Schoon 1915 Chemistry Club
Blossom Smith 1915 Senior Play, French Club
Lewis Stone 1915 Class President
Faith Viant 1915 Senior year only
Netta Watts 1915 Chemistry Club
Edith I. Wedge 1915 Commercial Club
Harold "Westie" Weston 1915 Graduated in three years
Joe H. Wildermuth 1915 Class football and basketball, tennis
Fay F. Wilson 1915 Chesterton, IN
Grant V. Wilson 1915 Annual Board, Classical Club,
Howard H. Baker 1916 Crown Point; Track, Chemistry Club
Florence M. Bennet 1916 Lilly Chapel, OH; Chemistry Club
Harry E. Carlton 1916 Treasurer, oratorical, basketball
Henry Cecil 1916 football, basketball, baseball
Edward J. Davis 1916 Muncie, IN: chemistry Club, baseball
Harry Diamond 1916 Oratorical, Commercial Club, chorus
Irvin Elser 1916 Chicago; Football, chorus, Emerson Quartette
Clyde H. Fishel 1916 German Club, Oratorical, worst cut up
John Frank 1916 Hobart, IN; track
Marion Harkness 1916 Sault St. Marie, Can; chorus
Charles Harris 1916 Toronto; football capt, basketball
Esther Holmes 1916 Lowell, IN; French Club, declamatory, chorus
Josephine Hutchins 1916 German Club, Organization editor
Eloise Jeffry 1916 Chesterton, Classical, French clubs, annual board
Esther Kahan 1916 Chicago; orchestra, class historian
Morris Komorowski 1916 Kieff, Russia; chorus
Louis Kuss 1916 Hammond, IN; Literary Editor, chorus
Madge Kyle 1916 Tyner, IN; Editor-in-Chief annual
Celia Levy 1916 New York City; basketball, oratorical
Paul Levy 1916 NYC; Business Mgr. Annual, oratorical
Hazel "Taffy" MacGraw 1916 French Club, chorus
Lillian Newman 1916 Buffalo, NY; French Club
Flora O'Brien 1916 Elwood, IN; fancy dancer
Caroline Peters 1916 Mulberry, IN; Basketball, Commercial
Stuart Pritchard 1916 Ironton, OH; Class President, football, track
Gordon Scott 1916 Bristol, PA: Track, German Club
Charlotte Steiner 1916 St. Louis; senior play, oratorical
Donald R. Stevens 1916 Canal Dover, OH; Exchange Editor, German, Chem
Esther T. Strom 1916 Miller, IN; Girls' Glee Club, basketball
Hazel Swisher 1916 Medaryville, Salutatorian, chorus, Latin & French
Helen Watson 1916 Chicago, Girl's Glee Club, chorus
Vera Wright 1916
Mary E. "Red" Baird 1917 Warsaw, IN; Latin Club, keen wit, cheery disposition
Jane L.J. Banta 1917 Red Lodge, MT; Camp Fire
Ruth "Ruthie" Benfield 1917 Bucyrus, OH; German Club, Girls' Glee Club
Pauline "Shorty" "T.C.L." Berthold 1917 Joliet, IL; chorus, German Club, Camp Fire
Joe "Joseph" B.M.M.B. Black 1917 Myerstown, PA; German Club, orchestra, Chem. Cl.
Evelyn "Beverly" C.D. Boehm 1917 Muncie, 191 basketball, Senior play; German Cl.
Frances "Franz" M.L. Brewer 1917 Piqua, OH, 1912; French Club, piano player
Elton "Mousy" "S.S." Broad 1917 Evanston, IL, Chemistry Club
Ruth "Rastus" G.S. Bryant 1917 Lowell, IN; class supporter, a good scout
Donald "Lefty" Y.P.B. Cameron 1917 Chicago 1911; Class Treasurer, Classical, football
Cecile "Cece" "D.S." Clarke 1917 Star Junction, PA; chorus, German Club
Irene G.S. Davis 1917 Scottsdale, PA; 1911; bsktbl, German Club; chorus
Paul "Jake II" "A.H.H." Dexter 1917 Kewanee, IL; Chemistry Club, Latin Club, football
Curtis "Pussyfoot" Dils 1917 Shelbyville, IN, 1909; Classical & Chemistry Clubs
Hazel "Q.S." Doorley 1917 Chicago, 1916; Chemistry Club, chorus
Irene R. "TwoBits" Dubetz 1917 Chicago, 5/5/07; basketball, hocky, chorus, chem
Eva "Eve" Dunlap 1917 Trenton, MO, 1913; Classical Club, chorus, 3 yr.
Leona A. "A.P." Feuer 1917 Cleveland 1909; chorus, declamatory, German Cl
Mary Y.D. Floyd 1917 Salisbury, NC; Classical Club, chorus, Camp Fire
Thelma E.S. "Them" Freebury 1917 Pueblo, CO; 1909; Latin Club, Oratorical, Latin Club
Zita "Zip" P.D. Gross 1917 New Philadelphia, IN; 1911; chorus, German Club
Mildred U.S. Gustafson 1917 Chicago; basbetball
Ralph L. "Hod" Hodson 1917 Elwood, IN, 1907; Classical Club, chorus, football
Lillian "Billie" "Q.T." Holloway 1917 Texas, 1913; Student Council, basketball, annual
J. Eugene "Gene" James 1917 Chicago, 1909; Pres., chor, tennis, ragtime piano
Chester H. "Y.B.P." Jones 1917 Martin's Ferry, OH, football, baseball, track, Latin
John "Johnny" 474 H.M. Kyle 1917 Football; Capt. B.B., Student Council, Class Pres.
Blanche "Be" "J.K." Mackay 1917 Valparaiso, 1913; Secretary, chorus, annual bd.
Robert E. "Cohen" Maloney 1917 Jackson, MI, 1909; Pres. '16, track, chorus, Class.
Margaret "Blondie" Marquardt 1917 German Club, pound a Remington, ditching audit.
George "Doddy" McRoberts 1917 Elwood, IN; Classical Club, football,
Sara "Sally" P.S. Milgram 1917 Merrill, WI; chorus, oratorical, basketball,
Helen V. "Nels" Nelson 1917 Miller; French Club
Frieda M. "Fritzie" "C.S." Nyland 1917 Michigan City, 1916;
Ruth "Ruf" M.P." Rockwell 1917 German Club, anl bd., V.P., "our Sarah Bernhardt"
May "F.W. II" Rogers 1917 Chicago, basketball, oratorical, Classical Club
Robert G. "Bob" W.H. Roy 1917 South Bend, 1910; oratorical, student council
Louise "Smitty" "Y.K." Smith 1917 Indianapolis, 1916; will take primary work
Laurie J. "Spike" "P.H.II" Spiker 1917 Leechburg, PA, 1910; Chemistry & German Clubs
Edgar "Swede" "B.L.C." Swanson 1917 Chicago, oratorical, German Club, chorus. Chem cl
Bernard "Hunk" P.D. Szold 1917 Football, basketball, track cpt., Bernie the Socialist
Emma "Emmie" "S.P.A." Taylor 1917 Hazelwood, PA, 1908; basketball, hockey, swim.
Ethel "Shrimp" SBOM" Teeple 1917 South Chicago, 1907; v.p. 1914; bball, annual,
Zim H. "R.D." Viant 1917 Lowell; orchestra, chorus, chemistry club, track
Gladys I. "Dutch" "B.M." Webber 1917 Chicago, 1910; bball, chorus, Pres. Camp Fire
Estella C. "Stell" "A.B." Weber 1917 Rock Island, IL. 1907; bball, treasurer, Camp Fire
Mildred "Milly" Welsheimer 1917 Auburn, IN, 1908; Classical Club, class hist, bball
Jessie "W.W." Wise 1917 Monongahela, PA; German Club, chorus, commer.
Marguerite "Peg" A.P. Witwer 1917 Denver, CO, declamatory, Girls' Glee Club; German
Melvin E. "Slim" Wooten 1917 Buchanan, MI; Football, baseball, track, Classical
Catherine E. "Kittie" Albright 1918 Beardstown, IL, 1913; Camp Fire, Commercial Club
Ruth "Rufus" Anderson 1918 Chicago, 1908; bball & hockey capt., chorus, commer
Elmer "Murf" Behn 1918 Chicago, 1910;"one of our consistent pluggers"
Jessie M. "Jessica" Bowen 1918 Basketball, hockey, Camp Fire, Treasurer '16 & '17
Marjorie E. Bowers 1918 Hammond, 1910; Camp Fire, annual board
Agnes M. "Ag" Brink 1918 Hails from the "Atlantic City of the West" ?
Helen "Brownie" Brown 1918 Chicago, 1910; declamatory, chorus, senior play, comm.
Pearl M. "Hercules" Burford 1918 Vandergrift, PA, 1910; bball, hockey, declam., chorus
Edith "Shorty" Bynon 1918 Salem, OR, 1917; Declamatory prelims., Commercial Clb
Paul "Red" Carlson 1918 Miller, IN; chorus, Paul is a hustler
Irene "Sweetie" Clark 1918 Commercial Club, chorus
Harold E. "Judge" Cogley 1918 Logansport, 1909; Ridge Rd., fball capt., bball, track
Ansel L. "Ans" Coons 1918 Handball champion, orchestra, band, track, chorus
C. Curtis Coons 1918 Hammond; st. council pres, football, hndball champ.
Anne Crouse 1918 Commercial Club
Doris D. "Beany" Davidson 1918 Whiting, 1909; Camp Fire, v.p. 1916, sec. 1917
Harvey W. "Doc" Evans 1918 Asmada, MI, 1907, track, baseball, class bball
Maurice N. "Goldie" Goldstein 1918 Wausaw, WI, 1906; Oratorical plelims., Commercial Club
Elizabeth Graff 1918 Blairsville, PA, 1917; student council, annual, Camp F
Elizabeth R. "Liz" Hammond 1918 Pittsburgh, 1906; bball, hockey, chorus, declamatory
Lucille M. "Noisy" Harris 1918 Chicago, 1909; treasurer, bball, chorus, senior play
Henry G. Hay 1918 Chicago, 1908; class pre.t, football, track, chorus
Helen H. "Vamp" ""Theda" Hayman 1918 Chicago, 1910; hockey, Camp Fire, declamatory, comm
Florence C. "Flo" Hemingway 1918 Elkhart, IN, 1908; chorus, declamatory, annual, comm.
Milton H. "Tham" Isay 1918 Pittsburgh, 1910; class basketball
Dewey E. "Hot Dog" Johnson 1918 Tomahawk, WI, bball, baseball, Woolworth Candy count
Gladys C. "Jonesy" Jones 1918 Birmingham, AL, 1910; bball, hockey, Declamatory
Rachel "Rae" Kahan 1918 San Fran, 1906; bball, chorus, Camp Fire, oratorical
Helen C. "Kapt. Kidd" Kidwell 1918 Elwood, IN,1910; annual artist, bball, chorus, declam.
Emil L. Krejci 1918 Lettsdale, PA, 1912; lets girls in Eng. recite before him
L. Lau Lavalla 1918 Crown Point, 1916; Commercial Club
Helen "Lucy" Lee 1918 Lowell, 1912; Secretary, hockey, senior play, declam.
Harris "Tuffy" Liebolt 1918 Ridge Road, football, track, bball, tennis champion
Dillu Loyd 1918 Morgantown, WV, 1917; staff artist, Theda Bara hair
Raymond F. "Baldy" Maclennan 1918 Chicago, 1907; v.p., football, bball, baseball, annual
Elizabeth "liz" Milgram 1918 Merrill, WI; bball, hockey, Camp Fire, declamatory
Marion L. "Babe" Monroe 1918 Chicago, 1910; declamatory winner, hockey
Harold E. Peterson 1918 Chicago, 1916; tennis, class baseball
Gladys M. "Flips" Phillips 1918 LaPorte, 1912; aspires to star in the Follies
Myra "Piercie" Pierce 1918 Merriville[sic]; pianist, chorus, Commercial Club
Rose Ella Ralph 1918 Buffalo, 1909, Commercial Club
Isadore A. "Izzy Human" Ruman 1918 Chicago, 1908; football, bball, baseball, annual, orator.
Paul "Caruso" Smith 1918 Logansport, IN, 1916, chorus tenor, senior play, comm.
Vernon E. "Deak" Smith 1918 Franklin, IN, 1907; football, track, baseball, oratorical
Irene "Spike" Spiker 1918 Lachburg, PA, 1911; bball, hockey, annual bd., play
Edith M. "Ede" Strom 1918 Miller, IN, 1914; Comercial Club, rides the interurban
Eugene H. "Beanie" Swartz 1918 Gallup, NM, 1908; oratorical, band, orch. Annual bd.
Miriam A. "Swartzie" Swartz 1918 Chippiwa Falls, WI, 1912; Camp Fire, swell dancer
Sylvia "Sylv" Tittle 1918 Chicago, 1909; hockey, declamatory, Camp Fire,sec '16
Evelyn "Buzz" Vizenau 1918 Penbroke, Ont., 1914;bball, hockey, Camp Fire, Comm.
Ruth E. "Westie" West 1918 Anderson, IN, 1910; bball, hockey, Declam., Camp Fire
Rundell N. "Runt" Wood 1918 Dowagiac, MI, 1907; v.p. '17, track, annual, DePauw
Florence Anderson 1919 Chicago, 1909; hockey, chorus
Florence "Toots" Bernstein 1919 Chicago, 1906; basketball, hockey
Mildred A. "Mudge" Blachly 1919 Merrillville, IN, 1916; Camp Fire
Alef "Al" Blake 1919 San Angelo, TX, 1918; basketball capt., baseball
Gladys "Gladie" Briggs 1919 Crisman, IN, 1919;"our smallest graduate"
Helen Cannon 1919 Michigan City, 1919; declamatory prelims., senior play
Kate S. Clarke 1919 Pittsburgh, 1912;
Stella "Copie" Copeland 1919 Albuquerque, 1918; basketball, chorus, senior play
Berneil "Bee" Davis 1919 Monessen, PA, 1916; hockey, bball, Camp Fire
Ruth K. "Rufus" Davis 1919 Scotdale, PA, 1911; hockey, chorus, bball, sen. Play
May T. "Buzzer" Donnelly 1919 Dundalk, Ireland, 1915; hockey, Camp Fire, tennis
Lester S. "Two Bits" Dubetz 1919 Chicago, 1907; oratorical prelims
Eva E. Dubinski 1919 Chicago, 1917; basketball, hockey
Hazel A. Erlandson 1919 Miller, IN, 1902; annual, Sec. Stud. Council, sen. play
Mildred V. "Mickey" Feuer 1919 Cleveland, 1909; hockey, bball, declamatory, senior play
E. Madge Forsch 1919 Middlebury, IN, 1912; basketball
Mildred "Theda" Freeburg 1919 Conneaut, OH, 1910;bball, hockey, annual, senior play
Robert C. Freise 1919 Chalmers, IN, 1909; class bball, oratorical, senior play
Bessie "Bethy" Friedman 1919 St. Louis, 1913; hockey, bball, declamatory, senior play
Helen A. Haas 1919 Chicago, 1911; hockey, Camp Fire
Harold J. "Beany" Harris 1919 Chicago, 1911;football capt., bball capt., bsball, track
C. Lois "Hutchie" Hutchins 1919 Caldwell, OH, 1910, class sec., bball capt., declamatory
Joe J. Jacobson 1919 Chicago, 1911; chorus, oratorical prelims.
Carl H. Johnson 1919 Pittsburgh, 1908; annual, football, track, minstrels, ora.
Floyd W. "Kelly" Kellstrom 1919 Minneapolis, 1912; football, bball, minstrels, track, ora.
Frank M. Kelso 1919 Decatur, IL, 1915; track, student council, oratorical,
Frank J. "Tuffy" Kendrick 1919 Fort Wayne, 1907, track, oratorical, annual, sen. Play
Jessie "Bevo" Klinedorf 1919 Johnstown, PA, 1917; hockey, Camp Fire
Donald "Micky" McArthur 1919 Elwood, IN, 1910;treasurer, bus. mgr. Annual, track
Alegra "Nez" Nesbit 1919 Valparaiso, 1915; v.p. class, lit. ed. annual, chorus
Arthur O'Hara 1919 Pueblo, CO, 1910; class pres., annual ed., ftball, bball
Grace L. "Phil" Phillips 1919 Lansing, MI, 1917; Salutatorian, bball, stud. council v.p.
Herbert L. "Herbie" Plowman 1919 Chicago, 1911; track, class bball & bsball, oratorical
Elina E. "Sam" Salmi 1919 Finland, 1908; annual board, hockey, Girls' Working Res.
Ruby "Scotty" Scott 1919 Three Oaks, MI, 1910, annual board, hockey, basketball
Harold "Brownie" Smith 1919 Logansport, 1915; football, class bball, track & baseball
Gertrude "Gertie" Sproull 1919 Pittsburgh, 1911, spends time in commercial dept.
Eva "Joy-lo" Sprowls 1919 Union City, PA, 1911; annual bd., class treasurer, decl.
George W. "Handsome" Strom 1919 Anderson, IN, 1917; oratorical, tennis, ftball, wireless
Oscar C. "Slewfoot" Strom 1919 Miller, IN, 1909; football, track, oratorical, senior play
Olive Surman 1919 Chicago, 1909; basketball 1916
May "Mazie" Uhl 1919 Dover, OH, 1913; treasurer, bball, hockey, declam., CF
Ruth E. "Roosilie" Wolf 1919 Chicago,1909;class secretary, v.p. '16, chorus, bball
Hermine Alschuler 1920 Hockey, chorus, senior play, "Bohemian Girl"
Dagmar Brink 1920 Basketball, hockey, Classical Club
Marjorie Clark 1920 Minstrels, basketball, Junior English Club
Jennie Cole 1920 Hockey, junior English Club
Gladys Daniel 1920 S.E.C. play, senior play, minstrels, annual board
Dorothy Davis 1920 Basketball, hockey, Junior English Club
Donald Dipert 1920 Band, Junior English Club
Madge Fogler 1920 Hockey, Shorthand Club, S.E.C.
Maurice Friedfman 1920 Band, orchestra, class treasurer '18, v.p. '19, chorus
Genevieve Gaynor 1920 Junior English & Shorthand Club, Intl. Typing Contest
Gilbert Greenberg 1920 senior play, joke editor of annual, S.E.C. play
Dorothy Greenwald 1920 President S.E.C., Classical Club, math club
Marjorie Hall 1920 Class secretary '18, bball, hockey, chorus, Ath. Assoc.
Martha Hammond 1920 annual board, basketball, hockey, class treasurer '20
Gladys Hancock 1920 Athletic Assoc., hockey, basketball, chorus, minstrels
Madeline Havens 1920 Classical Club, "Bohemian Girl"
Francis Heydorn 1920 Football '19, chorus '19, class treasurer '19, Ath. Assoc
Clara Hogan 1920 Pres. Classical Club, S.E.C. play, class secretary '20
Enid Holmes 1920 Student Council 1920, hockey
Faye Holmes 1920 S.E.C. play, senior play, original oratorical contest
Claudia Isay 1920 Senior play, S.E.C. play, chorus
Alfred Johnson 1920 Classical Club
Roswell Johnson 1920 S.E.C. play, annual board, chorus, class secretary '19
Helen Jones 1920 Classical Club, Junior English Club
Ethel Larson 1920 annual board, "Bohemian Girl," chorus
Arnold Lieberman 1920 Student Council '19, S.E.C. play
Lilly Ludtke 1920 late addition to the class
Mary O'Hara 1920 Hockey, basketball, annual board, class treasurer '19
Floret Ohrenstein 1920 Hockey, chorus, "Bohemian Girl"
Malvina Onson 1920 Hockey, basketball
William Phillips 1920 Pres. Stud. council, annual, Emerson-Froebel debate
Ardath Ralph 1920 Annual board, Classical Club, secretary shorthand club
Louis Rappeport 1920 Football, basketball, chorus
Glenn Rearick 1920 track, Lake Co. Oratoricals, senior play, treasurer '20
Rolland Roley 1920 S.E.C. play, East Chicago-Emerson debate, fresh. play
Judson Sherwood 1920 Class President, football, senior play, oratorical contest
Edwin Smith 1920 Class President '18, football, bball, senior play, minstrels
Renner Stimson 1920 Football, basketball, track, S.E.C. play
Ellen Strom 1920 Annual board, "Bohemian Girl," basketball, hockey
Olive Surman 1920 Hockey, basketball
Harmon Ward 1920 Track, minstrels, student council, chorus, annual
Bernice Wilson 1920 Basketball, hockey
Audrey Winter 1920 senior play, original oratorical contest, hockey '18
Kathryn Witwer 1920 Class treasurer '17 & '18, senior play "Bohemian Girl"
Thelma Aptekman 1921 Oratorical prelims, S.E.C., hockey, Musical & Class. Club
Clye Barber 1921 Pocatello, ID, 1917; Bd. Of Control, Mus. Club, "Martha"
Miriam "Mim" Bernstein 1921 Ithaca, NY, 1919; Classical Club, S.E.C., class poet
John Bowers 1921 S.E.C., Spanish and Chemistry Clubs
Lenore Boyd 1921 Merrillville; Chemistry Club, hockey, drives an Olds
Lucille "Jerry" Boyd 1921 Lenore's sis, helps manage Olds to take crowd around
Warren "Slim" Chase 1921 Chicago, 1915; Class. Chem Clubs, sen. bball,
Jean "Jed" Davidson 1921 Nova Scotia, 1911; S.E.C., Spanish Club, hockey
Jim "Jim" Dowling 1921 S.E.C. "we know he can dance"
Rudolph Edelstein 1921 Band, Classical Club, Spanish Club
Francis Flaugh 1921 Football, Class., Chem. & Mus. Clubs, Annual Board
Harry Fowler 1921 Booster Comm., Bd. Of Control, debate. Musical Club
Harland Freebury 1921 Orator of class, S.E.C., senior play, chorus, Class. Club
Margaret "Spud" Gale 1921 Treasurer '21, annual, senior play, bball, chemistry club
Elwood Glueck 1921 Milwaukee, 1908; Class Pres; chem. Club, senior play
Helen "Happy" Hauprich 1921 Ed-in-Chief annual, Pres. Musical club, hockey, chorus
Alice Heintz 1921 Basketball star, chorus, Chemistry Club, hockey
Ruth Heiny 1921 S.E.C., "speeding along in a roadster has no rival"
Guy Henderson 1921 Band, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club
Doris "Holmsey" Holmes 1921 Ross, IN; Bd. Of Control, Musical & Class. Clubs, chorus
Sam Honorof 1921 Chicago, 1904; treasurer '21, classical & chem clubs
Edith Jahn 1921 Classical Club, Musical Club, basketball
Mildred "Milly" Jamison 1921 McKeesport, PA, 1907;S.E.C., hockey, bball, Class. Club
Elsie Jors 1921 Blue Island, IL, 1919; chorus, Class, Span. & Chem Club
Fannie Lakin 1921 Chicago, 1909; Classical, Mus., Chem. Clubs, bball, hky
Ruth Landrigan 1921 star debater, always ready in S.E.C. with ref. books
Anne Mages 1921 Hockey, Spanish Club, B.B. '17
Lavina "Lavvie" Marshall 1921 Clsss Treasurer '20, S.E.C., Sec. Chem Club, Span. Club
Dorothy "Dot" Mountain 1921 Norristown, PA; S.E.C., school play, musical clb, chorus
Margaret "Peg" Neff 1921 Annual, Declamatory, bball, Musical, Class. & Span. clbs
Merrill Nusbaum 1921 East Palatine, OH, 1909; sen. play, Class. & Span. Club
Beulah "Bee" Percival 1921 Pittsburgh, 1907; Musical, Classical & Chemistry Clubs
George "Percy" Percival 1921 Pittsburgh, 1907; mathematics shark
Annette "pete" Peterson 1921 Chicago, 1916; basketball, hockey, chem club, S.E.C.
Vera Pisarski 1921 "studious and conscientious" "a jolly, good sport"
Elizabeth "Betty" Putnam 1921 Chemistry, Classical and Musical Clubs, chorus
Liella Romel 1921 Classical Club, Musical Club
Lowell Spangle 1921 Newcomer, 1920
George "General" Staab 1921 S.E.C.,band, chorus, mus club, sen. play, "military man"
Harry "Specs" Steiner 1921 Chicago, 1907; Bus. Mgr. Annual, S.E.C., Classical Club
Stewart "Stew" Taylor 1921 Bay City, MI, 1907; annual, Classical & Musical Clubs,
Nadine Thornburg 1921 S.E.C., hockey, Spanish Club, basketball, comm. dept.
Arthur "Art" Travers 1921 Joliet, IL, 1910; annual, musical, Span & classical clubs
Louise Turnipseed 1921 Memphis,1917; Span. Club, "who's got some powdeh"
Etta Weber 1921 Rock Island, IL, 1907; Class Sec., musical club, v.p. '20
Mary "Whitey" White 1921 Musical Club, annual board, S.E.C., basketball, hockey
Eva "Eve" Wilson 1921 Thayer, IN, 1913;
Edna Wishman 1921 Newcomer, S.E.C.
Sanford H. "San" Aldrich 1922 Chicago; Pres., Senior Class, football, bball, track, BOC
Joseph "Joe" Bailey 1922 Chicago, 1914; Comm. Law Cl, "Martha," "Bohemian Girl"
Jay "Jaw" Bone 1922 Bucyrus, OH, 1916; Aud. League, Ath. Ed. Of "E," ROTC
Helen Borman 1922 Hobart, 1920; Class. Club, Aud. League, chorus, "Mice"
Naomi Bowers 1922 Hammiond, 1910; Classical Club, French Club, hockey
Clayton Briggs 1922 Columbia City, IN, 1919; Pres BOC, ftball, "E" Class Ed.
George Carpenter 1922 Miller, IN, 1918; Chem. Club, band, Yell leader, R.O.T.C.
Inez Carr 1922 Buffalo, NY; hockey, basketball, Auditorium League
Eleanor Cass 1922 Westville, IN, Spanish Club, "Ambridge Gang"
Vincent "Vince" Cavanaugh 1922 Football, basketball, Social Committee, B.J.E.C.
Jenibee Coats 1922 Marion, IN, 1920; Orchestra, Spanish & French Clubs
Leo "Lee" Diamond 1922 New York, 1912;
Wilbur Dierking 1922 Elgin, IL, 1917; R.O.T.C., Chem. Club, B.J.E.C., B.S.E.C.
Sam "Smiley" Dubin 1922 Chicago, 1917; Class.& Mus. Clubs, Cross Cntry, Treas.
Raymond "Duff" Duff 1922 Chicago, 1918; Chair, B&G, v.p. Aud. League, bball
Mattias "Mutt" Fabianski 1922 Cross country, track, R.O.T.C., Pres. Aud. League, "E"
Lynn Ferris 1922 Rochester, NY, 1911; football, lieu.R.O.T.C., Class.Club
Crystal Fisher 1922 Columbia City, IN, 1913; bball, Cehm & Span. Clubs
Helen Fogler 1922 Villa Grove, IL, 1913; bball capt.,org. ed of "E", Cl. Hist.
Irene Forsythe 1922 Ross, IN, Spanish, Chemistry & Classical Clubs
Nathan "Nate" Friedlander 1922 Chicago, 1911; band, orch., "Brown of Harvard," bball
Edna Fuller 1922 NYC, 1914; Aud. League, hockey, bball, Fr & Span. Club
Sidney "Sid" Goldman 1922 Indiana Harbor, 1914;ftball, track, chem. Club, B.S.E.C.
Dale "Ike" Good 1922 South Bend, 1908; ftball, track, BOC, Snap Ed. Of "E"
Arvid "Gusty" Gustafson 1922 Griffith, IN; Auditorium League, band
Golda Hafey 1922 1920; Spanish Club, Aud. League, "Mice and Men"
Bernard "Barney" Harmon 1922 Columbus, OH, 1909; Commercial Law Club
Helen Hay 1922 Chicago, 1908; bball, hockey, "Rose of Plymouth Town"
Lillian Heflich 1922 Chicago, 1916;Aud. L., Comm. Law Cl., Society ed "E"
Elsie Huberth 1922 Froebel-Emerson debate, orchestra, bball, "Mice & Men"
Virginia Huff 1922 Bay City, MI; Musical and Classical Clubs, chorus
Abe Hyman 1922 Benton Harbor, MI, 1918; Aud. League, "Mice & Men",
Winifred Iliff 1922 North Liberty, IN, 1918; Fr & Span Clubs, Aud. L, "Mice"
Lester "Stone Face" Ingram 1922 Muncie, 1911; R.O.T.C., chorus, oratorical, band, chem.
Walter Isenberg 1922 Joihnstown, PA; Aud. L., Class. Club, band,"Brown of H"
Edna Jones 1922 Martin's Ferry, OH, 1911; hockey, art ed. Of "E", Aud. L.
George Kelso 1922 Decatur, IL, 1916; ftball, bball, track, ROTC, Aud, L.
Hazel Knotts 1922 Hammond, 1906; Aud. League, hockey, Comm Law Club
Leslie Krull 1922 Hobart, 1919; football, band, Span. & Class. Clubs
Joseph "Keeper" Laube 1922 Chicago, 1908;Aud. L., Em-Froebel debate, orch., CLC
Randall "Randy" Lightbody 1922 Youngstown,1913; band, orch., Aud. L., Music Ed. "E"
William "Bill" Martin 1922 Valparaiso, 1914; Band, orchestra, Aud. League, chorus
Marguerite NcNeill 1922 Fairfield, IA, 1918; Ath. Ed of "E", bball, "Mice & Men"
Beatrice Nesbit 1922 Valparaiso, 1915; Drama ed. Of "E", declam., social com.
William "Bill" Noltner 1922 Madison, WI, 1917; Class. Club, Aud. League, R.O.T.C.
Edward "Ed" O'Hara 1922 Pueblo, CO, 1910; football, bball, track, Classical Club
Arnold "Pete" Olson 1922 Miller, IN; Band, orch., chorus, "Martha," cross cntry
Geraldine Onson 1922 Miller, IN; hockey, bball, Aud. League, Lake C. prelims.
Robert "Bob" Pickard 1922 Marion, IN, 1918; pres Aud. L., chorus, "Mice & Men,"
Mary Esther "Pestie" Ransel 1922 Pittsburgh, 1916;Aud. League, Sec., BOC, "Mice & Men"
Tyrie "olie" Robbins 1922 Plymouth, IN, 1918; ftball, bball, track, Comm. Law Cl
Harold "Dynamite" Sanderson 1922 Logansport, IN, 1915; ftball, bball, cross cntry, Aud. L.
Ezra "Ezrie" Sensibar 1922 Wheatfield, IN, 1907; Aud. League, Musical & Fren. Clb.
Naomi Sensibar 1922 Wheatfield, IN; French Club, chorus, Musical Club
Frank Sibley 1922 Canada; track, football, bball, Chem. Club, B.S.E.C.
Ross Sibley 1922 Canada; Spanish Club, Boys' Treas., B.J.E.C., B.S.E.C.
Fred Solomon 1922 Football, track, cross country, Chem. Club, B.S.E.C.
Joe Springberg 1922 Wausau, 1916; Spanish & Class. Club, "Mice & Men"
Russell "Rus" St. John 1922 Chicago, 1918; Aud. League, vp BOC, band, Bohem Girl
Frank "Niger" Stimson 1922 Memphis, 1916; Musical Club, "Bohemian Girl," R.O.T.C.
John Symes 1922 Cuba, 1918; Pres. Span. Club,band, Cl. Club. R.O.T.C.
Clarence "Tap" Tappan 1922 Niles, MI, 1918; Band, orchestra, R.O.T.C., Class. Club
Elsie Taylor 1922 Summittville, IN, 1921; Comm. Law Club, "Mice & Men"
Martha Taylor 1922 Pittsburgh, 1910; Treasurer, hockey, bball, tennis
Dorothy Verplank 1922 Evanston, IL, 1917; hockey, Class. Club, chorus, "Mice"
John "Boob" Wallace 1922 Coal City, IL, 1910; ftball, bball, Aud. League, plays
Norman "Shorty" Winter 1922 Spanish Club, R.O.T.C., B.J.E.C.
Charles "Charlie" Wise 1922 Belmont, OH, 1910; Comm. Law Club, Aud. Leag., ROTC
Alvin Wood 1922 Washington, DC; band, ftball, bball, Spanish Club
Rex Young 1922 Ohio, 1908; footbal, Classical & Chem. Clubs, R.O.T.C.
Robert "Bob" Ahrens 1923 Milwaukee, 1918; pres. Jun. Cl, lightw. ftball, plays
Leigh Alger 1923 Griffith; Auditorium League, SBEC, Classical Club
Arveda "Veda" Anderson 1923 Youngstown, 1909; Aud. Leag, Span, chem. & Class cl
Lillian Anderson 1923 Youngstown, 1909; B&G, plays, Aud. League, CC, Fren
Spencer "Jake" Asbuary 1923 Emsley, AL, 1910; Pres. BOC, ftball,"If I Were King", S&V
Margaret "Peg" Bailey 1923 Portland, IN, 1913; snapshot ed. "E", B&G, bball, hockey
Pearl Baker 1923 Cassiopolis, MI, 1916; Aud. League, "If I Were King", CC
John "Becky" Beck 1923 Chicago, 1910; class bball, plays, Chem & Span clubs
Emma Bertha 1923 Clairton, PA, 1913; hockey, Aud. League, plays, SEC,CC
Deborah "Deb" Betts 1923 Homestead, PA, 1910; Bball, chorus, GSEC, CC, Fr. Cl
Russell "Russ" Bone 1923 Bucyrus, OH, 1916; cl bball, CC, SBEC, Ath. Fin. Comm
Ednah "Micky" Bowler 1923 Boyne City, MI, 1912; bball, hockey, tennis, Aud League
Vena Bratton 1923 Hartford, IL, 1922; hockey, bball, declamatory, GSEC
August "Augie" Brink 1923 Miller, IN; Aud. League, ROTC, SEC, Classical Club (CC)
Catherine Brooks 1923 Chicago, 1908; bball, bsball, typewriting contest, plays
Forde "Fat" Bruce 1923 Garret, IN, 1917; ad mgr. "E", treas., Capt. ROTC, plays
Della "Casey" Carey 1923 Wheeler, IN, 1921; Aud. Leag, Class.Cl, "If I Were King"
Virginia "Gin" Chase 1923 Wabash, IN, 1911; annual bd., Aud. League, Social Com
Herman "Herm" Clarin 1923 Chicago, 1917; Classical & Span Clubs, ROTC, GGEC
Allen "Al" Combs 1923 Cayuga, IN, 1910; V.P. Sen. Cl, ftball, "If I Were King"
Leonard "Len" Considine 1923 Joliet, IL, 1910; Social Comm., cl bball, "Martha", BSEC
Helen Cox 1923 Chicago, 1918; Aud. League, "If I Were King", Fr & Span
Helen Crabill 1923 South Bend, 1914; bball, bsball, hockey, S.E.C. Class Cl
Wilna Davidson 1923 Nova Scotia, 1909; B&G, bball, hockey, plays, S.E.C.
John "Swede" Davis 1923 Class ftball, Aud. League, "Brown of Harvard", S.E.C.
Gerald Deck 1923 Hoopeston, IL, 1918; cl bball, Aud. League, SBEC, CC
Donald "Don" Doyle 1923 Dayton, OH, 1920; ROTC, "If I Were King", Span. Club
Rudolph "Rudy" Drevenak 1923 Chicago, 1909; Band, ROTC, Spanish Club
Donald "Don" Dykeman 1923 Richmond, IN, 1920; cl. bball, "Martha", SBEC, Chem Cl
Elsie Earlandson 1923 Chicago, 1919; Lit. ed "E", Aud. Leag, Chem & Span Clb
Theodora "Teddy" Eastes 1923 Muncie, 1913; Sen. Cl. Sec., bball, "If I Were King," CC
Gertrude "Gert" Eibel 1923 Joliet, IL, 1909; chorus, SEC, Span. Club, S&V, "Ruth"
Henrietta Ewing 1923 Nashvillew, TN, 1910; "If I Were King", chorus, Class. Cl
Irene Field 1923 Jackson, MI, 1919; hockey, "Brown of Harvard", Aud L.
Beatrice "Bea" Figge 1923 Johnston, PA, 1911; bsball, hockey, civics club, CC,
Walter "Walt" Frances 1923 Westville, 1921; class ftball, Aud. League, SEC, chem cl
Jeannette "Teeny" Gaston 1923 Wash, DC, 1917; Aud. League, Fren, Span, Chem Clubs
Edith Gideon 1923 Mattoon, IL, 1906;Aud. League, typing contst, Com Cl
Solly "Goldman" Goldman 1923 Chicago, 1908; Cl. Ftball & bball, Classical Cl, plays
Goldie "Goody" Goodrich 1923 Merrillville, 1920; Aud. League, Classical Club, SEC
Katherine "Kay" Graham 1923 Martin's Ferry, OH, 1922; Social Committee, JEC
Gertrude "Gert" Greenwald 1923 Whiting, 1912; bball, bsball, "If I Were King", SEC
Harold "Sparky" Haas 1923 Chicago, 1912; ftball, "Martha", SEC, Aud. League
Nore "Hagman" Hagman 1923 Aurora, IL, 1919; Ed-in-Chief "E", fball, track, plays
Harrietr "hi" Hanley 1923 Valparaiso, 1916;hockey, plays, GSEC, Classical Club
Winfield ""Winny" Hardy 1923 Idaville, IL, 1913; ltwgt ftball & Bball, track, "Martha"
Edmund "Heily" Heilstedt 1923 Valparaiso, 1913; Booster Comm ch, bsball, cl ftball,Aud
Clarence Hendrickson 1923 Susquehanna, 1911; orch, contest chorus, plays, ROTC
Clyde "Fat" Heydorn 1923 Football, stage mgr., Span. & Chem clubs, plays
Merle Hodges 1923 Rensselaer, 1906; Treasurer, B&G Chair., cl bball, plays
Neva Holmes 1923 Ross, IN, 1905; Aud. League, Class. & Span. Cl, plays
Isla Horine 1923 Arrowsmith, IL, 1922, Aud. League, SEC, Class Club
Eileen "Eli" Isley 1923 Hutchinson, KS, 1920; chorus, SEC, French Cl, plays
John "Johnny" Isley 1923 Star City, IN, 1910;Senior Cl. Pres., ftball, track, drama
Bennie Jackson 1923 Chicago, 1911; Class. & Chem clubs, SBEC, plays, CC
Beatrice "Bea" James 1923 Morgantown, WV, 1919; hockey, bball, chorus, Aud. L.
Theodore "Teddy" Janssen 1923 Chicago, 1912; Ftball, bsball, S&V, "Brown of Harvard"
Ruth Johnson 1923 Clairton, PA, 1908; BOC, Booster Comm., bball, plays
Clarence "Klassy" Kelso 1923 Decatur, IL, 1916; ftball, bball, "If I Were King", chorus
Helen "Hek" King 1923 Dillonville, OH, 1912; bball, hockey, plays, Class. Club
Elma Kleindorf 1923 Winder, PA, 1917; Bball, Aud. League, plays, GSEC
Lena "Skinney" Klunder 1923 Rock Island, IL, 1914; Aud. L., "Martha", SEC, Spn & Fr
Verona "Faye" Klunder 1923 Rock Island, IL, 1914;bball, Aud. League, plays, CC
Lillian Knott 1923 South Bend, 1911; orch., Aud. League, GSEC, CC, plays
Laddie Kornafel 1923 Hammond, IN, 1914; Joke ed "E", SBEC, JBEC, plays
Clarissa Labb 1923 Superior, WI, 1907; Aud. League, CC, SEC,"If I Were K"
Irene "Irenie" Lantare 1923 St. Louis, 1909; "If I Were King", Span, Chem, Fr clubs
John Lenburg 1923 Chicago, 1911; class bball & Bsball, SBEC, band, CC
Hyman "Hymie" Mages 1923 Chicago, 1914;class bball, Aud. League, SBEC, CC
Helen "Irish" Mahoney 1923 Green Bay, WI, 1919; F-E debate, plays, Aud. L., SEC
Beulah "Buelikers" Marxmiller 1923 Riossville, IL, 1918; bball, bsball, Aud. League,"If I Were
Gregory Maurek 1923 Austin, MN, 1922; "If I Were King", SEC, Chemistry Club
Robert "Mickey" McArthur 1923 Elwood, IN, 1910; track, plays, Class., Span & Fr. Clubs
Seymour R. Mehler 1923 Chicago, 1915; sen cl. Ftball & bball,plays,Classical Club
Paul Mohardt 1923 Penuxsatany, PA, 1914; ftball, bball, track, bsball, CC
Mildred Morris 1923 Chicago, 1907; Music Mem. Contest, Aud. Leag, chorus
Arthur "Art" Mount 1923 Chicago, 1918; Span. & Comm. Law Clubs, BSEC, lt ftb
William "Bill" O'Brien 1923 Elwood, IN, 1920; Class bball, Aud. League, plays
Clara "Babe" Ohrenstein 1923 Chicago, 1913; Aud. League, plays, chorus, S.E.C.
Caroline Papka 1923 Tolleston, 1905; Aud. League, Salesmanship Club, CLC
Irene Parsons 1923 Chicago, 1909; annual, hockey, bball, bsball, plays
Lucille B. Patterson 1923 Rochester, IN, 1918; Aud. League, GSEC, Chem Club
Richard "Dick" Patterson 1923 Kalamazoo, MI, 1918; class bball & ftball, plays, SBEC
William "Bill" Pendleton 1923 Ltwgt bball, cl. Bball, Aud. League, SEC, Chem. Club
Jessie Phillips 1923 Michigan City, 1921; bsball, hcky, Aud. L, If I Were King
Martha Pisor 1923 Toledo, 1908; hockey, bball, Spice & variety, chorus
Arvilla Pollock 1923 Chicago, 1911; Aud. League, Franch & Commercial Clubs
Catherine Prybylski 1923 Chicago, 1914; French, Span & Comm. Law Club
Collin "Resh" Resh 1923 Rensselaer,IN, 1911; Bus. Mgr. "E", S.E.C., Chem. Club
James "Jimmy" Ricks 1923 Muncie, 1910; class ftball & bball, plays, ROTC, SEC
Ellen Rooda 1923 Kansas City, MO, 1908; annual bd, BOC, chorus, plays
Alfred "Roxy" Rothschild 1923 Pittsburgh, 1914; cl ftball & bsball, plays, , Span. Club
Sam "Sammy" Ruman 1923 NYC, 1912; asst. ed "E", ftball, bball, bsball, plays
Henry "Hank" Sackett 1923 San Diego, 1912; Bball, sen. Cl. Ftball, SBEC, Span. Cl
Magdaline Shaub 1923 McKeesrock, PA, 1912; bsball, chorus, Aud. Leag, plays
Henrietta Steinke 1923 no information published
Richard "Dick" Sturtridge 1923 Vandergift, PA, 1911; ftball, bball, bsball, track, Span.Cl
Berdena Troutman 1923 Kewanna, IN, 1912; bball, hockey, bsball, Aud. L., Fr Cl
Marjorie "Marge" Tucker 1923 Logansport, 1909; Annual board, BOC, Aud. League
George Verplank 1923 Milwaukee, 1919; Cl. football,plays, Aud. League. SBEC
Wilbur "Bill" Verplank 1923 Evanston, 1909; "If I Were King", ROTC, SEC, CC, Chem
Beulah "Billie" Walton 1923 Martin's Ferry, OH, 1922; J.E.C., Social Committee
Thurston "Red" Ward 1923 NYC, 1911; Band, plays, ROTC, Class & Chem clubs
Catherine White 1923 Chicago, 1909;chorus, plays, SEC, French Club, CC
Eva Abrams 1924 South Bend, 1912; CC, Cicero & Vergil Club, plays
Edith Anderson 1924 Chicago, 1920; Aud. Leag, Span.& Class. Cl, bball, hcky
Evelyn "Ev" Anderson 1924 Chicago, 1911; Bball, bsball, hockey, S&V, CC, Jour. Cl
Roma "Roma" Anderson 1924 Chicago, 1907;Society ed "Emer-Son", jour cl., Vergil Cl
Myron Andrews 1924 Michigan City, 1906; ROTC, S&V, CC, SEC, Aud. League
Fred "Fred" Baird 1924 East Gary, 1920; "Robin Hood", ROTC, CC, Cl. Ftball
Earl "Earl" Barnum 1924 Elwood, IN, 1922; Football, track, BOC, plays, SEC
Sylvia Bartush 1924 Redford, MI, 1922; Classical, Spanish & Chemistry Clubs
Egbert "Bob" Beattie 1924 Adv. Ed of "E", football, BOC, Yell Leader, Span. Club
Anne Marie Bellot 1924 Odell, IL, 1922; Senior Literary Club, Auditorium League
Abbie Bilkovic 1924 Chicago, 1908;"Daddy Longlegs", Chem., Eng & Class Cl
Alice "Al" Bitner 1924 Pittsburgh, 1907; bball, S&V, plays, Lake Co. Declam.
Mildred Blank 1924 Miller, IN, 1921; orchestra, chorus, hockey, S&V, Span.
Esther Blum 1924 Declamatory Contest, Aud. League, CC, Chem. Club
Lois Boyd 1924 Hobart, 1922; Aud. L., "Emer-Sun" cub rep., French Cl.
Orren "Orren" Briggs 1924 Chrisman, IN, 1919; band, orch., track, S&V, plays, CC
Earl "Earl" Brown 1924 W. Hammond, 1903; football, bball, baseball
Donald "Don" Bryant 1924 Star City, IN, 1916; Band, ROTC, Copper Head, Jour. Cl.
Ralph Bucksbaum 1924 Oklahoma City, 1909; Mayor of Gary '24, CC, Aud. Leag.
Kenneth Carpenter 1924 ROTC, S&V, Aud. League, contest chorus, "If I Were K."
Donald Cavanaugh 1924 Youngstown, OH, 1911; Footbsll, bsball, bball, S&V,
James Chase 1924 Pittsburgh, 1907; swimming, CC, Copperhead, Physics C
James Considine 1924 Joliet, 1908; Class football, baseball, CC, , plays
Anna Cooke 1924 Wash, DC, 1923; declamatory & debate, 1st black grad
Charles "Chuck" Crowthers 1924 Ambridge, PA,1911; Ch B&G, swim, BOC, S&V, Copperhd
Richard "Sparky" Crowthers 1924 Ambridge, PA, 1911; Football, track, Copperhead, S&V
Isabel "Isie" Custis 1924 Walkerton, IN, 1908, hockey, choral contest, CC, plays
William Davidson 1924 Chicago, 1912;Baseball, cl ftball, Aud., Gold & Gray, EC
Robert "Bob" Davis 1924 Monessen, PA, 1916; cl. Ftball & Bball, bsball, Copperh.
Margaret Dorland 1924 Classical Club, Aud. League, Span & Co-Ed English Club
Leslie "Wiggle" Douglas 1924 E. Chicago, 1911; Football, bsball, S&V, CC, Cl. Bball
Mercedes Doyle 1924 Buffalo, 1907; Emerson Club, CC, Aud. L., Reporters,
Elsie Draves 1924 Reynolds, IN, 1922; Aud. League, Chem & Co-ed SEC
Ksenia Duchich 1924 Aud. League, S&V, dancer, Journalist Club
Kerbert Earle 1924 Chicago, 1920; Org ed "E", plays, orator., B&G, Copperh.
Wilbur Eklund 1924 Mich City, 1918; cl. Bball & ftball, plays, Social Comm.
Merrit "Merritt" Ervin 1924 Wellston, OH, 1910; Asst. Ed. "Emer-Sun", track, plays
Russel "Rus" Estes 1924 Villa Grove, IL, 1923; Emerson Jour, Club, class football
Marjorie "Marjie" Eucker 1924 Gary, IN; Dept. Ed "Emer-Sun", Vergil & Jour Cl., Aud. L.
Howard Everhart 1924 Elwood, IN, 1904; Class ftball, SEC, ROTC, Span. Club
Thomas "Tommy" Flannery 1924 Scranton, 1917; bsball, SEC, Physics Club, French Club
Vernon "Vern" Fleming 1924 Football, CC, Span. Cl, S&V, plays, Copperhead, phys cl
Louise "Lou" Fowler 1924 Muncie, 1911; Robin Hood, CC, bsball, Aud. L., chorus
Robert Francis 1924 Joliet, 1907; Class ftball & Bball, ,band, SEC, Copperhd
Ruth "Ruthie" Frank 1924 Lafayette, 1910; "Emer-Sun", Aud.L., S&V, ESEC,
Mae Freeburg 1924 Erie, PA, 1919;Journalists Club, bball, Aud.League, chem
Horace "Hucky" Gale 1924 Chicago, 1909;oratorical contest, plays, CC, Copperhd
Gertrude Garich 1924 Chicago, 1911; Lake Co. Chorus, Aud. L, tennis, Chead
Regina Goldberg 1924 Mobile, AL, 1921; Audtorium League, Chem & Span club
Adeline Golkowski 1924 Chicago, 1916; S&V, Aud. League, Music Memory Cont.
Charles "Chuck" Gordon 1924 Tolleston: track, cl ftball & bsbalkl, band, S&V, jour, cl.
Percy "Percy" Goshaw 1924 Chippewa Falls, WI, 1919; Track, cl. ftball, Aud. League
Janet Graff 1924 Blairsville, PA; Class. Club, Aud. L., "Emer-Sun" staff
Marion Hagadone 1924 Badin, NC, 1916; SEC, Copper Head, S&V, C. Dickens C.
Edward Hardy 1924 Idaville, IN, 1906; Football, track, c; bball, ROTC, plays
Victor "Vic" Hauprich 1924 Chicago, 1913; Band, Copperhead, Soc. C., jour. club
Frances Hayes 1924 Pittsburgh, 1912; Jour. Club, CC, bball, hockey, Prim P.
Charles "Chuck" Heckenlively 1924 Michigan City; Bus. Mgr. "Emer-Sun", S&V, CC, Jour. Cl
Dale "Dale" Heiny 1924 Idaville, IN; Ftball, Nat. Ora. Cont, Emer. Forum, plays
Elizabeth Henderson 1924 Chicago, 1912; Dickens Club, S&V, Aud. L., K.C. Minstls
Frederick "Fred" Hendrickson 1924 Susquehanna, PA, 1911; Prim. Path, chorus, band. Orch
Lilly Hendrickson 1924 Clairton, PA, 1910; Comm. Club, S&V, plays, Co-ed Eng.
Ivy Hinshaw 1924 Star City, IN, 1916; Aud. League, Declam, hcky, CC
Marguerite Holmes 1924 Ross, IN, 1922; Contest Chorus, CC, Aud. League, CEC
Merril Holmes 1924 S&V, class football, Spanish & Physics Club
Alice Al Howard 1924 Pittsburgh, 1916;Hockey, bball, Aud. League, CC, Fr Cl
Belle :Belle" Hyman 1924 Russia, 1907; E-F Declam, plays, hockey, bball, chorus
Rose Katz 1924 Chicago, 1920; Auditorium League, Spanish Club, SEC
Raymond Kent 1924 Dayton, OH, 1915; Nat. Oratorical, S&V, Aud. League
Douglas "Dougie" Kerr 1924 NYC, 1913; Football, bball, track, ROTC, Copperhead
Rudolph "Rudy" Kietzman 1924 East Gary, 1908; Cl ftball & bsball, ROTC, CC, Police Ch
Mazel Kline 1924 Alida, IN, 1918; hockey, bball, May Festival, SEC, play
Claude Klingman 1924 Iowa City, 1919; Ed. II "Emer-Sun", SEC, S&V, Span Cl
Kenneth "Kenny" Kost 1924 Harrisburg, PA, 1921; bball, cl. Ftball, Phys cl, track
Emma Lakin 1924 Russia, 1908; Chorus, S&V, Declamatory, plays, hockey
Esther Lerner 1924 Milwaukee, 1921; E-F Debate and Orator., pres.Forum
Leonard Levenberg 1924 Detroit, 1918; "As You Like It",oratorical, chorus, vp cc
Irene Lewis 1924 Urbana, IL, 1919; "Emer-Sun", E-F Debate, hkey, plays
Viola Linstrom 1924 Classical Club, Aud. League, Cub Reporters, Eng. Club
Laura Lyon 1924 Pres. Classical Club, Journalist Club,bball, hcky, chem c
Miriam "Mack" Mackay 1924 Valparaiso, 1913; bball, hkey, tennis, "Martha", social c.
Jessie "Jess" MacLennan 1924 Glasgow, Scot, 1911; hockey, B&G, prom com., CC,
Frieda Makowski 1924 Joliet,1921; Aud. L., Journalist Club, chorus, Chem. Cl
Anna "Anna" Maloney 1924 Jackson, MI, 1909; Joke Ed "Emer-Sun", plays, BC, CC
Mollie Manalan 1924 S. Chicago, 1907; plays, bball, chorus, declam., cmrcl
John Marszalek 1924 S. Chicago, 1908; ROTC, Chemistry Club, Classical Club
Burleigh Mathews 1924 Plymouth, IN, 1912; jun. ftball, cl. Bball, CC, Principal '24
Monica Maurek 1924 Austin, MN, 1922; French Club, Aud. L., "Emer-Sun"
Kathleen Mayes 1924 LaPorte, 1918; CC, typewriting contest, CEC, Chem Cl.
Mildred McDowell 1924 Bryan, OH, 1907; Aud. L., hockey, plays, CC, Chem Cl.
Randall "Randy" Meirs 1924 East Gary, 1920; Football, ROTC, Rifle Team, Sen. Lit C.
Mary Milteer, Mary" Milteer 1924 Whaleyville, VA, 1910; declamatory, plays, bball, hcky
Graham Minor 1924 Hobart, 1923; Aud. League, CC, ROTC, ROTO, football
Michaerl "Mike" Mohardt 1924 Adrian, PA, 1906; Ftball, track, CC, Ath ed of "E", SEC
Margaret "Marg" Mountain 1924 Norristown, PA, 1909; snap shot ed '"E", BOC, hockey
Emily Nelson 1924 Miller, IN, 1921; Aud. League, plays, CC, SEC, Am Lit Cl
Ida Olander 1924 Miller, 1918;Aud. League, bball, CC, chorus, Span Club
Esthel Osborne 1924 Miller, IN, 1921; Aud. League, phys cl, ROTC, Co-Ed Eng
Mildred Paul 1924 Auditorium League, Froebel-Emer. Declam, CC, Chem Cl.
Paul "Pete" Petry 1924 Indpls, 1917; L.C. Orat., bball, bsball, Copper Head
Grace Pihgren 1924 Buffalo, 1909; bsball, hockey, chorus, shorthand cont.
Roland Pitts 1924 Joliet, 1817; Track, plays, chem. Contest, SEC, orch.
Georgiabelle "Georgie" Plum 1924 Watseka, IL, 1919; Indpls Chorus, S&V, bball, bsball, CC
Raymond "Ray" Preus 1924 Chicago, 1918; class bsball, L.C. Orator., plays, Charm
Eugene Ramey 1924 Ft. Smith, AR, 1919; ftball, yell leader, LC Orator., plays
Kathryn "Kay" Range 1924 Chicago, 1910; chorus, bbvall, bluebird, CC, hockey
Joseph Ransel 1924 Pittsburgh, 1909; Lake Co. Oratorical, CC, S&V, plays
Kenneth "Kenny" Rearick 1924 Track, plays, Senior English Club, class football
Gertrude Reed 1924 Aud. League, Sophomore Dance Comm., Spanish Club
Bonnie Mae "Bonnie" Ridgely 1924 St. Louis, 1911; Booster Com., S&V, art ed "E", chorus
Janice "Janice Riley 1924 Philippi, WV, 1908; Secretary, hockey, social, plays
Elva Schweinsberg 1924 Pittsburgh, 1914; Aud. L., Fidelis Club, typewriting cont.
Miriam Seaman 1924 Mitchell SD, 1916; music memory, plays, bball, Jour, Cl.
Michael "Mike" Shellhouse 1924 Band, orchestra, ROTC, phys, French & Chemistry clubs
Eileen Sibley 1924 Buffalo, 1907; asst. Ed "E", plays, S&V, oratorical
Dorothea Smith 1924 Evanston, 1922; Cicero Club, typewriting Con., CC, CEC
Eleanor Spiker 1924 Pittsburgh, 1911; Chas. Dickens Cl., plays, CC, Aud. L.
Helen "Hel'n" Sprowls 1924 Union City, PA, 1911; Copperhead, play. Declam., SEC
Walter Stanton 1924 Dublin, Ireland, 1907; Editor of "E" & "Emer-Sun", orat.
Thelma Stephan 1924 New Phil., OH, 1911; bball, hockey, bsball, Chem, "Ruth"
Alexander "Alex" Stevenson 1924 Medics Club, ROTC, Classical Club, Spanish Club
Edith "Edie" "Swede" Strom 1924 Anderson, IN, 1917; Org Ed of "E", bball, hcky, plays
Joseph Taylor 1924 Muncie, 191909; Charm school, Emer-Sun,Inpls chorus
Glenn Tibbs 1924 Classical Club, wrestling contest, class football
Arthur "Art" Tompt 1924 Chicago, 1912; ROTC, bball, Chem & Class. Club, Prim P.
Kathryn "Katie" Treadway 1924 Bloomington, 1912; Aud. League, plays, declam,m B&G
Marion Voight 1924 Pittsburgh, 1923; Aud. League, CC, Span & Sen. Lit Clb
Margaret Volk 1924 Punnsutawney, PA, 1922; Aud. L., plays, CC, cl bsball
Dorothy "Dot" Ward 1924 Joliet, 1912; S&V, hockey, BOC, basketball, plays
Dorothy Wells 1924 Calwell, OH, 1914; Cicero Club, Vergil Club, SEC
Elaine Welter 1924 Lucan, MN, 1919; Aud. L., "Emer-Sun", plays, CC
Lowell "Lowell" West 1924 Montpelier, OH, 1909; Pres. Senior class, "E", plays
Browning "Browney" White 1924 Toledo, 1910; Football, ESEC, band, contest chorus
Lyndall Wilson 1924 Brazil, IN, 1912; hockey, bsball, S&V, BOC, Yell Leader
Mabelle "Shrimp" Wilson 1924 Winimac, WI, 1923; basketball, Aud. League, SEC
Marjorie "Marge" Wilson 1924 Chesterton, 1919; hockey, bball, BOC, B&G, chorus,
Elizabeth Wright 1924 South Bend, 1912; Copperhead, French Play
Mark Young 1924 South Bend, 1921; Commercial & phys Cl, ROTC, plays
James Aldrich 1925 Chicago, 1914; Pres., bball, tennis, BOC, plays, CC, Virg
Eleanor "Sweetie" Anderson 1925 Youngstown, 1909; cont. chorus, cc, Aud. L., Comm. Cl
Frances Anderson 1925 Matton, IL, 1922; CC, Fr. club, declam, only black stud
Irene "Rene" Ashton 1925 Wilson, MI, 1923; favorite pastime is dancing
Charles Bales 1925 Danville, IL, 1917; Class football, ROTC, band, physics c
Byron Barnes 1925 Rochester, IN, 1918; Cl bball & bsball, CC, jour, club
Lois Bartholomew 1925 Blue Island, IL, 1924; Aud. League, CC, jour. Cl, declam.
Catherine "Brownie" Bassett 1925 Nearine City, MI, 1911 "Blue Bird", bball, hcky, "Emer-S"
Jessie "Jay" Beattie 1925 NYC, 1908;"Emer-Sun", plays, annual, CC, Yodlers
Grace "Belle" Bell 1925 Crete, IL, 1910; "Charm School", Aud. L., hocky, chorus
Bernard Bench 1925 Chicago, 1924; Yell leader, BOC, Chemistry Club
Violet "vi" Bergman 1925 Ambridge, PA, 1913; hcky, bball, CC, "Emer-Sun", Aud L
Louise "Lou" Black 1925 Marshall, IL, 1918; contest chorus, CC, "Ruith", Aud. L.
Esther Blum 1925 Michigan City, 1920; plays, "Ruth", hcky, jour, chorus
Isabella "Isa" Brown 1925 Crown Point, 1921; CC, hockey, bball, Aud. L., plays
Lois "Lady" Bryant 1925 Star City, IN, 1917; Aud. L., bsball, hcky, chorus, plays
Imogene "gene" Campbell 1925 Johnstown, PA, 1922; Aud L., debate, declam, CC, FC
Lois "Casey" Casement 1925 Benton Harbor, MI, 1921;"Charm School", hockey, SEC,
Lawrence Cavanaugh 1925 Youngstown, OH, 1910; Football, basketball, baseball
Marian "Skeeter" Chambers 1925 Kentwood, LA, 1923; Commrcl, French & Am Lit. Clubs
Eugenia "Gene" Charboneau 1925 Simpson, Saskatchewan, 1923; Aud. L., FR. Cl, Yodlers
Leron Child 1925 Jackson, OH, 1911; bball, bsball, tennis, AFC, Booster
George Clark 1925 East Gary; Am lit Club, CC, ROTC, chorus, physics club
Belva "Coover" Coover 1925 Pittsburgh, 1916; S&V, CC, Jour. & Comm. Club, play
Waldo Crisman 1925 Miller, IN; comes to school from MIller under difficulties
Mary "Merry" Cross 1925 Lorain, OH, 1908; Hocky, bball, bsball, Aud. L., CC
Morley Crowther 1925 Ambridge, PA, 1908; Swimming, plays, S&V, CC, ROTC
Frank Crumley 1925 Chanute, KS, 1924; Ftball, bsball, physics cl, Aud. L.
Charlotte "Tod" Danielczik 1925 Glen Park, 1921; CC, Span., Comm & chem club, Aud L.
Harold Dauer 1925 Chem., Physics & Class. Clubs, band, orch., chorus
Rachel "Ray" Davidson 1925 Pittsburgh, 1914; Aud. League, plays, Declam, B&G
Harry Davies 1925 "Emer-Sun", plays, Aud. L, CC, chem, physics, jour club
Martha "Swede" Davis 1925 Muncie, 1916; orch., girls' band, hcky, Aud. L., Glee Cl
Vivian "Bigens" Decker 1925 Winimac, IN, 1911; Aud L, "Blue Bird", CC, declam, hcky
William Deutsch 1925 Crmn B&G, "Emer-Sun", annual BOC, E-F debate, S&V
Ethel "Et" Diamond 1925 NYC, 1912; "Ruth", Comm., Fr & Jour Cl,"As You Like it"
Roxia Dingman 1925 Grand Junction, MI, 1916; Aud L, hcky, CC, jour cl
John Donahy 1925 Pittsburgh, 1908;Ed of "E", "Emer-Sun", S&V, Aud. L,ftb
Margaret "Peg" Dorland 1925 LaPorte, 1908; "Blue Bird", Aud L, CC, Eng. Club
Leslie Douglas 1925 E. Chicago, 1921; Ftball * baseball, S&V, CC, Cicero Cl
Mary Ducrow 1925 St. Louis, 1917; Aud L, plays, CC, Glee Club, B&G, Com.
Linnea "lee" Eckholm 1925 Jamestown, NY, 1913; "Blue Bird, Aud. L, S&V, jour cl
Fred Eibel 1925 Joliet, 1913; Ftball, bball, track, CC, ROTC, "Bluebird"
Reynolds Enterline 1925 Crown Point, 1922; Aud. L, Span., physics cl, mech dr.
Mary Elizabeth "Mary Liz" Fankhauser 1925 Cleveland, 1916; B&G, Aud L, E-F Declam, S&V, plays
Haze Fields 1925 Baseball, ROTC, Rifle team, Aud L, SEC, Jour Cl, B&G
Evan Fifield 1925 "Bluebird", Aud. L., CC, Mec. Drawing, Span & physics c
Rose Finklestein 1925 Chicago, 1915; "Rose & the Ring", CC, Yelling Yodlers
James "Duke" Finnerty 1925 Duke & "Procrastination" Anderson r gym class cut-ups
Marjorie "Marj" Fitzgerald 1925 Ashland, WI, 1912; Aud. L., Comm, Chem & Fren. Clubs
Joe Friedman 1925 Class ftball, bball, bsball, AFC, Co-ed Eng. Club, Span C
Herman Fuhlberg 1925 Buffalko, 1912; Band, orch, CC, Aud. L, ROTC, physics c
Carlton Fuller 1925 NYC, 1914; BOC, cl ftball, track, band, plays, Aud. L.
Helen ""Boots" Garich 1925 Chicago, 1911; Aud. L, cantata "Ruth", CC, Music Mem.
Regina "Rae" Goldberger 1925 Mobile, AL, 1921; Comm., Jour, Span., & Chem Cl, Aud L
Adolph Goldstone 1925 Des Moines, 1924; SEC, Jour Club, CC, bball, physics cl
Janet "Jan" Graff 1925 Blairsville, PA, 1918; French, Classical Clubs, Y. Yodlers
Edna Ed" Green 1925 Porter, IN, 1914; Bsball, hockey, Aud. L., SEC, plays
Fern "Hifty" Green 1925 Chicago, 1908; bball, hockey, CC, Yodlers, plays, Comm.a
Fern "Hifty" Green 1925 Chicago, 1908; bball, hockey, plays, Comm. Cl, CC, Yod.
Thelma Greene 1925 Jackson, TN, 1912; plays, chorus, Aud League, jour. Cl
Carle Gustafson 1925 Commercial Club, Chemistry Club, French Club
Gerald Hanlan 1925 Londonderry, NS, Can., 1909; BOC, cl ftball, S&V, jour c
Mae Hansen 1925 Fort Benton, MT, 21; "Charm School", CC, Aud. L, band
Eunice "Eunie" Hardy 1925 Idaville, IN, Aud. L, Glee Club. Comm chorus, CC, hcky
Mary "Mary Kay" Harmon 1925 Rensselaer, IN, 1922; Aud. Senate, CC, hocky, SEC
Dorothy "dot" Hayne 1925 South Bend, 1909; "Ruth", bball, CC, Aud. L, "The Piper"
William Henderson 1925 Hobart, 1923; Varsity track, "Emer-Sun", CC, "Piper"
John Hered 1925 Football, journalism. Club, S&V, plays,
Frank Herrold 1925 Chesterton, 1916; Ath dir "E", track, ftball, bsball, plays
Pauline "Polly" Hilton 1925 Glen Park, 1919; CC, Journalism Club, plays, comm. cl
Cecil Hobbs 1925 Martin's Ferry, OH, 17; CC, physics, Am lit clb, mech dr
Jennie "Theodosia" Hodges 1925 Gary, 1907; v.p. jun. cl, annual, Boost Com,"The Piper"
Jeanne "Fat" Holland 1925 Moline, IL, 1916; Jour. Club, Aud L, plays, CC, chorus
Merrill Holmes 1925 Chicago; Joke ed. "E", plays, Aud. L., Jour. Cl, cl ftball
Alice Howard 1925 Pittsburgh, 1916; Aud L, hcky, bball, CC, plays, annual
Morris Hughes 1925 Buffalo, 1906; ftball, bball, track, all-state fullback
Malcolm Isley 1925 Star City, IN, 1920; band, orch, chorus, Aud. L., plays
Harold Jackson 1925 Alhambra, CA, 1923; "Emer-Sun", plays, B&G, CC, Vergil
David Johnson 1925 Bass Lake; swimming, Class ftball, bsball, bball,S&V
Thora "Thora Helen" Johnson 1925 Decatur, IN, 1914; CC, plays, orch, band, hcky, Aud L.
Alice "Al" Jones 1925 Zanesville, OH, 1917; Hockey, CC, state Chorus, Aud L.
Haven Jones 1925 Pres. Chem club, "Charm School", S&V, Aud. L., ROTC,
Hilda "Hil" Kahn 1925 Gary; CC, declam, chorus, plays, jour, physics, Comm c
James Kann 1925 Chicago, 1920; S&V, band, orch., SEC, CC, physics club
Kenneth Kimmel 1925 Valparaiso, 1923;S&V, E-F Debate, "Emer-Sun", annual
Esther "Gloria" Knepper 1925 South Bend, 1924; Declamatory, Yodlers, CC, Aud. L.
George Kokos 1925 Pittsburgh, 1920; Cl bball, bsball, & tennis, plays
Agnes "Ag" Kruger 1925 Chicago, 1908; Typewriting cont., Yodlers, Aud. L, hcky
Dorothy "Dot" Landrigan 1925 Grand Rapids, MI, 1912; Aud. L, hcky, Yodlers, Jour cl
Bessie "Betty" Lane 1925 Milwaukee, 1909; Aud. L, plays, declam, S&V, hcky, cc
Vivian Leslie 1925 Merrillville, 1916; S&V, Aud. L, hcky, Declam, ALC, Yod
Thalia Lincicome 1925 Canton, OH, 1919; Aud. League, CC, Sen. Eng. Club
Hubert Long 1925 Hobart, 1921; "The Piper", Senior English Club
Isabel "Izzy" Lucas 1925 Buffalo, 1912; v.p., cc, annual, plays, BOC, Virgil, Jour
James Lydon 1925 Buffalo, 1923; cl ftball & bsball, S&V, "Emer-Sun", CC
Ralph Malone 1925 Houghton, MI, 1924; Band, S&V, cl bsball, mech. Draw.
Rosemary "Bugs" Maloney 1925 Jackson, MI, 1909;Treas., annual, "Emer-Sun", Declam
Sophie Marks 1925 Chicago, 1916; Music Mem team, "Emer-Sun", hcky, fr
Robert Matthews 1925 Plymouth, IN, 1912; Football, bball, track, Hi-Y, chem cl
John Megquier 1925 Oak Park, IL, 1913; CC, mech. Drawing, SEC, "Piper"
Ralph Mehler 1925 Chicago, 1907; swimming, tennis, Hi-Y, Aud. L, ROTC
Elizabeth "Dizzy Lizzy" Meyer 1925 Lake Forest, IL, 09; BOC, ROTC, S&V, CC, "Emer-Sun"
Mildred Meyer 1925 LaPorte, 1918; CC. Comm cl, plays, hockey, chorus
Emil Miller 1925 Class bball & ftball, Aud. L., mech drawing, Span, Fr cl
Robert Miller 1925 Hi-Y, class sports, plays, CC, ROTC, class treasurer
Graham Miner 1925 Macomb, IL, 1922; Chemistry Club, Physics Club
May Miner 1925 Macomb,, IL, 1923; Chem Club, Aud. League, French Cl
Patrick Mohardt 1925 Adrian, PA, 1916; Pres '22 and 23, ftball, bsball, Aud L.
Gladys Molen 1925 Miller, IN, 1920; CC, Aud L, Yodlers, Girls' track meet
Marietta "Mariet" Monahan 1925 Birmingham, AL, 1913; hcky, CC, jour, Am lit clubs, Aud
Evelyn "Eve" Morrison 1925 NYC, 1920; Fresh play, Yelling Yodlers, CC, Span. Club
Emma "Em" Much 1925 Gary; hockey, bball, Span. Club, Yelling Yodlers
Anthony Namovicz 1925 Devotes his time to study, we do not so mch of him
Rosa "Rosie" Nute 1925 England, 1913; chorus, "Ruth", Aud. L., Glee Club, S&V
Gunnar Olsenius 1925 Baseball, cl tennis, Indpls chorus, CC, Virgil & Fr Cl
Ruth Osborn 1925 Gary; Comm. Club, Aud L., hockey, Yodlers, Span Club
Gordon Phipps 1925 Hobart, 1923; chorus, band, S&V, "Emer-Sun", CC, Virg
Marcella Pollock 1925 Chicago, 1912; Aud L, Comm Law Cl, Yodlers, ALC
Harry Potruff 1925 Erie, PA, 1913; Varsity track '24, varsity swimming '24
Ray Preus 1925 Chicago, 1918; cl bball & bsball, plays, Oratorical cont.
Dick Pritchard 1925 Chicago, 1911; Swimming, cl sports, S&V, band, ROTC
Ronald Prybylski 1925 Chicago, 1918;Basball, cl. Ftball, jour. Cl, ROTC, S&V
Harold Putch 1925 LaCrosse, WI, 1913; "Boh Girl", band, orch, plays, S&V
Edward Ransel 1925 Pittsburgh, 1916; Bus. Mgr. "E", S&V, orator., cl. Sprts
Anna "Ann" Rosen 1925 Grand Rapids, MI, 1910; Bsball, CC, Comm. C, ALC, Yod
David Sachs 1925 Chicago, 1919; S&V, plays, declam, orator, CC, ROTC
Claude Sampson 1925 Logansport, IN, 1918;plays, chorus, orch., CC, ROTC
Lawrence Scofield 1925 Crisman, IN, 1911; Cl ftball, band, Boosters, S&V
Aaron Seitz 1925 Class ftball, CC, band, "Bluebird", Aud. L., ROTC, jour cl
Ilo Seitz 1925 Highland, 1917; hocky, bball, Aud. L, cc, jour, club
Martha "Marty Jane" Shaner 1925 Satlsburg, PA, 1911; Cl. Sec, annual, BOC, S&V, Boost.
James Shay 1925 Morgantown, WV, 1917; Football, track, CC, Aud L, SEC
Byron Smith 1925 Eureka, KS, 1913; cl spts, plays, S&V, Aud. L, CC, band
Geary Smith 1925 Pittsburgh, 1910; Class Pres. '24, Emersonian, "E", S&V
Harry Smith 1925 Martin's Ferry, OH, '19; S&V, orch, chorus, Lincoln Pag
Jerome Smith 1925 New Phil., OH, 1911; CC pres, BOC, jour cl, cl. Ft,bb, bs
Catherine "Kate" Snyder 1925 Vincennes, IN, 1908; hockey, Aud. L., bsball, Am Lit cl
Catherine "Kitty Hortense" Sprowls 1925 Union City, PA, 1911; bball, hcky, E-F declam, Aud, S&V
Pauline "Polly" Summers 1925 Veedersburg, IN, 1914; CC, Jour cl, hocky, bball, soc c
Armorel "Kid" Surman 1925 Chicago, 1908; Class. Club, "Ruth, Chem & Span. Club
William Sutherland 1925 Cincinnati, 1917; football, "Emer-Sun", CC, ROTC, jour c
Fred Taylor 1925 Band, swimming, S&V, physics & chem. Clubs
Joseph Taylor 1925 Ed. "Emer-Sun", plays, Indpls chorus, annual, jour cl
Wayne Thompson 1925 Beaver Falls, PA, 1917; bball, tennis, CC, Jour club
Walter Tittle 1925 Chicago, 1909; Hi-Y, sen. Play, physics, jour. & Fr cl
George Travers 1925 Classical Club, Chemistry Club, Commercial Club
Ethel "Pudge" Troutman 1925 Kewanna, IN, 1918; hocky, bsball, Aud. L, Yodlers, SEC
Mildred "Milly" Uhlman 1925 Gary; Class. Club, baseball '23, chorus, Aud. League
Joseph Van Cleave 1925 Greeley, CO, 1923; swimming, chor, Aud L, S&V, ROTC
Donald Van Liew 1925 South Bend, 1911; Track, cl bsball & ftball, CC, Aud L
Mildred "Mil" Vodicka 1925 Chicago, 1923; CC, jour & Am lit clbs, Aud. L.S&V, plays
Alice "Al" Webber 1925 Chicago, 1910; CC, chorus."Emer-Sun", annual, hcky
Edward Wellman 1925 New Castle, PA, 1911; ten, cl. Ftball, bball & bsball,jour
Lucille "Cille" Welter 1925 Lucan, MN, 1919; Bball, hockey, CC, jour & physics club
Aimee White 1925 Toledo, OH, 1910; "Ruth", Indpls chorus, Yodlers, plays
Claude "Otsie" Whiteman 1925 "Famous Emerson Band" deep bass voice
Charles Yarrington 1925 Calumet, MI, 1910; "Emer-Sun", S&V, plays, class sprts
Mary Zudel 1925 Wharton, NJ, 1913; chorus, CC, Aud. League, "Ruth"
Marjorie Louise "Marge" Albright 1926 Class Treas '25, plays, annual, "Emer-Sun", S&V, ROTC
Alfhild Anderson 1926 Basketball, hockey, baseball, Spice & Variety
Charles "Chuck" Anderson 1926 S&V, concert band, orchestra, chorus, regiment. band
Dimple Marie Anderson 1926 Class plays, basketball, hockey, Spice & Variety, bsball
Madeline "Andy" Anderson 1926 Yelling Yodlers
Robert Lee Anderson 1926 First black male grad., Varsity track, cl ftball, Oratorical
Audrey "Eglantine" Barr 1926 Spice & Variety, class plays
Sam "Barton" Bartnofsky 1926 "School character", cl. Bball, S&V, BOC, Declamatory
Ruth Bennett 1926 Spice & Variety, Yelling Yodlers
Frances "Swede" Benson 1926 Basketball, hockey, chorus
Margaret Vanja "Marg" Benson 1926 Froebel Declamatory Contest, chorus
Peter Billick 1926 Came from Penn., Varsity baseball, class football
Susie Binns 1926 Has grown up with the Emerson system
Margaret Jeanette "Peggy" Bjur 1926 Chorus, Spice & Variety, rides "ding dong" from Miller
Emma Mary Bond 1926 Spice & Variety, orchestra
Robert "Bob" Bone 1926 Class plays, BOC, S&V, B&G Comm., Eligibility Comm.
Anna Brady 1926 Orchestra, hockey, Yelling Yodlers
Vera Briggs 1926 Orchestra, band, class play, S&V, basketball, Eligibil. C.
Thad "Ted" Brudzinski 1926 Varsity track, class basketball
Louise Brusven 1926 Likes to sing, chorus '25
Lucille "Pete" Bryce 1926 Class play, basketball, hockey, S&V, Yelling Yodlers
Merla "Merla Fay" Burlingame 1926 Orchestra, hockey, Class plays
George "Professor" Burns 1926 Spice & Variety, "Emer-Sun", Buildings & Grounds Comm
Catherine "Bobby" Butler 1926 chorus, orchestra, band, class play ''25
Dorsey Causer 1926 Class plays, Soph. Treasurer, BOC, annual, S&V '26
Florence "Flo" Clark 1926 Class play, bball, hockey, "Emer-Sun", S&V, Y. Yodlers
Robert Knight "Bob" Clemens 1926 Concert band
Raymond "Ray" Considine 1926 V.P. Senior Class, Annual board, Class Football,
Helen Mae Crisman 1926 travels from Miller, Spice & Variety, Chemistry Club
Walter Leroy, Jr. "Wally" Danks 1926 ROTC Cadet Officer's Club, Spice & Variety
Victor "Vic" Dauer 1926 Swimming team, Class ftball, bball, bsball, S&V, soph pl.
Robert Gibson "Bob" De Long 1926 Varsity bball, tennis & track, class plays, S&V, cl bball
Cleopha Deck 1926 Chorus
Agatha "Gay" DeWalt 1926 Eligibility Committee
Irilla "Rilla" Donovan 1926 "curly hair sticking up over a raccoon coat"
Martha "Marty" Donovan 1926 Building & Grounds Comm., class plays
Edith Ducrow 1926 Spice & Variety, Girls' Contest Chorus
John "Duco" Durkott 1926 Football, band, cl ftball & bball, annual, eligibility comm.
Dorothy "Dot" Durr 1926 Deserted us in the fall, now in Pennsylvania
Hazel Irene Eikenbary 1926 Hockey '24, Junior play, Spice & Variety
Leola Marie "Ek" Eklund 1926 Class Treasurer '26, hockey, annual, "Emer-Sun", plays
Ada Verniece Ellis 1926 Yelling Yodlers
Arthur A. "Abe" Engel 1926 Class bsball & bball, jun. play, band, orch., "Emer-Sun"
Dorothy May "Dot" English 1926 Left us in February, Yelling Yodlers
Clifford David "Cliff" Evans 1926 Concert band, orchestra, contest chorus, bassoon
Marie Fabrianski 1926 Only been with us for a year, "we believe she's shy."
Mary Alice Farley 1926 Class plays '23, '25, '26,
Edward "Ed" Finklestein 1926 Ed's ambition is to be envied by us all":
Robert "Bob" Fisher 1926 Band, orchestra, Spice & Variety, class play
Emma Dee "Patty" Fleming 1926 Cleveland; hockey '25
Dorothy "Dot" Frame 1926 Spice & Variety, basketball, hockey, B&G, Eligibility C.
Frances "Frankie" Gasparovic 1926 Declamatory, Music Memory, Yelling Yodlers
Stanley B. "Gas" Gaston 1926 French Club
James :Jimmy" Gilchrist 1926 Class Football '23, '24, '25, con band, Spice & Variety
Bennie "Ben" Gostomelsky 1926 French Club, class basketball, physics club,
Elma "George G" Gradle 1926 Yelling Yodlers
Martha "Marty" Greenberg 1926 Basketball, Yelling Yodlers, Spanish Club
Emelyn Kathryn Gustafson 1926 Yelling Yodlers, Classical Club, Commercial Club
Olive Gustin 1926 Music Memory Team, "Emer-Sun", annual, Declam. Cont.
Clarence Haas 1926 Class football, baseball & Basketball, concert band
Leon Gary "Duke" Hallas 1926 Swimming Team, class football, Basketball & baseball
George "Ham" Hamilton 1926 Class plays, S&V, "Emer-Sun", Eligibility Comm.
Myrtle Virginia Hancock 1926 Hockey, basketball, class plays
Malinda "Min" Hardenbrook 1926 Class plays, hockey, basketball
Florence Harding 1926 Treasurer '22, cl play '22, hockey, bball, S&V, chorus
Anne "Annie" Harris 1926 Baseball, hockey, S&V, class plays, "booful dimples"
Mary Agnes "Heiny" Heinrich 1926 Basketball, class plays, hockey, BOC, Eligibility Comm.
Oleta Maude Hickey 1926 "another newcomer who has made a fine record"
Norman "Jackie" Hinchman 1926 Football, band, class football, baseball & basketball
Helen Lynda "Hen" Horkavi 1926 "Emer-Sun", Music Memory Team, Declamatory, cl play
Virginia "Ginger" Huff 1926 Spice & Variety, Girls' Band, Booster Committee
Richard Huffman 1926 Class basketball & football, band, rifle team
Florence "Giggler" Hyman 1926 Class pkays, hockey, Spice & Variety
Jessie "Jessiebelle" Ingram 1926 finally decided to bob her hair, waits for the Miller car
Charles "Chuck" Isenberg 1926 Class play '24, Span & Fren Clbs, courtin' young ladies
Bessie "Blondie" Ivan 1926 Aud. L., Lake Co. typewriting team, S&V, girls' chorus
Juanita "Nita" James 1926 Hockey, Girls' Glee Club
Harry Al "Si" Janssen 1926 Varsity football & Bsball, "Emer-Sun", Booster & Social C
Florence Lucille "Slim" Johnson 1926 Auditorium League, hockey, basketball
Margaret "Marge" Johnson 1926 Came from Winamac, Basketball '24
Mildred "Mitz" Johnston 1926 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club
William "Bill" Kalinowsky 1926 Mechanical drawing
Warren I.D. "Cur" Kerr 1926 Not with us long, but very popular with the teachers
Arthur T. "Art" Kollar 1926 Class plays, ROTC Cadet Officers' Club, S&V, Eligibility C
Mamie "Katzy" Koronov 1926 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club
Nathan M. "Nate" Krevitz 1926 Class football, "Emer-Sun", Spice & Variety, Ath. Fin.
Dorothy "Dottie" Lakin 1926 Class plays, annual board, debating team
Jane "Happy" Lally 1926 Chemistry Club, Yelling Yodlers, Auditorium League
Eleanor Henrietta "El" Lamp 1926 "Glen Park gang", Span Club, Y. Yodlers, Comm. Dept.
Dorothy Ella Lamport 1926 Chemistry, had her beautiful curls bobbed
Wanda Lazarz 1926 Wanda thinks more than she talks
Adolph G., Jr. "Al" Lietz 1926 Sen. Class Pres., Track, Pres. BOC, cl. Bball
Damel "Buster" Link 1926 Varsity track, ftball, tennis, & basketball, "Gay Mill Link"
William "Bill" Loenneke 1926 Football, basketball mgr., basketball, class football '23
Floyd "Fat" Long 1926 "Emer-Sun" staff, concert band, orchestra
Millicent Elizabeth Long 1926 Girls' band
Vaughn "Blondy" Longacre 1926 travels from Ambridge
Russell Igarode" Lorentz 1926 Spice & Variety, class football
Doris Eleanor Maas 1926 B&G Comm., basketball '26, Spice & Variety '23
Kenneth "Kenny" MacLennan 1926 Class plays, Class treasurer, Eligibility Comm., cl. ftball
Vivian "Vivia" Magness 1926 Basketball, bsball, Yelling Yodlers, Girls' Band, orchestra
John "Johnny" Martindale 1926 Concert band, Spice & Variety
Catherine Patricia "Patty" McCall 1926 S&V, Class. Club, "Road to Yesterday", Yelling Yodlers
Michael Matthew "Mike" McCall 1926 Football, Spice & Variety, track
Robert "Bob" McDonald 1926 Band, orchestra, track '26
Cora "Geach" McGeachy 1926 Eligibility Committee '24, '25
Kathryn Frances "Kay" Mentzer 1926 Girls' band, chorus, married "Mickey"
Helen Margarette "Rex" Metzler 1926 Hockey, basketball, orchestra, girls' band
Eva Mocan 1926 aspires to be a scenario writer
Rose "Rosie" Negrelli 1926 Lake Co. Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, S&V, Commercial Club
Frank "Nellie" Newell 1926 Concert band, orchstra, class plays, baseball, football
Carl Olander 1926 Mechanical drawing, physics club
Helen B. "Del" Oleska 1926 Track, basketball, Yelling Yodlers
Marie "Dodo" Oleska 1926 Spanish Club, Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club
Ruth "Rufus" Oliver 1926 Wants to be a nurse
Sallie Marie "Sally" Owens 1926 B&G Comm., class play, Spice Variety
Helen "Patton" Patton 1926 Ed. "Emer-Sun", Spice & Variety, Social Comm.
Anna Belle "Tubby" Payt 1926 Girls' Chorus, Yelling Yodlers
Maurice "Morrie" Polakow 1926 Class plays, orchestra, Social Com., Athletic Finance
Kathleen Mae "Kitty" Potter 1926 Came to Gary in 1915
John "Jawny" Primich 1926 Spice & Variety, Senior play, class track, oratory '25
Hazel "Haze" Rearick 1926 Class plays, S&V, "Emer-Sun", hockey, bball, B&G Comm
Harrison "Harry" Reyher 1926 Hi-Y trio, cl. plays, annual, cl. Ftball, S&V, Social Comm
Charles "Chuck" Riley 1926 Class play '25, S&V, chorus, B&G, class baseball
William "Red" Roush 1926 ROTC, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club
Samuel "Pineapples" Ruff 1926 Class track, baseball, basketball & football,
Mary "Rusty" Rust 1926 Morgantown, WV native
Tillie Schneider 1926 Commercial Club
Lucille "Scofey" Scofield 1926 B&G, Eligibility Comm., hockey, basketball
William "Jerry" Seaman 1926 Debate, Editor "E", class plays, junior prom comm.
William "Bill" Shaar 1926 Class football & bball, relay team, baseball, swimming
B. Ellen Sharp 1926 Hockey, baseball, basketball, Declamatory Contest
Waldo "Shep" Shepper 1926 One of the "Bright boys who got through in February
Marion "Sib" Sibley 1926 Yell Leader, B&G Comm., cl play, Spice & Variety, BOC
Ralph Sloan 1926 "Professor Sloan" has gone to Hammond
Mary Jayne "Smittie" Smith 1926 Class play, Yelling Yodler, S&V, annual Booster & Soc.C.
Julia "Sodee" Sotock 1926 Yell Leader, Booster & Social C., B&G, S&V, annual, BOC
James "Suds" Spencer 1926 "Malted Milk King", cl plays, S&V, Declamatory, cl ftball
Alice Elizabeth Sproull 1926 Orchestra, baseball, hockey, Yelling Yodlers
John "Johnny" Stentz 1926 Junior play, concert band, annual board
Dean "Dee" Stephan 1926 Orchestra, Spice & Variety, Class plays
Cleo "Indian" Swartzell 1926 Class football, Declamatory cont '254, Orator. cont. '26
Louise Margaret Symes 1926 Class plays, Girls' band, S&V, hockey, BOC, B&G Comm.
James "Jimmie" Thayer 1926 Class football, Chem Club, mech. Draw. Asst., Span. Cl.
Wilma "Tommy" Thomae 1926 Came from Mississippi last year
Cathryn "Kay" Thompson 1926 "Charlestoner", hockey, baseball, S&V, Eligibility Comm.
Ruth Eleanor "Upp" Upp 1926 Spice & Variety, hockey, basketball
Julia Rasalia Verplank 1926 Orchestra, hockey, class play '25
Helmut "Mutt" Von Maltitz 1926 Swimming team, class play '24, S&V, annual, Booster C.
Hoskins "Sax" Wahlman 1926 Class basketball
Lawrence "Lorry" Ward 1926 Swimming team, Classical Club, Band
Lillian "Lyl" Warner 1926 Yelling Yodlers, S&V, French Club, Commercial Club
Lillian Marie "Lillums" Waser 1926 B&G Comm., Senior play, Girls' band, chorus
Earl Loyd "Buck" Weaver 1926 S&V, "Emer-Sun", class plays, pres. '24, BOC, B&G,
Lenora "Shrimp" Webber 1926 B&G Comm., hockey, Spice & Variety, class plays,
Irma "Weedy" Weidman 1926 Lake County Declamatory Contest, hockey
Walter "Invincible" Woldt 1926 Comes from Tolleston daily, Classical Club, Physics Club
Madison "Maddy" Wulfing 1926 writes for PT, S&V, class ftball, Oratorical Contest
Frances Anne Zarkovich 1926 Baseball, hockey, chorus, Yelling Yodlers
Charles Abrams 1927 EW",
Arletha Eula Alexander 1927 Spanish Club, early Black student
Mary Ellen Anderson 1927 Annual, soph. play, S&V, Aud. L, Asst. Art ed. "E", Hop
Maurice Avery 1927 Band, chorus, oratorical contest, CC, ROTC, Chem Cl
Jerry Baboo 1927 Art, Fren, Am lit, chem clubs, mixed chorus, cl sports
Marion Bain 1927 Sec of class, BOC, annual, "Emer-Sun", CC, Aud. L.
Ralph Baker 1927 ROTC, rifle team, S&V, bball, sen. play, Aud. L, Chorus
Leonard Bales 1927 Comm. Club, Span. & physics clubs, ROTC, rifle team
Gertrude Barmore 1927 Bball, class bsball, Comm. & Latin Club, Aud. L., Yodlers
Mary Barnett 1927 Girls' Glee Club, sen. hockey, comm. cl, Yodlers, Aud. L
Mildred Bassett 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Classical Club, Commercial Club
Marian Baumgardner 1927 No activities, first year at Emerson
Helen A. Behnke 1927 Commercial Club, Yodlers, Aud L, hockey, baseball
Agar Bergeron 1927 Cadet Officer's Club, physics club, boys' chorus
Marguerite Berliant 1927 Sen. Bball, Yodlers, FAB % art Club, S&V, Art ed. "E"
Virginia Black 1927 Girl Reserv, CC, Comm. Cl, Girls' Chorus, Aud. L, Yodlers
Pauline Blaner 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Aud. L, "Emer-Sun" staff, soph. play
Lucille Blank 1927 S&V, FAB, soph. Play, Yodlers, Aud. L, girls' chorus,
Mary Boland 1927 Comm. & Class. Clubs, Aud. L, Yelling Yodlers, Glee Club
Eunice Booth 1927 Glee Club '27, Office Circle '27
Virginia Bowlby 1927 S&V, Girls' & mixed chorus, CC, Aud. L, Hi GR, Yodler
John Charles Boyle 1927 ROTC Rifle Team, Capt. '27, CC, Am. Cl, Honor Roll
Paul Boyle 1927 Honor Roll, Latin contests, ROTC, CC, Am Lit Club
Ray Bratton 1927 Orchestra, band, cl bball, & bsball, boys' chorus
Alice Brettschneider 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Am. Lit Club, Spanish Club
Elizabeth Brink 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Auditorium League, Commercial Club
Elizabeth Britt 1927 Aud. League, bball, hockey, Yodlers, Comm. Club, play
Hazel Brower 1927 Am Lit Club, Aud L, Free Hand Drawing Club, Y. Yodlers
Max Bryant 1927 Band, Am lit Club, Physics Club, Aud League
Alice Burke 1927 Class, Chem. & Comm. Clubs, Aud. L, Choral contest
Icle Burlingame 1927 Span. & Comm. Club, Aud. L, bball, girls' band, Yodlers
Delbert Burnam 1927 Varsity ftball & Bball, Physics Club, Aud. L, A.Z.A.
Sylvia Calloway 1927 Girls' band, orchestra, baseball, Aud. L, Office Circle
George Chambers 1927 Varsity football & Bball, CC, varsity track, physics club
Betty Cherney 1927 Chorus, Comm. Cl, S&V, Yodlers, band, orch, declam.
Archie Clark 1927 No activities listed in yearbook
Lucille Clark 1927 Class. & Comm. Clubs, S&V, Aud. League, Yodlers
John Cline 1927 Band, Aud. L, Lo-X, Class bball, bsball & ftball, Span. Cl
Elizabeth Collette 1927 Classical & Comm. Club, Aud. L, Yodlers, band, plays
Frank Collings 1927 Yell Leader, S&V, plays, band, orch, ROTC, BOC, Span
Mary Combs 1927 Girls' Chorus, Auditorium League, , Yelling Yodlers
Harold G. Connelly 1927 Track
Marjorie Copeland 1927 Auditorium League, Classical Club
Gordon Dalby 1927 Class & chem Clubs, soph. play, concert band, Aud. L.
William Davidson 1927 Physics Club, Aud. League, English Club
Benjamin Davis 1927 Swimming team '24.'25, '26, '27
Charles De Long 1927 Band, CC, S&V, Aud. L, mixed & boys' chorus, cl sports
Albert De Witt 1927 Orchestra, band, Spice & Variety
Dorothy Dee 1927 French Club, Yodlers, Aud. L, hockey, bball, chorus
Edwin Dickerson 1927 Spice & Variety, Boys'Chorus, class ftball & bball
Helen Dickinson 1927 Girls' band, orch, Pres. Aud. L, "Emer-Sun", F-E Declam.
Floyd Doidge 1927 Chemistry Club, class bball, Mechanical Drawing Club
Marian Doolittle 1927 Auditorium League, Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
Robert Doriot 1927 Sophomore play, band, orchestra, Spice & Variety
Ronald Duncan 1927 Baseball, Class bball & Bsball, "Emer-Sun", physics club
George Dunn 1927 Concert band, orch, boys' & mixed chorus, S&V, orator.
Earl Elser 1927 Track, capt. ftball, bball, bsball, BOC, Hi-Y, tennis
Lester F. Erlandson 1927 Class ftball, chem & Span. Clubs, ROTC, Aud. League
Lena Fabri 1927 Hockey, Aud. L, S&V, Typing contst, annual, CC, Yodler
Irene Fifield 1927 Comm. & Chem. Club, CC, Yodlers, Commercial Contest
Maureen Fisher 1927 Soph. Play, Yelling Yodlers, BOC, B&G Committee
Evelyn Forbes 1927 Aud. League, mixed chorus, Yelling Yodlers
George Fowler 1927 Journalism Club, ROTC, physics club, Aud. League
John Fox 1927 Rifle Team, Eligibility Comm., Spanish Club, Physics Club
Pauline Fox 1927 Yodlers, Aud. L, Glee Cl, Free Hand Draw Cl, CC, tennis
Lillian Friedland 1927 Glee Club, Aud. League, Yelling Yodlers
Edmund Garich 1927 Orchestra, band, Aud. L, Spice & Variety, Classical Club
Ned Garretty 1927 ROTC, band, class play, CC,, cl bball & bsball, Aud. L.
Hazel Geier 1927 "Emer-Sun", girls' & mixed chorus, Aud. L, bball, jour cl
Agnes Glankovic 1927 Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Yelling Yodlers
Burton Glueck 1927 Varsity ftball, cl ftball, 2d team bball, physics & Span cl
Doretta Goldman 1927 Classical, Commercial Clubs, Aud. League, mixed chorus
Clementine Golkowski 1927 Aud. L, Yelling Yodlers, mixed chorus, Span. & chem cl
Charles Goodwin 1927 Cl bsball & ftball, boys' conc band, physics & Span Club
Louis Gordon 1927 Spanish Club, Commercial Club
Madeline Hagerstrom 1927 V.P. Senior Cl, BOC, S&V, annual, "Emer-Sun", Aud. L.
Necia Hall 1927 Hockey, bball, "Emer-Sun", Yelling Yodlers, Eligibility C.
Helen Hamilton 1927 Girls' band, Aud. L, Asst. Yell leader, Chemistry Club
Elizabeth Handley 1927 Yelling Yodlers, CC, soph. Play, B&G Comm., sen. Play
Marion Harrison 1927 French Club, physics club, art club, Honor Roll '26, '27
Vera Hauger 1927 Hockey, Yodlers, CC, S&V, jun. play, Property Comm.
William Hendrickson 1927 Concert band, S&V, soph. Play, cont chorus, Span club
Einar Henrickson 1927 Class basketball, concert band, Spanish Club
Michael Hered 1927 Varsity tennis, Cl bball & bsball, mgr track, Aud. L, Span
Arnold Hermes 1927 no entry
Richard Hess 1927 Concert band, S&V, Aud. L, mech. drawing cl, physics c
Gerald Heward 1927 Aud. L, Span. Club, Am lit club, S&V, cl. Baseball
Lester Hewitt 1927 Senior play, Chemistry Club, Mechanical Drawing Club
Velma Hoffman 1927 S&V, Comm, Fren & Chem Clubs, class play, cl bball
Martha Holt 1927 Sen. Girls' Treas, Aud. L, Girls' Ath. Ed, plays, Yodlers
Sarah Louise Hood 1927 Bball, hocky, sen. Play, "Emer-Sun", Aud. L, F-E declam
Jack Hosking 1927 Classical Club, S&V, concert orchestra, physics club
Margaret Hueston 1927 Classical, Commercial & Am lit. Clubs, hockey teams
Edward Hughes 1927 Football, track, bball, S&V, Hi-Y, Comm. Club, cl sports
Helen Huling 1927 Hockey, girls' band, CC, Aud. League, Yelling Yodlers
Ruth Ihle 1927 Annual, girls' & mixed chorus, Aud. L, Yodlers, B&G Com
Maynard Jackson 1927 Chairman, B&G, Chief Monitor, junior play
Ellen Johnson 1927 Girls' & mixed chorus, Aud. League, Spice & Variety
Harold Johnson 1927 Class baseball & Bball, CC, physics & Spanish Clubs
Pauline Johnson 1927 Aud. League, Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club
Arthur Jones 1927 Varsity basketball, senior play
Samuel Jones 1927 Baseball, cl play, oratorical cont, CC, rifle team, Aud L
William Jones 1927 ROTC comp.drill, bball, plays, S&V, oratorical contest
Fannie Jordan 1927 Journalism Club, hockey teams
Anna Joyce 1927 Hockey, S&V, shorthand team, girls' chorus, CC, annual
Andrew Kanuch 1927 Auditorium League, class football, literature club
James Kelley 1927 Varsity football, track, class football, bball, baseball
Margaret Kerr 1927 Spice & Variety, annual, CC, Aud. League, Comm. Club
Harry Kimmel 1927 Class ftball & Bball, con band, ROTC, physics & chem cl
Maxine King 1927 Aud. League, Yelling Yodlers, Spanish & Comm. Clubs
Mary Klim 1927 Aud. League, Yodlers, CC, Am. Lit & commercial clubs
Lyle Klingamen 1927 Classical Club, Auditorium League
George Knight 1927 Orchestra, boys' & mixed chorus, ROTC Rifle Team
Virginia Knott 1927 Aud. League, CC, junior & Senior plays, Yelling Yodlers
Anna Kuzma 1927 Orchestra, band, Yelling Yodlers
Margaret Labb 1927 Lake Co. Declamatory contest, Aud. L, S&V, "Emer-Sun"
Donald Laing 1927 Cadet Officers Cl, CC, Aud. L, S&V, band, orch, che, cl
Tino Largura 1927 Varsity football & track, class basketball
Carroll E. Le Pell 1927 Aud. League, band, class football, jun. Prom comm.
Edna Lemley 1927 "Emer-Sun", Aud. L, S&V, basketball, Treasurer '24
Marguerite Lett 1927 Classical Club, Declamatory Contest, hockey teams
Anne Lickliter 1927 S.& jun. play, Yodlers, band, Aud. L, Latin & Comm. Cl
Ruth Lincicome 1927 Classical, French & Comm. Clubs, Aud. L, Yelling Yodlers
LaVerne Loeffel 1927 Girl Resvs, CC, Comm. Cl, Aud. L, Glee Cl, Lake Co. Cont.
Marshall Long 1927 Annual, BOC, concert band, orch, writing club, b. chor.
Winnifred Lucas 1927 Aud. L, CC, S&V, cl treas '25, B&G, ath. ed. Annual
Margaret Luscombe 1927 Comm. Club, Aud. League, Classical Club, Eligibility Com
Margaret Lutz 1927 Spice & variety, soph. Play, B&G, Soph. Dance Comm.
Richard MacCracken 1927 Track, Concert band, class ftball, soph & jun. Cl plays,
Evan Madera 1927 Varsity football, cl ftball, bsball & Bball, CC, Physics Cl
Josephine Makowsky 1927 Annual, "Emer-Sun", CC, Treas. '27, S&V, Booster Comm.
Marjorie Mann 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Aud. L, Comm, Span & Chem & Eng clbs
Paul Mann 1927 Varsity track, class football, senior play, Classical Club
Nick Mardovin 1927 Mech draw club, drum major, ROIC, band, mixed chorus
Ada Marquart 1927 Soph. & jun. play, BOC, , B&G, S&V, FAB, physics club
Fred Martin 1927 Rifle team, swimming team, S&V, mixed chorus, mech dr
Roy Matthias 1927 Pres. Jun. Cl, BOC, Ed of "E", track, bball, S&V, CC, jour
Arthur Mayer 1927 Concert band, physics club, ROTC Officers' club
Charles Mayer 1927 Classical, Physics & Span. Club, band, Aud. L, ROTC
Harry Mayer 1927 Concert band, physics club, ROTC Officers' Club
Adelaide Mazurie 1927 Aud. L, CC, soph play, declam. contest, art club, chorus
Anne McClelland 1927 Auditorium League, Yelling Yodlers
Jennings McCracken 1927 Commercial, physics, chemistry clubs, S&V, class bball,
Mary McDermott 1927 Classical & Comm. Clubs, glee club, girls' band, Aud. L,
Mary E. McDonald 1927 Choral contest, plays, CC, Aud L, annual, "Emer-Sun"
Roger McElfresh 1927 Concert band, orch. soloist, ROTC, Spice & Variety
Rena McGrew 1927 Comm. Club, Aud. L, annual clerical dept., office circle
Edward McGuire 1927 Class ftball & bsball, physics club, band, Aud. L, Span C
Mary McMahon 1927 Auditorium League, Spanish Club, Commercial Club
Raymond McNeil 1927 Class football, Am. Lit. Club, physics club
Joe Jr. Meyer 1927 Sen. Cl Treas, S&V, orch, Pres. Aud. L, mixed chorus
Leslie J. Meyer 1927 "Emer-Sun", plays, ROIC Rifle Tm, mixed chor, cl sports
Ellsworth Meyers 1927 Am. Lit Club, Aud. L, cl. Bsball & play, ROTC, physics cl
Mary Milanovich 1927 Classical Club, Aud L, basketball, Commercial Club
Edward Mitchell 1927 Concert band, ROTC, class ftgball, mixed chorus, play
Alice Mlodoch 1927 Annual, B&G, ROTC Spons, girls' glee cl, chorus, Aud L.
Marguerite Monahan 1927 Fren, Class, chem. clubs, Latin contest, Aud. L., declam
J. Marshall Monohan 1927 Class., French, Physics clubs, Aud. L, ROTC Rifle Team
Catherine Mulloy 1927 Aud. League, fresh. Bball, Comm. Club, annual cler. bd.
Lola Neff 1927 Comm., Class. & Span. Clubs, Aud. League, Yodlers
Mildred Nelson 1927 S&V, Chemistry, Spanish & Comm. clubs, chorus,
Theodore Nering 1927 Classical Club, Aud League, Spanish Club, Physics Club
Evelyn Newman 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Classical Club, S&V, Commercial Club
Gertrude Newman 1927 Spice & variety, Span. & Comm. Club, Aud. L., Yodlers
Eloise Nusbaum 1927 Hocky, girls' chorus, CC, "Emer-Sun:", Yodlers, Comm Cl
Esther Olander 1927 Commercial, Chemistry & Spanish Clubs, Aud. League
Pearl Papka 1927 Auditorium League, Yelling Yodlers, Girls' Gee Club
Herbert Parker 1927 Soph. Play, physics club, Aud. League, S&V, Medics Cl
Hettie Patch 1927 "Emer-Sun", hocky, S&V, declam, Music Memory, Aud L
Wylie Percival 1927 S&V, Varsity ftball & track, BOC, B&G, ROTC, band, Aud
Esther Peterson 1927 Glee club, Class., Comm., & chem clubs, Aud L, play
Alice Phillips 1927 Commercial Cl, Yodlers, Aud. League, Am lit & chem cl
Otis Phillips 1927 S&V, Concert band, plays, B&G, ROTC Cadet Officers Cl
Anne Pleska 1927 Commercial Club, annual cler. dept, Aud. L, Office Circle
Harry Polakow 1927 Comm. Club, Ath. Finance, "Emer-Sun", physics club
Estelle R. Poole 1927 S&V, Yodlers, Aud League, Sec '26, chem & Span clubs
Evelyn Pope 1927 Aud. League, orchestra, B&G Comm., physics club
Marian Potts 1927 Hockey '27, Aud. League, Comm. Club, Yelling Yodlers
James Prybylski 1927 Chemistry Club, Physics Club
Veo Raley 1927 Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers, Auditorium League
Anne Ransel 1927 Annual, BOC, Aud L, CC, S&V, Yodlers, FAB, chem club
Rita Ransel 1927 BOC, Booster & Social Comm, CC, S&V, declam, Aud L
Ruth Rawlins 1927 Auditorium League, Classical Club
Elizabeth Rees 1927 Classical Club, girls' band, Aud. League, Yelling Yodlers
Raymond Renn 1927 Band, physics, chem., comm & class. clubs, Aud. L.
Grace Riley 1927 Aud. L, chem & class. cl, glee club, girls' & mixed chorus
Lester Fred Rogers 1927 Varsity football, track, tennis, band, S&V, BOC, B&G
Florence Ross 1927 Lake Co. Declam, B&G, CC, annual, S&V, Aud. L, Prom
Sylvia Rothman 1927 Yelling Yodlers, Sophomore play
Kathleen Ryan 1927 Basketball, commercial & physics club, FAB. Yodlers
Robert Sandles 1927 Mgr, Swimming team, band, S&V, class sports, b. chor
Fred Scheurer 1927 Physics, Spanish & Am. Lit. clubs, Aud. League
Louise Schmidt 1927 Auditorium League
Howard Schoon 1927 Spice & Variety, physics & Spanish clubs, Aud. League
Harold Seegal 1927 Aud. L, Declam & orator. contests, S&V, tennis, debate
Ruth Shearer 1927 Aud. League, Classical Club, sophomore play
Irma Siar 1927 Girls' Band, Yelling Yodlers
Rosal Simon 1927 Commercial & Classical Clubs, Aud. League, Yodlers
Warren Slatnich 1927 Concert Band, S&V, cl play, physics cluib, B&G Comm.
Inez Slaughter 1927 S&V, Commercial Club, annual cler. Dept, CC, Office Cir
Elmo Smith 1927 CC, S&V, hockey, Aud L, Yodlers, physics cl, Booster C
Louis Snyder 1927 Pres. Senior Class, BOC, Hi-Y, S&V, plays, orch, cl ftball,
Mike Stamper 1927 Track, X-country, cl bsball, track, S&V, Aud L, sen play
Everett Stewart 1927 Concert band, boys' chorus, mixed chorus, class bsball
Carlton Stringfellow 1927 Varsity ftball & bball, S&V, Hi-Y, class sports, sen. play
Katherine Strom 1927 B&G, hockey, Aud. L, "Emer-Sun", swimming, S&V, play
John William Sunderman 1927 Secretary '26, ROTC Cadet Off Cl, Rifle Tm, Latin Cont
Elsie Swartz 1927 Classical Club, mixed chorus
Margaret Swiontek 1927 Hockey '26, '27, basketball '26, '27
Mae Swoverland 1927 S&V, hockey, Yodlers, baseball, free hand draw, Aud. L
Mary Katherine Taylor 1927 S&V, Music Memory, mixed chorus, glee club, orch, play
Olive H. Taylor 1927 S&V, Aud. L, Comm. Club, mixed & girls' chorus, glee cl
Ted Templin 1927 Annual, Aud. L, CC, Latin, Fr, phys & chem clubs, Hi-Y
Dorothy Tharp 1927 Spanish Club, mixed chorus, girls' chorus '26, Yodlers
William Thompson 1927 Cl bsball, bball, Phys & chem, Am lit clubs, ROTC
Rena Thorgren 1927 Girls' band, orchestra, CC, Aud. L, girls'bb, Comm. Club
Hattie Tuchek 1927 Basketball, Comm. & Span. Club, Aud L, Yodlers, play
Elizabeth Van Winkle 1927 Nws Ed."Emer-Sun", Lake Co. Latin cont., Aud L, Yodler
Mabel Vickroy 1927 Mixed chorus, Aud L, Yodlers, Spanish & Comm. Clubs
Anne Volk 1927 Secretary '26, CC, annual cler dept., S&V, orch, hocky
George X. Volk 1927 Basketball, Class ftball, ROTC, Aud. L, S&V, boys chorus
Marguetite Walsh 1927 Girls' chorus, S&V, Comm. Club, annual cler. dept., CC
Daphne Warriner 1927 Bball, Yodlers, Glee Club, chem., physics, art clubs
Ethel Washburn 1927 Yodlers, FAB, Latin, Chem, Comm clubs, Aud. L, hockey
Anna Weber 1927 Senior basketball, Office Circle Club, Commercial Club
Eleanor Weidman 1927 Auditorium League, Yelling Yodlers
Ethelyn Welter 1927 Basketball, Yodlers, plays, CC, Aud L, hockey, Reptr
Doris Wharton 1927 Orchestra, Yodlers, physics & commercial clubs
Gorman Whited 1927 Junior play, baseball, Lo-X, French Club
Maxine Wildermuth 1927 Girlds' band, soph. Bball, CC, Aud L, Yodlers, Jun. Prm c
Fred Wills 1927 Baseball, cl bsball & ftball, contest chor, Hi-Y, Chem cl
Heloise Winters 1927 Hockey, bball, Yodlers, CC, Aud. L, S&V, band, chorus
Sherwood Wirt 1927 "Emer-Sun", CC, State Latin Cntst, S&V, ROTC rifle tm
Kent Wise 1927 V.P. Aud L, Booster Comm, debate, ROTC, boys' chorus
Mae Wood 1927 No activities listed in yearbook
Ralph Joseph Wood 1927 Varsity bball capt. & ftball, track, bsball, annial, S&V
Dorothy Yakimoff 1927 Sen. Basketball, Comm. Club, Yodlers, mixed chorus
Philip H. Yohannan 1927 Swimming, Treas. '24, annual, band, Aud L, class sports,
Raymond Altenhof 1928 Pres. BOC, Capt. basketball, football, Physics Club
Eileen Anderson 1928 B&G Comm., Girls' Band, Yodlers, "Mikado", Comm. Club
Harold Avery 1928 Varsity football, basketball, track & baseball,
Ruth Bambrough 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
John Richard Barrett 1928 Baseball, Sen. Class ftball, BOC, Physics Club, ROTC
Lucia Beddow 1928 Yodlers, S&V, Social Comm., Soph. Class Play & Dance
Mae Benner 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Hannah Bergman 1928 Commercial & Spanish Clubs, Spice & variety, Y. Yodlers
Virginia Bickley 1928 Band, orchestra, S&V, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus
Irene Bloom 1928 Spanish Club, Yelling Yodlers
Wilma Bond 1928 Girls' Swimming Team, basketball, orchestra, band, S&V
Eleanor Borns 1928 Yodlers, Span. Comm. & Chem Clubs, Declamatory Cont.
Vivian Boyd 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Laura Boynton 1928 Drum Major & Prin, Mus. Girls' Band, Yodlers, Span. Club
Leonard Boynton 1928 Varsity Swimming, Pres. '26, Treas. '25, Band, S&V
Lenora Brown 1928 Band, Band Dance Comm., B&G, Yodlers, Ftball banqt C.
Ann Bucko 1928 Commercial, Spanish & Chemistry Clubs, Yelling Yodlers
Catherine Burke 1928 B&G, Soph. Play, Girls' Chorus, CC, Declamatory Contest
Imogene Campbell 1928 Junior Play, Spice & variety, Chorus, Jun. Prom Comm.
Orlo E. Campbell 1928 Latin Contest, Concert Band, 2d Rifle Team, Eligibility C.
Helen Carlson 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Band, Aud. League, Soph. Dance Comm.
Alice Carrouthers 1928 Yelling Yodlers
Shelby Carson 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Anna Carter 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Norman W. Casperson 1928 Cl & 2d team ftball, band, S&V, Ath. Fin. Comm., BOC
Sam Chase 1928 Pres. Senior & Jun. Class, Prin Mus. Band, Booster Com
Faye E. Cheadle 1928 Girls' Band, S&V, Declamatory Contest, jun. play
Ben Clay 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Curtis Clendenning 1928 Physics Club, ROTC
Paul Cohen 1928 Varsity tennis, Class Football & Baseball, Jun. Cl Treas.
Powell Cole 1928 Senior Class Basketball, Physics Club, Tennis '26-'28
Clella Conley 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Catherine Considine 1928 Yelling Yodlers, S&V, Sen. Play, Span. & Chem. Clubs
Margaret Cook 1928 Y. Yodlers, Girls' Band, Soph. Dance Comm., Comm. Clb
Helen Cooper 1928 S&V, Y. Yodlers, Social Comm., Span. & Chem. Clubs
Dorothea Corcoran 1928 French Club, Commercial Club, Yodlers, Girls' Glee Club
Elizabeth Cory 1928 Girls' Sen. Basketball, Yelling Yodlers, Spice & Variety
John Curtis 1928 Freshman & Senior football, Senior Class Treasurer
Alethea Cuthbert 1928 Girls' Concert Band, Concert & Little Sym. Orch, Yodlers
Ray Dauer 1928 BOC, Varsity Basketball & Baseball, Band, soph. play
Leslie A. Daugherty 1928 Class ftball & bball, Mechanical Drawing & Physics Clubs
Alfred Davis 1928 Physics Club, Mechanical Drawing Club, Eligibility Comm.
Robert Davis 1928 S&V, Social Comm., footbal, B&G, Jun. Prom Comm.
C. Eugene Dee 1928 Class Ftball, 2d Tm. Ftball, Mech. Draw. Club, Ath. Fin.
Catherine Durkin 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Harry H. Edelstein 1928 Scrapbook Staff, BOC, Varsity Tennis, Class Ftball
Vera Ellis 1928 Commercial & Spanish Clubs, Spice & Variety, Y.Yodlers
Elsie Essmeister 1928 Hockey, Basketball, Yodlers, Comm. Club, GAA
Max Fabianski 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Eileen Farley 1928 Orchestra, Span., Comm.& Mech Draw. Clubs, Yodlers
Iris Fitchorn 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Iris Fitchorn 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Ann Flynn 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Freda Fox 1928 Yodlers, Comm. Club, Office Circle, Scrapbook Sales
Lillian Fredrick 1928 Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers, Office Circle
Annamarie Frenzel 1928 Swimming Club, Yelling Yodlers
Ernest Gardner 1928 Varsity Football, Track, 2d Team Basketball, Cl. Bball
Elizabeth Garnier 1928 Lake Co. Chor Contest, CC, Comm. Club, track, declam
Donald George 1928 S&V, Boys' Contest Chorus, Cl Ftball, Regimental Band
Reva Goldman 1928 S&V, Yelling Yodlers, Comm. Club, Soph. Dance Comm.
Francis Gordon 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Span. & Comm. Clubs, Lake Co. Contest
James Gorman 1928 Senior Class Play '28
Evelyn Gourley 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Viola Greenberger 1928 Yodlers, Lake Co. Commercial Contests, Girls' Chorus
Carl Griffin 1928 Chemistry Club, ROTC, Latin Club
Annabelle Hackett 1928 Office Circle, Spice & Variety, Commercial Club, Yodlers
Robert Haley 1928 Class Football & Bball, Concert Band, Spice & Variety
Anne Hannaback 1928 Sen. Play, Lake Co. Declam. Contest, "Mikado", GAA
Lillian Hansen 1928 Hockey, Glee Club, Office Circle, Yodlers, Comm. Club
Louis A. Harmon 1928 Varsity Basketball, Football & Tennis, Cl bball, baseball
Henry Hass 1928 Mechanical Drawing, Physics & Chemistry Clubs
James Hauger 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Charles Hayes 1928 Comm. Club, Mech. Drawing & Physics Clubs, cl bball
Kathryn Henderson 1928 Fresh. hockey, Soph. Dance Comm., Off Circle, Yodlers
Abe Herman 1928 ROTC, Class Basketball, Mech. Draw, Span & Chem. Clb
Fred Herschleder 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
DeFaun Heuson 1928 Hockey '28, Yelling Yodlers
Dwight Hockensmith 1928 S&V, Soph. & Jun. plays, Concert Band, ROTC, "Mikado"
Florence Holman 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Holman 1928 ROTC, Chemistry Club
Marguerite Hornback 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Coimmercial Club, Classical Club
Martha Hughes 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Ollie Huminsky 1928 Sec. BOC, Sec. Yelling Yodlers, S&V, Booster Comm.
Charles Isley 1928 Comm. & Fr Clubs, Declam Cont., "Mikado," Poetry Mem.
Lois Jacob 1928 Soph. Play & Dance Comm., Y. Yodlers, ROTC Sponsor
Avalyn Jahn 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Spice & Variety
Edith Jenkins 1928 Mgr. Bball Team; V.P., Y. Yodlers; S&V, Chem & Span Cl.
Isabelle Jndrzejewski 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Marcella Johnson 1928 Band, Soph. Play, Property & Jun. Prom Comm., Yodlers
Verta Johnson 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Joseph Kapella 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Harold Kazinski 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Jack Keener 1928 Mgr. Baseball, Yell Leader, Boys' Chorus, Concert Band
James Kelley 1928 Varsity Football, Track, S&V, Class Ftball, Bball & Bsball
Daniel Keyes 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Eugene Kirtland 1928 Class football '26 and '27
Walter Komendera 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Viola Kosky 1928 Sophomore Play, Yelling Yodlers
Marge Kraynak 1928 Pres. Yodlers, BOC, Yell Leader, Basketball, Cl Sec. '25
Fred Kreig 1928 Cross Country, Capt.Track, Physics, Club, S&V, cl ftball
Sidney Kreiger 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
John Kreuger 1928 Varsity Football, Spice & Variety, Physics Club
Bessie Ruth Krevitz 1928 Commercial Club & Contest, Choral Contest, Yodlers
Elizabeth Kuzma 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Kathleen Langel 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Elio Largura 1928 Football, Track, Spice & Variety, Class Basketball
Margaret Larkin 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Faye Laurent 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Spanish Club, French Club
Margaret Leeka 1928 Span. & Mech. Draw., & Physics Clubs, Aud. L., Yodlers,
Dorothy Lester 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Clyde Lewis 1928 Concert Band, S&V, Soph. Football, Regimental Band, Fr. Bball
Mary C. Likavec 1928 Pres. GAA, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball Mgr., Yodlers
Maureen Link 1928 Sen Girls' Treas., Typewriting Team, Off Circle, Yodlers
Joe Loftus 1928 Football, Chem., Physics & French Clubs, S&V, "E' Club
Elizabeth Lucas 1928 Band, S&V, Soph. Dance, Sen. Farewell Comm., Yodlers
Mary Lydon 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Joe Malloy 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothy Malone 1928 S&V, Mixed Chorus, Yelling Yodlers, Senior Play
Thelma Manalan 1928 Jun. Play, Comm. Contest, S&V, Yodlers, Scrapbook
George Manlove 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Abe Marcovich 1928 Scrapbook, "E" Book & "Emer-Sun", S&V, Orator. Contst
Myrtle Marks 1928 Poetry Memory, Yelling Yodlers, Senior Play
Henry Maurer 1928 Orchestra, Eligibility Comm., Rifle Team, Mixed Chorus
Jean Maxon 1928 Junior Play, Senior Play, Yelling Yodlers
Anne McClelland 1928 Yodlers, Comm. Club, ROTC Spon, Sen. Farewell Comm.
Nina McCrimmon 1928 Orchestra, Soph. & Senior Plays, Yodlers, Comm. Club
John McGivern 1928 Track, Swimming, Frosh football
William McGivern 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Edna McGrew 1928 Chorus, Baseball, Commercial Club
John McNeill 1928 Concert Band, S&V, BOC, Mech. Draw. & Chem. Clubs
Robert Megquire 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Grace Marie Mentzer 1928 Girls' Band. Orchestra, Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
Kenneth Metzler 1928 Varsity Track, Cross Country, Physics Club, Class Bball
Drucilla Miller 1928 Class Treas., Band, S&V, BOC, Sen. Farewell Comm.
Norman Miller 1928 Varsity Track, Ftball, Band, Cl bball & football, Physics
James Morris 1928 Varsity Football & Baseball, Class Basketball
Eleanor Morrison 1928 Yelling Yodlers
Edward Munkhoff 1928 Senior Class Football, Varsity Swimming
Beatrice Musselman 1928 Soph. & Jun. Plays, Soph. Sec., Girls' Band, Yodlers
Paul Nebe 1928 ROTC staff, "Mikado," S&V, Sen. Play, Boys' Chorus
Astrid Nelson 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Joe Nelson 1928 Fresh. Class Pres., Physics, Chem & Commercial Clubs
Paul Nering 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
John Newsom 1928 Track, class ftball & Bball, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra
Kathryn Oglesby 1928 S&V, Comm. Club, Soph. Play and Hop, Spanish Club
Margaret Oleska 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Edward Pearson 1928 Varsity Swimming, Band, Orchestra, S&V, Class Sports
Jeanette Peterson 1928 Soph. & Jun. & Senior Plays, S&V, Jun. Prom Comm
Helen E. Philgren 1928 Basketball, Hockey, GAA, Yelling Yodlers, Eligibility Com
Jeanette Pinkerton 1928 Basketball, Yodlers, Track, Commercial & Spanish Clubs
Sylvia Pokopac 1928 Office Circle, Yellng Yodlers, Commercial Club
Orleen Putsch 1928 Scrapbook staff, ROTC Sponsor, Booster Cl, Soph. Rptr
Mary Jo Reed 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Charles Rogers 1928 Track, Class Football & Basketball, Chemistry & Physics Clubs
Mary Romanko 1928 Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
Robert Roseberry 1928 Spice & variety, Swimming '27 & '28
Lillian Ross 1928 Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Track, GAA
Marguerite Roth 1928 Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
William Scheurer 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Schultz 1928 Sen. Hockey, Fresh Tennis Team, Yodlers, Comm. Club
Minnie Schwartz 1928 Hockey, GAA, Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
Victoria Scrobel 1928 Yelling Yodlers
Mary Louise Seel 1928 Girls' Concert Band, Comm. Club, Office Circle, Yodlers
Theodore Sizer 1928 Soph, Jun & Sen. Plays, Lincoln Debate Club, Eligibility
Tom Sommers 1928 Band, Track, Cross Country
Sophie Sotir 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Zella Mae Spencer 1928 Fresh. Pres., BOC, Booster Comm., S&V, Football Banqt
Lydia Stentz 1928 Hockey, Basketball, Classical & French Clubs, Yodlers
Ruby Stephenson 1928 Music Memory Cont., Girls' Chorus, Spice & Variety, Yelling Yodlers
Sidney Stine 1928 Scrapbook Art Ed., Track, Class football, bball, Ath Fin.
Anice Stockman 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club, Aud. League, Span. Cl
Dorcas Strom 1928 Eligibility Comm., Commercial Club, Yelling Yodlers
Eleanor Stropky 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Marjorie Sullivan 1928 Girls' Band, Yodlers, "Mikado," Girls' Sports Ed. Scrapbk
Maxwell Summers 1928 Football, Track, S&V, Jun. & Sen. Plays, Band, Orch.
George Swanson 1928 Music Memory Contest, Latin Contest, Sen. Play, ROTC
Mary Catherine Taylor 1928 Music Memory Contest, Girls' Chorus, Yelling Yodlers
Bertch Thompson 1928 Class Basketball, Physics Club, Drawing Club
John Thompson 1928 Class Bsketball, Physics Club, Drawing Club
Orville Tittle 1928 Booster Committee, Adv. Mgr. S&V, Booster Club
Arlene Tolbert 1928 Band, Yelling Yodlers
Clarence Toliver 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
George Tomes 1928 S&V, Play, Chairman B&G, Orchestra, Cadet Off. Club
Sam Troutman 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Tucker 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Comm. Club, B&G Comm., Spanish Club
Helen Uhlman 1928 Sec. Sen. Cl, Girls' & Mixed Chorus, annual, CC, Yodlers
Ellen Van Horne 1928 Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Office Circle, Yodlers
Emily Waitkus 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Glenn Waser 1928 Varsity Football, Basketball, Baeball & Tennis, Chem. Cl
Madelyn Weber 1928 Office Circle, Yelling Yodlers
George Weiland 1928 Physics Club, Mechanical Drawing Club
Frances Weiss 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club, S&V, Elibility Comm.
Hally Whitlow 1928 No activities listed in yearbook
Marguerite Wiese 1928 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Club
Ruby Wood 1928 Prom Committee, Yelling Yodlers, Comm. & Latin Clubs
Marie Yaborek 1928 Yodlers, Comm. & Span. Clubs, Declam. Contest, play
Bancroft Yarrington 1928 V.P. Sen. Class, Sec. J. Cl, Bus Mgr. Annual, BOC, cl bb
Rose Yasosky 1928 Commercial Club, Office Circle, Yelling Yodlers
Dorothy Young 1928 Social Committee, Spice & variety, Girls' Glee Club
Gertrude Young 1928 Social Committee, Spice & variety, Girls' Glee Club
Joan Alexander 1929 Commerce Major
Bernard Anderson 1929 Concert Band, Varsity Track, Class Basketball
Clifford Anderson 1929 Concert Band & Orch., S&V, Sen. Play, Boys' Chorus, Class Bball
Harvey Anderson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Johanna Anderson 1929 Commerce Major
Ray Bailey 1929 Class Plays,Lake County Chorus, Spice & Variety
Ross Bain 1929 Pres. Senior Class, Basketball & Track, Chair. Booster Comm., Hi-Y
Maxine Bassett 1929 Girls' Chorus, Junior Play, FAB
Jean Bauer 1929 Girls' Band, Orch, Class Plays, Declam, Music & Poetry Mem Contest
Robert Beaver 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Herbert Becker 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
George Behnke 1929 Football, Track, Concert Band and Orchestra, Spice & Variety, Hi-Y
Bernice Behrens 1929 Captballl, Basketball, Dramatic Club, Hockey, Track
Roma Benner 1929 Girls' Concert Band, Basketball, Track Team
Virginia Benoit 1929 Annual Board, S&V, Class Plays, Swimming Tm, Music Memory, FAB
Violet Bensema 1929 FAB, Booster Committee, "Bulbul"
Florence Benson 1929 GAA, Basketball and Hockey, Junior Play, Commerce Major
Maxine Bercaw 1929 Basketball, "Bulbul," Girls' & Mixed Chorus, Baseball
Mary Bertha 1929 Hockey,, Orchestra, Commerce Major, Auditorium L., Soph. Play
Edith Binns 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Mildred Bjur 1929 GAA, Soccer Team, Captainball Team, Auditorium League
Margaret Black 1929 S&V, Class Play & Bball, Girls' Band, Lake Co. Commercial Contest
Eileen Bond 1929 Girls' Concert Band, Basketball, Concert Orchestra, Hickey
Jerome Boyle 1929 Concert Band, ROTC
Richard Briggs 1929 Band, ROTC, Class Football, Spice & Variety
David Bruce Brown 1929 ROTC, Class Basketball, Football, Spice & Variety, Annual Board
William Brumshagen 1929 Band
Roderick Bryan 1929 Class Basketball & Football, Senior Play
James Burke 1929 Junior Play, Class Baseball, Basketball & Football, Booster Comm.
William C. Burke 1929 Concert Band, Social Committee, Spice & Variety
Pearl Burnam 1929 Spice & Variety, Social Committee, Board of Control, FAB
Mildred Calkins 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Esther Carlson 1929 Yelling Yodlers, Commercial Major
Hilda Carlson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Marguerite Carpenter 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Russell Carr 1929 ROTC, Officers Club
Harriette Chlominski 1929 GAA, Lake County Commerce Contest
Elizabeth Chuba 1929 GAA, Basketball, Tennis Team, Commerce Team
Donald Churchill 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Virginia Cline 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Caroline Collins 1929 Spice and V ariety, Orchestra, Tennis
Mary Collins 1929 Spice & Variety
Emily Colovich 1929 Commerce Major
Ethel Comstock 1929 Class Secretary, S&V, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, FAB
Howard Cooper 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Lawrence Coulehan 1929 BOC, Booster Comm., Mgr. Track Team, Spice & Variety, Hi-Y
Helen Cramer 1929 GAA, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Commerce Major
Ruby Crocker 1929 Girls' Chorus, "Bulbul," Auditorium League
Robert Croll 1929 Class Football, Basketball and Baseball, ROTC, Rifle Team, Hi-Y
Marion Crowell 1929 Girls'Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Senior Play
Mildred Crowell 1929 Auditorium League, Girls' & Mixed Chorus, "Bulbul," Commerce Maj
Josephine L. Croyle 1929 Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Commerce Major
Sam Cullison 1929 Concert Band, Orchestra, Class Football, S&V, Varsity Track, Hi-Y
Hoy Davis 1929 ROTC, Class Basketball and Football, Advertising Mgr. Scrapbook
Sara A. Davis 1929 BOC, Social Comm., Girls' Glee Club, FAB, S&V, Soph. Play
Sara Davis 1929 Girls' Band, S&V, Bball, Band Dance Comm., Girls' Chor, Yodlers
Ruth DeLong 1929 Scrapbook, Spice & Variety, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, FAB
Sydney Deutsch 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Blanche Devanio 1929 Baseball, Soccer, GAA, Hi-GR, Tennis
Ruth Diamond 1929 "Mikado," "Bulbul," Junior & Sen. Plays, Music Memory Team, S&V
Glenn Dilling 1929 Varsity Football, Spice & Variety
Laura Donovan 1929 Latin Contest, State Shorthand Cont, Girls' & Mixed Chorus,"Bulbul"
Myrle Douglass 1929 Lake Co. & Dist. Commerce Contest, Girls' Band, S&V, Bball, Bsball
Jessie Dow 1929 Concert Band
Leila Doyle 1929 Band
Norabelle Eberhardt 1929 Band, Yelling Yodlers, Costume Committee of Senior Play
Jeannette Eckersall 1929 Band
Charles Eckstrom 1929 Band, Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Dolores Ehresman 1929 Girls' Glee Club, Commerce Major
Stanley Eisler 1929 IN Champ. Bookkeeping Team, Band, Orch, Class Ftball, Sen. Play
La Verne Eng 1929 Girls' Band
Robert English 1929 Spice & Variety, Concert Band, Class Track, Social Committee
John Ernst 1929 Music Memory Team, "Bulbul," Spice & Variety, Senior Play
Junior Eshelman 1929 Varsity Swimming, Class Football
Mary Falconer 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Nettie Falconer 1929 Pres. Girls' Band, V.P. Orch, Com Maj, ROTC Spon, Drum Maj., S&V
Morris Finklestein 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Pauline Fisher 1929 Soph., Jun. & Sen. Plays, Spice & Variety, FAB
Phyllis Foreaker 1929 Spice & Variety, FAB
Ross Frame 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Harold Fraze 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Harold Fraze 1929 Mixed Chorus, "Bulbul," Spice & Variety
Helen Fuller 1929 FAB
Charles P. Funkey 1929 Tennis, Football, Basketball, Swimming, BOC, Annual, ROTC, Hi-Y
Ronald Gardner 1929 ROTC Officers' Club, Band, Reporting Staff, Hi-Y, Physics Club
Thirkield Garrett 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Mildred Garretty 1929 Sen. Play, Glee Club, Captball, GAA, Journalist Club, Commerce Maj
Berniece Garriott 1929 Commerce
Joe Gerometta 1929 Varsity Track, Class Baseball and Basketball
Izetta Gilmore 1929 Band
Mary Gilmore 1929 Girls' & Mixed Chor, "Mikado," "Bulbul," Music Memory, Commerce
Janet Goldberger 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Harold Goldman 1929 Commerce Major, Concert Band, S&V, Orchestra, Typewriting Team
Grace Goodwin 1929 Band, "Midsummer Night's Dream," Commerce Club, Soph. Hop
Grace Graham 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Catherine Gravelle 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Charles Greenwald 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Guisto 1929 Hockey, Swimming Team, Soccer Team, Commerce Major, GAA
Violet Gumienny 1929 Spice & Variety, Commerce Major
Isabelle Hall 1929 Treasurer Soph. Class, Band, Spice & Variety, FAB, Booster Club
Von Hall 1929 Band, Spice & Variety
Carl Hallander 1929 Football, Baseball, Basketball, Pres. BOC, Chemistry Club
Theodore Hallander 1929 Class Football, BOC, S&V, "Bulbul," Senior Play, Mixed Chorus
Thelma Hallowell 1929 Girls' Band, GAA, Spice & Variety, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer
Virginia Hamilton 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Grace Hanzeros 1929 Baseball
Gladys Harmon 1929 Commerce Major
Georgia Harrigan 1929 Lake Co. Commerce Contest, FAB, Bball & Paper at Gosport H.S.
Erie Hayden 1929 Varsity Track, Football, Baseball & Basketball
Mary Hayden 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Marie Henderson 1929 Commerce M ajor
Paul Henderson 1929 Track, Class Basketball & Football, Concert Band, Boys' Chorus
Jackson Hendrix 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Henrikson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
William Hered 1929 Spice & Variety, Mech. Drawing Club, Physics & Commerce Major
Forest Hill 1929 Class Basketball, Chemistry Club
Ina Lee Hollapeter 1929 Commerce Major
Emil Horkavi 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
William Hueston 1929 ROTC, Band
Robert Huggins 1929 Class Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball
Ethel Hughes 1929 GAA, Spice & Variety, Basketball
Marshall Iams 1929 Concert Band, Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Marcella Janssen 1929 Operetta, Girls' Chorus
Joseph Jessel 1929 ROTC, Junior Orchestra
Frances Johnson 1929 FAB, Commerce Major, Junior Paly
Roy Johnston 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Louise Jones 1929 Bookkeeping Team, Spice & Variety
Mary Jones 1929 Spice & Variety, Commerce Major
William Jones 1929 Board of Control, Basketball Manager
Ellen Joyce 1929 County & District Commerce Contest, Girls' Chorus
Martin Karver 1929 Class Basketball & Baseball, Physics Club, ROTC
Alice Keeley 1929 Band
Belle Kelley 1929 S&V, FAB, Prom & Social Committees, Soph. & Senior Plays
Mary Kelly 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Eleanor Kennedy 1929 Girls; Band, GAA, Hi-GR, Track, Baseball, Soccer, Captainball
Maurice Kincaid 1929 Varsity Football and Basketball
Dan Kirtland 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Genevieve Knepper 1929 Shorthand Contests, Sen Play, GAA, Comm Major, Bball, Glee Club
Gordon Knoblich 1929 Concert Band, S&V, Class Football, Prom Committee, Hi-Y
Mary Kokos 1929 Comm Major, Declam., Sen Play, "Bulbul," Hockey, Soccer, Bball
Charles Kollar 1929 Class Plays, Spice & Variety
Ann G. Koronov 1929 Orchestra, Band, Class Hockey, Baseball, Track, Spice & Variety
Charlotte Kosiba 1929 GAA, Track Team, Captainball, Lake Co. Commerce Contest
Elmo Kostelnik 1929 Band, Spice & Variety, Typewriting Team
Mary Louise Koth 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Eleanor Kraus 1929 S& V, Poetry Memory, Girls' Chorus, "Bulbul," Commerce Major
June Labb 1929 Lake Co. Declam. Contest, S&V, Poetry Memory, Costume Comm.
Velma Lambert 1929 Commerce Major, Chorus, Girls' Band, B&G Comm.
Chales Larkin 1929 Varsity Football, Class Basketball & Football
Richard Larson 1929 deceased
Isabel Laurie 1929 Girls' Band, FAB, Soph. Hop Committee, Spice & Variety
Ernest Le Pell 1929 Band, Orchestra, Class Plays
Gene Leeper 1929 Senior Play, Concert Band, Auditorium League, Class Football, ROTC
Elizabeth Lennon 1929 "Bulbul"
Geneva LePell 1929 GAA, Swimming, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer
Kathryn Lieber 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Marguerite Liles 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Edna Lindstrom 1929 GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Commerce Club
Edythe Lindstrom 1929 GAA, Track, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Captainball
Ruth Longacre 1929 Spice & Variety, Senior Play, FAB
Heber Loyce 1929 Officers' Club, Hi-Y
Bertram Mack 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Marion Mahoney 1929 Declamatory Contest, Poetry Memory, S&V, Senior Play, "Bulbul"
Gladys Mann 1929 Band
John Manwiller 1929 Band, ROTC, Band Librarian, Board of Control, Orchestra
Clara Mardovin 1929 Band, Orchestra, B&G, Class Swimming, Eligibility Comm.
Sue A. Markley 1929 Soph. & Jun. Plays, Girls' Band, S&V, Scrapbook, Commerce Major
Stewart Martin 1929 Scrapbook Staff, S&V, Journalist Club, Rifle Team, ROTC
Louise Matthew 1929 Basketball, Hi-Y, Commerce Major
Francis McGivern 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen McIlwain 1929 Auditorium League, Latin and French Clubs, Chemistry Club
Virginia McLaughlin 1929 Girls' & Mixed Chorus, Jun. & Sen. Plays, Spice & Variety, FAB
Joseph McMahon 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Winona Meier 1929 Commerce Major, Hockey, Baseball, Auditorium League
Vivian Mills 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
George Mirth 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Minnie Miscevich 1929 Commerce Contests, Mixed Chorus, GAA, Hockey, Swim., Soccer
James Morris 1929 Varsity Baseball, Football, Class Basketball
Ernestine Moyer 1929 Commerce Major, Girls' Chorus, Publicity Committee
Margaret Mullan 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Zatha Musgrove 1929 Orchestra, Classical Club, Auditorium League
Earl Nallinger 1929 Band, Orchestra, Swimming, Class Football, Bball, Baseball, Hi-Y
Marie Nebe 1929 "Mikado," "Bulbul," Lake Co. Mixed and Girls' Chorus, Senior Play
Donald Neff 1929 Track, Swimming, Class Bball, Football, Baseball, Commerce Major
Frank Nelson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Avis Nerdahl 1929 Junior Play
Paul Nering 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
James Newsom 1929 V.P., Football, Annual Ed, Jun. Class Treas, Class Football, Hi-Y
Nick Novosel 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Clifford Olander 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Marian Oliver 1929 Commerce Major, Girls' Band, Orchestra
Beth Owens 1929 Jun. & Sen. Plays, Lake Co. Chorus, Spice & Variety, "Mikado," FAB
Mary Ozimec 1929 Commerce and Spanish Majors
Marjorie Pagin 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Edith Parker 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Eva Parney 1929 Annual
Robert Patterson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Imogene Pemberton 1929 Declamatory Contest, Social Comm., Basketball, Commerce Major
El Rae Pepple 1929 Band
Iris Pettis 1929 Sophomore Play
Margaret Phillips 1929 Yell Leader, Band, Basketball, Spice & Variety
Charles Preston 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Carolyn Quantz 1929 Girls' Band, GAA, Commercial Major, Girls' Chorus
Jane Ransel 1929 Spice & Variety, FAB, Senior Play
James Rees 1929 Rifle Team, Hi-Y
Wilma Remus 1929 Commerce Major
Donald Rendel 1929 Concert Band, Track, Class Baketball, Eligibility
Edna Renn 1929 Spice & Variety, Girls' Chorus, Commerce Major, Eligibility Comm.
Diane Rice 1929 Senior Play
Tilden Roberts 1929 Concert Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Elwood Robinson 1929 Commerce Major, Class Bball, Auditorium Major, Finance Comm.
Kenneth Romig 1929 ROTC Officer, Varsity Tennis
Christina Russel 1929 "Bulbul," Declamatory, Soph. Play
Lawrence Russell 1929 Concert Band, Spice & Variety, Hi-Y, Class Basketball, Rifle Team
Ellen Sabo 1929 Band, Orchestra, FAB, Social Comm., ROTC Sponsor, S&V
Tascho Saems 1929 Art Club, Physics Club, Auditorium League
Sylvia Sandberg 1929 Sec. Jun. Class, Girls' Band, Orch, Hockey, Scrapbook, Comm. Maj.
Evelyn Sandine 1929 Commerce Major, Freshman Play & Baseball, Declamatory Contest
Fred Schaeffer 1929 Chair. Ath. Finan. Comm., BOC, B&G, Class Football & Basketball
Mary Louise Schepper 1929 Yelling Yodlers, Swimming Team, Commerce Major
Raymond Schoon 1929 ROTC, Class Track and Baseball
Ernest Schueb 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Victoria Scrobel 1929 Spice & Variety
Edna Scroggins 1929 "Bulbul," Glee Club, Sextette, Operetta,
Beulah Seegal 1929 FAB, Spice & Variety, Commerce Major, FAB, Juniort Play
Esther Serf 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Dorothea Shannon 1929 Spice & variety, Senior Play, Girls' Chorus, FAB. Commerce Major
Albert Sharkis 1929 Concert Band, ROTC, Concert Orchestra
Edna Sheen 1929 Coimmerce Major
Walter W. Shirey 1929 BOC, Typewriting Contest Team, Mixed Chorus, Senior Play
Genevieve Siemon 1929 Orchestra, Commerce Major
Margaret Simon 1929 Orchestra, Girls' Chorus
Lucille Slaughter 1929 Jun. & Sen. Plays, S&V, Opera, Mixed Chorus, Declamatory
Mary Slobodnick 1929 Poetry Memory, Freshman Play
Helen Smith 1929 GAA, Hi-GR, Swimming, Track, Baseball, GAA Monogram
Marion Smith 1929 Girls' Band, Track, State Contest in Latin, Hi-GR, GAA
Alberta Snowden 1929 Spice & Variety, FAB, Orchestra, Auditorium League
Harry Sommers 1929 Class Treasurer, Pres. Band, Orch., Track, Bus. Mgr. Annual, Hi-Y
Sophie Sotir 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Pauline Sprowls 1929 Senior Play, Spice & Variety, Hi-GR
Harold Stack 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Don Stahler 1929 Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming
Elizabeth Stamper 1929 Basketball, Hockey, Track, Baseball, GAA, Conmmece Major
Louise Stentz 1929 Class Treasurer, Sec. BOC, "Mikado," S&V, FAB, ROTC Sponsor
Audrey Stephan 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Irene Stephan 1929 Girls' Glee Club, "Mikado," Eligibility Committee, Senior Play
Helen Stevenson 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Vesta Stockman 1929 Auditorium League, Spanish Club, Commerce Major
Victor Tandberg 1929 Hi-Y, Art Club
David Templin 1929 Class Football & Basketball, Senior Play, Spice & Variety, Hi-Y
Bertha Thomae 1929 Commerce Major
Mildred Thompson 1929 GAA, Hockey, Basketball, Track, Swim., Baseball, Commerce Major
Frank Todd 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Joe Toma 1929 Tennis, Varsity Basketball
Katherine Travers 1929 Commerce Major, Spice & Variety, Commerce Contest, FAB
Marion Uecker 1929 GAA, Hockey, and Baseball, Jun. Play, Lake Co. Commerce Contest
Clarence Van Horne 1929 Class Basketball
John Van Liew 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Florence Van Sise 1929 Auditorium League
Irvan Vanblaircom 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Elizabeth Vargo 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Joseph Vessely 1929 Orchestra, Asst. Mgr. Baseball
John Vician 1929 Varsity Track
Evangeline Vinovich 1929 Hockey, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, GAA, Commercial Major
John Volk 1929 Girls' Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball
Paul Wahlman 1929 Concert Band, Orchestra, Class Basketball
Betty Walters 1929 FAB, Spice & Variety, Senior Play Committee
Henry Warner 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Anna Ferne Washam 1929 Commerce Major. Latin Major, Office Circle
Bernice Weaver 1929 Choral Contest, S&V, Basketball, Commercial Club, Senior Play
Betty Weber 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Bessie Weeks 1929 Band
John Welsh 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Ronald Wheeler 1929 Class Basketball, Track, Class Baseball
LaVerne White 1929 Band
Leona Wickberg 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Edith Williams 1929 Senior Play, Commencement Chorus, Commerce Major, Chorus
Clyde Wilson 1929 ROTC
Geneva Wilson 1929 Auditorium League, Spice & Variety, Senior Play Comm., FAB
Mark Wilson 1929 Track, Class Football & Bball, Class Plays, Boys' & Mixed Chorus
Robert Wilson 1929 ROTC, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, Hi-Y, Class Play
Welcome Winrotte 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Otto Yorkshot 1929 Track, Tennis, Class Football and Basketball
Frank Young 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Margareth Youngmark 1929 No activities listed in yearbook
Conrad Yuill 1929 Soph. Treasurer, Board of Control, Class Basketball
Alex Zahutnik 1929 Spice & Variety, Class Football, Basketball & Baseball
Shulamith Zinder 1929 Spice & Variety, Senior Play
Martha Zook 1929 Orchestra, Concert Band
Henrietta Abbenseth 1930 Band, Orchestra, S&V, Girls' Band Librarian, Prom. Comm
Bradley Adams 1930 ROTC Rifle Team, Varsity Tennis
Mary Lee Adams 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Werner Anderson 1930 ROTC Officers' Club, S&V, Eligibility Committee
Howard Bachman 1930 Opera, S&V, Boys' & Mixed Chorus, ROTC, J. & Sen. play
Stanley Bailey 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Lloyd Beatty 1930 Concert Band, Concert Orchestra
Kenneth Beisler 1930 State Champ. Beg. Bookkeeping Team, Adv Bkkpg Team
Alberta Benedict 1930 Captainball, Yelling Yodlers
Lawrence Berger 1930 Class Basketball '29 & '30
Joe Bestich 1930 Class Baseball and Football
Karter Blaney 1930 Soph & Jun. Plays, Class Basketball, Spice & Variety
Helen G. Broslawa 1930 Soph. Play, Opera, Yelling Yodlers, Hockey '30
Margaret Brown 1930 State Champ. Beg. Bkkpng Team, Adv Bkkpg Team
Paul Brown 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Ruth Brownfield 1930 Girls' Concert Band, Yelling Yodlers
Sarabel Brownstein 1930 Society Ed. Annual, S&V, Opera, Declam, Student Ed.
Geraldine Campbell 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Mary Carroll 1930 GAA, Spice & Variety, Yelling Yodlers, Soccer, Volleyball
Mary Carsa 1930 GAA, Latin Contest, Hockey, Baseball, Bball, Jour. Cl
Arminta Carter 1930 Lake Co. Chorus, B&G Comm., Yelling Yodlers
Helen Carter 1930 Girls' Sports Ed Ann, S&V, Swimming, GAA Sec, Track
William Carter 1930 Varsity Basketball, Baseball
Jeanette Cheever 1930 Social Comm., S&V, Farewell Comm., Latin Contest
Leonard Cook 1930 Varsity Football, ROTC, Rifle Team
Virginia Cory 1930 Advanced Bokkkeeping Team, Yelling Yodlers
Mary Ellen Craig 1930 Concert Orchestra, Spice & Variety, GAA, Soccer
James Cumming 1930 Class Pres., Band, Orchestra, ROTC, Rifle Team, S&V
Donald Daoust 1930 Class Basketball, Athletic Finance Committee
Chester Dickson 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Kathleen Donovan 1930 Opera, Poetry Mem., Girls' & Mixed Chorus, S&V, Track
Jessie Dow 1930 President Girls' Concert Band
Arlene G. Draves 1930 Spice & Variety, Opera, Yelling Yodlers, Senior Play
Leona Duranleau 1930 Concert Orchestra, Declam., GAA, S&V, Opera, Hockey
Janette Eckersall 1930 Social Committee, Concert Band, Spice & Variety
Dorothy Elster 1930 S&V, Yodlers, GAA, Hockey, Swimming, Track, Soccer
Morris Finklestein 1930 Concert Band, Varsity Football, Class Basketball
Lillian Franson 1930 Concert Band, Yelling Yodlers
Helen Fuller 1930 Sec., Opera, S&V, Yodlers, Lake Co. Chorus, Sen. Play
Azalia Garrett 1930 GAA, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Jour. Club
Bernice Garriott 1930 Volley Ball, Yelling Yodlers
Sophie Gerbic 1930 Opera, GAA, Yodlers, Band, Bsball, Soccer, Lake C Chor
Izetta Gilmore 1930 Concert Band, Yelling Yodlers
Mary Glankovic 1930 Spice & Variety, Soccer, Concert Orchestra
Janet Goldberger 1930 Hockey, GAA, S&V, Chorus, Prom Comm, Yelling Yodlers
Lois Gurband 1930 Opera, Yodlers, GAA, S&V, Lake Co. Chorus, Tennis
Barbara Hadley 1930 Social Comm, Poetry Mem., S&V, Yodlers, Dance Comm.
Dick Hansen 1930 Asst. Bus Mgr. Annual, Band, Rifle Team, ROTC, S&V
George Hansen 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Lillian Hass 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Donald Henderson 1930 Track, Cl. Bball, Opera, S&V, Nat. H.S. Chorus, sen play
Elsie Henderson 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Ralph Herrold 1930 Art Ed. Annual
Betty Holland 1930 Spice & variety, Yelling Yodlers, Basketball
Ina Lee Hollopeter 1930 Yelling Yodlers, Spice & Variety, Opera
Dorothy Holmes 1930 Jun. Play, Opera, S&V, Yodlers, Commencement Chorus
Anna Holovachka 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Max Howard 1930 Opera, S&V, Girls' & Mixed Chorus, Soph Sec,Swimming,
Russell Howe 1930 ROTC, Officers' Club
Sidney Hyman 1930 Snap Shot Ed.Annual, Pres BOC, Opera, plays, Chorus
Paul Jankovich 1930 Class Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Class Basketball
Alice Johnson 1930 ROTC Sponsor, Girls' Band, S&V, Latin Contest, Orch.
John Herman Johnson 1930 Jun. Cl. Sec, Annual, Boys' Concert Band, S&V, Cl bball
Lois Johnson 1930 Girls' Concert Band, Concert Orchestra
Margaret Johnson 1930 Eligibility Committee, Yelling Yodlers
Margaret Jump 1930 Y. Yodlers, S&V, Mixed and Girls' Chorus, Opera, GAA
Margaret Kane 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Alice Keeley 1930 Opera, Hockey, Mixed & Girls' Chor, Poetry Mem, Band
Margaret Kelley 1930 Soph & Jun. plays, S&V, Yodlers, Prom Comm., Ring Cm
William Arnold Klinger 1930 Boys' Concert Band, Jun. Orch, Swimming, class sports
Stephen Kovzeniewski 1930 Opera, ROTC Off. Club, Rifle Team, Orch., Band, S&V
Betty Kurtz 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Emelyne Lakin 1930 S&V, Yodlers, Soccer, Music & Poet Mem, Declam, Band
Phyllis Lazarz 1930 S&V, BOC, ROTC Sponsor, Yell Leader, Yelling Yodlers
Katherine Leeper 1930 Spice & Variety, Declamatory, Senior Play
Elizabeth Leiber 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Robert Lewis 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Marguerite Liles 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Thomas Logan 1930 Swimming Team
Vera Mae Long 1930 Girls' Concert Band, Y. Yodlers, Girls' & Mixed Chorus
Walter Lurtz 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Samuel Manalan 1930 Varsity Football & Baseball, Class sports, S&V, Sen Play
Margaret Martindale 1930 Bus. Mgr. Annual, GAA Pres, Orch. Pres., S&V, Poetry M.
Rosamond Martindale 1930 Cl VP, Joke Ed, Orch Mgr., VP Girls' Band, Drum Mjr, S&V
Ray Matthias 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen McBride 1930 Girls' Chorus, S&V, Glee Club, Yodlers, Sen. Play Comm.
Nelson McCollum 1930 VP Boys' Concert Band, Drum Major, ROTC, Track, S&V
Imogene McKinley 1930 Hockey, Yelling Yodlers, Hockey, Soph. Dance Comm.
Joe McMahon 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Lucille McNeff 1930 Hockey, Yelling Yodlers
Winona Meier 1930 Hockey, Baseball, Yelling Yodlers
Dorothy Middlebrook 1930 Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Bball, Band, GAA, Track, S&V
Florence Miller 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Ruth E. Miller 1930 Poetry Mem, Latin Contest, Opera, Lake Co. G. Chorus
John Mislan 1930 Track, Golf, Boys' Chorus, Opera, Senior Play Comm.
Frances Monfort 1930 Concert Orchestra (cello), Opera, Yodlers, Junior Play
Lewis Montoney 1930 Asst. Mgr. Orch., Concert Band, S&V, ROTC, S&V
Marie Mores 1930 VP GAA, Hockey, Bball, Bsball, Soccer, Yodlers, Chorus
Olene Morris 1930 Yelling Yodlers, S&V, Girls' & Mixed Chorus, GAA
Robert Morris 1930 Boys' Treasurer, Class Basketball, ROTC
Michael Mosak 1930 Boys' Band, Opera, S&V, Boys' & Mixed Chorus, S. Play
Walter Mosak 1930 Boys' Concert Band, ROTC, Boys' Chorus, C; Bball, Play
Rosalie Musin 1930 Girls' Treas, Declam, S&V, Commcmnt Chorus, Girls' Ch
Helen Myers 1930 Opera, Girls' & Mixed Chorus, S&V, Yodlers, Commen Ch.
Geneva Nelson 1930 GAA, Yelling Yodlers, Soccer, Captainball
Theresa Nelson 1930 Opera, Girls' Chorus, Yodlers, Declam, S&V, Poetry Mem.
Phyllis Nicholson 1930 Prom Comm, S&V, Yodlers, Senior Play, Soph Dance C.
Olga Nikolich 1930 Lit. Ed. Annual, S&V, Tennis, Music & Poetry Mem, GAA
Robert North 1930 S&V, Nat. H.S. Chor, Boys' & Mixed Chor, Opera, Orat.
John Nute 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Margaret O'Connell 1930 Girls' Concert Band, Yelling Yodlers, Senior Play
Clarence Oliver 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Oliver Olson 1930 Varsity Swimming, Class Baseball
Donna Overstreet 1930 Opera, Chorus
Edith Parker 1930 Captainball, Yelling Yodlers
Winifred Patch 1930 Hocky, Poetry Mem, BOC, Girls' Band, Tennis, S&V, Yod
Mayola Pfaff 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Thora Plummer 1930 Basketball, GAA
Steve Podunavac 1930 Varsity Football, Class Football, Basketball & Baseball
Constantine Pournarus 1930 Opera, Soph. Play, Commenc. Chor, Boys' & Mixed Chor
Gertrude Predaina 1930 S&V, Homecoming Comm., Y. Yodlers, Shorthand Team
Dorothy Louise Preuss 1930 GAA, Girls' Band, Yodlers, Hockey, Bball, Swim., Track
Virginia Raabe 1930 Spice & Variety, Track, Baseball
Mary Radovich 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
James Reid 1930 Varsity Track, Boys' Concert Band
Wilma Remus 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Lyndale Richardson 1930 Varsity Football, Class Ftball, Track, Bball, Chair. B&G,
Margaret Ritchie 1930 Spice & Variety
Josephine Roberts 1930 Concert Orchestra, Spice & Variety
Sheldon Rochford 1930 Oratorical Contest, Class Track, Opera, Senior Play
Lester Schoon 1930 Class Football, Class Basketball, Class Track
William Schroeder 1930 Dance Committee
Lyman Scott 1930 Boys' Concert Band, Opera, Spice & Variety, Sen. Play
Gkadys Searles 1930 S&V, ROTC Sponsor, Bball, Hockey, Girls' Concert Band
Mary Slobodnik 1930 Poetry Memory
Kathryn Snyder 1930 Journalistic Club
Mabel Spero 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
George Stefansky 1930 Boys' Concert Band
Marjorie Stevens 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Helen Stickney 1930 Sen. Rep., BOC, Hockey, Soccer, Bball, Typing Team
Raymond Stotts 1930 Track
Wanda Suetanoff 1930 Adv. Typing Team, Beg. Shorthand Tm, Adv. Bkkp Tm
Frank E. Sullivan 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Lucille Thomas 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Cecil Thompson 1930 Typing Team Substitute
Louis Tiedge 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Frank Todd 1930 Concert Band, ROTC, Class Basketball & Football
John Vician 1930 Track
Margaret Watkins 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Olive Watts 1930 GAA, Swimming, Girls' Concert Band, Declam, Soph. Play
Elsie Weber 1930 Stenographer Annual, Shorthand & Bkkeep Contest, S&V
LaVerne White 1930 Girls' Concert Band, Soph. Play & Soph. Hop Committee
Fern Wickberg 1930 Concert Orchestra, Y. Yodlers, Captainball, Volley Ball
Perry Wickersham 1930 Football, Track, Opera, Orchestra, Band, Class Bball
Robert Wickersham 1930 Football, Track, Swimming, Class Track & Basketball
Margaret Wilson 1930 Sec BOC, S&V, Yodlers, ROTC Sponsor, Declamatory
Eleanor Wirt 1930 Ed. of Annual, S&V. plays, Poetry Memory, Declamtry
Howard Wulfing 1930 No activities listed in yearbook
Caroline Yakinoff 1930 Opera, S&V, GAA, Sen. Soccer, Volley Ball, Yodlers
Frank Young 1930 ROTC

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